World of Warships (And a final chat about War Thunder)

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(And a final chat about )

Title says it all, Today I’ll be playing Sailing out in the Wyoming class and at some point I’m going to have a chat about , It will be the last time I speak in a video on the subject. Feel free to comment as you like below and do what you will in regards to likes or dislikes. I am well aware this decision could spell the end of my channel and I would rather an honest reaction.

This is where I would normally type “I hope you enjoy” but this time I feel I hope you understand feels more appropriate.

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  1. Nice to see you in WoWs. I gave up WT, too.

    You need to be more aggressive in an American BB. Use your armor, close the
    distance and brawl… You cam easily delwte any cruiser under 10 k.

    Also, part of your job is to tank. Angle it and take hits for your team.

    At this level, your only fear are torps from DDs and sky cancer.

  2. askjdhagyouqgw askjdhagyouqgw

    that drama queen final

  3. Hope you have fun in WoWS, Magz, and if I may offer some advice from one
    (former) US battleship driver to another: Avoid giving foes your broadside,
    stay with friends if at all possible, look around between salvos for
    anything with torpedoes (bombers, smoke screens, Japanese cruisers), and
    ruin their fun by changing course and speed regularly. The New York is a
    bit more nimble, but then, anything is more maneuverable than a South
    Carolina and better armed/armored than a Kawachi at higher tiers.

    I would probably be blowing up enemy vessels in a Colorado by now, but
    Wargaming isn’t interested in guys like me who don’t see the appeal of PvP
    (they’ve been pushing their games as e-sports lately)… So I’ve been
    playing Armored Warfare.

  4. Hi Magz!
    Ive been fan lf your WT aircraft gameplay fan till this point, but I like
    almost all your vids, so I hope you will put here more DCS or Heliborne, to
    get moar planes!!

  5. No respected western game developer would have done what Gaijin done. But
    Gaijin is from russia so they operate on deferent mentality, westerners
    wouldn’t understand.

  6. he was revealing a hacker though

  7. Why don’t we as a community begin reporting War Thunder? If you visit the
    store page there’s a flag found on the right side above the metacritic
    score. Or we as a community could reach out to the Steam support staff and
    petition for War Thunder to be removed from Steam. Not so much from spite
    but out of concern for new players entering into the game. Some moderators
    be offensive towards players, especially if there is mention of cheating or
    hacking, and a new player may feel attacked in response to an honest
    concern. It’s doubtful that Steam would go so far as to remove War Thunder
    for reasons like this but it would put Gaijin in the spotlight and under
    Steam’s radar. And not just on Steam perhaps here on Youtube as well we can
    begin bringing light to this subject. Just a suggestion, that way it’s not
    just Magz, Baron, or Phly fighting against Gaijin themselves but their fan
    base (us) can rally to their cause and support them in this way. Especially
    if any of us have direct experience with Gaijin’s abusive side, evidence
    being a huge plus.


  9. Jad Collado (Battlemach1ne)

    I’ve never even seen phlydaily use hacks.

  10. Hey, Magz.
    I remember going down a similar road with War Thunder a long time ago, and
    it was a shame to make that decision ultimately. Couldn’t help but wonder
    if others would follow suit eventually.
    World of Warships is a pretty well constructed game with a lot of depth to
    explore in terms of content to cover. I’m looking forward to it.

    Keep it man, thanks.

  11. Dick butt Nick butt

    When you get to t7 the range for US battle ships it goes to 17km

  12. I love war thunder it can be a good game but the way there are running
    things is not good the fact that they even segested that it’s runine a game
    mode or cut down Youtubers makes me well mad even if they are no longer
    going to do this I will stand with you on not playing anymore

  13. Schrödinger's cat

    Be careful bro they might shut u down for talking about them, hahaha, after
    all the name is prob copy righted. but i agree with you 100% loaded poll is
    like a loaded gun, tough it and it will go off in your face. Its been
    almost a year since i played warthunder to any extent so my lvl 100 pilot
    is in retirement, the more they played with it the worse it got, the BR
    system is dodgy at best and it just started to get dull. i watched more WT
    vids than games played.

  14. This makes me afraid to do commentaries on my channel

  15. 3:15, ally destroyers are a wonderful thing, aren’t they?

  16. Adam Kreitzer (RavenWing)

    It kinda hurts to see you delete warthunder like that man… I respect your
    decision though.

    Maybe you’ll be back someday…



  17. I’m unsubbing if you stop doing war thunder… Sorry, that’s the only thing
    I’m here for

  18. is there another good aircraft game

  19. Who else is going back to WoT?

  20. Hey, Magz. Think you’ll even finish up Crimson Skies?


    Lets protest gayjin

  22. MAGZ is FINALLY playing WOWS and WOT !!! wo hoo !!!! :D

  23. Well though the whole Gaijin story is a huge bummer (used to enjoy WT, but
    caused me too much rage), I’m kinda glad cause holy shit Gaijin is tearing
    all the good in their game and tossing it into the trash. Also, welcome
    back to WoWs, I’d suggest trying the IJN BB line, It’s a great line with
    solid ships (even the Izumo now with its new buffs) and the Yammy is an
    absolute joy to sail.

  24. ah, WoWs. If you enjoy that game, try taking a look into playing Steel
    Ocean. That game is for sure even more fun. Nobody really knows about it
    just because the devs doesn’t advertise :S

  25. WWS is nothing but a sick orgy of rng.

  26. Just tried a game in RB they have markers, un installed the game, markers
    in aircraft not in tanks

  27. Magz, you’re not the only one who see’s the deeper implications of that
    poll. We all know the bullying that Gaijin has displayed not only with the
    YouTube community, but with their player base as well. The only wise move
    on their part was to “relent” at the end, although they had to spin it in a
    way to paint Phly in a bad light… as well as firmly shift the blame for
    this situation onto the community that didn’t fully support their tactics.
    Because “obviously” none of this is their fault.
    I doubt you’ll be the only major channel to drop them. If they hadn’t back
    off, WT content would already be a thing of the past on my channel…
    although I’m pretty sure it will only be a matter of time until they
    attempt to put a muzzle on another member of the YouTube community. I’m
    still assessing the facts before I make my final decision, but I want you
    to know that I fully support yours.

  28. Wait… who are they trying to justify this to? The community is going to
    be angry, poll or no poll, because we still believe we are in the right of
    it, so my question is, if they poll is completely ineffective (which it
    will be), then who is this for?

  29. My initial thoughts on the subject of War Thunder were that uninstalling it
    was a little too drastic for me. On the other hand, considering the
    political climate in the United States today, where our freedom of speech
    (among others), is being called into question, I think I should back you up
    on this decision. I’m uninstalling War Thunder.

    Again, thank you for the heads up on this situation. I wouldn’t have known
    about it if you hadn’t made a video about it.

  30. But for real though, the problem with war thunder is it has zero
    competition, I don’t play tanks, don’t really like them, but I love air RB,
    and I’m gonna keep playing, even though it’s the MM and a lot of the flight
    models are pretty fucked up because what else am I gonna play, world of
    warplanes lol. It’s not like the FPS genre where if you have a fuck ton of

  31. I might understand if Gaijin were only threatening channels specifically
    advertising and linking to the hacks, but for them to threaten a strike for
    just for exposing or showing video of
    it is ridiculous.

    I’m just starting to get some traction with my channel, and I can’t imagine
    how much work some of the other creators have had to do to get there
    channels to where they are, and for Gaijin to jeopardize them with a strike
    is beyond reason.

    I am not going to abandon War Thunder at this point, I enjoy it to much,
    but totally respect and support your decision to do so.

  32. They had such a good game it their hands and they blew it. They refuse to
    take any criticism of any kind. A game as good as wt is should have 100k on
    line at peak to peakish times but instead at 10pm on Friday night on EU
    server was 26k, so something is very wrong.

  33. Speaking as a person who has put over a thousand hours into War Thunder and
    has probably spent somewhere north of $150 on the game, I find myself
    increasingly disappointed with how Gaijin is intent on destroying what
    should’ve been a real diamond of a game with their bizarre management
    strategies. My breaking point came a while ago, shortly after they removed
    Simulator as a regular game mode and put it as an event, and as a prolific
    tank driver I was absolutely incensed with the decision. With Gaijin’s
    actions as of late I can absolutely believe that they were using that poll
    to blackmail the community into giving them permission to censor videos
    they don’t like. I will stay subscribed regardless of the lack of War
    Thunder content from here on out, and wish you success in your oncoming

  34. Are you joking? Leaving warthunder over something like this? (MY OWN
    OPINION) Warthunder can and will only be able to justify their copy rights
    IF it was promoting Hackers, Clearly the poll will not be able to justify
    any other kind of censorship. Because the public would rage.

  35. I think this was also the straw that broke the camel’s back for me as well.
    I didn’t join the game all to long ago( right after the launch of 1.4.5)
    and I progressed decently, unlocking a few tier 4 aircraft. I’ve sat
    through a lot of shit from Gajin, and as I progressed and eventually
    started playing other games, notably tf2, I began to notice how poor of a
    developer Gajin actually was. I’m not saying the game itself is bad, They
    did a fine job coding it, but their community interactions are atrocious.
    One disastrous blunder after another until this one. Until I saw your
    original video, I did t know hacking was an issue. When I saw how poorly
    Gajin handled it, I decided to take an “extended break” until they FINALLY
    get their shit together. Recently, Valve vac-banned a lot of users using
    the Lmao-box hack on Tf2. Valve didn’t have a poll on the forums whether to
    censor all youtubers talking about it or change the hud of the game. They
    Vac banned the hackers, no bullshit about it.

  36. I would love to see some more battle fleet Gothic game play from you magz
    it’s very enjoyable to watch combined with your commentary style and how
    you break things down.
    play what you enjoy and we will watch. Cheers

  37. I am going to subscribe to magz and upvote his videos JUST because he’s
    stopped playing war thunder
    fuck you gaijin

  38. coolhandlukedubble99

    well said on every point!

  39. Big up for the World of Tanks 😀 Magz you rule! more Subnautica!

  40. Damn… well I support your decision and will probably be leaving WT as
    well. Thanks for the incite and good luck.

  41. Still at this moment I can’t imagine that the game you started the channel
    with became your channels biggest enemy and you deleted on camera… I
    don’t even know what to say, 1.59 is around the corner and I am not excited
    at all, rather I prefer playing in WoT tier 4 vs tier 7 than going into
    that game that in the span of 1 year ( time i have played ) became a big
    pile of shit that nobody seems to care about. I really hope that they get
    around to fix the bloody thing.

  42. Off with War Thunder.I just hope that Magz channel won’t take a blow

  43. all i have to say it came for the warthunder, stayed for the amazing
    commentary and content!

  44. Well done dude, put that sinking ship of a game (War Thunder that is) game
    behind you and move on!

  45. D3V1STATE Gaming

    Yup uninstalling war thunder. Not only has gameplay become shit now Gaijin
    is going more out of their way to screw over the fan base? Nah I’m good.
    I’ll stick with WOWS and Armored Warfare. Love your vids by the way Magz.
    Keep it up!!

  46. Hello there Magz, I perfectly understand your decision to leave War Thunder
    as things haven’t been going great in War Thunder for a while. If you’re
    familiar with my topic on the forums (Rumor Roundup) you’d know I haven’t
    been that busy recently, and one reason for that is the stuff that’s been
    going on with the game recently. There’s many other reasons for this, but I
    won’t go into that here.
    It’s sad to see that you’re leaving War Thunder, but you’re a great content
    creator nonetheless and I’ve been really enjoying your Subnautica videos
    recently. So keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing more great
    videos from you in the future.

  47. Brandon Robertson

    I know it’s not really like you to play that kind of game, Magz, but could
    you possibly do some gameplay on Worms?

  48. Rant starts at 4:45 :v

  49. Blastmaster1972

    I have given up on War Thunder long, long time ago. Pity, could be such a
    nice game.

  50. Creepcast roger


  51. It’s your call to stop playing WT, even if it is a sad one 🙁

    I’ll still watch your videos though 😉

    Maybee it’s a good time for you to leave WT alone for a few month and come
    back next year.

  52. I’m pretty much the same with tanks. I used to be above average, got a load
    of top tier vehicles and even managed to do well enough in a campaign to
    get the hilarious VK7201. Haven’t played in years though and I get the
    feeling that higher tier performance will be awful for a long time again.

  53. +MagzTV I’ll be staying for the interesting, intelligent content that you
    produce. And I’ll be deleting my installation of War Thunder.

  54. Your intro should have a ship’s horn when your name comes up :D

  55. Dont go back to WoT Magz, that is a pile of russian crap, just like War
    Thunder. Play Armored Warfare, thats a decent western game. I say fuck the
    russians and their games! They will never become a civilized country, and
    anyone can see the signs of this. In WT forum censorship, or in the
    military occupation of the Crimea, the list is very long.

  56. Antonio Brignoni

    Russian company follows same censorship as Soviet Union ._.

  57. I have maneged to kill Phly, Baron, Squire, Orange and even Jingels… only
    u where missing Magz. The one who thought me so much about this game. Your
    vids helped me to be a better pilot and I think now is the time to say:
    Thank you for that!
    I will miss your War Thunder vids. But as one grate man once said: Nothing
    can last forever….

  58. Whatever content you put on your channel, I’ll remain a regular viewer.
    I’ve started playing multiple games after you posted content of them on

  59. Maggzzzssss never sail broadside on to a battleship

  60. Magz can you continue making World Of Warships videos

  61. @MagzTV I completely agree with your POV I watched Phlys Video right when
    it was published (altough I dont like him that much it caught my
    attention). As soon as you released your video over the current state of
    the game, I immediately stopped playing it. I also found a video which
    claims that Gajin plans to implement Guided Missles. I dont know what they
    are doing in Motha Russia but im done with their way of handling the
    I would be happy to see you playing Wot because for me it is the only
    alternative to War Thunder and it is way more fun to play right now. But
    anyways you got my support whatever your next project will be 😉
    Greetings from Austria
    and maybe we’ll see you at the EU-Server soon :-D

  62. I sure am gonna miss it !

  63. Phly didn’t even bad mouth the company ,he just pointed out a possible hack
    ! You would think they would want to fix it in stead biching and blame
    others for their short comings !

  64. A Typical Youtuber

    I find this to honestly be a huge over-dramatization of recent events.
    You’re taking this even farther than the person that was directly effected
    by their recent decisions.
    At the end if the day it’s still just a game and not anything to lose
    viewers or get upset about.

  65. After reading the CEO of Warthunder forums post it`s going to far I get it
    but the cheats are brought to lite you shouldn`t punish the people who
    didn`t use the cheat striking channels and removed RB is plain Punishing
    the community

  66. I stopped playing War Thunder about a year ago and I don’t regret leaving.
    There are better flight sims out there, and there are better PvP combat
    games. WoT is planning an arty rebalance soon, so is a bit promising. I
    like the depth of the meta in WoT that honestly doesn’t exist in WT. WoWS
    is much slower paced than tank or airplane games, but it’s still quite fun
    and can be relaxing. I don’t think your bad ping will matter quite as much
    either. AW is promising, but NA is dying, and high tier balance is really
    screwed up right now.

  67. I did enjoy watching the WT content but sometimes you have to say enough is
    enough and that poll no matter which way you looked at it was way out of
    line. As it could have been used for anyone saying the slightest thing
    wrong with WT and bang out they go which is the wrong message to give out.
    I perfectly understand what you are saying here and back you fully and wish
    you the best of luck all round. Thankfully I am not here for the WT as I
    quit out of that about 18 months ago as I was getting annoyed with the BR
    and the way the game seemed to progress and now it’s a case of do I really
    want to play the game tried it 2 weeks ago and was completely torn apart by
    a higher rated plane than I should reasonably be expected to see… anyway
    best of luck and I will still be watching your vids as I love watching the
    games I don’t have time to play DCS and IL-2 though I do get time with

  68. The Wyoming, oh how at first I hated it then grew to love it. When those
    guns behave and go to where you are aiming for, damn you can get a lot of
    damage done and/or kill a cruiser in 1 salvo.

  69. I am level 26 in Warthunder I loved that game but now I have no incentive
    to play anymore.

  70. You’re right mate, Gaijin is simply doing what they’ve done for a while, if
    I were a youtuber covering War Thunder I’d simply outright abandon the game
    as well after the recent poll. Tbh I like your IL:2 and DCS coverage more
    anyway. You’re not losing my sub. That said I do agree with Gaijin taking
    down Phlydaily’s video, he is just trying to stir the pot at this stage and
    advertising hacks is IMO just as bad as using them. The poll was obviously
    ridiculous though.

  71. Honestly l’ll miss the content but l couldn’t agree with you more and l
    hope that other YouTubeers drop support of the game as well.

    Gaijin need hitting down a peg or two… thousand.

  72. finally! Thank you so much Magz

  73. Agreed. I will not support a developer that uses censorship first then
    thinks about enforcing cheaters. Not enforcing cheaters on your own servers
    says a lot about a company. Goodbye WT.

  74. Brick Blockbuster Films Beck

    Wow no more war thunder from Magz. I’m a little sad but I do support his
    decision because that is how he feels. I’m looking forward to more il-2
    videos! Keep up the good work Magz! And I will stay subscribed to you for a
    very long time…..

  75. it’s ashame really I just recently started watching some of you’re
    realistic air battles. last year the game was great tier 4 played against
    tier 4 (tanks atleast) the game was just all around fun at that time but
    now with all the compression I really only play rb when my friends want to
    other wise I play custom battles it’s just ashame a company is willing to
    do this to their game

  76. Gaijin are idiots

  77. Hey Magz! I found your channel because of War Thunder, but i subscribed and
    watch the videos frequently because of you and your commentary in the
    games. You’re a great content creator and should not be afraid of dropping
    War Thunder.
    Shame on Gaijin though, running away from their responsibilities as a
    developer and penalizing people that didn’t do nothing wrong instead of
    solving the issue.

  78. War Thunder is basically one of those games that you hope will get better
    and get fixed over time, been 2 years since I quit and i still sit on the
    sidelines hoping for it to get better.

    When actually I could not be bothered waiting anymore and I will just go
    play a more polished game like Overwatch.

  79. magz, you probably remember me by this point (I’m sorry haven’t gotten the
    xp55 photos up yet) and there has to be a way around this. I downloaded wt
    n because of you and it’s my favorite content of yours. we both know I’m
    not the only one please reconsider

  80. GAIJIN, WAKE THE FUCK UP ! Why the hell is nobody smart enough in that
    company to think a little before they take a decision? 0_0

  81. I have a (admittedly lame and worthless) WT video about the Komet that
    somehow managed to get 600,000 views by now. It generated $100 every three
    or so months until Gaijin tagged it for the background music and started
    taking the ad revenue for it, and still do even after I replaced the
    soundtrack with one of the generic tracks YouTube provides. It really


  83. 5:41 the answer to everything

  84. As for wows don’t buy anything except the Murmansk (seriously best value
    and only real value in the premiums which can cost the price of a newly
    released game). Best fun, best coin earner by far with a few options of how
    to play it depending on blood lust levels. Fingers crossed they’ll fix the
    Colorado’s guns before you get to it :)

  85. wot sea server is getting popular..we need a good ozzie u tuber to cover au

  86. Came here for War Thunder and staying because of your honesty and the
    informative way you present your content. Gutted by Gaijins behaviour. I’ve
    reported many many suspected cheats over the years I’ve played whilst never
    hearing anything of anti-cheats just denials that it was possible to cheat
    in their game. Anti-cheat measures with strict lifetime bans for those
    caught should’ve been the number 1 choice from day 1. Maybe even something
    like the reporting feature in CSGO which actually allows you to tick which
    hack you think is in use so a replay file can be reviewed by long
    term/senior/respected/higher level players. Seems like the obvious options
    were the least regarded. Shame on them.

  87. Giajin is like a slimy used car salesmen

  88. It’s gonna be fun watching Magz getting better with the game. Usually he
    plays something he’s already good at 😀 Also, World of Warships – yes
    please! I love that game, although I can only play carriers :D

  89. To paraphrase your question “why go for the poll instead of upgrading the
    anti-hacking protocols?”

    2 reasons I can see:

    1/ It’s easier for them to go for the ban rather than write new software


    2/ Because they wanted liscense to increase their ability to control
    criticism of their game.

    Either way, this incident’s basically killed any interest I have in going
    back to War Thunder. It was novel and had some awesome features I wish
    other games also had, but I’m not going to support such bully-boy tactics.

  90. Never been into tanks and ships, I am a real pilot and at the moment I am
    just into planes so the more DCS and IL-2 the better – they are realistic.

  91. Hi Magz, any reason why you play on the European servers rather than Asia?
    Is there much noticeable ping difference? I’m on terrible Aussie ADSL as

    I’ll be happy to see some WoT and WoWs videos here, I’ve just updated and
    started replaying both. To say I’m a bit rusty is a bit of an


  93. I can see your point very clearly. I would certainly do the same thing!
    They have the POTENTIAL (as you said) to basicly control all criticism of
    their game with this and it makes me as furious as you.

    As someone who watches you for your WT content however I’m sad to see you
    leave. I dont have the time to play games often and when I do its just WT
    and IL2 BoS. The same goes for watching videos.
    I will stay a subscriber because I hope it helps you out as a creator in
    some way, but I won’t be watching you play other games. I simply don’t have
    the time. Maybe Gaijin will get their shit together eventually… But to me
    they are like Mankind when it comes to global warming- they will only see
    and feel the urge to do sth. about the problem when its way too late.

    Cheers and good luck to you Magz

  94. Can we just talk about how similar Gaijin’s systems are to early communist
    Russia? Like, seriously, I’m reading Animal Farm (a disguised book about
    Soviet Russia written during it’s birth as a warning) in school, and it’s
    practically the same thing; insisting that everything’s right when it’s
    not, censorship/hits against (akin to execution) those who say otherwise,
    bad communication between devs (leader) and players (citizens), etc. It’s
    almost funny.

  95. You know, as a more casual player, that’s the thing: I love War Thunder, I
    love taking my WW2 planes into Realistic Battles, because Simulation games
    are a little too much, I love playing the game with friends and all, but I
    hate almost every decison Gaijin makes.

    So in my case, the poll would be:
    – Screw you nerd, go try and find another game like WT RB.
    – Screw you and shut your mouth, nerd, try to enjoy the game in silence.


  96. Andreas Undesser

    Warthunder comment at: 4:50

  97. Tobias Björkman

    I agree, it is just too much now.

    Game play is not getting better anyway, rather the opposite.

    Rot in Hell Gaijin.

  98. I’m with you Magz. I’m not playing the game until I can find resorted faith
    in Gijian.

  99. Adelino Palatino

    I gotta say Magz, I came to your channel because of War Thunder (despite
    not playing the game). But at this point you’re really not left with an
    option to continue covering that game if you want to freely create content
    for your viewer base.
    Honestly, I don’t think you’ll have a problem surviving without covering
    that game. You produce great content on tons of other games, and I think
    most of us will follow you there.
    Looking forward to more retro game, Elite Dangerous, and Subnautica
    (hopefully the glitches get sorted out soon) content.

  100. War Thunder has just been one big slippery slope downhill for the past few
    years. Its a good game but Gaijin are unbelievably stupid when it comes to
    decision making. The poll should have been 2 polls, one for youtube strikes
    (which I doubt anyone would vote for), one for markers or no for RB.

  101. American battleship? Eeeeew, unsubbed

  102. This is exactly what I’ve been saying about gaijin’s handling of WT from
    the start. They are handling it like I picture the Soviet Union handled its
    people. Silencing criticism on their forums in a KGB like manner and
    pulling out of anywhere they can’t control. Never admitting fault. Even the
    blackmail thing sounds like a Cold War operation gone bad, so they cut
    their losses and eliminated the failed asset. I came for the WT some time
    ago, and stayed for the person behind it. Excited to see you putting up
    WoWS content, and let WT rot in hell. Keep the good videos coming!

  103. magz you are a brilliant player on wt. one of the reasons I stuck at the
    game and learned a majority of my little tricks from you!

    Constructive criticism here. I think you are over reacting…YouTubers like
    phlydaily shouldn’t post videos basically advertising there are ways to
    hack the game…in public on YouTube. for once i do agree with gaijan. I’ve
    never enjoyed phlydaily content and seeing his actions have now affected
    one of my favourite YouTube channels…well sucks.

    remember your roots mate. these casual arcade games didn’t make you big.
    war thunder did … but good luck in the future. cheers

  104. Yay finally WoWS!

  105. Yay more time for things like that cliffs of Dover video

  106. Sad to see it end this way. Not gonna lie and say this affects me in any
    way, or that I’ll stop playing WarThunder as some way to support the cause
    (though I’m enjoying Wargames Red Dragon right now) but I did enjoy most of
    your gameplay vids even when I primarily played GF. Anyway, best of luck
    trying to find a new main game to focus on.

  107. Naes Nilhgualcm

    If you want to improve your gameplay I’d suggest always using AP shells
    inside of 12 – 15km when fighting other battleships. Outside of that just
    use HE you won’t get that same initial punch but you can set them on fire
    and you’ll do good damage over time. For cruisers, always fire AP. I’ve
    been an active player since the beta and I hope this helps :)

  108. Just gotta believe in our lords and saviours Mork and Gork and play some
    Total War: Warhammer

  109. Fuck. Gaijin.

  110. I subscribed to your channel for War Thunder content, but since just fell
    in love with your way of talking and doing things. So loss of WT content
    here, on this channel, is not a big loss. Keep up the great work, +MagzTV.
    I have one request though. Can we NOT see World of Tanks on this channel?
    Honestly, sick and tired of WoT. I rather watch more KSP, Battlefleet
    Gothic, Subnautica, hell even warships than WoT.

  111. It’s a little bittersweet, Warthunder is where I first subscribed to this
    glorious channel but I must say, Gaijin has really screwed the pooch and
    since you and other YouTubers are very close I imagine many will follow
    suit. I support Mags, Gaijin screwed the pooch on this one. Good riddance

  112. I think you come out as a bit of a drama queen here. Earlier you talked
    about RB getting stale and introducing some AB gameplay instead. Never
    really happened. Now you just swipe it away like it never happened even
    though you said you had fun in AB.

    I’d understand doing this as a protest if you didn’t enjoy the game
    anymore. It certainly seems so as far as RB is concerned (at least to the
    point of the negatives weighing more) but why dismiss the game mode where
    most of the community is anyways? You could just change things up instead
    of just being butthurt and giving up altogether.

    But hey, you do as please with your channel. I came here for the War
    Thunder content but stayed for your commentaries and stuff like Subnautica.

    Also, you should use Programs and Features to uninstall games instead of
    removing the game folder. The registry entries remain otherwise.


    war thunder will be a boring place with out you Magz T_T

  114. make sure you angle your ship whenever you fire at someone. having a full
    broadside to the enemy negates the armor sloping.

  115. Really fuckin sucks that War Thunder’s now a steaming pile of shit thanks
    to Gaijin’s awful decisions, but I hope to see more WoWS videos from you in
    the future. Recently got back into it so it was funny that I now see you
    post a WoWS video. I actually thought WG’s games wouldn’t be your thing
    since it seems like most of the games you play are sims or fairly

  116. WoW and WoT good choices, screw WT.

  117. forever? you are going too far magz think with a straight mind then make

  118. the thing that really blows my mind is that they explicitly named-dropped
    phly in their address regarding the poll.

    That in itself would lend credibility to any argument suggesting that
    Gaijin was wanting to make a witch-hunt/create ill will toward phlydaily.
    Otherwise the term “certain YouTube content creators” would have sufficed.

    Taking that into account; they had a fallback for either scenario on the
    poll. If the people voted to allow DMCA abuse to happen, Gaijin would have
    the poll to refer to. If the DMCA poll did not pass, Gaijin would just
    (indirectly) put the blame for the RB changes on phly, stating that their
    hands were tied by cheaters/careless YouTubers.

    That is scary as fuck. People have been *killed* over less. One could even
    make the argument that explicitly addressing phlydaily in the pre-poll
    statement would be defamatory in nature.

    Lastly, if the conversation on /r/warthunder was to be believed; it would
    seem that Gaijin didn’t even bother with contacting phly before publishing
    the poll.

    Gaijin was out for phly’s blood, and they were going to make sure he was
    hurt at *some* sort of capacity.

  119. The poll was nothing more than a dumb kneejerk reaction from a company with
    a history of dumb kneekjerk reactions, and it was utterly inconsequential.
    Gaijin themselves love to squawk about the fact that the forum community
    makes up a tiny and nonrepresentative slice of the overall player base and
    uses that to justify ignoring everything they say, so therefore the poll
    was meaningless.

    I know that the Youtubers who cover the game are taking it personally
    because Gaijin is threatening their livelihoods directly, and that’s fine,
    but both sides are being rather autocratic and hyperbolic about it, and
    that’s not helping anyone.

    Yes, Gaijin has PR problems. Maybe that’s a language barrier, maybe it’s a
    cultural thing, maybe something else, doesn’t really matter. We know this.
    It’s nothing new. But that’s what MOST of Gaijin’s problems are: PR and

    But once Gaijin (by which I mostly mean Anton, I suspect) gets over the
    butthurt, this will all blow over, like it always does, then sixish months
    from now they’ll quietly introduce a new set of anti-cheat protections or
    something that will fix the problem everyone else has already forgotten

    It won’t actually FIX the thing people are really upset about (it never
    does with Gaijin), but ultimately this little kerfuffle won’t do any
    long-term damage to the game either.

    Best of luck wherever you decide to take the channel, Magz. I’ll stick
    around, but I DID sub for the War Thunder content and my interest in DCS
    and IL2 is middling at best. We’ll see how it goes.

  120. 😉 for the end of of your viedeo and yes – it´s sad in a way because you
    produced the best content possible for that title. I don´t play that game
    since 1 year or more. In the end all that jazz was pretty predictable
    because… Gaijin

    Prepare for some frustration concerning the player base of WoWS. It´s
    pretty much equal to WoT. Concerning gameplay – use HE with BBs to pepper
    other ships from bow or stern, AP from the side and find out citadel spots.

    Anyways – MagzTV content is good content keep it going

  121. I am sorry you’re leaving WT. I loved your content about the game.
    Hope you will change your mind someday.

  122. Usernamesarebunk420

    Nailed most of the reasons I stopped playing as well. Perhaps when, and
    more importantly IF, World War mode is introduced I might reinstall it and
    play with all my premiums again (when pigs fly right?) No gripes if you
    don’t do War Chunder anymore, you provide great quality in other games,
    might take a hit but standing up for things, sometimes you lose a bit
    before you gain. Woot WoWS :D

  123. In the gajin office.

    CEO: There are players using hacks in war thunder and a guy made a video

    employee 1: Strike all videos about the hacks.

    employee2: give everyone the hacks.

    employee 3:return the markers to RB.

    employee 4: Why not just use a anti cheat software and bank all hacker for

    *gets kicked out of the window*

  124. Based on their tone I think they REALY wanted to avoid having to work on
    that software. It will suposedly aversely affect their developmend
    schedule, put a strain on servers and increasing tanks “poping in” when you
    turn a corner.

    So yeah. Likely reason is they wanted to avoid that extra work for
    somethign they view as a minor problem and the potantial drama and backlash
    from the “poping in”. Last tiem there was an issue that caused that on the
    dev server everyone was up in arms that “War thunder is now World of
    Tanks”. My gues is that when the system is first implemented its gonna look
    a lot like that bug on our end. In the end its preferable to the other
    “options” but yeah. I can understand their motivation as shady as their
    methods can get.

  125. dont really care for WoWS but ill continue to watch what ever you make magz

  126. Magz, I thoroughly endorse your logic and your actions. I will remain a
    subscriber partly because you’re developing other content that I enjoy but
    mostly because you are a man of principle and that always will deserve my
    full backing.

    I don’t think Gaijin realize they’ve shot themselves in the balls because
    the message is slow to get to their heads, as has been the case with every
    other odious action they’ve undertaken in their grubby company history.
    Visualize a Homer Simpson reaction.

    I have put them on 30-day hiatus just to see if anything changes. If
    nothing has changed at that point, June 20, they’re getting deleted from my

    Pity, there are some good aspects to the game but sociologically these guys
    are at base self-serving finger pointers with a lazy ethic. I have just
    started World of Tanks and read over their site and they make Gaijin look
    like the complete jerks that they are.

    Soon Gaijin will just be at the point of rearranging the deck chairs on the
    Titanic while the company goes under. By then, nobody is going to give a
    shit about them. They don’t even realize that is the end play they’ve set
    themselves up for, or maybe they don’t care.

    Frankly, I don’t care, because their first instinct with Phly was to
    intimidate and bully. These guys are so close to the door the handle is
    hooked in their arseholes and given their record, it couldn’t happen to a
    nicer bunch of guys.

    I’m going to buy a nice bottle of Stoli and leave it in the freezer and the
    day they go under, it comes out and I’ll toast their demise, Russian

  127. Anfraveth Adaar

    Hey, Magz, if you’re trying to get back into WoT, I’d be glad to do a few
    platoons with you, man. Hell, may even get on the EU server of WoWS and
    attempt to.. well, do anything but get bombed by a destroyer.
    Nice job in the Wyoming though, I’ve seen a lot worse.

  128. Just subscribe to your channel today, even though I have been watching your
    videos for the past couple of months. I just want to say that you do an
    awesome job on the content you create and really enjoy the entertainment
    that you provide. Hopefully, you will be doing more videos on IL-2
    Sturmovik: BoS/BoM series. The videos that you did for that were quite
    entertaining as well as informative. It would be neat if you did a campaign
    run using the Pat Wilson Campaign Generator. Anyways, keep up the good work
    and looking forward to the content you create. Cheers!

  129. U explain the simplest action really technically I guess it’s from war
    thunder :)

  130. Don’t hack, Get Gud. Magz 2016

  131. 6:50 basically Gaijin did a nazi vote

  132. Dear Magz! I would love to see a Silent Hunter III Patrol explained by you.

  133. Charles Perkins

    Do you ever plan on coming back? I know I don’t speak for all but a lot of
    your subs are here for WT, it wouldn’t be healthy for the channel if you
    were to never go back.

  134. Time to try Il-2 battle of Moscow

  135. Magz I’m gonna use an old quote of yours “gaijin, fix your shit”

  136. Meh, I probably wouldn’t play WT any more if I could handle other games,
    and if they were free. I think that is what matters. War Thunder is not
    “pay to win” and doesn’t cost anything, which is why people play. I mean,
    I’d play IL2 if it could run mildly well on a bad machine, and if it was

  137. the animatior,the thierioest and the fact teller

    I’m so disappointed in gaijin :(

  138. Play dota ໒( , ⊙ – ⊙ , )७

  139. Wish you the best of luck with the channel from this point on, it’ll be
    interesting to see where it goes :)

  140. So my favorite youtuber has just quit warthunder. 🙁 I totally understand
    your logic and reasoning behind this. As a player it a little too far to
    delete warthunder over this but as a youtuber your making sense mate. I
    guess ill just have to re-watch a lot of your past warthunder videos. Lets
    hope that Gaijin cleans house and that they get some non-idiots into their
    decision making roles in the company.

    P.S. Magz try Armored warfare just for fun and something different

  141. Youtuber after youtuber I follow is leaving the game, and why? Because
    Gaijin is run by a retard (yes Anton if you read this this is a direct
    insult, you are mentally damaged) and apparently no one in the company
    knows shit considering that they handle the game like they DON’T WANT MONEY
    for fucks sake

  142. shroomies Muggins

    Well, Here goes… I’ve really loved the content over the last couple of
    years, and It’s been really fun looking at the community grow, and I fully
    understand your decision, but without War Thunder, there isn’t much that I
    would come back for. Subnautica was just a thing on the side for me, and
    not something to keep me here. The same goes for WOWS and KSP. They were
    just bits on the side. The only reason for me to stay now would be for you
    to make a duskers series, which I really would enjoy.

    The way that you communitcate during live commentary actually worked
    perfectly with the gameplay. talking about the decisions before making them
    was really fascinating, almost hearing you think. I highly recommend that
    you start a series on Duskers, but if not, I’ll say goodbye for now. It’s
    been really nice coming along for the ride

  143. star citizen

  144. Not wishing to divert from War Thunder for too long, but Magz, you need to
    angle your armour when sailing that big fat Battleship, or your liable to
    get a big fat delivery of high velocity armour piercing hurt right into
    your citadels

  145. Whatever Gaijin’s rationale behind this insane behavior, they were never in
    the right. They threatened to initiate copyright strikes on the basis of
    violations of their end user license agreement pertaining to hacking. That
    is neither a legitimate copyright issue nor is it grounds to strike a video
    on a third party website. They are perfectly within their rights to ban
    Phly and other youtubers from their game and their forums, but they don’t
    own Youtube. Their EULA means exactly nothing on this website. They
    essentially confessed to attempting a false copyright strike and conspiring
    to initiate other false strikes. Since they are a Russian company, I don’t
    know what legal action could be taken against them, but false takedowns are
    considered criminal in the U.S., which is where Phly and Youtube are based.
    Furthermore, Gaijin’s CEO himself stated plainly that the strikes would
    have nothing to do with copyright, which could easily be construed as bad
    faith. This would mean that Gaijin would not only be guilty of violating
    the DMCA, but also of perjury. Not that YT will actually do anything about
    it, I’m just pointing out something that I have not yet seen brought up in
    this discussion.

  146. I think Gajin does not even care about War Thunder anymore. At this point
    they are only trying to get as much money out of it as possible, with the
    lessest effort possible.
    The Game isnt even out of beta and they have stopped fixing well known and
    visible core issues like bugs or a LONG time ago. Instead they are pushing
    out content to encourage the players to buy Golden Eagles / Premium
    (e.g. the new KV-2 premium Tanks or the atrocious bushes).
    Some YouTubers even actively support this policy by hyping every new
    feature War Thunder announces (Baron or Phly do that, too) while more or
    less igoring all the issues with this game (maybe because of fear of being

  147. Some Star Wars Tie fighter instead? :)

  148. i did like your war thunder videos but they have really been pushing the
    limits on how they control things so i understand your point of view and i
    do really like the way you think as far as strategies go so i’m with you
    all the way

  149. Gediminas Kregzde

    Magz, is that hated poll just excuse of quit playing war thunder? there was
    repeated statements from you about how you got bored of war thunder,
    covered all fighters, no new challenges and etc. Long5hot got balls to say
    he got bored and quits playing, You just found some stupid poll to make
    There is nothing wrong to quit playing and stop making videos, wrong is to
    make shity opinion about game to excuse quitting.

  150. Edmunds demonds

    Well magz I loved your channel even from when you were a puny little 7000
    subscriber youtuber exclusively doing warthunder but I will stay with you
    it’s just a shame that gajin is screwing things up so bad that they a
    constantly knocking more and more people away from the game.. I just hope
    something like it with sensible developers Is created before they are lost
    so I have some good ww11 sim to play

  151. Are you not concered about how many subs you may loose because of quitting
    war thunder?

  152. As a BB player, the first thing you should do is load AP

  153. Great video, and i fully support you mate.

  154. so what about crossout? are you putting it down too?

  155. I have things I’d like to mention about both the gameplay shown and the

    On WoWS:
    If you pardon the language, I fucking /loved/ my Wyoming. She was just a
    damage-dealing monster- a bit slow, but who cares about speed when you have
    /6 gun turrets/. The New York was a love/hate for me, but now I’m on the
    New Mexico… I have no real plans to go farther than that, but I like the
    ship. The spotter aircraft is just an amazing lol ability. But the Wyoming
    will always have a soft spot in my heart. Also, buy the Texas. That ship,
    properly modded, slashes all the issues the New York class had.

    On WT:
    … I don’t know where I stand. No, that’s not true. I fully support your
    decision, and I want to spread your cause. But… I have a problem, in that
    I kind of like playing the game- not at high tiers, but low-tier, early war
    aircraft. That’s fun for me. And I would choose a different game, but I
    only play on a laptop, with mouse and keyboard; I don’t think any other
    games like WT are available to my strict requirements. (no one mention
    WoWP. That’s just… no.)

    Long story shorter, on WT: I support and applaud your actions, and I wish
    to follow your lead/spread the message… but I don’t think I can. At the
    very least, I will not send them any more money. Period.

  156. I think that you should still play war thunder and still comment on how
    gaijjan is doing wrong. If they try and stop you, you have a large fan base
    of fantastic fans who will back you up. Personally I wouldn’t stop playing
    war thunder

  157. Goodnight, sweet prince.

  158. Best way of shooting is to fire 1 by one at the bottom of the ship to hit
    the cathedral or something like that in WoW

  159. Hey Magz, from what I heard firing HE in battleships isn’t very effective
    and that you should always fire AP. Was it only loaded for the DD or is
    there another reason?

  160. The Legend Never Dies

    I just got my Panther II and they pull this shit… I need to hurry and
    build a pc

  161. Hey Magz, I’m about as progressed as you in WoWS, also I’m from Australia,
    if you’re looking for people to squad up with I’d be happy to join you!

  162. Jumonkey Online

    Sorry to hear your not playing wt anymore you made some great videos with
    that game but on the plus side i do like WOWS so happy days :)

  163. Though I disagree with you, I understand that you’d rather not take the
    risk of losing your source of income and that you have a family to feed,
    and your eyes preclude you from a lot of other work, so for your situation
    it might be a sound idea.

    However, I REALLY think that you should thoroughly review the legal terms
    you have to agree to for posting on youtube about any game you choose.
    Otherwise you may just end up making an emotional gain while not actually
    getting your channel any safer.

    Phly broke gaijin’s EULA, which is part of their youtube agreement (section
    1.6, m, 2: “You agree that you will not use, facilitate, create, or
    maintain any unauthorized connection
    with the Product, including without limitation any connection using
    programs, tools, or software not expressly approved by Gaijin” )

    Wargaming has this in their terms of service, under the “User-Generated
    Content” header in a block of other all-caps text: “WARGAMING MAY, HOWEVER,

    I don’t think you’ll find a company that DOESN’T have this kind of thing in
    their licensing. Whether they invoke it or not is another story, but you’re
    really looking at the surface of an industry-wide standard practice that
    permits such “abuse.”

    I’ll remain subbed to your channel still in the event something catches my
    eye, but most of the games you’ve put up haven’t really interested me
    except for war thunder.

  164. Norbert Buszka (Hussar)

    Your video’s about WT won’t be missed Magz. Not because of u, but because
    of them. I’ve begun watching you for war thunder, but now I do for the
    character. You’ve got your followers, and most of us will still watch u
    playing other games even after pulling off from the sh**eunder. (:

    So don’t worry.

    And welcome in band of brothers of those who have seriously enough of them.
    No more “last chances” or “waiting to see what the next patch will bring”.
    It’s senseless. It’s only going to be worse. Lets hope they’ll finally kill
    it. That said I, who spent a lot of time and money on this game back in the
    day… ):

  165. Its a shame, but I totally understand why you want to do this Magz

  166. Mark Desjardins

    Magz, I like to play bombers so I gave up on War Thunder a few years
    ago……for me the game has been unbalanced almost forever. Just keep up
    the great content and play what you like and people will watch. Perhaps War
    Thunder will change eventually then I’ll see.

  167. Yeah. Do not start with WOT again. Trust me. After 3 years, that would be
    most frustrating thing you’ll ever do.

  168. so magz does that mean we can see some more il2 I would love to see some
    more cliffs of dover

  169. I’m really sad you’ve COMPLETELY left War Thunder for good I loved your
    videos and they helped me get into the game that I still love. Gameplay
    wise, it sucks. Development wise, it sucks. But it’s always gonna be a good
    game to go play on Saturday night. I’m not uninstalling even tho I’m not
    playing much anymore. Maybe you can give it another chance later. :(

  170. Leftenant Sexy Beard

    Sad to see it come to this, really is. I’m sure a lot of your audience
    originally showed up for your War Thunder content (Which you were a beast
    at, I might add). The game itself was great, been playing it for ~ 2 Years
    at this point. Slowly and surely, Its gone into the Shitter.

    I’ll be there to watch your other content, as are many other members of
    your audience. Good luck in the future, Mate.

  171. Bye, Magz. I’ll see you later, I hope you have an amazing life. I’m
    unsubbing, I’ll probably check on your channel sometimes. (I like to do
    that, just to see how people are doing.) But I’ll miss your great WT vids.
    Thanks for all the tips and tricks, I’ve given up on the game too though.
    I’ll see you in another time, love you man.

  172. @MagzTV they chose not to do either of the options in that pole, due to the
    responses in the thread on the topic.

    the reason for the pole is the alternative they are now pursuing is it is
    going to generate server lag and a delay in game development.

  173. Just wanted to add my opinion, I originally subscribed to you for War
    Thunder content but I already quit playing after some shenanigans in the
    forums and general imbalance of the game.
    I will keep watching your videos though, you actually got me to try and buy
    Helibourne and Subnautica. :)

  174. I honestly loved that last little clip of deleting your WT file. Makes a
    very nice statement as to your standing, and I do not blame you one bit
    Magz. Gaijin is really failing, and nothing short of a miracle can probably
    save them….maybe…

    And also, I have no issues with you wanting to play other things. I really
    came for DCS, but I stayed for IL2, subnautica, Dreadnaught, Duskers, KSP,
    and now World of Warships and hell, even World of Tanks even though I’m not
    a big fan of WoT.

    I’m glad your picking WoWS back up though. I’ve been playing since early
    CBT and recently, WG has been doing a stand up job with game content and
    REALLY listening to the community (at least on the NA forums anyway lol)
    Especially with the last two patches. Weather, adding back the old AAA
    effects, completely re-doing the file structure which REALLY helped load
    times and performance for a lot of people myself included, and now with 5.6
    on the way, even more great things planned for the game.

    However…I would..*ahem* highly suggest you check out ichase’s videos and
    tutorials….your uh…battleship gameplay made me cringe a little bit,
    especially when you got nailed right before he went behind that island. Get
    your bow pointed right at him and use that armor, only swinging those rear
    guns out after he’s fired. You’ll save yourself from a lot of hurting that
    way. 😉 (seriously, broadside on to an enemy battleship that close….thats
    really ballsy, or really stupid, no offence lol)

    And for what its worth, you have my 100% full support Magz. I’m sticking
    around for the long haul. :)

  175. Its going to be sad to see you stop making warthunder videos but its what
    is needed to be done. I cant make you stay but itll be missed. thanks for
    all of the videos and im sure WoW or what ever game you decide will replace
    it will be better.

  176. Magz, couple tips that you might want to know about: Turn on alternative
    battle interface and turn on team lists, it’s very important to see who is
    still alive and in what ship.

    Also, 100% agree with your decision, Gaijin needs to stop getting free
    advertising if their company culture is like this.

  177. It’s a shame seeing you leave WT I really enjoyed your WT content a lot but
    I understand why you are doing this. At this point, I do honestly think
    that Gaijin should just sell off WT to someone that actually knows how to
    deal with their community instead of farting out patches with semi-broken
    vehicles and other nonsensical changes all that bullshit we have heard
    before. WT was the main reason I watched your channel; however, I do find
    your other content entertaining but I guess it’s just not the same anymore.

  178. The answer as to why they went for the poll first instead of actually
    trying to do something about hacking is simple:

    They don’t know HOW to fix it, or rather, they don’t want to admit it.

    Ever notice how whenever some sort of problem is brought up with the game
    (i.e. lack of bomber cockpits for the SB pilots, problems with the BR
    system), a bunch of new content gets teased to distract everybody? Yeah,
    it’s easier for them to make new content than to fix problems with their
    game, and they know it – of course it’s even easier just to shut down any
    and all discussions of the problems in the first place than to do either

    They want to create the illusion that everything is completely under
    control in spite of them being well aware that there’s something wrong, and
    their constant use of “shorter queue times” as their justification for
    various changes makes it very clear that they’re losing players to put into
    the queues in the first place. The ship’s sinking, and they’re telling
    everybody to stay in their cabins even as the water’s rising below them.

  179. Support here for you decision Magz completely :)

  180. Aww that’s shitty I was in joying ur war thunder gameplay but I can
    understand why u stopped but wot and wows in fine with me

  181. “Why wasn’t the third option there first”

    Because no developer wants to spend shit loads of money and many man hours
    fixing an issue that could be much more easily fixed in other ways.

  182. So magz will you still upload warthunder? I really like your warthunder
    content. Please don’t stop uploading warthunder!

  183. I’ve already spoken with my wallet and closed my Gaijin account as best I
    can short of saying “delete me”. I’m thankful for you bringing this to my
    attention as before that video I had no idea and judging by Ply’s videos
    he’s completely mum on the issue. While you’re correct in saying it doesn’t
    affect me as a player (currently) it ticks me off something royally to see
    them so blatantly taking the “I’M THE KING! OFF WITH HIS HEAD!” route. I
    won’t repeat it here verbatim but I’ve been slowly getting more and more
    ticked off by decisions in some areas and the complete lack of decisions in

    I always find your videos to be entertaining so any footage you upload I’m
    more than willing to take a gander and watch. It’s a shame you’re an entire
    ocean away or I’d offer to share a drink at a local bar. :D

  184. Gentleman's Gaming. A proper channel

    Magz phly’s video wasn’t about how to hack. He was just pointing out a
    hacker that was ruining the Gabe for him and the other players. From what
    I’ve heard you say in tis video it sounds like to me that you are saying he
    was talking about how to hack which is not true. I think I just understood
    your wrong. Is that the case?

  185. Guys, like a lot of you here i came for war thunder, but i stayed for Magz,
    because man, lets accept that the game has passed the point of non return,
    and its matter of time that it, like its play theme , its gonna be
    history… I will actually gonna stay on this channel, because i love the
    Magz content.
    Maybe in some time in the future i will remember when my favorite game, WT,
    got screwed up… Thanks to problems that where there since the very
    beginning and than we, the player base, had every single day saying ways to
    fix them…
    R.I.P. WT The best concept of a game this type…

  186. Magz, now that you’ve given up on War Thunder, you should play more
    Heliborne! New Heli’s, new mechanics, new maps, balance passes the works!

  187. James Bigglesworth

    Perfectly understandable Magz, thanks for all the WarThunder content in the
    I hope they lift their game and you come back, no drama if you do not.
    PS, can I have your pass word and email address for WT? (Joking)

  188. I like this warships content

  189. I’m with ya Magz, as a Soldier i wore the uniform to prevent censorship of
    ANY form in the western world and my values transfer from RL to gaming as
    well, so Gaijin can be Russian all they want, I’m out. And my wallet goes
    with me.

    I’ve been having too much fun in Armored Warfare PVE mode anyway.

  190. Gaijin seems to be becoming professionals at running their game into the

    Hope this won’t force you to cancel your War Diary’s, Was really looking
    forward to that.

    In other news, The first Swedish Tank poped up on the World of Tanks
    super-test. So I know what i’ll be going to do :D

  191. I stand by my comment that everyone who plays War Thunder allows Gaijin to
    strike Youtube channels due to the EULA.

  192. I stop war thunder about a month ago thank you for this more information

  193. In my honest opinion, even if Gaijin started trying to correct their
    mistakes, it’s far too late. They’ve already walked off the cliff and are
    falling to the bottom. Not even a massive apoligy from the CEO himself can
    repair the massive amoumt of damage done to the companies name. The
    treatment of the community has left a bad first immpression in all our

    Gaijin messed up and there’s no fixing it or turning back. It’s over for
    them. That’s it.

    Pretty soon even the big WT Youtubers will abandon them leaving them with
    nothing left.

  194. I’ve already put money into the stupid game. Guess I may as well play it.
    See you Magz, you will be sorely missed.

  195. I Agree with you !!

  196. did you guys saw phlydaily cheat video is gone? :)) yey Gaijin…

  197. Brandon Roberts (spitfire175)

    well done magz there are better games to play keep making videos and having

  198. NecroticFleshDisease

    Glad to see you posting some World of Warships. I was an alpha tester
    myself, but my testing was cut short due to a computer failure. I only
    recently got the chance to jump back into it and I’m enjoying it so far.

    I agree completely on your stance about Gaijin. It’s shady shit, and is
    honestly unacceptable in my opinion.

    If you’re going to be accepting WoWs replays, I’ll have to send a couple
    in. I’ve only recently got back into the swing of things, but I’ve had some
    great success so far.

    Can’t wait to see your future content. Keep up the awesome work you do.

  199. Internetzspacezshipz

    Hmmm, I see you have MWO installed… Maybe you could do some videos on
    that game?

  200. Even if they only struck videos of cheating that’s still abusing their
    copyright strikes.

  201. I don’t blame you for your decision, Magz. War Thunder has so much
    potential, but Gaijin are just trash developers. It’s upsetting to someone
    like me who loves history, primarily WWII, as well as tanks and aircraft
    from that era. I look forward to some World of Warships and World of Tanks
    content from you.

  202. Wataru Kumazaki

    Does this mean that Magz gonna quit warthunder?

  203. I fully support your decision with this. But I do ask you to play IL2 a lot
    because it’s fucking awesome. I understand the videos are a pain in the ass
    to make though.

  204. CptFlyingFort NmY

    Gaijin is a Russian company acting in a communistic style. Censoring any
    criticism by blackmail. Then they act like there is nothing wrong. Did you
    hear about the cheaters? No, all the people to report it are gone. There
    are no cheaters!

  205. Given Gaijin have attempted to suppress Youtube channels before: (take a
    look at the Rooster-teeth: The Know ‘incident’). This is zero surprise.
    Gaijin have a complete disregard for content creators. Shitting on people
    talking about your game isn’t the best of ideas. If they dish out strikes
    as much as they have before and apparently have threatened to do so they
    are going to be bit hard.

  206. What server are you on mate?

  207. Fucking cringeworthy video mate.

  208. I guess this is Goodbye, Magz. It was good.

  209. fred “Moogie” smith

    i wish i didnt put so much money in the game. it used to be fun and
    enjoyable. Now its very frustrating. Only reason why im still playing it is
    because i still have a premium account.

  210. Thumbs up for you.

  211. +MagzTV do you think you’ll ever give Naval Action a shot? It’s a very
    different setting to your other combat games but I think it could be right
    up your alley.

  212. For you not to ever play war thunder would be unfortunate after investing
    time and money for quite a long time. But, now that the game’s integrity is
    in question and the player base starts to crumble apart. I think you’ve
    done the right decision. I’m glad to see you finally decide to have WoWS
    content in your channel.

    With or without war thunder. your channel’s still amazing! Cheers!!

  213. privateryan1099

    your intro made me need to pee

  214. Soooo… should we start sending you good WoWS replays?

  215. Magz playing WoT? I’m hype!

  216. Gaijin is a disgusting example of a gaming company. They prove all that
    they care about is money…(Well that should be apparent since the start of
    WT) and silencing opinions. Magz, I’m glad you are one of the few
    “youtubers” out there realizing their state. I do feel that the copyright
    strike bit was the final straw for many, but however you came to the
    decision, I think that it is a good one.
    World of Warships is great.. and there are plenty of other games out there
    that are fantastic that require people to simply buy it, play and enjoy it.
    Don’t feel like you are shoehorned into the FTP genre, or that War Thunder
    is a requirement to keep your channel stable. Do what you want to do, have
    fun, and your honest personality will come through regardless.

  217. I started watching you for WT, but I totally agree with you on this one. Do
    what you have to do, I’ll keep watching your vids regardless, and hopefully
    you find a new game to really be passionate about.

    Its sad that Gaijin has ruined their game to this extent.

  218. Still have a subscriber with me :)

  219. Great video magz. Free at last, free at last, lord god almighty free at

  220. Would love to see some WarGaming titles on the channel, I find them a lot
    more enjoyable to watch. Especially when its a spectacular replay.

  221. Kommandant Franz

    Agreed with everything said 100%

  222. Dimitri Molovik

    Damn, gaijin. Back at it again ruining the fuck out of your own games… :/

  223. Instead of World of Tanks (or also?) Why not Armored Warfare?

  224. Also, Armor angling works in WoWS. Driving a battleship straight on towards
    an enemy battleship at close range is more effective this mechanic.

  225. The WT team really needs to get their house in order. I don’t know who is
    telling them that these are smart decisions. They’re clearly not. It almost
    begs the question, “People CAN’T be this stupid, right?”

  226. I had a 344 day login streak and kept a premium account, but now…I’ve
    lost all want to play WarThunder. The constant fuck-ups and completely
    ignoring the community has finally worn me down. Four years. Four years I
    played this game and they finally pushed hard enough for me to quit.

  227. More WoWs and definitely DCS. Fuck war thunder they had so many chances to
    make everything right and they just refused to do so, and now even went so
    far as to attack content creators who do nothing but support them. As the
    wiseman Magz once said “Gaijin… fix your shit.”

  228. +MagzTV I really want to check out this video that has caused thus
    controversy. Can you please link the video or point me into the right
    direction. I checked out phly’s channel but I can’t find a video on hax.

  229. iwilleaturbabies

    Gaijin has had a long history of legally bullying others. The earliest
    example I know of was when they tried to threaten the owner of
    with lawsuits. The copyright strikes against youtube channels is widely
    known, but probably worst of all is when they went after one of their own
    mods (Radijacija, an ex-techncal mod) for appearing on an unofficial Q&A
    session with RamJB and Bismarck.

    There is not a shred of goodwill or honesty within this company.

  230. As a former WT player-turned WOWships addict, I would love to see more
    content (assuming you enjoy it as well) on this title.

  231. The only thing that could save Gaijin and Warthunder would be CEO resigning.

    Anton made great game but being CEO in completely different job than coding.
    He shot himself in leg by trying to also do community interaction when he
    is not fit to do that either.

  232. war thunder master

    one last vid magz 1 last vid with 60 fps PLZ PLZ PLZ

  233. gamerintheshell

    Bit sad knowing that we won’t be seeing you fly out in War Thunder
    anymore… but to be honest, I’ve just been living vicariously through your
    vids anyway. Haven’t logged into WT for over a year now.

    And definitely enjoying all the other content you’re producing Magz. War
    Thunder got me subscribed, but the other stuff kept me coming back

  234. Hey as long as this means some more new content on newer games, maybe some
    paradox games, eh?

    Still waiting on some ARMA III content, too! Found a group yet?

  235. CaptConfusion71

    Magz…..tell Gaijin to sod off…..I already uninstalled WT over this
    “poll”….I’ll still follow, no matter what games you show.

  236. I think you’ll get a few surprises on world of tanks 🙂
    On a side note, magz, dont hold the mouse key when firing, double click for
    a simultaneous salvo and lower spread.
    Gaijin’s poll was an intimidative action towards youtubers.
    The main problem here is one ppl STILL haven’t mentioned. The Warbond shop
    and the mission system. This is what is actively promoting this
    proliferation of hacks, simply because ppl want to get the rewards. This
    didnt exist on release. I had never hear of any form of hacks up until I
    returned to warthunder and decided to play on ground forces. The hacks
    running rampant and actively costing non hack using players such as myself
    silver lions is pissing me off beyond reason.
    Im actively trying to get permanently banned by gaijin so even if I make
    the mistake to reinstall the game I wont be able to play it again.

  237. Gaijin is so typically Russian

  238. As far as i’m concerned it used to be a good game now it’s just dying and
    you can see it during peak hours when there are less and less every day.

  239. So he left WT finally? Well, he was talking about it for a long time, i
    guess its good to see that he liberated himself from a burden.

  240. Now that your not doing War Thunder, the only reason you haven’t lost a
    subscriber is because I’m sticking around for Subnautica.

  241. “This is censorship, regardless of the nature of the content being struck.” *Battleship
    volley fires*

    Did you put in a sneaky “Shots Fired” joke on us, Magz? :P

  242. Voting system in War thunder:
    1 I am voting for our beloved and supreme leader Kim Jong Un for my Fuhrer
    2 I want to go with my wife, children and grand children in Gulag

    “Democracy” on its best

  243. What worried me the most about the whole WT poll and response to
    PhlyDaily’s video was that the Gaijin CEO specifically referred to him as a
    well known Youtuber, respected by both the WT community and by the staff at

    So, that implied to me that if say a small channel like mine had put up
    such a video, and it came to their attention at Gaijin, it would have
    received a copyright strike immediately without any public discussion about

    No doubt in my mind that it only didn’t happen behind the scenes because
    luckily enough, it WAS a big Youtuber that did it.

    In the 21st century, we don’t burn books… we copyright strike Youtube

  244. Please no World of Tanks.

  245. I don’t care what you do Magz, i’ll still watch whatever you put on your

  246. WT went to shit when they introduced tanks to the game. When they had so
    much left to fix with the planes first!

  247. Rodney Buckland

    mags, I have been. subscriber for a total of two days, and I came for
    warthunder, mainly because ive heard squire talk about you, and since I
    cooked my computer playing flight Sims, I was looking for more community
    creators of warthunder to stay current. even tho I came for warthunder,
    I’ll stick with ya even if you quit warthunder forever

  248. Drama queen

  249. I think mags is kinda being a baby, for lack of a better word.

  250. I would be sad about war thunder dropping like a rock, except I stopped
    playing last summer to go to basic training and never felt compelled to go
    back. The game is just broken with a developer running it that doesn’t know
    what it’s doing. They don’t understand their players or their own game, and
    to top it all off they will resort to internet cronyism with “support” from
    the community that they wanted to get by threatening and alienating people.
    I don’t blame you one bit and I think you made the right choice Magz. It’s
    sad because they had such a great game and so much potential and it’s
    going, going, gone at this point. I hope the best for you and I’m looking
    forward to WoT videos or honestly whatever else you decide to do.

  251. I came because of War Thunder, and I completely understand your decision. I
    will be taking a break from the game as well, and look forward to seeing
    more DCS and IL-2. I enjoy all of your videos, keep up the great work!!!

  252. my favourite aussie youtuber (and only aussie youtuber) is quitting war
    thunder 🙁 i hope you release good subnautica content or other games i dont
    want to unsub

  253. Notsosneakyninja11

    Wot is completely shit

  254. Adam Kreitzer (RavenWing)


  255. Oh my, that first salvo sounded soooooo good!

  256. It really hurts me watching Gaijin slowly destroy their own game and its
    fan base. I only hope that they eventually wise up and fix their mistakes
    before it’s too late. If not, then I hope someone comes along and makes
    something similar to WT in terms of ground forces. I don’t think their is
    any other game like it right now.

  257. i dont have a YouTube video account , i voted not to strike YouTuber’s
    account…personally im moving away from war thunder. They killed realistic
    battle a long time ago. I think we’ve all run into hackers and i rather
    hate them, and i also to hate censorship…so now im avoiding them.

  258. God, I used to love WT so much, but this is going too far… I wish you the
    best of luck, MAGZ, and will continue to support your videos

  259. I didn’t vote for either choice on the poll as both options fuck over my
    enjoyment. Instead, I wrote a 5 paragraph rant on the poll (It got removed
    by the moderator probably because it contained too much truth for them to
    handle). I did this because I get most of my enjoyment from YouTube videos
    and play a lot of realistic battles in War Thunder.

  260. I subscribed because of your WT content. That being said, I won’t go
    anywhere as I enjoy most of the other content you post. Principles are
    getting harder to come by these days, and I fully respect your stance. I do
    hope you continue to grow and be successful.

  261. +MagzTV
    I didn’t realize this was going on in Warthunder until you posted that
    video. I was taking a break from Warthunder, now I am not sure if I will
    ever come back to it. That poll was bull in my opinion. Thanks for the

  262. Why dont you try out the military simulator Squad Magz? Would like to see a
    few videos of yours on that. If not that then some more Battlefleet Gothic!

  263. Elrozzo Seicentoquattordici

    Is 3AM and i was going to sleep, but i notice that a guy who lives in the
    opposite side of the Earth has released a video. Well, sleep can wait

  264. A shame but fully understandable, all the best with your other content and
    thank you for your many hours of enjoyable input, …..
    sadly I don’t have much to do with WoWs anymore because of the torpedo spam
    (fire rates, ammo, loading times v effect) When I raised the subject on the
    forums I was all but run out of town by trolls and trogs. …. once again
    thank you Magz and I look forward to your other content.

  265. lol, hacking on some stupid online game makes you a complete dickhead but
    it doesnt make you any less of a human being than anyone else, i mean jesus
    christ its a fucking game. there are far more pressing thigs to get worked
    up about.

  266. SuperHahaha1313

    Magz, I love your channel. I’ve been watching it for years now, and war
    thunder is my favorite game I’ve ever played. You’re one of the few
    youtubers who isn’t under gaijins control at all, and it is genuinely
    painful to see you bringing your war thunder content to a close.

  267. James Mac Mahon

    I’m with you Magz. Very disappointing what Gaijin have done to a game with
    such potential. 

  268. I’m going to miss the WT replays. I do like your other videos a lot so it’s
    not a complete loss!

  269. Hey Magz, I agree totally… stopped playing WT a while back… have you
    tried Armored Warfare by Obsidian? Modern tank warfare.

  270. unfortunately i probably won’t be watching many of your videos from now on,
    subnautica and WT were the only videos that appealed to me and your now
    doing neither :(

  271. War Thunder and Gaijin………… Every time I decide to support you with
    some cash, this kind of shit happened right after i paid, damn it. And I do
    believe your decision is correct MagzTV, rather play it save than get
    Gaijined. I will still support you as you other videos are still amazing.
    Keep up the good work!

  272. I’m done with WT as well. I haven’t played in ~6 months anyways, and this
    poll is the straw that broke the camel’s back.

    I really hope (and expect) that this won’t be the end of your channel.

  273. Man this sucks, especially for you Magz, since most of your viewership are
    here for WT.
    Personally, I’ll stay and watch what I interests me, sadly I don’t care
    about WoT and WoWs isn’t exactly.
    I still will stay for subnautica, DCS, IL2 etc. though


  275. War Thunder can die in a ditch outside of Moscow during a freezing winter,
    as far as I’m concerned. Will be standing by to watch and support future
    videos, Magz.

  276. I sure hope Wargaming will buy Gaijin one day!
    Until then I will be playing way more WOT and WOWS. Fed up with Gaijin’s
    IDIOCTACY! All power to you Magz!

  277. aaaaah fix your aspect ratio the stretched ships are killing me

  278. I completely agree with you Magz and I’m gonna be honest here, I am a
    Gaijin moderator and I am evening contemplating quitting over this, the
    censorship and silencing that goes on there’s actually quite abit of it
    from what I’ve seen. The things i could tell you Magz about them bending
    their rules or making up a new one to shut people up. The hacker problem is
    also a bit more serious then they let on. I’ve been killed so many times
    threw buildings and extreme ranges threw dense forests, I even know someone
    who is using one of those hacks to test to see how long it takes before
    some type of warning or ban is issued he’s still not banned. He says that
    the hack in RB and SB tanks give a huge advantage and he can even go on a
    10-15 kill streak easily. Doesn’t help that the game itself isn’t fun
    either they’ve pretty much run it into the ground and its just a chore to
    try and play now, and I’m not one to claim Russian bias but there is. I
    quit playing the game a couple of months ago and went back to WoT and
    actually had a blast revisiting it more then i ever got playing warthunder.
    The community was the one good thing keeping me there but now its not worth
    it, I thinking of trying to pm a WG community manager and see if they need
    a another mod.

  279. John The Patriot

    Come on Magz try Armored Warfare it is pretty fun.

  280. The end of an era ?

  281. I understand why, but I initially subscribed because of your War Thunder
    content. I really like your other content (especially DCS and Subnautica),
    but DCS and Il-2 just don’t have the same level of player interaction that
    War Thunder does. As far as I’m concerned, realistic mode is something that
    other, similar games should pick up on. I would like to see a game like War
    Thunder use modern aircraft in RB mode rather than just be another sim. The
    worst part is, Gaijin is par for the course for developers, not some
    radical outlier that can’t take criticism. This isn’t new, and it isn’t
    going anywhere.

    P.S. All of the sci-fi games you’re playing make me want to see you create
    content for No Man’s Sky. Will you do a series on it once it drops on 22/6
    (or 24/6, depending if Australia is considered PAL or not.)

  282. Good for you Magz.
    I had stopped playing WT almost a year ago, but after watching your last
    video about the poll I went ahead and uninstalled WT for good.
    And I wouldn’t worry too much about your channel. Your DCS, IL2, Subnautica
    and other contend alone makes subscribing to MagzTV worthwhile to me.

  283. Christian Sharpe

    Used to have a squadron that was real good. Then I flew solo from the lack
    of squadron support and now thanks that Bullshit that Magztv pulled up, I
    called quits. It’s time to put away my toys. Hopefully Magztv will find a
    new series to produce for us all such as story time, (need to know what
    happens from the last pilot.)

  284. “This is censorship regardless of the nature of the content being struck”
    *Cannons roar

    Beautiful timing

  285. Good on ya, Magz. WT seems to have been slowly circling the drain for a
    long time now with no major changes for three years on some modes that
    probably need it (Air RB). Looking forward to more videos and hoping you
    keep having fun while you do this.

  286. More DCS is fiiiiiiiiiiine by me.

  287. Hirumaru the Rageaholic

    MAGZ! Why you show side?! BB NO SHOW SIDE TO OTHER BB! That’s a paddling,

    Seriously, sailing straight and flat against that Myogi is why you lost so
    much health at the beginning. Angling is just as important in Warships as
    it is in Tanks.


    Welp i cant be upset i sorta saw it coming

  289. Christopher DiCesare

    while I’m sorry to see your warthunder content go, I fully support you and

    Personally I do not like Plydaily or Baron due to the woefully inaccurate
    historical “facts” They spout. something a simple google search would have
    helped them on. If they don’t know a historical fact they shouldn’t say
    anything, not just make something up. I also don’t like the ridiculous
    yelling, screaming and sound effects that make up the other 95% of their
    videos. However I think they shouldn’t be punished in this way nor do I
    think he should have been directly names in the article or poll.

    Warthunder has made a large mistake in this and I hope more key community
    members and lowly ones like myself retire from promoting this game. I can
    only hope at that point they realise that we the community made them
    profits, and they need to support and change the game to what we want, not
    we change to what they create.

    I wonder if Wargaming will see this opertunites and redesign World of
    Warplanes into a better game to pull the player base that are leaving or
    unhappy with warthunder into their sphere of games.

  290. War Thunder is dying, Magz. Anyone who isn’t a Gaijin apologist can see it
    coming a mile away, and the best part is, Gaijin is what’s killing it. I’ve
    seen gaming companies make some pretty monumental mistakes, but nothing
    remotely compares to the absolute shit show Gaijin has created. As far as
    your channel goes, there are far more interesting and far more relevant
    games out there for you to apply your unique style to, and we’ll all be
    here to watch. You are the core of your channel, not the games you play.

  291. People! boycott this game, i hope it dies.. this kind of game only breeds
    More of this kind of Imbalanced Game..
    Ohh i’m Glad you’re moving on Magz.. Keep featuring Games you like and
    satisfying to you at the end of the day..

  292. this wont be the death of your channel, i personally wont be going
    anywhere, and most of the comments i see here say the same. just be careful
    with the gaijin bashing eh? poking the hornets nest isnt always a bright

  293. I originally joined your channel because of your war thunder content (heck,
    at the time it was all you did), but with the game sliding down hill, and
    no earnest attempts to fix it on the horizon, it’s time to move on. I
    barely play anymore, and even when I jump back in, I’m reminded within a
    few minutes of why I stopped.

  294. Honestly I am excited about this! Seeing WoWS and WoT content might be just
    what it takes for me to get back into those games. I’ll also have to dust
    off the old Logitech joystick and fly out in DCS again sometime. Still
    learning a lot of things but I think going through the tutorial several
    times and just some basic flying will help me out.

  295. Don’t bother with HE rounds on BBs mate, it ain’t worth it. If you don’t
    feel like you got a shot that will score a good penetration, just shoot at
    something else. Your pen will always deal more damage than HE, and even an
    overpen does nearly the most of the time. And DDs you never shoot at anyway
    unless you’re in deep shite, so it’s better to always have AP chambered.
    You also exposed your side too much to other BBs, try to angle as much you
    can, it’s more important then getting all guns to bear. Opposite for
    shooting at cruisers ofc. But you should always keep awareness of whether
    you’re exposing broadside to some other BB, it’s not just about hiding
    citadel, but about denying penetrations and giving a lousy target.

  296. I’m honestly surprised more people aren’t talking about this, especially
    after the big copyright fight that’s been taking place for a few months

  297. Alexander Stephenson

    Well done Magz looking foeward to see whats next and kudos for pointing out
    Gaijins inept way of dealing with cheats all the best from blighty

  298. best outro i have ever seen ;)

  299. Gaijin are gamers, they’re playing a game called Phuckum. They win their
    game by irritating other playing their game. Right now they’re going for
    high score.

    Bravo on your decision. If enough people stop playing WT it ruins their

    G’day sir.

  300. Hey magz how far r u up the lines in wows?

  301. I am gonna miss the fly smart fly safe and see u in the sky lol

  302. Prototype Ultra

    More DCS World I guess. :D

  303. Hey Magz, I’d just like to say that I fully support your choice to quit War
    Thunder. I’ve stumbled on your channel through War Thunder, and will
    probably be rewatching your old videos on it for a good long time, but I
    really think you’re better off covering games that don’t threaten you with
    abuse of the copyright law & censorship if you talk about a subject. It’s a
    little sad because I did enjoy War Thunder, but Gaijin is sabotaging it and
    we’ll have to say goodbye to it at some point. I’ll be sticking around to
    see how you do in World of Warships ^^

  304. Magz quiting War Thunder? All i have to say or feel is: :(

  305. William Tessier

    i’m with you all the way….

  306. Military History Visualized

    very interesting analysis about the poll, sounds very reasonable and never
    thought about that!! Thank you!

  307. The only explanation for Gaijin wanting to strike videos about hacking or
    other negativity is because they *dont want to fix it*.
    The best way to find out what you can improve in your game is to search for
    ways people complain and/or abuse your game.
    If they fix it, the game improves and the videos disappear or are funny
    moments from before someone got banned.
    If they strike it, then nobody will know, and they won’t have to fix
    anything, and people will keep coming to their game.

    There is no other motive for this other than: More money with less work.

  308. i loved ur warthunder content mate, n i understand ur frustration n im with
    u in ur decision, i hope to see more fabulous and amazing future content
    from u, expected as always, cheers mate :)

  309. I applaud you for your decision on War Thunder. I’ve played it for quite
    some time and the CEO’s actions were asinine. If the CEO does not want to
    fix his own game properly, I will not support that game anymore. I don’t
    see War Thunder actually improving anytime soon, they may add more content,
    but not improve the game. I just subscribed to you and hope you will check
    out the DCS F-5 module when it comes out.

  310. +MagzTV put some camo on 😉
    US Battleships are like brawlers. get in their face and blow them up ;)

  311. honestly cannot blame you mate, censorship is becoming rife and given
    Gaijin’s track record I would not trust them as far as I could throw them,
    especially with youtube’s frankly ridiculous “system” I doubt you’d get
    your channel back if Gaijin just randomly decided to fuck you over.

  312. Just..get gud – MagzTV

  313. I almost want to cry. This game was incredible and they broke it. It’s
    gone. Thanks Gaijin…

  314. I bet that somewhere, removing the War Thunder folder felt really good.
    I think I might follow you on that one. Already looking on buying IL-2

  315. I don’t usually comment on YT, but I’ve appreciated your candor in your
    videos for some time, and I look forward to the new programming. <3

  316. Can’t blame you for not wanting to deal with gaijins issues. That said, I
    hope you will start posting actual multiplayer DCS and IL-2 videos more
    often. Of course you do what you feel like doing, but I came to see you fly
    and can’t really get too excited about tractors with guns :)

  317. B… b… but MAGZ!!! WHO can I get to promote my WT skins NOW???!!! Fair
    play to ya mate, keep up the good work and keep up the sound advice!!

  318. Mags I like all ur videos and wows is fine for with me

  319. WalkableBuffalo

    I would suggest just double clicking to fire, at least in a battleships, to
    fire all guns at once
    As well, keep AP loaded at all times if possible and only switch if there
    is nothing else around but a squishy target, or if you’re just having no
    luck with citadels

  320. As much as I’ve loved your Warthunder videos and without them I wouldn’t
    have found your channel, I agree with your choice to leave it behind.
    Especially if this means more Battlefleet so I can find you online for a
    rematch after that defeat in your last gothic video…Also do you plan on
    doing a series on Total War: Warhammer at all?

  321. PrinceOfParthia74

    you are not alone, i’m pretty sick of them too. as a member of italian
    community they have been saying “keep an eye out this summer” “soon italian
    air force” etc. for 3 years
    i’m burnt on the game and i can’t remeber the last time i fired up the game
    just for the fun of it, it was either for special events or getting
    warbonds for a free premium. i have boycotted their store and i didn’t
    “repremiumize” my account. more and more people are leaving the game and
    its player base is hitting its lowest. (18k online some days)

  322. Patrick Pendergast

    I’m strangely reminded of George Orwell’s Animal Farm.

  323. Military History Visualized

    not sure if it is viable from a “business” point, but I think Armored
    Warfare is the better alternative to WoT, because in Armord Warfare you get
    “Sixth Sense” / Awareness (indicator when you are spotted) right from the
    get go, which makes it a fair game, something that WoT never achieved
    because you need to get your crew to 100 % before getting “sixth sense”…
    also unlimited garage slots.
    I hope they add WW2 tanks to Armored Warfare 🙂 because I am not real fan
    of post-ww2 tanks.

  324. Nasty McJackass

    Really, people actually thought MagZ were siding with hackers? Holy fuck
    some people are beyond retarded. Also, fuck Gayjin.

  325. Well I’m a little sad to see you go from War Thunder.(You were one of my
    top content creators and I can’t play the game for reasons. I actually have
    found out I enjoy watching more than playing now….) But no matter what I
    always enjoy your content. Perhaps you’ll be able to reignite my spark for
    WoWs. And maybe I’ll finally get around to understanding DCS and IL-2 and
    not play like a Pleb. =D

  326. You spoke what was on your mind. And to a certain point I agree on your
    HOwever i wish you all the luck in the future.
    Drink a beer and do some kangaroo boxing when to frustrated by game devs

  327. Schpankme Verimuch

    For the HORDE!

  328. Always sad to see a popular content creator leave the game I watched them
    for in the first place. I’ll still be watching your IL-2 videos, etc. I’m
    still really looking forward to the next “war diary” stuff.

  329. This is a sad day, the end of an era maybe, but as always we look forward
    to brighter broader content.

  330. I understand your decision, my last straw with War Thunder was when they
    moved from the level system to the individual plane grinding system. I felt
    they didn’t want me to play with new planes unless I put a ridiculous
    amount of time and/or money in the game and mostly stopped playing after
    that. As long as you keep making quality videos i’ll keep watching.
    Have fun!

  331. you should angle the ship at least when ure reloading

  332. you should use this opportunity to expand your game content, for example
    MWO. I use lots of tank theory playing that and I’d like to see your
    experience in said theory applied

  333. noobinator Simelane

    good luck, magz with you all the way

  334. Thomas Clements

    Always willing to form a mega Magz battle fleet if you fancy it!

  335. I can totally agree with you Magz. I myself will not quit the game, at
    least not for now. wondering, what would Gaijin have to do in order to get
    you back into War Thunder?
    also, are they accepting feedback and ideas on how to execute that

  336. EU server? Why not the NA? I figure the ping would be slightly better.

  337. Gus Davis (Major G)

    Welp, there goes WT. Such a shame, but at the same time, I imagine it will
    be a good decision in the long run.

  338. The Digital Time Traveller

    Hey Magz. To be honest mate ……. I would tune in just to watch, and
    listen, to you reading a newspaper. To me, a YT channel is defined by its
    creator, not the subject matter.

    Keep up the excellent work that you do mate.

    Illegitimi non carborundum.

  339. Magz have you checked what the developer said about the final solution? if
    not go check it i think you might change your thaughts on the whole thing.

  340. As much as I’m truly saddened to hear you’re done with War Thunder, I
    applaud the way you stand by your principles and I can get behind them. I
    don’t necessarily think the same but I can certainly respect your stance.
    Considering your content is enjoyable to me because of you, not as much the
    game, I’ll definitely keep watching.

    That said, it’s a real shame. Watching your videos made me a noticeably
    better pilot and gave me valuable knowledge on the game. I always saw you
    as an indirect mentor when it came to War Thunder. I want to thank you for
    that, it has made my gameplay experience so much more enjoyable.

    Keep up the amazing content, mate! o7

  341. Anton didn’t really give much specific details about how their fix would
    be, except that they’d try to recreate what the player sees on server side.
    Personally, I think this is computationally costly, and not scalable. Also,
    the way some of these hacks work is by obtaining data that would be
    normally available to the game client but not displayed to the player or
    displayed in a way that as a human it’s not very useful to you, and they
    don’t send any data back to the server. So as of now, I don’t think their
    solutions to the hack is even satisfactory for implementation

  342. MrCliniclyinsane

    Its cool that you’ve moved away from WT, But i hope WoWs dose not fill its

  343. We support you, no matter what game you play.
    Some people “feed their children” with YouTube.
    Gaijin directly threatened that. It’s time for all of us to walk away.
    It’s not about WT being good or not. Even if they make it a perfect game,
    it will still be Gaijins game. Content creators should stay away. Don’t
    risk you channel.

  344. Dravish Darkstar

    I play on the asian server as I was told it was the best suited for
    Australian players (I was also told the euro servers were worth playing on
    for Aussies as well but haven’t tried yet) and the server is quite busy
    after about 10pm (busy as in roughly 6k players online at any time)

  345. I do believe that pool affect us as gamers, since it’s even more censorship
    than now, we can’t complain on their forums and they want us to shut up
    everywhere. I haven’t uninstalled the game because it’s quite large but I’m
    not supporting it anymore.

  346. I left WT due to the BS in Ground Forces. The unwarranted nerfing of German
    tanks. Heck they nerfed the entire German 75mm ammo due to a high tier
    panther “over performing”

    They’ve done nothing to fix balance issues and the fact that they blame the
    playerbase more often is sickening.

  347. I’m sad you’re pulling the plug on war thunder videos because that’s what
    brought me to your channel (although I understand why you are doing it).
    But then again what has kept me subscribed and watching pretty much every
    video you make is the sheer quality and enjoyment. Much <3 to you mate

  348. Well, can’t say that I didn’t see this coming.

  349. This makes me sad. I just discovered your channel and I watch it for the WT
    content (which I enjoy greatly) and some other bits and bobs. Now you’re
    switching over to WOT (a game I thoroughly despise). But hey, who knows,
    maybe you’ll make it interesting, hope it works out

  350. I complete understand why you are taking this course of action and you have
    my support Magz! Lookin forward to all the upcoming content of yours! :)

  351. I dont care if they dont change the game but thing this crap…… Forcing
    usnto do the dirty work and getbrid of people go u dont like?who cares
    anymore, i quite, and magz i want to continue world of warships and world
    of tanks can we get into a squad together and have fun…. Please respond
    it will make my day

  352. Honestly? Its such a massive shame that the warthunder devs feel like they
    have to jump through so many massive hoops and do so much unnecessary shit
    to “fix” there game. As a game, warthunder has a lot going for it. A lot.
    The main issue is that they keep trying to fix things that don’t need to be
    fixed and addressing thing that don’t need to be addressed. I’ve lost count
    on how many times game balance has been broken by there attempts to “fix”
    it compared to the amount of times these “fixes” actually “fixed” anything.

    I stopped playing over a year ago because I just gave up. It was just too
    depressing to watch a developer sabotage there own game for no real reason.

  353. They removed SB as a game mode and removed markers from RB?
    Wow, didn’t know that much has changed since I last played the game.

  354. I have to admit I’m happy. If you’re pulling out of WT and that means we’ll
    see more DCS and IL-2. I’m totally fine with that. I love both those games
    and they’re way more interesting than WT.

  355. Jack Haldopoulos

    I don’t know what to say really… but you have my full support, and im
    excited for any new content comming out in the future. it’s a shame about
    wt such a good concept, such bad management.

  356. Thanks for the update. Sorry to see War Thunder didn’t pan out, but I’m
    100% behind you, and I’ll keep watching just because you’re an absolute
    treasure to YouTube.

  357. How do you get it so your rear turrets don’t turn when you don’t want them

  358. I hope the hard work of the genuine Gaijin team isn’t going to go to waste
    because of a business decision, possibly done by someone with more power.
    However, they are Russian, so whatever :). Magz you’re a ledge and have
    spent, I think, well over a year watching you and Orange teaching me on
    fascinating planes and how to fly them/how they should be flown. Other
    youtubers are great for entertainment value but not so much educational. My
    love of wartime technology has been turbocharged by this game. I’m British
    and have lived in Dover all my life so the history here is so fantastic
    p.s. let me know if you come over, you would be welcome with open arms
    (maybe not literally). Peace mate whatever you do, you do. :)

  359. Hey Magz, completely unrelated but you can fire off an entire salvo at the
    same time by double clicking!

  360. magz, you can also press 2 twice to load AP immediately.
    wondering, why do you put your description also in a comment?

  361. second…..
    and thats a shame…i quite liked ur warthunder gameplay and how u comment
    ur moves…but what Gaijin does is a big error……that sounds hard but i
    hope that a mass of players and so on takes a leave from warthunder so that
    they get the message that what they do is no good 🙂

    but whatever…kepp up the good Work MagZ and will await ur next Video :)

  362. The Fabulous Lommax

    Hats off to you, Magz. Way to stand on principles. Looking forward to
    seeing your vids.

  363. Aaron Ferrari-Woodward

    Magz, I’ve loved you war thunder content, its a shame it’s going in all
    honesty, it’s what brought me here in the first place. Thanks for the
    content you have given us and I can only hope gaijin get their shit
    together and buck their ideas up

  364. They didnt handle it well, but i still think gaijins policy on cheating is
    perfectly acceptable.

  365. Magz, I don’t care if you stop making War Thunder videos… I like watching
    whatever you put up~ And I can’t wait for the next story in your Cliffs of
    Dover series!

  366. Aaron Ferrari-Woodward

    It’s times like this that make me wish War Thunder had World of Tank’s
    management team, it’s saddening quite frankly

  367. Oliver Goodridge

    Thanks for the video Magz I really wasn’t aware of this and now I think I
    shall be paying more attention to what goes on in the future of war
    thunder. also, FIRST!!!

  368. accumbularate DoP

    I don’t know how Gaijin thought any of this was going to be okay. They
    should’ve apologized, taken the poll down, ajd given everyone in the game
    500 free GE’s for good measure. This kind of behavior is unacceptable for a
    company like this. I like War Thunder, I LOVE War Thunder, but I can’t play
    it in good faith for now.

  369. Andreas Migdalias

    Another quality video :D

  370. Gajin are kind of like hackers. As you said: ~
    *”Instead of getting good a the game they start hacking.” /*
    *”Instead of making the game good, they silence criticism.”*

  371. magz you have to do what you feel is right. i fully support you

  372. Premium Consumables Magz, gotta switch to those!

  373. Will miss you mate, you were the only youtuber i could watch on WT anymore

  374. Sorry to hear about WT.

  375. I uninstalled War Thunder and then proceeded to call the entire staff
    (Anton included) inbred shits as a method to have my account banned and
    give a “no return” option for me. I’m done with them all. There is no way
    in hell that I will ever support Gaijin in any way, or at any time in the
    future. Good luck for the future Magz, I’ll be supporting your videos where
    I can and recommending your vids to others as well. Your channel doesn’t
    deserve to be at risk because of the complete fuck up that is Gaijin.

  376. they didn’t hack though, it was a mod. Also, i left war thunder because the
    game is ruined anyway

  377. Creepy Productions

    If you get serious about WoWS, prepare for a grind that makes WT look like
    a cakewalk, RNG that will make you pull your hair out, and a matchmaker
    that will enrage you. Wait until you see the stock New Mexico vs fully
    upgraded, and the enemies it faces either way… Unless, of course, you buy
    gold to use free XP to make your ships better faster.

    Seems like every game I would love is owned by a F2P company that only
    wants to fleece its customeres.

    PS – Heads up, there are hacks for WoWS that, as far as I know, have not
    been fixed. Such as lead indicators that can allow players to lead targets
    that are completely obscured.

  378. Your Big Black Penetrative Daddy

    play mine craft

  379. I’ve been waiting for this moment. Finnaly WoWs!

  380. World of Warships (And a final chat about War Thunder)

    Title says it all, Today I’ll be playing WoWS Sailing out in the Wyoming
    class Battleship and at some point I’m going to have a chat about WT, It
    will be the last time I speak in a video on the subject. Feel free to
    comment as you like below and do what you will in regards to likes or
    dislikes. I am well aware this decision could spell the end of my channel
    and I would rather an honest reaction.

    This is where I would normally type “I hope you enjoy” but this time I feel
    I hope you understand feels more appropriate.

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