World of Warships and Our Community – Who we Are

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Still, I am, with additional commentary book-ending it. Bottom line, our community is a good one, and much better than others. We are made up of mostly good players, and I am proud to make it my gaming home. This is our World of Warships Community, and who we are.


  1. First! Also great video, zoup!

  2. Thnx for this. I’ve always had a problem with toxicity in general when it comes to gaming. Thankfully there are some paragon players that help keep me going. Vulgar the Viking had some very sage advice for this issue as well.

  3. FPS community meh , DotA and LoL thats the standard of toxicity xD

  4. Zoup, Sean, I was ready to to hear you give a speech about how everyone should just get along, etc. Instead you basically described the best of the community while acknowledging the salty AF people do exist.

    I like to say I’m a good mix of most of what this game is about. I’m average at best as a player but been told my knowledge of the game that has few rivals. I just like playing the game. My moto is #nosaltdiet. Just play the game. Getting butthurt does no one any good.

    I would like to say the same of the clan I’ve built from scratch 2 years ago. I put together a clan the has the best of every skill and personality level the NA server has. We have guys thst can rival the top players and Ive got guys that barely play. We have 20 years olds and 60 year olds. We work well together and I’m damned proud to have them in my Warships life.

    Bottom line is for me, Warships is just trying to have fun. I might get a bit tightly wound during Clan Wars but I try to be a nice guy.

    Thank you Zoup for showcasing the good in Warships. I know I’ve been known to give you crap about how your opinions can be too soft, but this time it serves you well.

    -Devin aka Admiral_Arkaine
    Commander of Inferno Squadron [PYRO]

  5. There are 2 things here that trigger me each time.
    1. Maybe they are a 7 year old – This is stupid on so many levels. Children at that age should not be in the game. If they are its their parents fault not the communities
    2. This is only a game – If you think this go play Co-op. If you join ranked in stock ships just to troll “because it is only a game” around you deserve what you get. You are destroying the game for 13 others just because you think you are a smart a**

    • Cosmin Lesutan well there are much better players than you, and i only want to play with flamu and flambass in my team. Makes sense ? No.

    • Sarp Kaplan  Flamu is not best example of a good player :)))))

    • My 8 year old plays and is decent. Still, it’s a free country and a free game. Anyone can play 7 year old or not. If this game is your career, don’t play randoms or ranked. Stick to clan wars and competitive.

    • T K  Free country does not mean that you do not have to care about the education of the young…

    • Cosmin Lesutan who said anything about not caring about the new players’ education? Ppl eventually get better hopefully good. My son is fairly decent now. And just playing co-op doesn’t get you more than the basics of the game. In the interim they can play the game as they want and players who consider themselves so awesome to be above playing with casual or new players can as I said, stick to clan wars and competitive where they don’t have to worry about that.

  6. I was in the CBT and at that time was 64, I quit a couple of months afterwards because of the toxicity. All people wanted to look at were your stats. They didn’t care that I was disabled vet with Parkinson’s and did this for enjoyment. I’ve always been a below average player. I finally quit for over a year. Since I’ve been back it seems to be a different community with the positive people really outweighing the few jerks. Since I’m a shut in this is part of my social activity. I’m subscribed to every English speaking CC but Because of my disease will never be a great player. Ty for your contributions and I consider you a friend.

    • Mike schmidt I’m glad you’re able to enjoy the game now m8. Sorry that you have to deal with that.

    • Hey man! Thats great and thank you for your service! Sorry that some human beings are such assholes but not everyone is like that! Enjoy the game to the fullest and don’t let the statpadding morons shame ya! Good luck and fair seas 🙂

    • And one last thing I forgot to say, do remember damage padding doesn’t make you a good player, supporting your team does! Say a battleship takes some torpedoes intentionally, Well by doing that he might’ve saved some allied ships by making that sacrifice!

    • I too quit for 8 months due to toxicity. I too am a disabled vet who has MS and got tired of people telling me to uninstall the game because i had a bad game. I play this game because i am ex navy and i always have loved the warships history of the WW2 era. Since i have been back i have choose to ignore chat all together and just play to the best of my ability and have fun.

    • Enjoy the experience, shipmate!

  7. Playing Dota for more than a decade made my tolerance for toxicity in a community pretty high. But even the best of us have their limits and that’s why I left last year. Dota was toxic in general, but nowhere near as toxic as the Dota SEA server.

    I just got fed up with the shenanigans and just left for Warships.

    Good thing that the “toxicity” of the Warships community is super mild. It’s just like a case of the sniffles to Dota’s AIDS.

    But then again, if I had to be thankful to all the time spent in Dota, is that I lost the ability to be angry in video games anymore. It’s kind of an enlightenment of sorts: No matter how much you rage nor throw insults at your teammates, they just won’t just magically become skillful if you do. That’s why I just take a deep breath when the salt starts to crawl up, relax my mind and try to play better. If there’s anyone’s actions I can control in-game, it’s mine and mine alone.

  8. Hey man, I completely agree with you. There’s plenty of good people in this community. This is the first gaming community I’ve been somewhat involved in. Most of the people I meet in game or on LFGs are great people. At the end of the day it’s a game, and a free one at that so it attracts a huge variety. Even with my basic knowledge that I’ve learned from some of yours, nosters, and iChase’s pages it’s nice to teach people some of the basics and chat about all sorts of stuff. I love good in game comms with my team and the enemy team. Had some great laughs with some of you guys. I hope everyone can enjoy the game. BTW everyone go wish Noster the best. He is having a real hard time. He could use some support instead of flack, Especially from the Reddit community

  9. Agree with you 100%, Zoup! If it wasn’t for the community I wouldn’t have introduced my father, brother, a cousin, and my pre-teen child to this game. I love that the community and players are a selling point and not a “but” tacked on to the end of my recommendation.

  10. Today I had 2 awesome random players by my side when playing the Missouri Our team almost lost cause the south side BBs went full BBabie mode and camped in the back We, the Benson and my Missouri, pushed the caps and we almost died doing that Thks to our Taiho we had good air cover despite he being stock In the end we ended up winning thks to our Benson which torped their BBs and hunted down the enemy destroyers while I tanked the brunt of the enemy Fleet (2 Friederich, Seattle and the non stop HE spam from their Akizuki) I ended up complimenting both CV and the DD That was a hell of a carry xD

  11. I have to disagree with you, the toxicity is getting worse. Even responding to you on your channel I get hate response. I stopped playing random because it seems every game there is more and more hate and vulgar chat. And now there is getting more and more toxicity in co-op. For Christ sake, co-op where it doesn’t really matter who wins or loses, it just to have fun. I went from playing two to three hours a day to maybe a half hour to every other day. It is no longer fun playing World of Warships. I’ve been play for three years, have over 13,000 battles and now I don’t look foreword to playing.

    I believe you are turning a blind eye to the toxicity in this game. Yes there are “people” that I work with that I don’t care for and there are relatives that I don’t like being around but I need my job and you cannot choose your relations but you do have a chose in which game you play or not.

    • 💯% agree captain !! Folks can point to console games like CoD or BF and say how toxic the atmosphere is. WoW only has 28 million registered users — a footnote compared to either franchise. My PC fried about 2months back, and sadly I was happiest away from overcompetitive team mates & salty opponents. It’s just a game

    • I feel the same.
      I switched to WoWs from WoT and when I think about the open beta, I was really pleasantly surprised about the WoWs community compared to the averange WoT player.
      Everyone just was sooo calm, no one was swearing or insulting others in chat, everyone was just having fun.
      Now in every match there are at least two guys whining, flaming and bitching, ruining the experience for everyone else.
      It’s still not nearly as bad as in WoT, but it’s getting worse.
      I completly stopped playing WoT about a year ago partly because of that omnipresent toxicity. I hope WoWs won’t go the same way…

      P.S. I have to admid, that the toxicity in WoWs isn’t as bad as in most other games.

  12. Wargaming, nuff said. They have never had a game that didn’t have a toxic community. While it may be true that other online games have toxic communities, and WoWs is surely not as bad as WoT is, it’s still one of the worse communities I’ve ever seen in an online game.

  13. I’ve seen some nasty people in the game, normally it is the one we all know, the kind of ‘toxic’ player who rages about not getting support. Heh, yesterday there was one that was mad at our CV when he got sunk and started calling out our CV’s location in chat. But there are very good players (not just with skill), and one of them was on the enemy team. He quite calmly asked the salty player on our team to stop, explaining that it is not fun for anyone when he does that. I like the WoWs community, it is normally pretty quite in-game but will frequently be helpful with the chat system instead of salty. At least that has been my experience with it.

  14. Mike Kraner-Henthorn

    good thoughts sir. i am a photog as a side gig. nice images.
    i play to enjoy the history just like i play miniature games. when people say i stink in chat, i tell them i know, someone has to be the loser so they can have those great stats. they are welcome. lol

  15. I have a problem with people who use the “it’s just a game” line. To me, that’s an excuse to not try to do your best and ruin the experience for the other players in a battle. Furthermore, to me, when one spends a lot of money on a pastime, it transcends being “just” a game and becomes a hobby. People spend lots of money on their hobbies. Of course, I know that there are plenty of people who don’t spend a dime on this game. But it’s a shame when they can use that as a reason to not take their game play seriously enough to try their hardest every time they hit the battle button. Or worse, they enter a battle with the express intent of ruining it for everyone else.

    • no one forces you to pay money for a game. and it IS a game like any other hobby as well, and you share this game with everyone else knowing that many people just dont care. they just log in have a few rounds of shooting at ships and thats it, a game. the problem lies where people expect other players to play this game in a certain way, but ignoring the fact that some players maybe dont care if they yolo in and day to get torps off. to these people thats fun, and thats what the game should be about, having fun. expecting others to play for the win more than for the fun, which is completely subjective, will always get you disappointed. not everyone enjoys winning more than cinematic action and risky gameplay. being toxic towards other players for that is like playing beach volleyball and complaining that someone is not jumping after every ball (exaggerated).

    • crucisnh sorry but those of us that have incurable diseases it is just a game, it’s there to have fun. I watch all the videos and do try to learn but the bottom line is it’s still a game it’s not life or death. If you lose a battle it shouldn’t have an impact on your life, no reason to rage.

  16. A very good point I have met a lot of pleasant people in this game, yes sometimes you meet idiots but that’s life, in my real life I work in the criminal justice system and I meet really horrible people in comparison the game is never as a bad as the real world, and sometimes you have to accept you get a bit of salt for daring to use AP in a British BB or the torpedos when your playing a Japanese DD but hey you hit them and they are angry you outplayed them that’s all

  17. I wouldn’t call it a community, it’s a group of individuals who happen to play the same game, that isn’t a community. As to toxicity online, well it has always been like this with some games being worse than others. The reason it’s like this is because cowards can hide behind a keyboard and spew out their toxicity with little or no comeback. In the real world they would get their ass kicked or end up in court. No comeback means no incentive for them to act like an adult and treat those around them with a little courtesy.

  18. The idea that this toxicity is normal and must be tolerated is ignorant. It may be normal, but it should not be tolerated.

    This toxicity doesn’t exist in grognard games. Doesn’t exist in games from Paradox Interactive. Doesn’t exist in niche strategy games. Doesn’t exist in communities surrounding serious sports management games.

    Sure, WoWs community is better than most first person shooters and RTS out there. But some of us come from places MUCH MORE civil than world of warships. And what is more to the point, we know how to build inclusive and friendly communities that are toxic free. Ignoring high profile toxicity, of the type being popularized by Flamu, et al. is death to the friendly and inclusive community.

    You don’t allow serious advertisement for your community to rant and rage like a whiny teenager and sling insults at other parts of the community merely for being not good enough to kiss the shoes of the exalted community contributor.

    Like it or not, you and the other Community Conributors have a responsibility to maintain the community. What flamu is doing is detrimental to that cause. Censor him for it, please.

  19. Its kind of funny that the longer WoWs goes with out any drama the pressure starts to build up and than explodes out in the weirdest places. Like the current Drama Lamas at the end of the day it doesn’t really matter. My best advice is to ignore the toxic trolls and if that doesn’t work report them. Life it to short to be effected by stupid drama.

  20. I try my damdest to always try to stay up beat and positive on the forums and in game. Most of the time I succeed. Every once in a while manage to fall on my sword in a messy fashion. (uhg) I’m on a break from warships play because I started taking the game and some of the knee biter commentary from”Those Players” too seriously. Those types can be real fun killers and I do not like being around them. But I’m active on the forums and while not to the level of LWM, or even yourself I like to think I contribute. I’m not always right but I am making the good effort which is more then the negative nancy’s are doing by a great vast amount. They are “Non Contributors” pure and simple. But, it does expose me to the toxic ones. I try to not to let them get me down. Mostly (99.9%) I call it good. it’s that doggone .1% ya know! Yea,the “other” 1 percent-ers…

    I quite agree that the vast majority of players are totally cool fun folk to be around. The nasty ones are a serious small if vocal so to speak minority and with a little luck and a little precisely applied leverage WE can keep it that way. So a snappy salute and hats off Zoup. You echo my own thoughts and feelings on the subject. Flank speed helm, there’s always going to be torpedo’s!

    On the forums, TL_Warlord_Roff sends

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