World of Warships – Anchors Aweigh Dedicated Destroyers

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Two games where we have to work pretty hard to stay alive and impact the outcome. First game is in the on Land of Fire, we move out and try to scout for the team. Game turns into a base race and it is fascinating how we can contribute to the team. Second game is in the on Hotspot, we move out to take C point. The enemy team is there in mass so I move to the center to try and gain some ground. Hope you enjoy both games and have a wonderful day!

Tier VI Destroyer Mutsuki Replay
Tier VII Destroyer Mahan Replay


  1. Carlos Demetrio Baeza Garza

    “This is a low tier destroyer for me”, a Mahan T7.
    -__- sigh….

  2. My experience with the Mutsuki was always feast or famine. Some games, they
    just sail right into your torps and you get 100k+. Other games, the enemy
    is just really good about changing direction and speed so that you get

  3. I remember that match, well played

  4. My advice on firing from smoke is to spread the smoke out a little more and
    just switch from reverse to 1/4 back and forth to keep momentum in case of
    torpedos and also makes it harder for those who try to blind fire.

  5. Wow, that Hatsuharu survived. :O

  6. Man, lately in my Fujin (the ORIGINAL Kamikaze) – in the last 5 or so
    battles I have done between 75k and 116k damage EVERY time!

    And it is just SO MUCH FUN! I find her incredibly easy for me to use
    properly – and those 68 Knot 14,400 damage torpedoes in 2×3 launchers is
    just AWESOME!

    I have been killing Cruisers with relative ease even! And since Situational
    Awareness was given for free, I went Basic Firing Training, last time I ran
    into a Minekaze, I killed her for 10,300 damage with GUNS ALONE! Did not
    even bother trying to torp!

    And that is something the Fujin/Kamikaze have over the Minekaze, faster
    Turret traverse, as well as 3 of 4 guns pointing forward! And let’s not
    forget those AMAZING torpedo launch angles that far eclipse Minekaze!

    All at the cost of about 1.6 knots speed IIRC, as well as worse AA, which
    is a non factor as Minekaze AA is basically pointless and EVERYONE turns it
    off anyway!

  7. The Mahan really suffers from not being able to fit the concealment
    upgrade. But it is a beast in ranked. The 4th season just ended and I am
    already looking forward to season 5.

  8. Benjamin The player

    pls gaering or t10 japanes destroyer :D

  9. Playing the game to the objectives. Who’d have thought that’s a plan for
    winning and good rewards, lol?
    You can almost divide the player base into those who do get it, and the
    You, of course, are a perfect illustration of WHY people should get it.

  10. World of tactical beaching? XD

  11. Notser I think the japan’s ship are the pretty in all classes what do you

  12. IJN are overwhelming secondaries, not germans. At least the later tiers,
    early tiers of all trees have lots of secondaries, but they can’t hit

    And the Fubuki shot because it’s got usable guns. Can’t tell you howmany
    times I’ve been outgunned by a Fubuki while using a Kiev, but that’s
    because they overnerfed it and the HE is unreliable against even destroyers

  13. Joshua Villarreal

    I love my japenese dd’s. just not the mutsuki.

  14. I’ve had the Mutsuki for a couple of months and have yet to get a single
    torpedo hit. :(

  15. USSDONALDTRUMP is a good player… I’ve seen him playing with twitch
    streamers 🙂 gg

  16. “Tier 7 IS low tier for me…” – humble brag.

  17. nice penis circles

  18. Where are there dots or dot Notsey is always referring to??

  19. Can you play the Atlanta since it has radar now?

  20. Southern LA Farming

    Can you do the wyomming

  21. Amagi sails into an impossible position, drags another battleship and a
    cruiser with him, beaches himself, gets sunk… what were his conclusions?
    “I just can’t catch a break…”

  22. I agree with you have to reset everything on every ship is a pain

  23. I’ve made my way to the Yorck. It feels like a generally faster battleship
    with little less beefy stats. Any tips?

  24. Notser struts up, takes on 3 BBs in a Muttski.. and kicks butt, all whilst
    doodling rude things in smoke– like a bawss!

  25. Jose Mercado (OIF1VET19K)

    Notser, Can you do a North Carolina 0.5.9 vid?

  26. another question since you are one of the one’s responsible for me playing
    this game when in battleship close to max range better to aim at deck or
    water line?

  27. is it me or is the little compass aiming tric patched out?

  28. Great content as always. I haven’t had the pleasure of running across you
    yet in game. What time of day do you typically get on if you don’t mind
    revealing? I’m not one to stalk or spam division requests ;)

  29. Nice Mahan game. hate the Mut. Keep them coming.

  30. Jammer68's World of Warships Gameplay

    +Notser one of the things i noticed about the Mutsuki video that might help
    you in the future is that if you are spotted by aircraft and dont have
    smoke to hide in, its ok to press P and shoot some down. carrier captains
    tend to avoid targets that kill their planes but will spam onto those not
    defending themselves.

  31. Notser’s so mature…drawing a smoke penis in game lol. I’m sure it was an
    accident, I’m sure.

  32. Notser, Why you don’t wont to shoot to a mahan in a fubuki when mahan is
    capping in u got a mogami as cover ?? I would shoot to a mahan every day of
    the week. Fubuki guns are also not bad at all and if you far avay u can
    beat a mahan in gunfights !!!

  33. Another great video brother!

  34. French Battleships are coming! Saw on in Battle yesterday.

  35. I thought Japanese BBs had the best secondaries, I guess I’m wrong.

  36. Gareth Fairclough

    Mutsuki? Mutcyka, more like! :P

  37. Out of interest what is everyone’s opinion on which nation is best for each
    class , I’m interested to see if there is a general consensus or whether
    there is a difference of opinion

  38. Notser, what do you think of the “quick Torpedo Reload” consumeable that
    you can swap out for smoke? would a 30sec reload for torps be helpful for
    say, if you missed a close quarters engagement?

  39. Notser, WG gave everyone free 100gold so you can reset your commander
    skill. At the moment 1skill = 1gold. I think it last for a week. So better
    use this opportunity to reset your commander skills.

  40. Fletcher with the new update plz.

  41. Notser do you think you can play a game in a ship that is stock and when
    stock its horrible like the mutsuki

  42. U on NA or EU server?? Do u live stream??? Love the vids :)

  43. Cyber Cyclist (Yugumo 夕雲)

    Notser, you don’t even have an extra point in your 3 skill commender? You
    could just play few battles, got an extra point, learned BFT then wait for
    WG to refund that 1 point from SA.
    I like how you decide to go back defending base in the Mutsuki battle when
    you keep watched by Trump which is unable to cap.

  44. James Meek (Ingrim)

    wow you are a great player dude, congrats

  45. mootski

  46. I just rebought the ognevoi. It’s a really fun ship with the upgrades. I
    needed a slump buster and nothing was working.
    A vid on that would be nice.

  47. nice game mate , as always :)

  48. Saw a tier 10 german battleship Kurfurst playing and boy she is a beauty.

  49. great content once again mate.
    keep up the good work….anyone on the SEA server, drop by some time and
    say hi.

  50. Ihaveyourusername

    Personally I vastly prefer the Mutsuki’s B hull, 4 guns not only gives you
    a better chance to hit, it also doubles your first strike potential and it
    gives you enough time to shoot, dodge, rotate the guns back as needed and
    fire again without losing damage potential. The additional AA from the C
    hull is so negligible.

  51. With hydra as well

  52. Can you do a vid on how to play the Lo yang with long range torps? :)

  53. CynicallyObnoxious

    Do a Ognevoi!!! pls <3

  54. Mut-suki not muts-ki :)

  55. Notser, can you do Kawachi and Myogi for the next anchor aweigh? xD

    Also nice Izumo game but oh well you did the best man. just watched it
    before this video. lol

  56. MustYouHaveAUsername

    BoS also helps with damaged engine, steering and guns. So while it is worse
    than 10% more gun DPS it’s still mostly useful.

  57. 27:39 with my luck as soon as I would say that next shot I would be
    detontated. Praise RNG

  58. Just got my Mahan. Loved the Farragut. Hoping the 7.7 km spotting range
    isn’t going to hurt too badly.

  59. 0:00 “HEEEEEY!” *Ouch my hears* ^^

  60. Andreas Petersson

    Hey Notser! 🙂 I see that you’re almost up at 20.000 subs, maybe celebrate
    that with a 1 hour game of Yamato? :D

  61. Николай Бербенлиев

    Run Forest! RuuuN! 🙂 I am using the hull with the 4 turrets on Mutsuki.
    Don’t like C hull and it’s guns.

  62. Love your content. And thank you for not having a garbage mouth like other

  63. Notser, what’s that nice addon showing you the smoke borders?

  64. legend says that if you are fast notser will reply…

  65. Gj bro : )

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