World of Warships – Anchors Aweigh Close Combat

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New Mexico fights on Hotspot, we push south and try to do damage to a variety of ships. The ship moves slow, it takes us a while to get all the way south for the enemy. The Kirov on New Dawn looks for enemies willing to show their side. We find a couple enemies willing to display their broadside to us. Hope you enjoy both games and have a wonderful day!

Tier VI American Battleship New Mexico Replay
Tier V Soviet Cruiser Kirov Replay


  1. how do u set up the replay stuff and can u add me as a friend on world of
    warships my name is h2meredith

  2. Akolotu Moeloa (TonganJedi)

    I really feel like Notser should have mentioned how fast the New Mexico

  3. gg notser

  4. Great game in the slow-mo. Keep them coming.

  5. Notser you are real legend of the sea for me! Love thees and thanks for
    what you doing.

  6. Stop picking on poor Karl, he has to put up with enough abuse in the game
    ….. poor sod ^^

  7. I love to play low armored cruisers because the guns are awesome. My best
    horses in the stable. But i never had a game like you in the Kirov. Have to
    annote and to pin on my screen: “Play like Notser!!!!111!!” :)

  8. Loved both vids; you showed us not only once again how to play and dominate
    matches, but you can die too 😛

    And yes, some fail vids on your part would be epic too 🙂 Have a great day!

  9. You forgot to switch to HE for the Mahan. AP runs thru them without
    detonating because they are too small.

  10. gg x 2 !!!

  11. Damn man, so glad I Found your channel. Really enjoyed the video! (subbed)

  12. was this the session in which i ran into you on land of fire and you got
    devastated by that farragut lol?

  13. MrTheGameNarrator

    That ending with the Kirov. haha that was amazing :D

  14. Love ur videos keep up the good work

  15. Wow, lol, bad situational awareness fail at the end of that NM one (I’m
    laughing with you, not at you); you have to work pretty hard to be
    over-extended in a NM.
    Also evident you’ve not played those slow BBs for a while. When I did I
    would NEVER turn broadside to the likely direction of torps because you’re
    so slow you can’t get out of the torp area; NM’s strength is in its
    manoeuvrability to comb the torps, not to run out of the torp danger zone.
    Playing those slow BBs is ‘interesting’ in that in some respects it teaches
    you to read a game better if you want to be effective with them. You really
    need to be thinking at LEAST several minutes in advance.
    Not that anything in my comments will be new to you, but it was interesting
    that I suspect you’re right in saying not playing those slow ships for a
    while has changed your approach (which of course makes perfect sense).
    Other than speed, the prob with NM is the appalling dispersion AND the fact
    they take absurd damage to light calibre guns.

  16. best battleship in the game. way better than the fuso. i win more games in
    the new mexico. even though i do more damage in the fuso its only cause of
    the range difference in the guns. fire earlier in the fuso than i can in
    the new mexico.

  17. In addition to your own skills and commentary I like how you acknowledge
    the skills of other players, in this case your ally Omaha : )

  18. love these two games, I am waiting for Easter break to finish so kids dont
    ruin my MM. I have taken a little break due to the fact i get 7-8 losses in
    a row very easy even in a Tier 7 match. I also have completed my research
    for Hipper!! Just need 2 more mil ! Exciting!

    I really do like it when you upload your loosing videos, makes it feel like
    its natural to loose, since no one can win all the time!

  19. Andreas Petersson

    wooow 23 min into the video 4 cit hits!? woho

  20. That_Unknown_Guy

    Try out the wyoming please >:D

  21. Andreas Petersson


  22. noster it hit the main belt. which is also slightly submerged. The torpedo
    belt is underwater :)

  23. “Why do you wait so long on you repair?” i really thought you were waiting
    for the second bomb squadron to drop it’s bombs. Like that trick CV
    captains use where they only simulate the drop at the second time to see if
    the target ship uses it’s repair damage, and only then they drop the
    second, so it burns longer. I don’t know where i saw that, if it was you or
    Flamu, i know it was one of you. That trick even has a name but i don’t
    remember. Nice Video!

  24. MeKanism Lastname

    Notser, what are your computer specs?

  25. The Nick Holland

    I’m loving these videos with two clips in them, keep doing it please nice

  26. When an enemy ship is behind an island, you can press ‘M’ two times quickly
    to get a better idea about the ship’s positioning.

  27. notser,

    can you make video on pensacola again? :)

  28. Those Russian cruisers look very nice, I should start grinding that line 🙂
    very nice gameplay NotserAm I the only one who is missing more shots since
    the new patch, with the new reticle? All my games with it were meh to bad

  29. Somers The Sunless

    Notser you put out the best world of warships content on youtube. I have
    been watching you since your early Kiev vids. Have you ever considered

  30. Hollweck Balázs

    Another superb video Notser! Good job!

  31. LightFoot Freddy

    The New Mexico took part in battle for Iwo Jima and Okinawa, so this lady
    deserves a lot of respect.
    Great to see you play the mid tiers mate, again a highly entertaining game.

  32. She might be slow and her guns might spray a bit but damn it all she’s

  33. kirov always looks like a winner ship until someone shoots at you.

  34. ACiD_ “Th3xRaVeNx” ReinX

    New Mexico is a real brawler!!

  35. You are easily becoming my favourite World of Warships youtuber!!!! Love
    your videos and play the game myself, even on a Surface Pro 4 I can run the
    game on full setting at a reasonable 50FPS

  36. Brian Lock (神通)

    Still better than Fury

  37. hope that the Yamato looks more like the space Battleship Yamato this year
    with one giant engine in the back instead of the 3 engines from previous

  38. Poor Poimane :D

  39. is it me but damn these shell arcs are flat….

  40. It seems very counter intuitive that the torpedo belt would be above the
    water line. Love your stuff Notser!

  41. Ghosthunt gaming

    question. does this game have the USS Missouri?

  42. Sergio Seminario

    i just got my kirov (after a very painful svietlana grind) and she´s great!
    a true papership but on the first game I got 6 citadels

  43. I once mistook a new mexico for a cleveland once…. i was wondering why my
    AP wasnt penning…. so i sent out torps and killed him… i died too

  44. we need bigger guns!!!!

  45. still loving the double play vids…thank you for doing a great job in
    supporting this game with your content.

  46. Great video, how come your Kirov did not have a spottting plane ?
    I just got me the Benson and as you would say ohhhh boyyyyyyy :)))))))

  47. Nice games. Get propulsion mod for Kirov instead of lower flood/fire
    chance. Think you lost your engine like four times.

  48. Gareth Fairclough

    Guess what’s happening on 12th of April? My birthday, that’s what! 😛
    Oh damn that Gagarin dude stealing my thunder! :P

  49. In my opinion the American pocket battleships are the best looking in game,
    it’s a toss up between New mex and the Colorado.

  50. Congratulations Notser on finally getting a Press Account!

  51. As usual great video. You are not afraid to show you died in your vids and
    that’s what I like about it.

  52. That Kirov ending… 😀
    “All right, now you can finish the cap.”

    By the way, Murmansk has a better AP shell than Omaha. Yeah I know…
    Improved performance from changing flags. Anyway, it’s penetration is
    significantly better than Omaha’s. So always fear a Murmansk firing AP.

  53. Very cool, I actually liked the NM more than the Fuso. The Kirov I have a
    love hate relationship with. Love the guns but man I hate the rest of the
    ship. :)

  54. it’s a good ship new mexico i manage almost every battle to make 1.5-2 k
    exp with her and it’s great against t7 bb’s just don’t get close to nagato
    ( secondary guns are amazing powerfull)

  55. NM was my first love, but I think they changed something about it in the
    fall. I certainly noticed starting to lose turrets a lot more at some
    point, and the guns just felt…. weaker somehow. At some point I could go
    up against a Colorado 1v1 and win, but suddenly I couldn’t anymore.

    Still a nice ship with great armor though. It works great for anything
    other than T8 battles. I also find it’s maneuverable enough to work well vs
    DDs, even hunting them if they’re not ready for it. :)

  56. Kirov is just a little Gremlin :p

  57. mike b (Fugenchutenz)

    Noster which cruisers do you like better? The German or the Russian?

  58. creepycreeper099 ,

    Can you do the USS Colorado? I have it and it is terrible and I would like
    if u would to a video to help me in it

  59. it was an Essex equivalent because it used to be t10 carrier

  60. Shimakaze

  61. Do you actually have an interest in naval history Notser? Or do you just
    like this game?

  62. Ultimate Shifter

    lol, the first thing that came in my mind when I saw the picture of the
    video is that its an NC or Iowa gameplay. Wow nice one, you still play
    mid-tier ships.

  63. Notser, thank you for taking the time to make such great videos. You teach
    me a little more on how to improve my play each time I watch. Thanks again
    buddy. I can’t wait until I see you either on my team or my enemy…… ?

  64. I’m having a bad fever and I should prob go sleep but this vid came out.
    Bye bye sleep, notser > sleep

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