World of Warships – Anchors Aweigh Fire and Ice

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Gearing on Land of Fire heads toward the C point to engage and destroy any enemy ships that attempt to capture. We encounter two enemy ships, one falls to the firepower while another retreats. As we continue the pursuit, we move toward B to destroy all enemies that stand in our way. The Udaloi on Islands of Ice starts out pushing the southern side of the map. Our base needs support however, so we retreat to take out enemies that threaten our aircraft carriers. One by one, we are successful in taking the enemy down and preserving our allies. The game comes back into our favor with the constant focus on the greatest threat. Hope you enjoy both games and have a wonderful day!

Tier X American Destroyer Gearing Replay
Tier IX Soviet Destroyer Udaloi Replay


  1. hey nots-er how do u zoom on your torps :> ?

  2. great! pls more Gearing gameplay!

  3. Gearing is not boring at all! Keep em coming!! :)

  4. Wonderful carry on both. Well played Notser!

  5. Hahaha Notser. First you kill someone, then you say you are sorry :D. What
    a gentleman.

  6. superb old chap.

  7. ハンセンウェスリー

    not impressed what so ever :P

  8. love the double plays..always entertaining.

  9. Almost all your video, you always mention about rank 1 cammo.What do you
    think,when you see enemy BB using that cammo?because im one of them even in
    premium ship

  10. This ship looks so fantastic, i cant wait to get to it..I love the Mahan
    atm.. I have Advanced firing for my 4th skill on Capt, but i think im
    change it to last stand soon.. the arch on these american DDs seems so
    high, that it is almost impossible to hit anything at 15km anyway.

  11. notser hurry up and get the Lo Yang

  12. keep up the good work…it was fun seeing you in a match the other night

  13. which 4th perk to use on my commader for the russian dd??

  14. Brian Lock (神通)

    Just a question, would you consider torpedo reload mod and torpedo reload
    captian skill.
    If you met a Fletcher with guns reload, the RoF are same, but the advantage
    also disadvantage of Gearing is that it got 4 guns facing front which means
    it can output 4 shells at 0 degree vs Fletcher output 2.
    Obviously not so good while facing anther Gearing but 20 vs 23 could count
    as margin of error since not every single time all 6 shell will hit. Or you
    can just tell your teammate to cover you.
    With both skill it drop the reload to around 95 (yes, worse than Fletcher
    Stock) seconds or 1min 35sec, which is IJN tri launcher without mod +5

  15. Nice DD game.

  16. Amazing win in the second match. That was a very big hole to dig out of.
    Why the reds didn’t press your cap around the time you started at the pensa
    in beyond me. They had the numbers and you guys had maybe2-3 ships there.
    I always shake my head when teams don’t press a clear advantage. I think
    the mentality is that because we have numbers we have time and can out DPM
    from present position. The issue becomes the other team them reposition’s
    to counter thus nullifying the centralized mass of fire power.
    I think the mobile nature of WOWs combat inherently favors mobility
    initiative. Kind of like the mongols where their opponents were always
    forced to react to an ever changing offence obscuring the sense of central

  17. That fletcher didnt even fire!!! You gonna die? take a few points with

  18. Pretty much everyone has rank one camo these days because of project R

  19. Ok Notser what do want me to say ?? have a fantastic day after seeing your
    video !!! I have sleep deprivation to have at least 1 game like you are
    showing daily. Any way love you work your devoted fan. LightFoot Freddy

  20. Good lots more Gearings vids as i am close to getting mine!!

  21. Kerspaprog Balceram

    Notser, they gave away 25 of the rank 1 camos to all participants of
    “Project R” so they aren’t necessarily a rank 1 player, just FYI.

  22. Two great DD vids! Thanks for sharing Notser :)

  23. gg x 2 !!!

  24. Good games! Just FYI everyone who signed up for project R has the rank 1
    camos now.

  25. 21:20 yep pulling a NOTSER can save you

  26. The problem with battleships and cruisers standing around at max range is
    how high-tier economy in World of Warships is balanced. One or two salvos
    from an enemy battleship can cost a lot of credits. So, people at high
    tiers like to stay at max range to reduce enemy accuracy, and give them
    selves as much time as possible to maneuver.

  27. I’m pretty sure they gave away 25 of that type 3 camo in the project R
    treasure boxes. I think its the same camo they gave rank 1

  28. Brilliant replays, Notser. I personally thought the 2nd one was more

  29. Very good games but I could not help to notice the highlight of 4 very
    quick shoot downs of aircraft in a DD! That was not even in the Gearing
    that for some moronic reason has the defensive AA ability. You Notser and
    many players and streamers show how to deal with an airstrike. How players
    by maneuver can avoid and make it very difficult for a CV captain. Would
    really like to see you face Ichase sometime! That would truly be a battle
    between titans!!

  30. LOL the Gearing looks like a real bastard in the right hands , good job .

  31. Nice video, nice to see you playing different DD’s in the same video to see
    how they each play different.

  32. another awesome game GG Noster 😀 . plz play with Myoko and Aoba :”P

  33. Some *Popular YT-ers* say Gearing is no good cant hit anything beacuse
    shell velocity ,,but i think is very god just playing him is different .big
    minus is Turret demolition one hit and turret is off in way like Atlanta
    guns (They are same)..There is one DD player on NA server with his Gearing
    with 75%-85% win ratio i think Jingles have his video…..Nice Game here
    Notser i love DD playing so just give it to us!!

  34. 17:08 -Who the hell are you?
    -You know. You all know exactly who I am. Say my name.
    -Do what? I don’t, I don’t have a damn clue who the hell you are.
    -Yeah you do. I’m the captain. Now, say my name.
    -You’re Notser.
    -You’re god damn right.

  35. What do you do in a Gearing when you get into a 1v1 against a skilled
    Khabarowsk? Who might win?

  36. Gearing so badass

  37. “Just the tip” ;)

  38. Agreed about the meta on Land of Fire. Had a game in my Atago on LoF last
    night where I refused to rush ahead and capture A by myself. Had a division
    on my team calling me a pussy and a coward, which really makes the game so
    awesome and enjoyable. I am sure it was probably some 16 year old punk, but

  39. Hey man! great game plays, remember the “project-r”, pearls and lot of
    stuff (like rank 1 camouflage). You need to see the Jolly Roger flag ;)

  40. You can also get Rank 1 Camo from Project R treasure chests (at least on NA

    Great Games

  41. Love the gamesmanship. How do you get all the commander modules, I have
    concealment on my Fugin but it seemed to take forever.

  42. Well done sir

  43. Good job, you the man with that gearing

  44. Hey Notser. Is the rank 1 camo a consumable or something you can mount
    permanently? You’re pretty light on the praise when it comes to people with
    that camo; the ranked grind wear down on your patience with premiere

  45. Can’t wait for my Gearing! I have a long grind to go still with the
    Fletcher. Awesome vid as usual Notser.

  46. jihyuk kim (Ayakashi)

    using the AP to BB is interesting play

  47. Wow! 4 minutes after publishing, HD version is available! Yay!

  48. Thanks for the videos Notser appreciate all your work!! Learned so much
    from you and your videos are always entertaining. Take care

  49. Woohoo! First like and comment 😀
    Keep the content coming, be true to yourself and just stay awesome! :)

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