World of Warships – And On That Bombshell…

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While I wait for my replacement monitor to turn up I’m still editing video on a monitor with the resolution of a postage stamp. On the bright side, by tomorrow I’ll be editing (and maybe uploading) in 4k!

All music licensed from and


System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

If you have a World of Warships replay, consider using a hosting service like

Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. Sweet…nice start to my Friday…ty..

  2. 1:04 “He knows the Hsien Yang’s there – somebody’s capping A, and it’s just been spotted by the Lexington’s rocket attack planes.” But no one is capping A yet…
    Ah, Jingeru! Don’t dare change.

    • Obviously, this one is down to the monitor downgrade.

    • @BigTallLankyDude Well he could *use* that as an excuse – if we didn’t know better 😉

    • Actually guys, pay attention to the ‘Cap Indicator’ thing. There is a sliver of green showing true, but IT ISN’T GROWING. Someone from the enemy team was contesting the cap, logic tells me Jingles was right.

    • @Robert F At the time Jingles said the Hsien Yang was capping A, no one was capping A.

    • @Robert F Except the Kagero doesn’t first enter the cap circle until 1:29 (25 seconds later). Indeed at that point the HsienYang also enters the cap a fraction of a second later causing it to be contested (as you rightly identified), but at no time prior to that had the HsienYang entered the cap. The minimap and chat messages indicate it had been spotted and evaded contact prior to the point Jingles commenced the video, however at that stage it was transiting from B. The Lexington’s planes confirmed it’s continued approach toward A at 0:54, but further from the circle.

  3. jingles, the world famous youtube title recycler

  4. Could we go so far as saying that “The Hsienyang has presented us with a poser, we don’t know what part of the smokescreen he is in…but he has chosen a rather obvious piece of cover”? BOOM Headshot!

  5. SonOfAB_tch2ndClass

    Holy crap I was in the battle at 9:44 I was in the Georgia and Said “We win!”

  6. I have a feeling that Jingles put the “NOT A KITIKAMI” caption there just to remind himself…

  7. I much prefer these compilations to one replay per vid, this way it’s more high paced and prevents vids from dragging

  8. I believe the technical measurement for that last match is a pucker factor somewhere in the 8.5 range.

  9. Kitakami is back
    *sees theres 1 on enemy team* ☹
    *sees a gap between 2 islands* 😬
    *torpedo warning goes off* 😱
    Jaws theme starts playing

    • We had a kitakami in our team. And after going down (not to his torps at last) it took my time to look at that totaly engaging kitakami gamestyle.. Circle Around and launch your torps all 110seconds.. totaly fascinating and fun gameplay.


  11. 2:48 hey look! a kitakami behind that wall of text!

  12. I really like this “best of the week” kinda formula. It goes very well with your excellent narrative skills.

    • What’s today? Friday? Why not do schedule it for a Fridays?

    • Agreed. Jingles is an excellent narrator, but sometimes even he struggles to make a full-length battle interesting. He’s mentioned in at least a couple older videos(on both WoWs and WoT) that sometimes the compilation format is the only real option, since he often has a ton of replays that have great moments in them, but the battle as a whole is like watching paint dry.

    • @reigninoel Well, I rather watch highlights of sports matches than watching one single match. But every now and then an entire match can keep me on the edge of my couch. So maybe a mix would be best. I certainly wouldn’t mind one “best of” per week.
      There, it has been decided ;-).

  13. The clip with the Pommern can best be described as “Yes yes yes -no no no -yes yes YES!”

  14. Jingles could effectively narrate a reading of the phone book.

  15. I don’t like this at all. Flamu made a video about the pommern stating that “it is fun to play”, then Jingles made a video and now he is featuring it again… Wargaming doesn’t like it when german ships are fun and get some coverage. It distracts the customers from the russian ships that nobody asked for

    • This meme has never been funny.

    • It’s funny how one of the most insignificant navies in ww2 (Russia) is the undisputed most powerful nation in the game. It’s also funny how all of Russia’s top tier ships never even existed

    • Most top tier ships never existed.

    • That’s not the real point though: The real point is, have German machines have a painful grind, so people buy premium to speed it up, as most players prefer German machinery. This means they make a ton of money from it 😉

    • Matt Evans yeah wargaming profits off of dumb wehrbs who think buying a high tier German premium will make them unstoppable

  16. Hey, look on the bright side:
    They only gave the Kitikami a smokescreen when they could’ve given it a torpedo reload booster.

    • @stubitman 12 YES PLZ!!! I just had a lemming train again today… 100% of my team was 50% of enemy team fighting over one cap….Yep none of our BBs or DDs were doing ANYTHING but get killed…
      End score was me with 500 base XP in bottom tier CV while 50% of our team had around 350 – 450 Base Xp…

    • Well the US tech tree has a Benham….
      And since Japan is the king in terms of torpedos in game…We need Kitakami back ( yes and WG needs $ go figure)

    • MD_AABBECT_I you sir are a genius. We’ve had Triple Lyon (48 ap shells on 1 target with voice chat) Triple Amalfi (never ending smoke which moves 30+ knots) and the incredible 2 DD Graf Zep secondary cheese division. Now we need the 60 torpedo tsunami of skill. >:)

    • holy shit, don’t give them ideas

    • The Orange Cactus

      MD_AABBECT_I Just think about that for a moment, that is enough torpedoes for each person on the enemy team to have 20 every 2 minutes or so (Or 10 torpedoes for each person in the match…).

  17. Remember the “double torp + ram” trade the Tirpitz was famous for a couple years ago? Well, if you have a Pommern take it in the current ranked sprint and you can enjoy doing that again. You may encounter the occasional half-competent enemy, but most times you can troll even better than going down to the baby tiers, as spanking tier IX potatoes is far more satisfying than farming random newbies.

  18. 10:03 Uhh, Jingles, they have eight kills between them

    J-Jingles? Oh gods….

  19. Every time, Jingles promises to “catch us next time”. Have you ever really caught somebody, Jingles? Or are these only empty threats?!

  20. Mr Nesbitt has learnt the value of not being seen. However he has chosen a very obvious piece of cover.

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