World of Warships – Anchors Aweigh Missouri

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in two games where we have the chance to command the outcome of both. First game is on Warrior’s Path and I move to dominate a flank, the shots are on point and I enjoy every single damaging shot. The second game is on Loop and it is much closer, I try to maintain control of the game for the team. We make some mistakes but explain what should have been done. Hope you enjoy both games and have a wonderful day!

Tier IX Missouri Replay


  1. woohoo anchors aweigh is back, great video notser

  2. burgundy?

  3. “….fire alarm.” – Seagal

    Try not to sound excited or worried or something. You might express an

  4. seagall captain voice tone was a bit annoying to be heard.

  5. Hey, this is me!

  6. 75 euro for premium ship.. pretty overprized

  7. One day i am going to get her.

  8. On the second game you earned fireproof, not arsonist, it’s practically
    impossible to earn arsonist on a US BB.

  9. hey notser, is there a way to make it so your ribbons don’t cover up the
    enemy team list?

  10. 21:46 “And we capture A point for enemy team” lol

  11. The Mighty Mo delivers soo much freedom to the WoWs world :)

  12. A bit off-topic: can i set Stevens voice as standard for all ships? Like i
    can with the ARP-voices? I just like his calm way.

  13. That is why you take DF over Hydro Notser :P

  14. I was trying to understand why I enjoy this channel above and beyond some
    of the other great Warships channels out there and I think it’s two-fold.
    The first is frankly, your level of skill and friendly aggression. When it
    comes to gunnery, you’re consistently the best in the business, no
    exaggeration. You’re lead estimations are so frequently spot on and it
    makes it easy for a hair-splitting, retentive dude like myself to watch.
    The other reason is the great commentary, I laughed out loud a couple of
    times and chuckled throughout this video. Thanks for the great vids Notser!

  15. notser never play with a lev.15 captain >.>

  16. TCC MajorGoliathus

    you forgott to tell that the Missiouri has better citadell armor then the
    IOWA :-)

  17. Glad you’re doing more of your YT content. Back to the roots!

  18. brits cruiser literally have alien technology on their ships, because it is
    ridiculous that they are able the increase speed so faster than other
    ships. this feature is just stupid and unrealistic…same thing like
    introduced line in WoT where the tanks would be able to go faster uphill
    than downhill just for the sake of originality

  19. Good replay. Do you make vids of other people’s games. How do I put my
    replays up on you tube is there a free software?

  20. again it’s fire proof :D

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