World of Warships – Anchors Aweigh A Hull New World

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Two games, both with brand new hulls that were introduced in 0.5.6. The first game is in the Admiral Hipper on Estuary, we move east to engage enemy ships that show too much side. On the second game we’re in the Furutaka on Fault Line trying to keep the game close for our team. Both games show off new hulls, I hope you enjoy them and have a wonderful day!

Tier VIII German Cruiser Admiral Hipper Replay
Tier V Japanese Cruiser Furutaka Replay


  1. the karl got a buff to

  2. how do you speed up the replay? page up and page down doesn’t work from me

  3. What do you mean playing agrresive ?

  4. I got citadeled when i was perfectly neutral to a battleship in the

  5. lol, that title though, very witty notser

  6. 12:05 ZE GERMANS?!? Shame on you Notser! The Konigsberg is the tier 5, and
    SHE uses 150mm guns!

    Hell, at tier 7 Ze Germans still don’t have proper 203mm guns, the Yorck
    has those AWFUL 210mm guns! So, tier 8 is when the Germans finally get
    honest to god 203mm guns.

    The NEXT closest in terms of guns size at tier 5, is the Kirov! 180mm guns
    are the biggest you will find at tier 5 outside of the Japanese tech tree
    right now!

  7. 11:09 That is indeed historic! Furutaka was refit with 3x 2 guns, increased
    AA, and IIRC that refit also included a bit of added protection, mostly
    amounting to reinforced bulkheads, again IIRC. It has been a while since I
    read about the Furutaka’s service history.

  8. 5:15 Well overall I would say the Blyskawica is a stronger ship than the
    Gremmy, but tier for tier, yeah the Grammy is probably a bit stronger, not
    by a ton, and certainly if both are in tier 7 matches, the Blyskawica will
    be much stronger in that match up. But at tier 5, Gremmy is kiiiiinda
    broken! XD

  9. I am so very glad I did not jump on buying the Warspite. Last match in my
    Molotov, I rounded an island to what would NORMALLY be considered Suicidal
    Range for a Cruiser vs Battleship – and I had AP loaded!

    1 and 2/3 Volleys took off the remaining 27k HP this Warspite had, which
    was LONG before it got more than just one turret on me! As a result, I took
    maybe about 6.5k damage total, between the single main turret and all the
    secondaries that had fired at me.

    And it is not as if this was the first time I had run into a Warspite
    thinking I would be dead based on the guns of that ship, and the fact that
    it has so very much more HP than the Cruisers and Destroyers I play that
    run into Warspites, but for whatever reson, the Warspite’s armor, well it
    sucks! Based on what I have seen of the Indianapolis, the Indianapolis is
    basically the Warspite of cruisers, which does not bode well to me…

  10. Lol. “I wonder who set the DD on fire.” … You did!

  11. WindmillStalker

    I think if there’s any real weakness in your game, ol’ Notserooni, it’s
    that you show too much side too often.

  12. Hey Notser did you try the tyoe 8 crosshairs? What are your thoughts on

  13. Finandi Amartyadeva

    Bro, do you even do citadel to a BB with an AP?..Cruisers job is HE
    spamming to BB

  14. Funky-looking B-Turret barbette on that Furutaka.

  15. I love how every time you’re laughing at someone for broadsiding you’re
    broadsiding too.

  16. Every time I see the Karl, it reminds me of this old gem.

  17. Notser – nice video. Karlsruhe is an amazingly beautiful city in
    Badden-Württemberg, Germany. It has an amazing palace, some pretty insanely
    delicious restaurants, and is a pretty cool destination. The City Name
    literally means, “Charles Repose” named after Charles William and housed
    the first Parlamentary Building of the German State. Very nice, very
    history place to name a ship after. I suppose calling the Karlsruhe “The
    Karl” is better than “some people” calling the Pensacola “The Pepsi-cola”.

  18. Oh man! Mejash is in your team on the Hipper game

  19. Noster how does it make you feel when you go onto a server and the enemy
    team knows you are an youtuber, and they instantly focus you down? and Also
    is this the only game you play?

  20. hi notser can you play the poland dd? i m deciding wether i want to buy it
    or not

  21. how can you tell when you took out a turret? all I see is the yellow
    “incapacitation” icon : )

  22. Nooooo! the puns! *leaves like*

  23. John “SCHINDIESL” Schindler

    Not fair, when I push everyone stays behind and hides. There are way too
    many scared people playing lately.

  24. Owleyed Perspective


  25. Are you going to do a full video on the new patch?

  26. We call it the Karlshit for a reason.

  27. New furious taco has Ibuki guns

  28. Notser you showed a broadside to a BB, that’s a paddlin.

  29. what i don’t understand is why the Colorado has less HP than the
    Newmex….. the CO tops out at 50100, and the Newmex has like 53k…
    what….. i don’t get it…..

  30. That waterfall must be poseidon’s bidet ^^

  31. The “art projects” are called Cage Masts.

  32. Great games as always, does anyone know if the cloud scrapper AP trajectory
    on the York is just the York? Looking at the first Vid the Hipper seemed to
    have decent trajectory for its AP and not suffer that issue?

  33. Patricia O'Neil

    7 Kills in the Hipper… I love the Hipper, it looks fantastic and I feel
    comfortable while cruising, but I never ever came close to seven Kills or
    Kraken. Great to watch!

  34. Brian Lock (神通)

    Nosty, need some video about Fletcher, the best torpedo boat, and Gearing,
    the second best torpedo boat.

  35. and what about that ugly camo…hmmm?

  36. The waterfalls are like natural springs that get pushed up the mountain by
    heat and pressure. There are some just like that in Hawaii.

  37. Thanks for the Furutaka game. I’ll be trying mine tonight and try to follow
    your nice guidelines. Hope to get me at least a kil… am no Notser, so…

  38. Notser GREAT VIDEO!!!! it was so much fun playing the Budyonny . i really
    wanted to kill you in the end of that match . i wish i had more time to
    kill the New Mexico . anyways GREAT GAME! much love from DaWaffleBot
    forever subscribed ! o7

  39. gg x 2 !!!

  40. Udaloi is a really good boat on the first map (whatever it’s name is.)

    Also, the Hipper destroying a Warspite gun? WHAT? Now that’s just not fair.
    (And another reason I don’t play my Warspite much.)

    Warspite, according to… Wiki, has 11-13″ of armor on her turrets, and
    7-10″ on her barrettes. The 8″ hipper guns should not be able to knock
    those out unless it lands exactly on the the flat face of a circle…really
    wargaming? RNG 🙁

    However, based on some recent forum and reddit discussions, the Warspite
    has awful armor. There’s a random exposed citadel area in front of the
    first turret that is not supposed to be there, the back deck armor is only
    6mm (what???) The Conning tower in game is 16mm – wiki for Warspite is 13
    inches (330mm) Deck is also wrong, being a maximum of 36mm thick – which
    should be 76mm. Top of the turrets are only 100mm.

    The Devs are either inept and ignorning the issues with the Warspite’s
    protection; or just ignoring it because it would make it too good

  41. 11:57 germans have 203s at t5? notser is there something I am missing?

  42. Great video notser….we shall search and punish that evil person who
    turned his screen before liking 😉

    You just seem to hate every ship I love (colo/karl) and now you are mocking
    the name of a beautiful city that I live very close to. I feel
    tortured…….just kiddin’ great work man :D

  43. Hydro Sonar is quite useful, now that it lasts so long. I tend to take that
    more often than the AA one, since it get used FAR more often. There will
    always be Destroyers launching torpedoes in matches, but not necessarily
    CVs. And the latter often have their aircraft avoid cruisers anyway.

  44. New Furu guns = Atago/Ibuki guns. She is a mini-Atago in my mind, not an
    Aoba-Lite, especially with those torp arcs.

  45. Adam Kępiński

    Well, I wouldn’t say that Karl is not a very good name for a war machine:

  46. At 3:24 the New Mexico was a twitch streamer

  47. Starstuff Kaiser Since when does the Königsberg have
    203mm Guns? 🙂 The First german Ship with 203mm is the Hipper.

  48. mejash is in the team. your gonna win

  49. Yay!!

  50. WG went a little overboard when they buffed the german HE shells. Now they
    have great AP and a great fire chance.

  51. Gareth Fairclough

    Oh, those mesh masts on the early US battleships were there to save weight
    compared to a traditional mast design. They were replaced by the heavier
    tripod masts like on the Colorado and the Pensacola because the mesh masts
    just weren’t strong enough to stand up to heavy weather, let alone support
    extra gear like radars etc.

    The Carl? Yeah, I can think of the Carl launcher 😛

    Notser, your aim is a lot (I emphasise “a *lot*”) better, but you keep on
    showing waaay too much side. Both games, again and again way too much side,
    and you know what that is! (A paddlin :P)

    Grats on the 7 in the first game though :)

  52. I was wondering, when you are sailing with cruisers, why do you prefer
    using AP over HE? I am asking because you are one of the few I know that
    have that preference ^^

  53. Hi Notser.. I notice you are aiming more above the waterline in this game
    for AP. Is this something new here that I missed? Thanks for the new

  54. Karlsruhe is a german city

  55. At least the title isn’t like Roman Atwood clickbait … “THEY DID WHAT TO

  56. currently at tier 6 on my german line. i ‘m not sure what to take for my
    tier 4 commander skill, should i go demolition or advance firing training?
    which one is more useful for german ship?

  57. I saw myself!!!!
    I am in Ognevoi

  58. would you suggest grinding german cruisers when im done with soviet
    cruisers? they seem sort of similar with how they play

  59. This uneducated BlaBla about the name Karl really hurts :/

  60. in the first replay it dawned on me U had another Twitch/Tv streamer on
    your Team. you arn’t supposed to get more
    kills than MeJash–lol but U can say were being shown on Twitch /Tv so all
    was good-
    the Hipper has such a glass jaw– I still don’t do very good in it. bummer

  61. Mega game. The Hipper if its top tier is a beast. Got to love when enemy
    ships show their broadside at close range and you got German AP.

  62. Why a hull?

  63. The Nurnberg also received a new hull option as well. Though for my
    personal play style, sacrificing one set of torpedo tubes on each side (so
    only 1×3 launched on each side rather than the familiar 2×3 spread) and
    catapult fighter just to gain some additional AA defense isn’t worth it. It
    only increases the defense rating up to 37, compared to a rating of 27 with
    the B-hull, so it’s still going to struggle to provide even self-defense
    fire, let alone trying to be a fleet escort if there are carriers in the

  64. Ihaveyourusername

    Came for the content, stayed for the puns 10/10

  65. Notser…what’s your advise on playing the Hipper?

  66. paul Leineweber

    +notser the Karlsruhe is a town in germany:)

  67. A new Notser video – Sweet

    Edit: Dont take this the wrong way Notser, for the record I totally love
    your videos and your attitude (you are my fav wows youtuber) but videos
    could be more powerful and honest when you face a MM where your tier is in
    the middle (this case for first fight a T7-9MM) – at least.
    I see videos with this kind of Mm from almost all wows youtubers and I wish
    it wasnt so :(

  68. You might reconsider your thoughts about the name “Karl” considering that
    some of the most powerful men of their time were named “Karl”: or,_Holy_Roman_Emperor


  69. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Thks for the vid notser!! I needed it so damm xD

  70. they really messed up the firing angles on the hipper in 0.5.6 … now you
    have to be pretty much broadside to fire all guns … they said they’re
    going to fix it in

  71. You know about the water I was thinking the exact same thing.:)

  72. It looks good i’m probably gonna have to re-buy this ship. The Hindenburg
    is a 55mm riddled death machine.

  73. Simon De Meester

    Almost at the Furutaka again, I hated the ship in CBT, and hever really
    bothered to pursue the IJN cruisers, but it seems the ship is pretty good
    now 🙂
    Nice vids, keep up the good work!

  74. Sir Orrin Productions

    That’s my next ship, only got 80k XP to go.

  75. i’d still like to correct your pronounciation and the second a in the word
    admiral in german is pronouced like “u” in “duck”

  76. Javier Rodríguez

    12:02 Only the Furutaka has 200-203 mm; Kirov has 180 mm and Königsberg and
    the Omahas have 155 mm

  77. Good vid and nice matches..I liked the Taco even when it wasn’t so good.

  78. someone shoot me in the face with 46 cm gun plox omg that title

  79. That title…. **shoots self in the face** ;)

  80. I see what you did there ;)

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