World of Warships – Anchors Aweigh Eastern Front

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Roon and Udaloi must help their team win the games in very different scenarios. Roon pushes the flank and tries to put pressure on enemy Battleships and Cruisers. Multiple low health enemy ships near the end of the game. Udaloi must overcome a terrible team deployment. We stall out the enemy until the team can push past the initial base. Hope you enjoy both games and have a wonderful day!

Tier IX German Cruiser Roon Replay
Tier IX Soviet Destroyer Udaloi Replay


  1. +Notser, still kickin ass. You mentioned why so many players went to
    capture A in the beginning…might I recommend a “tactics” video or two?

  2. Nice Roon game and great Udaloi game, for what it was. Keep them coming.

  3. Afternoon, A comment you made @ 31:36 about nightmare teams and not knowing
    how to play the map got me thinking about a potential series you could
    craft… Map Tactics and analysis by ship class… This would be an
    undertaking for sure but a valuable one and putting the Randomness aside
    your opinion about how to tactically approach each map by class would be
    From a “realistic” (very loosely) point of view the battle group approach
    in this video- while frustrating for the more independently minded — is
    more in line with actual fleet engagements…a war of attrition moving
    point to point until your enemy is toast….each ship working in close
    quarters to support the rest based on class…and your delaying tactic
    worked for the whole.
    Good video as always.

  4. lol in the second game. Almost everything that is bad in the game, lemmings
    and cowards

  5. Roon is a beast when you upgrade it it will melt cruisers Notser. I am an
    average player and I have 75k dmg with the Roon. Fires fast, is accurate
    (if it had a bit better HE it would be a dream ship, that and the Hind of

  6. Nice vids. If I could offer a suggestion though that works for me: Next
    time you’re in close quarters combat like with your Roon try scrolling out
    your view. If you’re scrolled right in you can’t get your guns down far
    enough if the ships are really close. By scrolling the view out it seems to
    let you get your guns down to the water line.

  7. Michael Page (Gothicmace)

    I really enjoy your videos…they really help me out with getting better in
    the game. see you on the sea !

  8. great video Notser: just wish with the introduction of patch 0.5.3 that U
    would re-visit some of the mid tier ships.
    like tiers 5 through 8 and how the patch changes effects these ships.
    I would say the greatest majority of the players are still in these tier

  9. you are a god among mortals admiral!!!

  10. I sold my Fubuki..couldnt get along with her sadly>.> but I rly having fun
    with us destroyer and got the mahan today :D

  11. Nice game Notser. So do the Russian DD turrets get nocked out as much as I
    seen in replays? I’m only at T5 and have not seen this problem yet.

  12. The new Tier 9 & 10 detection ability for US & Soviet cruisers is Radar
    Detection, thematically.

  13. Jeese that second battle. If Notser hadnt done what he did the enemy would
    have fast capped them. Yet all the smart asses that had something to say
    …. WOW even. The only reason that was a victory was because NOTSER did
    what was right. Great battle SIR!!

  14. assist, according to the Notser Dictionary,
    noun, plural ninja, ninjas. (often initial capital letter)
    a member of a feudal Japanese society of mercenary agents, highly trained
    in martial arts and stealth (ninjutsu) who were hired for covert purposes
    ranging from espionage to sabotage and assassination.
    He “assisted” those 2 kills. See above.

  15. game 1 always raises the same question..AP (for citadels) or HE for fires
    (preventing the planes from launching.).but a very enjoyable game..and well
    narrated to by the way.
    game 2…(face plants)…interesting?…In this case it worked
    out but only for a lot of the enemy following you over the eastern side.
    Still loving the vids….appreciate all the effort you put into these
    producing them.You inspire and educate a lot of people.
    Thank you.

  16. Congrats on the Roon Notser! 🙂 I just got the Hipper myself :P

  17. Marco Fava, that’s me there sailing next to you in the mogami


  19. Brian Lock (神通)

    Shimakaze, 2min reload.
    Count the time and pop when Torpedo were supposed coming.

  20. I loved the way they were trying to troll you about “losing the game,”
    never realizing the Fubuki who captured A in the beginning then B while
    under fire from their Mogami but died to the Fletcher, you who tied up a
    third of their ships and dragged them away from B, and the Ubuki who came
    to your aid were the ships who won the game. You three were also one, two
    and three in points. The other Ubuki, one of the loudest mouths, came in
    with more kills but 100 fewer points than you – sure measure of timid play.
    Well done both in the combat and in not rising to their bait. I love that a
    player who can be so unforgiving on the firing line is such a nice guy
    otherwise. I don’t have the temperament to be that magnanimous, though I’d
    never be those blowhards either. I look forward to every one of your
    videos… but don’t let that go to your head. ;-)

  21. Brian Lock (神通)

    Amagi eventually become a “CV”

  22. At 22 to 25 time mark your destroyer was doing more damage than the Atlanta
    even though he was hitting more with more rounds, his damage was almost
    nothing…… the Atlanta is terrible.


  23. Is the music in this vid in game music or not

  24. Great ship porn as always. I know you were WTF with that Udaloi game seeing
    your team deploy. But remember there is always a good chance their team is
    even dumber

  25. so is it better to give up the ~4k hp on soviet DDs from your commander
    just to gain 2km range on your guns?

  26. Now when i get the Zao im just gunna think its power level is over 9000!
    Lol great vid as always.

  27. Notser, you won the Udaloi game. The deployment in force does work…
    proved it. If a team has a very skilled DD captain holding the week flank
    it is enough time for the force to steam roll the map. However one needs a
    good DD captain. If you had of died at the beginning the team would have
    gotten flanked. Nice job!

  28. Notser is hands down the best WoWships YouTuber.

  29. I get just livid on this map when I see that deployment. It was shear luck
    your team won with that amount of bad play. You didn’t get much XP or
    damage, very low on both and yet you were still second from top so how bad
    did the others do?
    That map is very poorly designed, especially the spawn location which
    almost guarantees the fail positions.

  30. gg x 2!!!

  31. Your subs are growing by about a 100 each day. Impressive!

  32. Notsr, I was in a game with you a while back! XxReaperxXlord.

    Finally got to my tier 9! USS Iowa! If I see you in a game again, let’s
    kick more rear end! Anchors Away!

  33. Did you see the absolute autism in the chat in the end. I haven’t a clue if
    that was sarcasm, it most likely was, but if it wasn’t, they need to delete
    they’re game. Great games Notser. Do you plan on doing a video of the T2
    Premium Tachibana? I love the little thing, 21s on torp reload is amazing.
    Its like the main battery on a Battleship!

  34. actually you pronounce “Roon” quite correctly, well done! And you don’t
    need to try to roll the R that much, you don’t do that in German (well…at
    least not in standard German).

  35. Do not bother. No one in his right mind would call it anything but Roon the
    english way ;p

  36. As an avid Roon driver, I highly recommend the RoF upgrade. 6.8 rpm is

  37. Could you help me out? My game crashed last night, and when I launched it
    again. Underneath my ships in the port it says “this ship is available in
    the full version of the game” it doesn’t show that I have any XP or
    credits, no extra ship slots, can’t view the stats of my ships….. I can
    play in a random battle with no problems….I re-installed the game and
    have the same problem….. What do I do? Thanks in advance.

  38. Notser, on Trap my play style is similar to you :D

  39. well most teams go and lemming train to one point like that. At least that
    I’ve seen in the NA server

  40. I think USN carriers have armored flight deck thats why your shots were
    bouncing off when it is not plunging fire.

  41. good game, still working on the Konigsberg myself, but see the ap
    possibilities. Almost 6,500 subs, congrats on all your hard work, really
    enjoy your vids!

  42. The other use for Hydro and what I use it for more than anything is, it
    also on German cruisers detects torpedo’s out to a range of 3.5km. So if a
    DD is near me and the BB’s on my team I pop up to give us all early warning
    of incoming torps.

    With that said though i have been giving seriously thought to switching
    back to Defensive AA now that there is carriers is pretty much every match

  43. Don’t think twice about snuffing out a low health ENEMY target
    notser…….you are a gentleman with your thoughts …….but they still
    have the potential to blow the back end out of you…….so why not
    kill….crush….destroy my friend…….

  44. lol, the chat near the end of the udaloi game

  45. Notser – it was really interesting to see the contrast between the two
    teams – but whether with the fantastic team (Roon) or the questionable team
    (Udaloi), with your skill and knowledge of the game you were able to
    perform very well and contribute a LOT to the wins! Very impressive!

  46. Lol, he’s in soviet destroyer “Stalin” the enemy. Mother Russia applauds
    your destruction of all op-posers comrade.

  47. Yeahh roon is very good ship!!!nice video notser

  48. well, frankly 90% of the hight tier game in SEA server is like the Udaloi
    game. People usually engage at 18+km range. sometimes even dd don’t move
    out spawn at all

  49. Finally! A german cruiser.

  50. You know what the worst part of the second battle was? Your idiots probably
    feel vindicated in their ‘tactics’ and have zero understanding that they
    won because of your excellent play AND the fact that the enemy was even
    more stupid, not understanding how to translate their outstanding tactical
    position into a win. All they needed to do was group up and HOLD B (and
    hence C) and kill your muppets, assuming any of those even tried for B.
    This game was an illustration of one of the main reasons I quit, the other
    being certain mechanics (as you know).
    Well played as usual, and a great illustration of the ship’s potential.
    As for radar, LOL. Nearly all the Soviet fleet will be hypothetical, so
    they will make up whatever shit they want. Real picture of Soviet navy can
    be determined by the state of ships they were allowed to borrow (USN CL and
    RN BB) when they were returned. USN and RN were miles ahead of everyone
    else on radar, the Brits being ahead of everyone (first reliable airborne
    radar, for example) and then sharing with the USN.

  51. it sucks when your name, hair_clip became ****_clip

  52. does anyone think that a game of WoWS should be 5 more minutes long?

  53. you can talk about that? i know wargaming put a lot of troubles if you
    release information about incoming thinks, ichase have troubles 1 week ago
    for mention that sonar.

  54. “Friendly Iowa say”He’s been torpedoing me the whole game!””, I don’t think
    that is quite what he said in chat!! Family rated huh. XD

  55. Damn, I never seen a cruiser hitting a citadel of a battleship! that was
    nice Notser!

  56. Great reply, will have to play the german line more to get this ship

  57. We need more video of Yamato!!!!

  58. Roon is awesome when fully upgrade + reload speed module

  59. Okay about the tactical, I actually liked that kind of battle where in Two
    Brothers the map is split into half, yeah?
    Our team concentrated on the east side, while I (in a cruiser) and a CV
    guards the west side. And guess what? Enemy dont go to west side either. We
    manage to win by ship number advantage and points.
    But the downside tho, if you against a very few skilled player, even the
    concentrated hogging tactics will not work.

  60. ok guys like i promise last video i will give 1000db or 7 days premium ur
    choice for first 2 ppl who will reply me with his name in game good luck
    all (EU Server only)

  61. I suggest you to take the RoF upgrade on the Roon as the Turrets are really
    fast and the RoF goes up really high

    as for the Radar the US Radar lasts longer

  62. Oh yeah, one of my favorites ships, the DPM beast of Tier IX. Finally you
    got it! Congrats!

  63. Notser, I sent you a replay. Maybe its something you want to watch and see
    why Asia server is the weirdest server in the world. 😉

    That second game tho!! xDDDD
    wtf they were thinking.

  64. anyone knows this new soundtrack starts about 5:30 ?

  65. Notser, love your Vids.
    The “oo” in Roon would be pronounced like a regular long “O” like in
    “Objective”, just longer, maybe like Takey says “OHH MY”.
    And the R is usually not rolled in german, just in parts of Bavaria. The
    sound is made more in the back of the throat.
    Here’s a sample how it sounds at the beginning of a word:

  66. still waiting for your reply on the previous question

  67. First comment! Thanks for the video notser!

  68. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    First xD and nice ship that 1

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