World of Warships – Anchors Aweigh Cruising

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Shchors on Fault Line moves to the west with a couple friendlies as we attempt to take A. A few enemy cruisers show up and we start the attack, it is pretty hectic but the team takes on the challenge. We push forward and end up standing tall above the enemies. The Hindenburg is on Mountain Range and we spawn in the west. I assist the destroyer as he takes A, we then move to fire on a enemy Yamato who is showing a broadside to us. The friendlies by C need support, so I move to assist. Some enemies try to break out but we arrive in time to deal with them. Hope you enjoy both games and have a wonderful day!

Tier VII Soviet Cruiser Shchors Replay
Tier X German Cruiser Hindenburg Replay


  1. Notser… freeze at 4:24… whats with the points??

  2. THanks for the tip about aiming at the upper hull for cruiser AP shells, I
    think that helps now that im in Nurnberg

  3. notser, how to enable the allies and enemy on the side?..the line.up

  4. The US cruiser line should better have the Buffalo at T10… Decent torps
    with 6.4km range and 60kn, 12 203mm guns with 10 sec reload and AA as good
    as the Des Moines.
    Des Moines may have impressive DPM, but thats all the good things about it

  5. 12:08 the US cruisers are always at a disadvantage. Except maybe the Des
    Too close?, No torps.
    Too far? Slow shells w/ stratospheric arcs.

    And the better AA that used to be it’s main characteristic isn’t anymore
    with other ships having better or equal AA….

  6. gg x 2 !!!

  7. Crimson Scarlet

    yorck’s HE always knock out my rudder.. mmm

  8. Modules…”Increase Main Battery Accuracy”. In every ship all I see in
    modules is “Increase Range” with a new fire control system. Does the
    increased range improve accuracy or am I missing something? Thanks.

  9. SupremeSkill123

    Please play the Zao Notser!
    I’m grinding my Mogami right now and want to see if the tier 10 is even
    worth it

  10. “I’m going to unload on him” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 2:17

  11. Is the Hatsuharu a good ship?

  12. Andreas Petersson

    Great video as always Notser! 🙂 Take care and have a nice weekend mate :)

  13. “HEY!”

  14. was that first replay bugged? Why did it end so quickly? It seemed that
    there was ships left and your team didnt have even 500 points 😀 somewhat

  15. Hindenburg is impressive. Have not seen it much, and not in a video.
    Still slowly working through Hipper, and just got Shchors but am doing much
    worse than Budyonny at the moment.

  16. I like to brawl in my BBs. I communicate my intent in chat. “Please escort
    me, I’m going in to punch something in the head and take damage for you,”.
    You’d be surprised how many DDs and CAs end up hanging out in a little
    fleet with me.

  17. Somers The Sunless

    the Hindenburg actually has better AA than the Des Moines or at least it
    looked that way in Flamu’s video

  18. Glad you’ve finally got the Hindy, Notser! Love that beast.

  19. notser would you mind making a preview for zao

  20. You would think that by the time a player got to the Big Y they would have
    learned that the WOT tacit of backing up across the map only presents a
    easier target.

  21. Do the furutaka

  22. Marios Karampalis

    it will be great if the caps are slower and we have 5 minutes more game!!
    Imagine that! No game end with more than 1 enemy alive!!!! 25 minutes of

  23. I love the new gun sounds

  24. Fernando Mernez

    HINDENBURG at last!… congrats for release the beast!
    And at that distance against a broadside Iowa, you can aim at the waterline
    and just enjoy the numbers.
    In the other hand, in paper the AA is worst compared to Des Moines, but in
    the practice is fair better, so it is broken and WG will rebalance soon,
    because de 55mm Gerat guns are brutal.
    Your rate of fire and the amount of guns makes your HE shells will be
    reliable in some situations.

  25. “What? The game is over? I was just getting started!” – Notser

    I’ve had this sentiment quite a few times lately. :_(

  26. According to Armored Patrol the German HE on the 203mm guns are getting a
    buff. 200 more dmg and a 2% higher fire chance in patch 5.6. Of course that
    is subject to change as that is what is on super test right now supposedly.

    Also you can cit a BB at close range, I have cited a Colorado with my
    Hipper at ranges as far away as 9km.

  27. nice

  28. I really enjoy your videos!! Thanks..

  29. Shchors is pretty darn strong. Easy to screw up, but damn when you can make
    it work it works well. Already nabbed a few Confederates and HCs from the

  30. At 6:30, it seems the Yamato is planning to cap… I feel that’s where he
    made his mistake… supporting a DD capping by planning to join in the cap.
    Who knows? Maybe he feels the Yamato is invulnerable…

  31. OK for those wondering I figured out why the first game ended so suddenly.
    First off keep in mind one of the win conditions of the domination game
    mode is if the enemy team reaches 0 points it is an auto win for your team.
    So at 4:12 the enemy had 180 points, player Joe_JC scored a double strike
    at 4:16 resulting in the enemy only having 90 points.
    At 4:21 Notser kills the Myoko taking 50 points from the enemy. Now the
    enemy has only 40 points. One more kill and they win right? Take a look at
    4:21 at player Reinhard’s kill count, it’s at 0.
    Game ends at 4:24 with nobody getting any kill notification but take a look
    at the team score, player Reinhard now has a kill.

    tl:dr player got a kill right after Notser resulting in the enemy team
    receiving an auto-lose 0 points. The player’s kill was not brought up in
    the notifications before the score screen came up.

  32. OldSchool Gaming

    Great Hindgame Notser!

  33. Notser you didn’t use the Extreme-super-ultra-late-braking on the
    hindenburg thats why the torp hit. Haha

  34. Sweet games. Keep them coming.

  35. Does anyone else have trouble watching in 1080? My video starts to lag
    behind the sound! Its so annoying!! I try to buffer but it still does it.
    Any ideas?

  36. That first game made no sense

  37. not sure why that Yamato stop in the water there that was his or her down

  38. Why was the first game so fast over??
    The enemy team was still alive, u had only A and B, your team had like 600
    points… far away from 1000.

    So what was the winning condition???

  39. That_Unknown_Guy

    Are you my lost dad?

  40. Yes. Especially on Iowa’s you can get a lot more damage when you fire at
    the waterline. I did 17k salvos with my Hindenburg to Iowa’s. You could
    citadel him even at a range of 15 km. The Hindenburg is one of the scariest
    cruisers in the game especially for other cruisers and battleships.

  41. on which server do you play?

  42. I want it too but I cant bare to get through the nuenrberg paperqarmor

  43. I…what? That first game was ridic. I can’t say I’ve ever seen a game go
    that quickly.

    With regards to the second game though, I was reading the chat from time to
    time, and someone was asking how shells bounce and about angles and stuff.
    I realize it’s the CV driver, but how do you get to tier 9 without knowing
    how armor angling works? Right before the game ended he even said he
    thought you could get citadeled in any part of the ship. What even.

    Either way, I love finding people that don’t respect cruisers. The replay I
    sent you a week or so ago exemplified that, with 178k out of a Kutuzov
    without torps. I was hoping I’d get to see that, but there’s been too much
    Soviet play lately, so I don’t think it’ll be happening, haha.

  44. German AP is <3 German AP is laifu

  45. finnaly uve started calling ships it, cause thats the way it should be :I

  46. Nice vid!

  47. 。光の中で

    Hey Noster are you going to play and upload Ovewatch gameplay videos ?? i
    love this game and i’m looking forward to your Overwatch videos if you have
    intention to play this game :”D

  48. Abu Hajaar!

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