World of Warships – And Our Mystery Guest Is…

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I’m absolutely not supposed to tell you the real name of todays’ mystery guest star since he’s playing on his EU account rather than on his normal server. I am allowed to drop some pretty big hints, though.

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  1. Actually Jingles. The Atago is the second Takao-class heavy cruiser, succeeding the Myoko-class

  2. “I not am allowed say his name, but I am allowed to tease his identity”
    >immediately gives his identity away by doing the one thing he is known for within the warships community
    Oh Jingles, never change!

  3. Yuro, lost in EU and Passport?

  4. Me a fan of jingles and not knowing much about wows cc: hmmm i wodner who he is talking about (proceeds to scroll in comments) oh its Yuro.

  5. Darkness Nighthingale

    The moment Jingles said St-Petersburg. My mind jumped to something similar to Euro.

  6. when jingles said fuck aircraft carriers i almost dropped my phone

  7. If you don’t know who Sputnik is, search for “torpedobeats” on YT. And prepare to be entertained.

  8. I’m going to fully overthinking spaghetti brain mode… And I think It’s an author of a highly educational video, titled: “High Explosive Melons”

  9. legend has it that Sputnik V is STILL driving in his taxi to Moscow 😀

  10. Yeah, called it.
    You might as well have said his name; your ‘tease’ was about as subtle as a brick to the face.

  11. Our mystery guest tonight is… A guy who once lost his passport, then got into the wrong car and took a long and expensive road trip across Russia from St Petersburg to Moscow.

  12. 3:05 well actually jingles there are some ships which have efficient AA-guns. They are called aircraft carrier.

  13. Don’t tell us that it is the real Dave, Jiggles.

  14. Anyone see the chat he put in, “now finish the game, my back is gone”

  15. Nevermind the Jingles landing, we have the Jingles Tease now.

  16. Vladi most likely didn’t DCP because he was out of DCP charges….”because it’s a Russian battleship!”

  17. “…handing Sputnik his seventh kill”
    Me: looks at post battle screen
    “Jingles, you’re old and crap. Never change.”

  18. “Yeah Jingles, you can give _hints_ if you want”
    That’s where you fucked up Yuro.

    • I bet Yuro was thinking it’d be something subtle about his adventures in Moscow, but damn. Jingles might as well have just said his name.

  19. “met him in leningrad” – it’s yuro.

  20. “Perfectly balanced with no exploits!”

    That was quite the “Spiffing” reference for you to make jingles.

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