World of Warships and The Importance of Communication

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Do you want to melt your World of Warships Valentine’s heart? It’s easy with one simple phrase and some communication.


  1. I’m going to be on later so let me know if you want to play some time

  2. sir love the info but you need to take on the real problem…. the lack of fight in ships… rank has been nothing but lack of fighting on teams… 5 bbs v 5 bbs… 2 bb run n hide… how can you win… each season this gets worse n worse… but we keep trying…. enjoy the day hope your case of booze gets in… #raiseit,suckit

  3. you clearly have not played ranked in eu in last week ???

  4. AND you clearly give players too much credit

  5. I wanna Divi with you Zoup, how can i do that?

  6. the fact that wargaming is making this game a mindless dakka console experience…good luck with communicating. maybe you can shout haxxor and some other kiddie shrieking

  7. What world do you live in?

  8. Nobody listens.

  9. OR make the ship your waifu and BAM, two birds, one stone.

  10. Comm Un I Ca tion? What is that?

  11. Unforntonetly I have diviculty seeing the chat window

  12. Admiral Elo J Fudpucker

    Ahh yes… communications. Like any good relationship, all you need to do is communicate, but it is hard. Just look at WarGaming and how they do and do not communicate to the user base. It is so true that communications in game are critical, but no less critical than the communication between the user base and Wargaming.

    The benefits from communicating effectively always makes relationships better, but it takes both sides. In my experience, communication is one way with Wargaming, we get to listen and they get to tell us what to think and how to play.

    If the head of Balance development does not play the game, and is only a numbers person, what are the rest of the programming staff like? Do we have programming bots in cubicles making a game they don’t play based on number in a chart?

    Communication involves listening and understanding. Not something I have encountered with Wargaming…

    So yeah.. in-game communication results in team wins. What a concept!

  13. I wish they would add hotkey commands like the ones they have now of focus fire etc, that says things like that. So it is a quick one button push to let your team know.

  14. Diego Vinicio Mejía Quesada

    Nawh… I preffer to F3 the teammates and help them., creating smoke screens and working as scout, launching torpedoes and spotting enemy torps.
    And the ultimate sacrifice; when I am almost dead I told them “Let me go first to scout and spot the enemy”.. I spot the enemy, attract their torps, fire and i try to do everything I can before dying. So my team mates can advance.

  15. i always let team know when someone dmg conned and tell them to focus HE on him.
    tell WG to add a voice command for “this ship has just used damage control party and is vulnerable to fire and flooding!”
    but zoup…y u dont use more AP with kitakaze?? its AWESOME vs ANY broadside. just aim at upper side armor vs BBs when they broadside!

  16. I’m a dd main and I do this every time a ship fixes a flood…maybe 5% of the time one ship tries to get more damage over time on them. In ranked, nobody is willing to be spotted to shoot despite knowing that the badly damaged and vulnerable ship will have a passive repair and we’ll have to fight it new in 5 minutes…but no, staying unspotted is more important than damaging the enemy. WG set out to make a game about naval combat and ended up with a glorified version of hide and seek.

  17. Totally agree with you Zoup. Problem is too many chiefs not enough Indians.

  18. Did’nt know dcp:ed. I use “repaired” and seen it somentimes on eu serves. The effect is like focus fire 2.0
    Cheers to you and your good, user friendly videos.

  19. Good pointer NoZoup.    Clearly some comments below reflects the quality of players they are running into.  Navy training focuses on many things including teamwork, something lacking in some games.  Its up to those of us who want it to be better, to set the example.

  20. But Zoup, this is WoWs no one says anything in the first place. Kinda hard especially in random battles.

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