World of Warships – Anchors Aweigh ARP Fun

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Two games in the ARP class battleships, we earned them both on the North American realm recently and wanted to try them out. First game in in on the map Two Brothers, we push the western flank then the east in a attempt to counter the enemy team. The second game is in the , we completely forget to load her down with upgrades and have to fight it out. Hope you enjoy both games and have a wonderful day!

Tier V ARP Haruna Replay
Tier V ARP Battleship Kirishima Replay


  1. I see you shaping up in subs! 🙂 Glad to see that,i remember you had
    1,2k,,Btw nice gameplay just keep it up,,,I just dont have time for WOWS!
    Best Regards!

  2. 改版後
    船煙囪冒出來的黑煙 畫質好低
    你有降低遊戲畫質嗎? 還是改版問題

  3. 6 Kills and losing the game was way more frustrated than anything…..

  4. why there is always a cunt in the chat?

  5. Is it just me or is iona speaking for the Kirishima? (I have the iona voice
    pack installed…)

  6. hints of cockyness … lol you earned it.

  7. 08:30 – Hahahaha! XD

  8. I have the feeling that the Kongo is way better then the New York. Kongo
    got 21km range and 30sec reload time and my New York got with the full
    upgrade 15.6 km Range and 35 sec reload time. So can anybody tell me what
    they make even?

  9. I finished mission for Kirishima and after the game ISSUED was displayed
    but i don’t have her in my port. Any idea what went wrong?

  10. That first game should have gone way worse for you. No idea why that New
    Mexico was shooting HE at you but no way should you have gotten away with
    sailing broadside to a New Mexico in a Kongo.

  11. i like the kirishima cuz the bitch on that ship has a cuter voice

  12. Really wish they had made some slight alterations between the sisters just
    to make them more interesting. Nothing major, just a little nod to the fact
    that these are actually different ships with different histories, not just
    different paint jobs.

  13. Yo Noster I just wanted to tell you that you are by far the best
    commentator on WOW thank you for your videos and commitment to the game and
    to helping people have fun and enjoy the game and learn and get better. I
    added you to my friends list and every time I get on I look for you, would
    love to play a game with you. Thanks again

  14. You are misinformed, at least about EU. EU ARP Captains do not start out
    with 6 points. They all start at 0.

  15. Bs for broadside

  16. Yes Notser. We all have an A-Hull. lol. Whenever I use my A-Hull there’s a
    damage control party on standby. lol

  17. Notser you need to learn to compensate the lead by reading the smoke
    stacks. I wish I played on the NA server because I want to defeat you one
    day :>

  18. Lol rip NA server so behind on ARP missions

  19. Everythin' Bunky

    LOL nice try Notser, been in so many frustrating games like the last one.
    And no matter the carry you do, the team just fails. Very well played! LMAO
    A hulls…

  20. my beef is that its three separate ships to upgrade and three separate
    captians to train. if it was just one ship and choices of camoflauge to
    change the name and costume then i wouldnt have a problem. but its
    extremely time consuming to level up three different captains to 15 points.

  21. I looked at the amount of subs and was surprised by how much the channel
    had grown, I subbed on a different count a while ago and never looked at
    his amount of subs after that.

  22. I’m famous now, I’m called a hacker on Notser video BluefoxMDK

  23. I just don’t see the point of playing these ships, they don’t earn extra
    credits or xp and you cant use “normal” commanders in them to train them
    up. Sure I do the missions to earn them, cos you get great rewards for
    doing so, but as for playing them… I’d rather spend the time I do have
    progressing the normal ships/commanders.

  24. Lets be honest – everyone’s got an A hull… but he might have a B hull…
    he certainly doesn’t have the C hull… and it’s looking pretty Soviet
    today…. LMFBO Notser…. try setting replay speed to 50 % when you’re
    saying that… you sound seriously drunk :-)

  25. “Everyone has an A-hull.” LOL Love it Notser

  26. Going after destroyers also ensures higher XP 😀 (for people who are still
    oblivious) since xp is calculated based on % of damage compared to full hp.

  27. I missed the Haruna mission, in asia server, it is now ARP Kongo.

  28. Well .. earlier you have said that you won’t shoot at exremely angeled
    enemy when there is better broadside available.. But here you do the exact
    opposite. (good battle and I like your videos overall ‘cos no enemy bashing
    or self promotion)

  29. I like the Johnny BRAVO ‘BABY! ‘ :p

  30. I love the haruna but lately RNGesus has been sending all my shots high.
    had a full stop broadside on new mexico at 7km. aimed below the waterline
    to get that nice citadel hit. fired and watched my shots go high. aimed for
    the cits and knocked out a main gun. WTF.

  31. тwιlιgнт ѕcι-ғι_vocαloιd

    1:10 You said Hanuna, also ARP ships have more range, regular Kongo’s have
    18 km range

  32. Please be modest, Notser. I’m subscribing for your skills and the
    entertainment, not the bragging :)

  33. I hope by saying “faster turret traverse” you mean Expert Marksman? I have
    it mastered with the Kirishima and it still seems sooooo slow.

  34. Noster are the missions different on the NA server, here on the EU servers
    we currently have missions to get ARP Kirishima and ARP Haguru, the
    requirements to get Kirishima is to get 1 million damage to get commander
    Kirishima and 2,000 hits with the main battery to get her actual ship, then
    it’s 2 million damage to get commander Haguru and 4,000 hits with the main
    battery to get Haguru’s ship?. P.S when i unlocked Haruna 2 or 3 months ago
    i didn’t receive any commander skill points to spend.

  35. Played against Aussie_Aussie_Aussie yesterday, was a great game.

  36. Everyone got an A hull? unintentional pun?

  37. “Let’s be honest…everyone’s got an A Hull.” Best line you’ve ever said.
    Laughed so hard!

  38. notser how do you know your shells will hit from long rang

  39. Notser, thanks for all the videos. you have made me a better player

  40. I can say that both Haruna and Kirishima are less accurate than regular IJN
    Kongo. Haruna has great AA though, I saw my stats and…103 battles on it
    and 217 planes shot down?! Wtf?! On Fuso 115 battles only 59. On New Mexico
    95 battles and about 80 planes down. Every battle with CV I shot about
    15-18 planes. Insane. Also secondaries are like machine guns, I killed a
    lot of DDs with them and my record was 3 DDs in one battle. And it dodges
    torps so much great. But that dispersion. Awful above 18km. In fact I don’t
    shoot on 20km, maybe just if it’s stationary cv. I have Haruna for 3 months
    but Kirishima… Bad AA 3-5 planes even when are 2 cv on game, killing one
    plane per squadron (what?!) when the Haruna was killing 3-4 and if it was
    Hosho all squadron was down. Also secondaries on Kirishima are drunk and
    not firing so much constant as on Haruna (same captain perks) . Now in EU
    was available Kirishima and a red Myoko : The ARP Haguro. Nice to have it
    since I couldn’t get the ARP Myoko

  41. Nice to see that Kirishima is still bugged to use Iona’s voice files. Thank
    goodness for that fix on the forum right? :P

  42. 1:54 “B… S… bullshit.

    A word referring to one’s frustration when they fail to understand the
    mechanics of something; usually a game.

    Entry tagged. Categorized. Recorded.”

  43. So you’d say that Haruna is the best waifu? I can’t really make up my mind.
    I’d be with all of them, but I’m not a pig, so must choose one.

  44. 14:45 — And for every criticism, there’s at least three praiseworthy acts.
    In this case, it’s admitting that you could have done more to avoid the
    collision and since he’s to starboard of you. I wouldn’t expect too many
    players to follow navigation and collision avoidance etiquette in a war
    simulator, but it would be nice to know how the other team captains are
    going to act from time to time.

  45. I like your vids , you are one of the rare people that understand and can
    play all the ship classes well . I gotta tell ya tho , Anomie is fucking
    gay . Surprised the French didnt invent it . Just Sayin.

  46. Notser, I think you forgot you have a floatplane during both of those

  47. Lasse Nipgaard Sørensen

    Yeaa…… Its all groovy and stuff.. I now got 4 of these kongos, each in
    different colours, but otherwise exactly the same… Whats the point..?
    allready got 1 Myoko ARP, and is about to get another, sooo.. any chance
    the ARP show has other classes of ships, dd,s for instance, to be grinded
    out in the future..?, or will it all be Kongos and Myokos..?

  48. Hey Notser or anyone else that may know the answer. I notice your binocular
    view goes to twenty marks, how did you set that? I can only get mine to 15
    and trying to lead ships out of view is a real pain. Thanks in advance for
    the help

  49. Sweet game and as always great info. Keep them coming.

  50. 5:50 — Smallish technical quibble. You’re absolutely right that there’s an
    RNG factor in the game, but why is it that so few complaints about RNG
    forget to mention the Pseudo part of random numbers generation?

    It’s Pseudo to make sure it works out “fair”, or at least, predictably

  51. stop pronouncing the Ognevoi ‘Ognevooh’. It is pronounced ‘Ognevoy’

  52. 1:40 — Smallish grammatical (really, it’s
    etymological-not-even-grammatical) quibble — “showing a wide berth” means
    what? I’ve heard of giving a wide berth, to steer to stay well clear of
    something. And of course, a berth is the name for the designated spot on a
    wharf for a ship, as well as the name for individual passenger or crew
    bunks. Never heard it used like that before, though.

  53. gg x 2 !

  54. On the EU servers to get Kirishima you have to get 1.000.000 dmg for
    Captain without skillpoitns, than 2000 hits with main Guns for the Ship,
    than 2.000.000 dmg for the captain for the Haguro (Haguro is the Myoko in
    Red) and 3000 Hits with main gunsto get the ship.

  55. So, they get 6 point captains in the USfor the current Kongo missions…
    Do/did they also get the 15 point Hiei?

  56. I loved the anime.

  57. Commander Buckey

    Hi notser I sent you a massage using youtube please have a look when you
    can thank you.

  58. Shakeen!

  59. “Everyone has an a-holl” – Notser 2016 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  60. of the 4 kongo sisters my favorite is kirishima

  61. Hey Notser in your opinion the US carriers or the IJN ones are the best?

  62. Lmao! Everyone has an A-hull and they all stink!

  63. still waiting for Arp Takao 😀 the TSUNDERE WARSHIP

  64. I might have gotten a little confused when Notser said “well everyone has
    an A-hole”

  65. Default the EU players got zero point commanders. There was a mission to
    get a 16 point commander. was not an easy mission…

  66. A Hull LOL

  67. Hey notser, you gonna try to win a mikasa from ichases strean next week?

  68. PSA to all of those who have earned their ARP ships. You must use the
    Yokosuka port! Click the small anchor near the top left in port and switch
    to Yokosuka and your ships will be there.

  69. I got the higher tier ARP by just playing, the lower tier mission one I do
    have to go out of my way to do though. I am almost done with it though,
    will easily have it before the event ends.

  70. Do you have the ARP haguru?

  71. today played few match with this ship as well, 2 match 110k++ damage and
    massive fun

    I think Kongo is better than Nagato lol

  72. I got a notification that I earned an ARP ship yesterday but it didn’t show
    up in my slot… what do I do to get it?

  73. Only have Kirishima/Hiel and Kongo :(

  74. No 6 point captains but you could get a 16 point captain after doing alot
    on EU


  76. As an anime fan (bash me if you like) i gotta say its nice to see a game
    dev paying attention to subcultures and including relevant content. Pity
    most of the ARP ships are Kongo class’. I have 5 Kongo’s at this point.
    Kongo, ARP kongo, haruna, hiei and kirishima.



  78. i have the ship but i want to sell but i cant :(

  79. Autit Rahman Khan

    why there is no Haruna in asian server rather ARP kongo mission again?

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