World of Warships – Anchors Aweigh Two Faces

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Two ship replays and both are from the perspective of a tier 9 destroyer. The Japanese and American destroyers both have very different styles of play. Kagero fires torpedoes, torpedoes, and more torpedoes at the enemy as they continue to move toward our base. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Fletcher moves to hold B on Trap and comes under fire from multiple sources. Discuss my thoughts and the different requirements for each destroyer line. Hope you enjoy these games and have a wonderful day!

Tier IX Japanese Destroyer Kagero Replay
Tier IX American Destroyer Fletcher Replay


  1. Kant Wait for get Flether. I am in Mahan Now .. And i Love the ship..
    Notser tell me the differentierad betwin Fletcher and Tier 9 Uldavoi USSR.
    Make a rev. Uldavoi is Much beter DD than traskent, but how is she vs
    Flether ??

  2. Notser do you Stream on Twitch ? im a big Fanboy ! :D

  3. well played Notser.

  4. great video Notser
    my Hatsuharu is a pain to play.
    I got the Kiev today.. its turned into my ship for the 300 fires for the
    Myoko Mission. firing from beyond 10 km i’m racking up fires left & right,
    but I’m not sinking very many ships with it. after the Myoko mission is
    over should i start firing AP with the Kiev ??? firing HE sets fires but
    (to keep beyond the 10km detection range) I usually loose the kill before
    the cruiser or battleship burns down

  5. hit more islands please

  6. both game…. gg

  7. are you at shimakaze yet >.> want to see it

  8. how do you toggle torpedos in the torpedo view?

  9. I dont get y so many people despise the Kagero, IMO its really good because
    of how close u can get to battleships and launch ur torps/ no other
    destroyer will spot u first.

  10. Brian Lock (神通)

    Also, great example of how USN DD are way more better than IJN DD.
    Same player, same captian, same tier, mastered both DD ( I think Noster
    mastered Kagero better), Result?
    Kagero~1700 xp
    About 2*more xp
    And on some thread people say Fubuki can kill Mahan?

  11. Really appreciate the double vid fix fir your viewers. Now if the damage
    counter happens I’ll get a tattoo of you on the end of the trunk.

  12. Brian Lock (神通)

    Nerf Noster please

  13. wait wait no islands was run into? I am not liking this new trend of not
    running into islands.

  14. Brian Lock (神通)

    Actually narrow spread torpedo at 8km can fit any ship in the game

  15. Brian Lock (神通)

    Actually narrow spread torpedo at 8km can fit any ship in the game

  16. touch every part of that ship, sounds kinky ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


  17. Is the music from the game or outside?

  18. Nice game again mate. I am sorry that I do not comment on every video that
    you upload, but I always make sure not to miss one :). Cheers buddy and see
    you in the next one.

  19. Noster, you’re such a haxzor. ;-P

  20. US DDs are better than japan DDs imo, better guns, good torps, faster,
    better AA, and at later tiers same detection, and holy shit its WARBEASTY,
    if you go against him its an autowin

  21. The Yamato called it place a restraining order on you Notser after making
    that statement you wanted to touch every inch of it xD

  22. Mike Havican (Hurxen)

    Notser, love your vid’s. How do you cycle through launched torps?

  23. GGs Notser. Now I have a question has anyone heard of computer virus being
    down loaded with an WOWS update?

  24. gg x 2 !!!

  25. SEA server here, we usually have a single DD rush down south, 2 cruisers
    and 2 DDs head north, and the rest push toward each other at mid.

  26. If I’min a BB or a CV with an aircraft and I’m about to die I always send
    it up to spot.

  27. Hey Notser, about shooting AP at a battleship when you’re in a DD: I did a
    little bit of testing in the training room and it turns out that if you hit
    the lesser armoured parts of a BB (the bow and the stern), you do a LOT of
    damage. More damage than if you would try to penetrate the main belt of
    armour around the citadel. This of course only works at relatively close
    ranges, but it’s a pretty effective method! Try it out for yourself. Don’t
    tell anyone though, it’ll be our little secret :P

  28. Hey Notser, I just got my Yama today! 😀

    (even had a nice 170k game in her)

  29. Hey Notser, how do you switch between which torp you’re looking at while
    using the tracking camera?

  30. very nice Game Play

  31. That was never going to be a win for the other team. That WARBEASTY kid has
    a 35% WR and super low avg damage for a reason. He has his stats page set
    to private so you have to go to to see em. I think he may
    be the NA version of Sharader.

  32. I would like to play with you some time I would love to see you play first

  33. Awsome games, love the higher tier US DD’s I have now the Benson and almost
    in touch of the Fletcher.Notser great commentary very entertaining .Looking
    out forward to the next one.

  34. Yes To Pull a Notser is now the new thing when hitting islands :V ., your
    contribution is well noted :D

  35. What about the tier 10 DD’s, what do you think of them Notser?

  36. might have been worth doing this in two parts due to its length,but the
    second one was worth the wait.
    ..and “To Pull a Notser”…is now a thing in Wows..(I am calling Wargaming
    now to let them

  37. Yus first hacking accusation! Highest compliment possible.

  38. Wow, nice game play and commentary Notser, now get your ass into gear and
    start doing some streaming. Umm pahhhhhhhlleeeeeeaaaasssseeeeee

  39. OK, you sold me on the Fletcher. Having the 5-point concealment makes that
    ship very powerful indeed. I have 14 points on my US DD Capt so I am close.
    I’ll probably pick up the Fletch after Ranked Season 3 is over.

  40. Great games.

    I agree that the second one DOES highlight some of the ‘absurdities’ in the
    damage modelling.
    The idea that there could EVER be a time when firing AP from a sub-8″ gun
    at a BB is just pants on head stupid.
    It’s entirely unnecessary, too, because fires are stupidly effective as it

    I also happen to think anything IN smoke should lose their torpedo aim
    assist, and suffer a dispersion penalty.


  41. nice game!!

  42. Keep it up Notser! You produce the best World of Warships content on
    YouTube. Love the videos.

  43. omg 20km range for torps lol

  44. longest video you’ve released?

  45. Nice video as always ;D

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