World of Warships – Anchors Aweigh Broadside

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Two games, one with a dominating cruiser and another in a really close finish. The Des Moines is on Islands of Ice and they’re looking to hunt down some destroyers. The Fuso is on Two Brothers, we find early success but have to overcome a pretty big obstacle. Hope you enjoy both games and have a wonderful day!

Tier X American Cruiser Des Moines Replay
Tier VI Japanese Battleship Fuso Replay


  1. He starts loosing it, he sees Karls EVERYWHERE! XD

  2. Another great video, Notser. BTW, what level 4 captain skill do you
    recommend for German cruisers?

  3. Gad damn i need to buy my Fuso back. I have yet to find a ship as fun as
    that. My Iowa is close, but oh damn is that Fuso amazing.

  4. aah des moines u sexy sport cruiser

  5. You posed the question of only posting “carry games”. I feel that ordinary
    games would be interesting also. It is the type of game that we all play
    for the most part. I would like to hear commentary about what you wanted to
    do, but were hindered by either your team mates or the opponents. I would
    also like to see videos of 4 to 5 games where you died way too early. You
    could tell us what your intentions were and how the enemy defeated you.
    Thanks for all the great content.

  6. Notser, how can I change my point of view to my friend beeing alive?

  7. 15:09 not even battleship? kongo was battlecruiser for a while before refit
    and amagi was designed as battlecruiser…but fuso was battleship from the
    start to the bitter end

  8. Brian Lock (神通)

    Also, Noster are a bad teacher. We get what you try to express, but you are
    not good at telling them. I remember Nosty once said you want to educate
    player based of WOWs. You should not consider your own style but consider
    other styles too.

  9. Brian Lock (神通)

    The concept is good, but this AA episode need to be more specific, there
    are nothing special about these two match, there are not side to side
    comparison of same tier same class ship, there are no excite moment.
    Noster, the game play is good but the video planning is bad. But these are
    just my opinion, you can ignore what you just read.

  10. in german cruiser should I fire AP to bb?

  11. Brian Lock (神通)

    Again, NOSTER OP, SUPER OP, EXTREME OP, ULTIMATE OP, let’s face it, you
    know you will survive that, you know you will rekt these cruiser in no
    time, damn Noster, you lier.

  12. Brian Lock (神通)

    Enemy bad play, that’s plain bad play, half of the team got wipe out in no

  13. Kill all the Karl!

  14. I think people just want to see you play ships well. If its a few kills or

    That Hind firing HE was the best move he could have made. The ap isnt
    really known for doing shit for damage to the front of a des at that range.

  15. MeKanism Lastname

    Any games are acceptable (especially kraken games)

  16. Hey Notser, I notice you have the same commander skills as I do, but I
    haven’t fully got all the points on mine yet. What other skills would you
    recommend after these for the Kongo or Fuso? I kind of want to try
    improving AA and concealment (eventually).

  17. Amazing games Noster, love both of them!! Have a great day too!

  18. You know what i love about your videos? I learn something new every one i
    watch! My top ship is a hipper and I get alot of cits with its guns but man
    do I get beat up alot. Any tips besides angleing?sp?

  19. Yeh.. kills doesnt matter. Only real measurement of success is base xp. 0
    kills 4500xp is great game. 6 kills and 1300xp feels like being a parasite.

  20. Share them

  21. Which Des Moines is this? The Post WW2 lead ship or the Baltimore Class

  22. which cruiser is better zao or des moines?

  23. amazing how little dmg you took against 5 ships. They really misplayed

  24. DES MOINES(without pronounciation)!

    also Zuck Fao

  25. This men has skill !!!! and the balls to use them !!!. Its Notser; the men
    who has a keyboard attached to his hand he is fed by IV, he has a chair
    with a hole in it, matchsticks under his eye-lids. to make you feel humble
    when playing Wows. Bring it on Notser!!!. thank god I am on the EU
    server. As always mate top notch, loved watching it…… :-)

  26. Nice games Notser. Thanks for making this video!

  27. MrTheGameNarrator

    Kills doesn’t matter. Honestly, I find everyone of your videos entertaining

  28. gg x 2 !!!

  29. I think that the Fuso is one of the most reliable ship in the game. I have
    the Fuso, and it s so cool. She is the citadel queen

  30. 5:43 “Define cheeky”

  31. Why do people think Zao is better than des moines? It seems to me the only
    bonuses the Zao has are torpedoes and concealment. The battleship heal,
    stronger armor, and insane guns should make the des moines way better?

  32. Dont forget 10k Subscription and Notser will play poker with us :))

  33. and dd from ur team have bad position and ofc bad orientation with his
    “friend BB”

  34. hehe love Fuso with 10 turets :P

  35. I love when people pick cruiser, stop at one place and try to hit a
    battleship. A general rule of thumb for idiot cruiser players out there,
    you do not chase a battleship when he can see you and focus on you. That is
    suicide. You will need 200 hits, and the BB will only need 1 or 2 lucky one
    to finish you from full HP. [ I hope people will follow this and make my
    battleship life a bit easier 😀 ]

  36. I have to agree with everyone here Notser. Any game where you do well and
    can teach us lessons is something worth uploading. Kills don’t matter. Good
    content does. :)

  37. Great to see you using the Fuso , i love that ship :)

  38. From my point of view the japanese BBs are overpowered. Too much range, too
    much penetration, a Lotta armor(those Cruisers were doing 363dmg per salvo
    on Notser), great accuracy and mobility.

  39. Yavuz Selim Han Osmanoglu

    That zao… Om my…

  40. Fuso vs 5 cruisers – GG!!

  41. KingOfRotterdam16

    great gameplay doesnt mean a lot of kills, i think we all agree on that. I
    think i speak for everyone when i say we are here for your great gameplay
    and commentary.

  42. Share videos!

  43. damage is all that matters to me kills are secondary

  44. Markus “IceY” Eisenhammer

    loving the Fuso. Scored 120k Dmg yesterday, but dont have replays activated

  45. Des Moines looks kinda fun 😀 One question: How did you get the symbols of
    the skills and modules? Did you cut them out via Photoshop or can i find
    them somewhere online?


  46. Notser you inspired me to play USN cruisers. I love IJN. I didnt played
    American since CBT. I researched Cleveland yestarday and Omaha was really
    fun to play:-) cheers!

  47. is it me, or does notser’s voice sound like a stormtrooper in this vid?

  48. Look at that myogi at 21:15, very important to secure H1 an this time of
    the game (or anytime).

  49. mike b (Fugenchutenz)

    I could care less about kills. I’m more interested in good game play. i
    never judge myself by the amount of kills i get but by how much damage I do
    and how much base exp I get. I figure anything 1500 base exp or more is a
    pretty good game and 2k or more exp is a carry game.

    What would be an interesting video would be seeing some games where you
    don’t do well, where you die early in the match, and your dissertation of
    what you think you did wrong and what you should have done different.

  50. I thought you was going to take the 5 cruisers, but only cause you tend to
    post carry game video’s up and this is one of your video’s :)

  51. that AA is so OP. I wonder why there are CV players who attempted to take
    out a Des Moines

  52. acceptable

  53. poor lexington 🙁 it should be rework, and improved, a tier 8? but 1.1.1??
    how the hell can lexington fight back.. :(

  54. Upload the damn videos and shut your piehole, you think we are watching
    your videos because of the kill count … YOU THINK WE ARE OF THAT LOW OF
    INTELLIGENCE… we watch cause of the corky commentery, accurate fire, and
    good strategy guide… I just recently started playing for my self Im doing
    so good cause of your videos, that i reached Tier6 in like 2 days… Thanks

  55. Hey, do you feel that increased accuracy module is actually more useful for
    high tier cruisers than faster turret traverse and firing speed?

  56. For me it’s how you get the kills that matters the most. If you uploaded a
    game where you get 5 kills with 4 of them being simple one salvo steals
    then I would not be entertained at all. I’m sure I’m not the only one that
    thinks like this too so don’t worry about kills too much Notser just show
    us games with great plays and we’ll be happy fans :)

  57. The number of kills doesn’t matter. Kills can come because you earn them or
    just because you get lucky. Or the flip side you can do 90% of the damage
    to 6 ships and not get a single kill.

    Any video where you do well and I can learn from is a video I am interested
    in seeing, doesn’t matter to me if you get 0 kills, 1 kill, 6 kills.

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