World of Warships – Anchors Aweigh 50/50

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Anchors Aweigh with the New Mexico and the Des Moines. We engage on Strait in the New Mexico at long range. Multiple enemy ships get hit, we try to go for broadside shots. The game requires us to try and dig the team out of a lose. Des Moines is fighting on the map North, we move toward B then C. I attempt to destroy any destroyers that happen to get in my way. We push the eastern side of the map and keep the guns hot. Hope you enjoy both games and have a wonderful day!

Tier VI American Battleship New Mexico Replay
Tier X American Cruiser Des Moines Replay


  1. 打的很準

  2. The fuck? Your DM bounce Yamato 46cm shell? good lord must buff Yamato…


  3. what a horrible camo on that desmoines…wg should trash these
    monstrosities and give us real stuff like “baltic stripes” and “measure 32″

  4. notsy notsy… will ya tell me how on earth you do that follow and swap
    between cells after you fire… ?

  5. ive never been ablto to cit a new mexico with a 14 inch gun. Only when I
    take out my Warspite/Tirpitz 15 inch or Amagai++ I can see some cit.

  6. 24:00 YUP! That is EXACTLY what I was talking about when I said
    Survivability Expertise is great for DDs; USELESS for everything else!

  7. a island??

  8. Pls pray 4 elephant.

  9. gg x 2 !!!

  10. desmo is too op

  11. Gremy, Murmansk, Imperator; are there any premium ships which are as
    powerful as those three for their tiers?

  12. @17:50
    Is that guy complaining about you using the word ‘Anyways’ Notser? Hahhaha

  13. I have never see a discount on any tech tree on the EU server 🙁 hope they
    are also gonna do something like that soon.

  14. You had PREMIUM damage control and didn’t use it? You suck Notser. One
    thing that you consistently do is forget to use damage control and repair.
    You would have won this game if you would have mitigated all that fire
    damage. At low tier its much more of a brawl, not like T8/T9 where its
    ‘keep your distance and snipe’

  15. with high chance Im gettin north carolina tomorrow and I can start to save
    some free dp to skip pensacola, hopefully northcarolina dispersions better
    than mexico

  16. Who agrees submarines should be added in this game

  17. I hate the way the planes move in the game , they move around like TIE
    fighters from star wars , rather than WW2 aircraft ………..or any
    aircraft for that matter .

  18. Accursed Sky Cancer!

  19. fk it i am subbing….u are too good :P

  20. Magoskillz Magoskillz

    as always fun to watch, thx for the content, also it’s time to make this
    comment:”its over 9000!”

  21. hey notser what do you know about the apr tier 11 submarine

  22. Great video as per usual Notser. Rapidly becoming one of my favourite

  23. ACiD_ “Th3xRaVeNx” ReinX

    1st Match: I still don’t understand why BB are using HE shells against
    other BB. I have played against similar tier 5-7 players on the server as
    well using using HE. While I was racking up Citadel hits with AP ?

    2nd Match: Thats very interesting built on the Des, especially when you up
    against 3 Shima lol.

  24. Looks like you have a ‘hater’. Almost continuously a dislike for every
    video. Your vids are awesome!

  25. Was there a guy in chat at the beginning of the second game who thought
    that because you Youtube WoWS therefore you are an ambassador of the
    English language? I’ve heard Fortune 500 CEOs on earnings calls make worse
    grammatical errors than Notser makes in his videos. What a weirdo.

  26. Those were great games on your part, on your teams though the first one
    sucked. Keep them coming.

  27. Brian Lock (神通)

    And the Yamato? idiot or what?

  28. Brian Lock (神通)

    So, spamming torpedo at 10km is correct war to play then

  29. Brian Lock (神通)

    So, 3k is terrible, and 1.5k is good?

  30. Brian Lock (神通)

    Because Ruskie stronk

  31. Brian Lock (神通)

    Da HE looks doing better job than AP

  32. Notser can you do a Tips video for Ice Islands? I can’t get any good game
    in this map for some ships, such as des moines..

  33. Andhika nur Aulia

    That last minute tho, made my day. Is doing gradual fire really helps
    getting better accuracy? I don’t really trust the dispersion of it so
    usually I do salvos with at least 2 main guns

  34. How does one actually reach tier X if you play ANY other games at all? I
    can play maybe 18 games every 2 days and my highest tier ship is the Mahan.
    I play other ships too, to avoid repetitive play, which slows down the
    grind, and I play other games in general. I also go to Uni. I have been
    playing since closed beta yet some people have every tier X, How? You only
    play this game?

  35. fire damage is so overpowered it’s not even funny….. i mean think about
    it if they where so worried about a fire on deck would they have covered
    them in wood… i don’t think so… never in a million years is a fire on
    deck going to sink a ship made of steel let alone one that has a large grew
    with a large chunk of that crew dedicated to damage control.

  36. Your team on the first game are a bunch of window licking morons from moron
    mountain that had their saké and committed seppuku.

  37. Even before the introduction of radar & the hydro buffs it was easy to
    over-extend going for an early capture. Now even more care is needed – I
    just hope this doesn’t result in the horribly passive play common at high
    tiers spreading down to the more fun stuff at 4-7.

  38. great video Notser : its still stock but was able to get my Amagi today,,
    the sale price helped

  39. Subs keep increasing. Almost to 10k. Nice work Noster. Thanks again for the
    double feature, too.

  40. thanks, great video!

  41. idk why, but i been getting terrible teams too this week

  42. So what made you change your mind about Hydro? I know you use to not be
    very big on it.

  43. As always I love your vids. Not afraid to show your losing match. Great
    match summary too.

  44. WOW… that backwards driving New Mexico what a tard. Typical pubbie game

  45. That second game in particular was great 🙂

    I cannot understand why there are so many players who complain about T10
    CAs being weak vs BBs, when all you need to do is give up your soul and
    start practicing the dark arts of wasd.

  46. The first game is so painful to watch, even total potato in Asia server
    rush cap. xD

  47. Gareth Fairclough

    God god… that new mex was beyond potato. Yet he comes second on the team.
    That shows just how awful that team was. :O

  48. I stopped the US bb line after unlocking NM, never even bought it, they are
    sooo slow.I ll be buying the Nagato tomorrow, yeah 2 million credits
    discount ;)Hope I wont suck with it, I am pretty good with Fuso but i ll
    have way less guns so less margin for error.

  49. New Mexico? You hate this ship! :)

  50. Your BB aiming has gotten much better! Can’t even tell you too used to
    cruisers any more =P

  51. Excellent DM game in particular; boy those tier 10 battles are generally
    tedious, but you play the game in the right ‘spirit’ if I can put it that
    way. Too many Yamato sit at the back and end the game on near full health,
    not giving one fk about winning.

    As for the NM, It’s no surprise WG doesn’t want to go into the complete
    details of their damage models; seems to me the NM in particular takes off
    the wall HE damage, even from lower calibres.
    People complain of camping BBs, but you can’t hit for shit reliably and HE
    means you burn like nothing AND lose your secondary guns and AA.
    IMO HE is simply TOO good ammo; the only thing it won’t do is give you
    those monster hits, but against smaller targets AP from BBs is crap. There
    ought to be a chance of flooding from big enough shells.

    HE spam in this game is somewhat what it used to be like WAAAY back in WoT
    (beta then immediately on release). Tanks could and did HE spam armoured
    targets to death relatively quickly. WG changed it…and some years later
    completely broke armour with unlimited sprem spam (which I expect makes
    them money which is why they give not one fuck about what it did for

    p.s. you’re still expecting people to play objectives? I’ll assume you
    didn’t see my comment on your high tier recent vid about the “septic tank”
    method of advancement WG uses

  52. creepycreeper099 ,

    Please do a guide on the US tier 7 battleship Colorado

  53. I see video posted 2 min ago, already 2 likes. Damn! :)

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