World of Warships – And Now For Something Completely Different

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Today I’m off to Comic Con, but don’t worry, I didn’t forget about you all.

All music licensed from and


System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

If you have a World of replay, consider using a hosting service like

Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. Early upload today, Oh well, Notification squad is on the job

  2. Come on Jingles. Gove us the ultimate cross over. Akizuki replay featuring Akizuki.

  3. 1AM upload from Jingles? I’m in, shiw me some derps, you puntable gnome, you.

  4. Allo from Canada again Jingles .. met you at Bovington a couple years back ..

  5. video up 1 min and has 22 commets and 55 views damn lol

  6. Clause sending you the middle finger ! Have safe travels limy ! PEACE

  7. >about to go to sleep
    >sees a video from Jingles
    Sleep? Sleep can wait

  8. Time: *1:15AM*

    Me: *Going to bed*

    Jingles: *Uploads video*

    Me: *”Damn it Jingles.”*

  9. Jingles the Grey: You shall not pass! *trying to stop Akizuki from escaping the room* Seriously, have fun at comic-con Jingles. And great costume. XD

  10. the early bird gets caught by a hyperactive kitten

  11. Time: 7:25 pm

    Me: waking up

    Jingles uploaded a video 12 mins ago

  12. It’s 1:30, saw a recently released Jingles video. SCREW BEDTIME! SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK! WHOOOO!

    Love how you see the Shimakaze juuuust starting to peek around, notice the 9 big guns pointed at him and immediately begins backing up.

    SSC Worcester: First confirmed WoWs submarine!

  13. The average world of warshipsplayer: “Don’t go down the middle of 2 brothers”
    Flambass:”Hold my beer”

    • and the empty barrel that used to be full before I thought this to be a good idea…

      Midn you, the most insulting thing is that Flambass can say such things and then in fact pull them off.

    • +caphalor08 and even more insulting,,pulling them off repeatedly without issues…

    • Matthew Robinson

      I did it in my Tirpitz yesterday. First time trying it the way Flambass does it. Worked amazingly, survived, didn’t do a ton of damage. But it pulled a good 4 or 5 people from the flanks and one DD literally wouldn’t stop trying to torp me. Was hilarious how much I made them waste their time. There was no CV in the match just to be clear as well.

    • Vladimir Efimov

      Can’t wait to meet him doing this from the opposing team, yesterday I’ve caught 2 divisions doing the exact same thing (in separate battles), fun times and tons of free damage. I’d love to see “mister know it all” trying to dodge my torps in that location…

  14. No way!, No F’ing way!…. I literally just watched the Flambass video!!!!! LOL for days, Jingles……LOL for days!

  15. I thought it was called Montana, not Alabama.
    That’s some serious ship incest over there.

  16. Someone's Youtube Username


  17. Petition to get jingles the rights to play the Yamato main theme start whenever the Yamato pops up on screen.

    Also, just how quickly does the seafloor drop that a battleship can sink without a trace, 20 meters from the shore in a narrow channel?

  18. DrRocketman 779

    And in Wows Blitz, I have sunk an Akatsuki from my Gneisenau…I laughed so hard!

  19. LuigianoMariano


  20. Still waiting on Jingles featuring my replays. #feelsbadman

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