World of Warships – Anchors Aweigh Des Moines Stalks

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Two games in the Des Moines against a good amount of destroyers on the North American server. First game is on North and we try our best to counter every single destroyer that decides to pop out. In the second game we’re on Mountain Range with less destroyers but still the hyper focus to hunt down and destroy them. Hope you enjoy both games and have a wonderful day!

Tier X American Cruiser Des Moines Replay


  1. Destroyer Inazuma

    Good game. I didn’t know this map was so beautiful until I saw a gameplay
    on the New Orleans followed by this gameplay in the DM. My PC is quite old
    and I play on minimum to max out FPS :)

  2. 12:02 Damn right brother! Atago is in my opinion, EASILY the most beautiful
    ship in the game! If she were a HUMAN Female, I think she would look VERY
    much like her Kancolle Avatar!

    Seriously, of you have never seen the Kancolle Atago, go do a Google image
    search NAO!!!

    If you like anime at all, you will probably see her and think exactly as I
    did; “Yep, if Atago were human, that is TOTALLY how she would look! A
    perfect 10 Bombshell beauty!”

  3. 6:32 Umm, Notser, you forgot JAPANESE cruisers too! American cruisers are
    the only ones with these high arcs!

    A perfect example of this would be the shell travel time of say, the
    Indianapolis versus the Atago. The Indianapolis actually has a higher shell
    velocity than the Atago, which has 840 meters/sec on both shell types. Well
    at least one of the Indianapolis’ shells have a muzzle velocity of 885 or
    so meters/second, BUT it still takes that shell LONGER to travel than the
    Atago’s 840 meter/second shell!

    And of course the 155s on the Mogami have 920 meters/sec velocity, and
    finally the Zao, has 920 meters/sec, AND the HEAVIEST shells of any of the
    203mm guns in the entire game – which is what gives the Zao such amazing
    rail guns! Their muzzle velocity is among the best, their arcs are low, and
    with very heavy and dense shells, it loses less velocity at range than
    perhaps anything apart from an actual Battleship, with shells that weigh
    over a ton.

  4. 5:50 Zao AP is every bit as BAWSS as its HE! That is why Zao is BEASTLY

  5. 1:41 SHAME ON YOU NOTSER! Did you not tell me that your run WOWS off of a
    Solid State Drive?!

    If thou certainly hast thine Warships installed unto thine vaunted Solid
    State Miracle, then though SHOULDST load into thine game over a full minute
    before thine match hast started! As such thou shoudst CHECK THINE AMMO IN

    So I want NO EXCUSES! You hear the word of Warships RNGesus! Thou must
    listen and NOT blame thine lazy slovenly fingers for not pressing thine
    number 1 key, not once, not thrice, but TWO times!

    Shame will forever befall you NOTSER, if thou continuests to blame WG for
    thine own LAZINESS!


  6. what the fuck?! do all t10 cruisers have 100 aa nowadays or what?

  7. Notser, do you like to play the atlanta? The firingrate is probably amazing
    for destroyer hunting. Could make for some interesting videos ?

  8. how do you record gameplays?

  9. I’ve love trolling poor Minekaze’s in my Indianapolis they set up for torp
    runs at about 6.5km and boom radar on “hi there have some he!” Such troll

  10. +Notser hope you play mutsuki nxt…

  11. gg x 2 !!!

  12. You have got too be fucking kidding me people! Was I really the only one
    who got that dodgeball reference?

  13. hi notser. love your videos. i just remembered that you said you might
    livestream. have i missed them? or have they been canned?
    i’m pretty late posting this so i will try and post again next ep.
    thanks again. all the best.

  14. The Montana was rammed. Which is why the game ended. The Montana at 6K
    health killed a 75% NC somehow.

  15. Hey +Notser how do you get your game to not close after a replay came to
    it’s end ?

  16. First match ended when both Montana’s rammed each other.. Good way to end a
    match lol..

  17. Nice games, hopefully I see you in game again, though next time hopefully
    you are on my time. :)

  18. They made it select your last used ammo type after the community complained
    about it always selecting HE for all ships. I guess allowing us to select
    what default ammo we want the way we can in WoT is asking too much of the
    dev team.

  19. Thank you for the replay..and for being an regular uplaoder.
    I hope you appreciate that you have helped thousands of people and for that
    we all thankfull

  20. Hey notser, I was the friendly hipper on your 6 at the start of the game,
    great to play with you and see my ship in your video. It’s coffee and
    notser everyday first thing in the morning

  21. i would really love to play des moines. sadly baltimore is blocking my way.

  22. slap is with the team

  23. Kami, Slap and Monkey on your team! You couldn’t lose? Still a good replay.

  24. noooo don’t post DM videos… it’s my ship and I don’t want people playing
    it .. lol

  25. To be fair Notser you should have known that the Montana was not moving!
    It`s a Battleship and that`s what most off them do ;)

  26. I will tell you kids (anyone under about 33 y/o) this much, bitching about
    your team to the other team is about the most despicable and childish thing
    you can do in this game. It immediately speaks volumes to your maturity
    level and sportsmanship.

    Do you kids honestly think that anyone on the team that is beating you is
    going to read what you wrote and think “Boy this GavinLS guy must be the
    greatest player ever and he just got stuck on a bad team”. No cupcake, they
    won’t. Everyone is going to read it and think “Look at this little special
    snowflake that thinks he’s better than everyone else. What a damn tool.”

    We all know that you kids are used to getting a trophy for coming in 9th
    place and can’t accept losing or the fact that probably YOU ARE THE ONE
    THAT SUCKS. I know, Mommy (and society) says you’re a winner (even if
    you’re a loser) but that’s not how it works in the real world.

  27. The Des Moines is the only reason i force myself to play the stock
    Pensacola. It sucks so bad.

  28. I love this ship but when i will have it i will afraid bye this razor’s
    game play 🙂 but i hope will do the good job.

  29. lol this match… notser + kami’s perpetual seal clubbing divisions. no

  30. Notser you got range upgrade instead of ROF upgrade? Are you kidding me

  31. 5000 credits is alot ?

  32. Kirito Kirigaya

    +Notser can you please play as the Hakuryu?

  33. I love the des moines

  34. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Why guys hate Des Moines?? I dont like the tree but why people say it is
    THE worst of all tier 10?

  35. Antonis Chatzikostas

    just here to make sure that the first comment wont be “first”

  36. Yay, a Dess Moines game!

  37. Notser do you receive my replay?

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