World of Warships – Anchors Aweigh Made in America

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Two games end with a lot of success, one in the Gearing and one in the Iowa. Gearing on Two Brothers pushes the west only to find over half the enemy team. We retreat and harass to give our team a chance to win the game. The Iowa is on North, we make a bold push on D with a couple friendlies. After D is secured, we continue to push on the enemy as they try to retreat. Hope you enjoy both games and have a wonderful day!

Tier X American Destroyer Gearing Replay
Tier IX American Battleship Iowa Replay


  1. I shoot Destroyers in smoke with my cruisers without mod very well too, i
    just try to aim where the muzzle flashes come from.

  2. U can still see shells come out off the smoke. And since u are sitting
    still in smoke it’s quite easy to figure out where u are in smoke. But if
    he was using mod it would be even more easy.

  3. こんばんは~^^ノ 相変わらず上手いですねー!!! 先生、zaoも見てみたいです。 よろしくお願い致します。^^v

  4. Wow best NEW ORLEANS close combat in IWOA , probably not feeling well. gg

  5. any tips for that Iowa? i just got mine i HAVE the accuracy mod and for
    some reason im still either missing or bouncing of broadside Atagos from


  7. Brian Lock (神通)

    Montana will never fit through Panama Canal……

  8. I’ve been through the canal on a SSBN (SSBN-633) and the limiting factor is
    not the canal, but the LOCKS that limit the size of the ship. The canal
    itself is quite wide.

  9. Juan Andrés Méndez

    Hey Notser, nice video.. I want to ask if you are to far from buying the
    Khabarovsk.. I really want to see footage from you playing it :)

  10. Lo yang has hydro, gives it huge advantage against dd.

  11. Lars eric Ericsson Rolstad

    FYI I have no problem hitting ships in smoke as long as they are firing.
    and I ain’t using that mod. sendt you a replay once where I killed a mk and
    a mahan I believe who was in smoke. was with the tirpitz.

  12. Andhika nur Aulia

    ‘I don’t know what he’s reading, but I would love to get a copy’

  13. Mods are for the weak

  14. Well, you had most of the time only 1 smoke at best. With the constant fire
    you are dishing out its not so difficult to hit a DD in an limited area
    when you see constantly the muzel flashes.

  15. 16:58 Showing your broadside to an Iowa-class?
    17:02 That’s a paddlin’.

  16. Notser you should have shelled that Hindenburg and set him on fire after he
    used his repair on the flooding, you can invisifire with your Gearing and
    it was a perfect situation.

    And after you were planning like 3 whole minutes how and when do you want
    to ambush the Fletcher you came through that gap with AP loaded… :D

  17. another good post…….thank you notser………

  18. Ehh mods are a crutch. I’m almost 60% wr without them.

  19. The smoke circles, honestly, i never used them for the “Blind fire” aspect,
    i always used it to my advantage by knowing where the hell the beginning,
    and end of smoke was. Its very un clear and i think it helps out. Now,
    maybe the circles should only show up if a friendly drops smoke, to make it
    more even. I got what you’re saying tho. great games! Gonna go try to get a
    good game in my Iowa!(most likely won’t work :D)

  20. Good video mate. But you know that if you aim on a DD in smoke you can see
    where the round com from and you can use that for aimpoint to hit
    stationary DD in smoke

  21. To be fair it’s possible the New Orleans guessed you were sending
    torpedoes. I play DDs a lot but when I play CAs or BBs it’s not uncommon to
    be able to anticipate their attacks and take precautions. 🙂
    Anyway love your vids. Keep em coming.

  22. It doesn’t take a mod to return fire on a ship in smoke, there is a
    constant stream of shells indicating where you are. The benefit of using
    the smoke mod is far greater on the side of the destroyer. I think it
    should be in the base game. The smoke mod has not been updated for the
    latest patch yet so chances are that balti was not using it.

  23. shells straddled target?

  24. noster I have a tip for when firing in smoke. either go one fourth speed or
    reverse and change direction every once in a while to avoid being blind

  25. To hit a DD firing from smoke just aim at the start of it’s muzzle flash.

  26. I hate that mod, i’ve been killed so many times in smoke the last two
    weeks. I am struggling in my american and russian dds.

  27. Thats an amazing amount of XP for no caps.

  28. Henrik Lind Hansen

    great games 🙂 think smoke bounderies. are a good thing. but its just my
    oppinion 🙂
    a good trick with smoke , is to zoom in on it. and look for the gun flash.
    and you pretty much know where the DD is..
    Good day to you aswell :)

  29. that Gearing is a super gunboat! Thanks for the video. Really dislike those
    mods, it isn’t really fair to other players.

  30. “reconsidered, after reconsidered the reconsidered…” best line of
    deduction I ever heard. I will take it :V

  31. Baltimore have aim mod he hacks

  32. nice games notser!

  33. When I’m in the smoke, it disappears, so I have no idea if I’m in it or
    not. Given that, in the real world, you know where the heck the smoke is,
    they should build the mod into the game.

  34. It’s not really blind firing into smoke. Especially against the high ROF
    Gearing. You just aim where the magic rounds start from every 2 seconds or

  35. I hate DDs!

  36. the baltimore may have been using hydoacoustic to dodge the torps

  37. montana is fatter than iowa, meaning it eats more shells when angled.
    yamato shells.

  38. I don’t think Montana was designed to go through the locks they had at the
    time (and still have). It was designed on the premise that a new set of
    wider locks would be available. It has quite a bit wider beam than the

  39. gg!!!we stopped playing wot because of the mode, now to follow wows!

  40. Great Iowa game; shows what you can do with a BB prepared to manoeuvre
    aggressively. Shame so few bother.
    It’s another reason why it ticks me off that WG has gimped Iowa’s top speed
    when that was one of the defining, unusual characteristics of the class.
    Hell, the reason it’s so damn big was exactly BECAUSE it was designed for
    an operational top speed of 32.5kt with combat load.
    Some trivia: the Iowa class has almost exactly 2′ clearance at the
    narrowest point of the Panama canal. Also, the Montana class was the only
    proposed USN BB class NOT to have the ‘Panama canal requirement’ as part of
    its design i.e. its beam was too great for it to have travelled through it.

  41. Isn’t it quite easy to shoot a DD inside the smoke which is firing
    constantly? Your rate of fire is so high and you keep giving your location
    to him, he just have to follow the tracer. Correct me if I’m wrong.

  42. some1 give me link to that mod, or tell mw how 2 get it cause every form of
    legal cheating is one less illegal mod that somebody might use :P

  43. Iowa looks good, will be a really really long time before I get it. I only
    just now unlocked the hull on my NC and don’t even have the credits to buy
    it. :)

  44. It’s a shame they are going to be effectively removing the Gearing and
    Fletcher with the radar mod. Similarly, it’s a shame how bad the Montana
    sucks compared to the Yamato even though historical data points to the
    exact opposite being true.

  45. Nice video. The encounter with the IJN DD at the cap shows why my Kagero
    (and Fubuki, and Fletcher) avoid Gearings. Nasty beasts.

    As primarily a DD player, I do not fear Iowas. Just food. My NOLA (my
    highest USN CA at the moment), thinks differently and feels for that one.

  46. Notser the Radar Will hit hard on US DD…you cant shot in the smoke in
    next pach Only vs JPN and germans CA. Notser make a new gameplay in Myoko
    pz… Wargaming nurfed this ship trice in one Week , lol from Guns range
    from 16,1 to Atagos range 15.8 and today 15,6 Lol!,,, lock at Mogamy stock
    range 14.2 km ??? Wargaming is destroing the midle JPN line Why ??? The new
    Russian vs JPN make Tier 5 , 6 and 7 cruiser comp. I what to Know what
    cruiser shoot i Go for… My no 1 favorite CA inte game i SOLD…. Mogami.
    Myoko Is not that ship wat IT was 7 days ago.

  47. Nice games Notser, thanks for all your vids, I watch them all!

  48. Hi Notser Great games as always;-) Im looking forward for the Zao

  49. Im not questioning youre knowledge Notser, i know the smokemod provides a
    bit more information, ive used it myself, but the information is most for
    the user not so much better for players shooting at smoke. Ive played alot
    off Kutuzov and Atago games last couple off evenings and i havent had any
    problem hitting DDs in smoke just by aiming att the shells that fly out off
    the smoke.
    If you wanna stay safe in smoke while firering you really need to move
    forward and back all the time so players cant zero in on youre location.
    And the smokemod is not working anymore after the last upgrades off the
    Aslainsmoddpack. Its greyed out so you cant check that box.

    So im not that sure that the cruiser that fired on you had that mod.

  50. You are sitting still and shooting. It makes it rather easy to hit your DD.

  51. Notser i have a really interesting Eu team battle game in my shokaku. I
    carried my team, got 5 kills and over 100k damage. I think you would really
    like it!

  52. please remove that mod, it’s not fair and it’s same as cheating

  53. I dont now majority players say IOWA cant hit anything dispersion to
    big,but it is my favorite BB in game,ok Yamato is well now for power of his
    460 mm guns,but no fun somehow in Tier 10 games everybody sniping i like
    brawling and for me Iowa NC,Colorado are great for that just push forward!
    And yea just i dont forget Montana it is ok,firepower very nice but to use
    that power must go broadside and that is the biggest trick and so teasingly
    to use that one more additional turret and then happens Citadels! 🙂 Nice

  54. seems that u need to practice how to torp, try to use the white prediction
    line for geting more information of the changes of the enemy ship’s speed.
    also, predict the direction of the ship( where will u go if u are the
    enemy) and lead with your experience in torping

  55. The smoke circle mod needs to be banned. At least the radar will have a
    cooldown and range of effect unlike the mod. I hate destroyers invisafiring
    me but that is part of their mechanic.

  56. Ahhh ummm and eeerrrr lol I know you are an american but I also know that
    you can see what “others” cannot. So a simple question if I may. Given a
    simple 1 or the other choice, what (SHIP TYPE also ship tree) ship type is
    the best one In Your Honest Opinion..IYHO I really think that thousands of
    your faithful followers need this..(yes i truly am overstepping our
    “friendship” lol ) U sir are an honest player. Sorry my friend, I can offer
    you no more this..S!..If you know what that means then you know where i
    come from….stay safe my friend

  57. Enjoyable as ever 🙂 Thanks Notser!

  58. Probably one of the things i look forward to when waking up early

  59. the other day i found that a Khabarosvk is more dangerous as he kept
    setting me on fire…

  60. First

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