World Of Warships And The HE Epidemic

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Yup! I’m not one to usually jump on the “WoWs” drama train, but, this one I think is enough of a problem that I need to address it!

So is it a problem? Well… I think so. I think it makes the game very one dimensional and boring. It also doesn’t reward good game play and cheapens the overall experience. I’m ALL FOR making life easier on new players (hence the channel, duh :P) but there comes a point when things get to be too easy and there is no need to learn and improve when it’s as one dimensional as it currently is!


  1. I’ll def uninstall the game the day I find Yamato captains use HE for their primary choice of shell

  2. since the AP was extremely -300% nerfed to useless trash on the tirpitz,AP can ONLY deal dmg & pen stuff with low armor,thats why tirpitz is verry often used with HE because 380 mm means nothing in this game,and 90-95% of ALL AP shots bounce clean of on every ship with a litle tiny bit of armor!
    HE is so weak on this ship,many times i need 3-4 hits to start a damn fire at all!

  3. British battleships screwed up whole game balance with that stupid 40% HE shells

  4. I totally agree….the skill has been watered down to nothing. I am not a great player but I have played for a long time including open beta. Open beta is when I took my first break because of balance issues. I am about to take another break for the same thing. HE, CV’s, and IJN destroyers are just being ignored. I am just getting tired of it.

  5. Like I’ve said for years. WG is not capable of making a fun game. They ALWAYS need to implement some kind of bullshit to completely make people rage. In WOT its artillery and premium ammo. In WOWS is the constant barrage of HE. I understand neededing to fire HE to cause damage. But let the shells themselves do the damage, not this bullshit fire chance. You can’t tank HE. You get 2 fires and you repair it while the next salvo makes 2 more fires. That is not skill. That is rage inducing BULLSHIT! It’s a horrible mechanic that WG needs to tone way the fuck down.

    NO ship needs a fucking 40% fire chance, per shell, per fucking salvo. It’s game ruining. Can’t enjoy your matches when youre constantly sinking from fires.

  6. really bring down cit damage you are definitely a cruiser player.

  7. I use HE in BB long before brits BB came out,
    so fed-up with idiot over-pen and auto-bounce system of AP.

  8. Why not mke fires from ap pens instead? I like the idea of lowering citadel damage. Also make cruiser citadels below waterline and give all tiers heals, not just tier 9 & 10.

  9. Fixing autobounce would allow the reduction in HE and more variable play with AP, esp in cruisers

  10. I don’t really agree I use AP in my RN BB. Always at short range or on cruisers though. In my hipper I always use ap. It really depends on the player.

  11. Please please please could you do a Video on AP overpenetrations of citadels, it’s ridiculous that the space housing machinery engines and magazines doesn’t slow shells or trigger fuses. This is a problem with a quite a few cruisers in particular (cough British cough French early tiers cough hindy/HIV) i can aim well in a BB and get 4-5 overpens on a broadside cruiser. In a 1v1 between a high tier cruiser and BB who do you bet on? (Yes conqueror wins every 1v1 but it’s not even worth mentioning)

  12. The drama in part comes from the follow-up generalization that this is aimed at the casuals and “potatoes”, which it isn’t given the HE problem, much less the other mechanics in game “Battleships ruining the game” being one of them squares off at the very audience that plays the game rather than focusing on the design itself and how it harms everyone regardless of skill level.

  13. SuicidalTendencies

    Its not a problem when your in a cruiser and you are being shot at by a non brit bb, other then that (not so) rare situation yeah its fck’d up.

  14. why not make it sound like that? IF you don’t use AP, you ARE not a skilled player, that’s a fact.

  15. Completely agree. Damage from fires is OP. I hardly think you could burn a BB down in 2 mins IRL no matter how many fires you set

  16. They need to nerf the British BBs in general

  17. I think this argument has pretty much become obvious to everyone who’s played wows for a while now: the shell mechanics need a rework. What used to work when only US/IJN lineups were available, is no longer working. Now you got turtleback, insane secondaries (that actually work), radar at t7, smoke overproliferation and then add the broken HE alpha, and you get wows 2017.
    How’s this for a fix though: remove HE from BB’s altogether (or maybe even convert all secondaries on them to HE) and reduce fire chance/damage from CA/CL/DD/CV fires on BB’s on the other hand? If your cruiser player base doesn’t realize that they have AP that does do damage to BB’s and everything else below (see: Minotaur), they don’t deserve any buffs/help. If you’re really looking to fix this issue, focusing on “balancing” BB’s only and leaving the HE spam hell by CA/CL’s and their insane rof at higher tiers would just ensure that the only player base you have left to play with is CA/CL spammers hiding behind cover and using radar every minute so dd’s player base would be gone just as well (see: where’s CV players at).

  18. I feel your pain dear battleship player.

  19. The plain and simple fact is HE doesn’t reward skill. You just point and shoot, hit stuff and start fires. Yahooooooo. Which is basically what World of Warships Blitz is.

    Bow tanking to bounce AP is annoying but it only works for so long until you get flanked and it also reduces your firepower by 33 or 50%.

    I personally think the games balance started to go downhill when British cruisers were introduced and smoke became so prevalent. I have shredded Nagato’s in my Fiji doing way more damage then I would in a BB because of RNG.

    The game has a lot of issues and I no longer have faith in WG to fix them. I played daily since the closed Beta, bought several premium ships and always had premium time going. Loved the game but I haven’t logged in since the whole Graf incident.

    I liked your suggestions for balancing quite a bit but there is no way war gaming will make that drastic of changes plain and simple.

    – Lord_de_Seis

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