World of Warships – Anchors Aweigh Kongo & New York

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Two tier 5 battleships in very different fights on much different maps. The fights on Solomon Islands, we push forward and run into the majority of the enemy team. We attempt to slow them down as they push the southwest side. The second game is in the , where we’re bottom tier. I head out from the base but realize the enemy is putting pressure on our base. The enemy engages our team around our base, the fight is one for survival. Hope you enjoy the games and have a wonderful day!

Tier V Kongo Replay
Tier V Battleship New York Replay


  1. loving my ARP Kongo that I won many months ago, never realized how great a
    ship it is. I only wish I was having the same experience with my new Yamato
    – it’s a different beast…

  2. I like artillery plotting on NY to surprise one shot cruisers halfway
    across the map. 18km range.

  3. Bacon (Baconnator)

    New Sub! nice video ?

  4. Why have you changed the style of your thumbnails? Just big white words in
    the middle of the thumbnail, something a twelve year old makes thumbnails

  5. I want my stopwatch back.

  6. Wyoming players….

    One shotted one from full HP in my ARP Kirishima before.

  7. Jammer68's World of Warships Gameplay

    +Notser I dont know if you have ever tried this but, if you ripple fire
    your guns on the U.S. Battleships, you get a lot better hit ratio than
    salvoing a full broadside at anything over 50% range. i generally get 1 hit
    from every Turret at medium range and at Max Range you usually get 3-4 hits
    from the 5 turrets. where when you double-click and unload the whole
    broadside, you would get 1-3 hits at max. one game i even got 3 citadels on
    a cruiser at max range (with the scout plane out) in my new Mexico, got a
    devastating strike and first blood out of it.

  8. Is is viable for Kongou to take Basic Firing Training over Basics of

  9. i remember getting 5 citadel devasting strike to a kongo in my arizona from
    10-15 km glorious

  10. Will you do this again with the t5 German bb included soon? I think that’d
    be pretty cool

  11. This vid, after those 2 citadels is a great example of me in every game…

  12. Jake van der Veen

    4 overpens on a cruiser, sounds like most of my BB salvos

  13. Hi Notser did you do a York review you said you planning a few weeks ago?

  14. Please tell me I’m not the only one that laughed a little when he said “A
    Hull or B Hull.”

  15. American turret farm battleships are just bad.

  16. OMG put up the damn anti-aliasing video!!

  17. 1 dislike? Why?

  18. Overpenning half your shots the entire game, then getting a 90hp citadel

    That’s the type of shit that makes you want to take a dump in Lesta’s
    morning coffee.

  19. I dont know why, but the cyclones never happen in my games (EU). I think
    last one was 2 patches ago on North. Didnt they turn it on for multiple
    maps or am I missing something…

  20. I have the feeling that I am getting quite a lot of overpens lately. Anyone
    else having that problem?

  21. Wait you need the static crosshair? Not the dynamic?

  22. Missed the stream, dangit! But great gameplay as always Notser!

  23. “treat your commander right”? what?

  24. Αρης Γαβριελατος

    speaking of T5 i asked in the stream for a bit of advice on the Omaha but
    my internet died and i couldn’t reconnect afterwards to see if u said
    anything about that , so any advice on how to play her ?

  25. glad to see i am not the only one that gets a lot of over-pens in the new

  26. I really enjoyed the stream the other day. Good job.

  27. John “SCHINDIESL” Schindler

    Great live stream. Enjoyed the games and your commentary during the match

  28. Is 30 k of dmg, good score for Kirov?

  29. Notser, next time you should say “Burning Love” everytime you fire the
    Kongo ;-)

  30. What is that horrible cammo on the NY? Seagull Droppings?

  31. CynicallyObnoxious

    So glad your first stream went well. Had a lot of fun watching you play

  32. Congrats on yesterdays Stream. Great Job, I really enjoyed it,

  33. Just had a game in my Nagato. Fired at a broadside stationary Texas at 8km.
    Every single shot missed.

    I hate this game sometimes.

  34. Hey, you shared the new York game where you killed me! I feel special

  35. Im about to get the NY in a few days =) Looking forward to see what she is
    capable of :D

  36. So how do they stack up against each other , which one do you prefer ? , I
    am at this tier for both nations and do really know whch one to focus on ,
    The range of the JPN BB’s nice but i find most of the time i just cannot
    land the shots with any real accuracy , on a side note great work with the
    stream last night , was full of great informative stuff

  37. Joeseph Hunnicutt

    Loved yesterday’s stream and also I puffer the New York

  38. BattleStarFreedom


  39. 4:40 using AP on a running away Karlsruhe WHILE showing a good broadside to
    THREE enemy battleships? i am amazed they didnt give you a paddlin LOL.

    great stream keep those going regularly.

  40. Bottom tier and you’re more aggressive than most of the rest of your team.
    “Low tier so they’re not keen to take damage” you said, or something
    That changes at higher tiers?
    Not from what I’ve seen from your vids, and sure as shit not on the Asia
    server when I used to play; that place made a room full of sloths seem

  41. usukatlifegodiekthx

    Where are the German BB’s I want to see the Bismarck. Common you’re one of
    the few YouTubers I can stand.

  42. How well did you go yesterday (night for me ) at twitch, i watch for about
    30 minutes but i had to go to sleep (working in the morning) i hope you
    gone well.
    sorry for my English
    keep up the good work

  43. Great show last night on stream. Well done

  44. notser i could not watch your stream yesterday, the only quality option was

  45. woah, you played Scharnhorst, how was it? did u upload it notser?

  46. why does it show the INCOMING icon on the New York? You didn’t have the
    captain skill loaded.

  47. The aim is on point, the target is showing broadside… yet very single
    shell overpens, the killshot on low health target is a citadel shot…

    I feel your pain :P

  48. i bought the texas this morning (its half price so if you want one nows the
    time) and i like it way more than the new york because for some reason it
    feels soo much more comfortable to play plus that aaa bonus is massively

  49. ugh I really don’t like the new York prem paint. looks like it’s covered in
    bird shit lol.

  50. Are you considering making a schedule for when you are going to stream?

  51. Always perfect on time and every day. It’s impressive how you do it plus
    the good content. Great as always.

  52. i like ur videos keep sinkin ships

  53. Love you notser! Another great vid 8)

  54. Congrats on the successful stream yesterday! Did you like the German
    subchat? :D

  55. I don’t even play this game but I love watching your videos.

  56. 日本人です!いつもみてます!

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