World of Warships and the New Player Problem – Time for Campaign Mode

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World of Warships is brutal on new players and this is a problem. It hurt player growth, skill and retention. All things that have a trickle down effect on the overall game. I personally think the game could benefit from a campaign mode that teaches new players all of the concepts in the game, including the in-game economy. What do you think would help? I’m interested to hear.


  1. 13th, heh 😉

    I just started again recently (I was part of the closed beta, but played very few games before leaving), and although I am managing to hold on to a 54% winrate tooth and nail, I would really love more and better ways to become better, without being dumped into games with great and horrible players. Basically, I wish that WG would not make it so easy to progress. One should have to earn one’s way up the tiers through achievements, not money, so that when you play tier V or X, you are with other, similarly good players, not every Laurel and Hardy and Einstein in the player base.

    Another thing is that many strategies you can almost only pick up by watching you, flamu, flambass, et al, but there are not many guides, mostly learning is by watching and copying, and slowly understanding over time.

    At the moment, I understand the basic gameplay somewhat well, but I still have a great deal of trouble deciding where to go at the start of battle, and how deep to go before pulling back. I would love being able to learn this without having to die 10000 times first.

    • Joe Average – Unfortunately I am already in a clan, with a group with big hearts, but less skill. I don’t really want to leave them, as I have been with them for 4 years in tanks, and we have a lot of fun… I am somewhat more ambitious than most, but not all, of them, but I don’t find good ways to learn. Ranked is a no-go, as I only have 3 tier VIII premiums, which I don’t really know how to play effectively, and nothing higher than that. Most of my games are around tier V-VI.

    • Stick with your clan and introduce yourselves to other clans with Discord or other popular voice chats. You can all learn through friendly skirmishes in the Training Room.

    • Christopher Wilson

      I suffer the same problem. You play and then reach a plateau. I am looking for that information on how to make it to the next -better- level of play. Videos saying “work as team’ then when shown are them having two common themes: 1 working alone while no one shooting much at them 2) the rest of the team getting cap advantage or battling the main force while they cap.  Flamu said it best ‘it is not a team game but a 1 vs 13’ game.

    • if u want any advice ill be happy to help with any questions u got.
      i do have close to 9000 battles with 61% solo winrate

    • Bullets Forteeth FULL AUTO

      I drive everything but CV’s, my primary are DD’s because there are not that many good DD drivers out there in my opinion. I can spot a poor DD driver when they actually try to shoot a CA or BB outside of smoke or concealment. There’s no faster way to blow your ship out of the water than by taking on a CA or BB in the open with 127mm pea shooters.

      On most every map you play you will find caps, A, B, C, and sometimes D. As a DD player I first look to see what DD’s I maybe up against and if there are any CV’s in game that could expose me easily outside of smoke. Radar is another thing to take into consideration.

      More often than not, I find myself on cap before any of my team mates, and their is usually an enemy DD to meet me. It’s at that moment I realize that my support is virtually non-existant, I have played several games were teams have left entire flanks exposed. So there I am, facing down another DD, trying to get a cap for my ungrateful team who is now hounding me in the chat box for going off on my own?

      Again, I can spot a Potato Team, when they leave me to defend an entire flank on my own and then mock me for it. The point being, you’re gonna have games where you find yourself in such positions, even thru no fault of your own. It took me some time to come to terms that some teams are not worth sacrificing your boat over, so if you have no escort to cap, I suggest you follow the lemmings, you might live a bit longer, then again you might not. GL capitain.

  2. i kinda disagree
    i started a few month ago and with EVERY level u make (level 1 to i dont know 20 now ?) u open something new
    so in the start u dont HAVE container u dont HAVE random battles, then u reach level 2 and the gamnes says “hey here are camoflage” or “hey now u are able to use flags” and so on
    so u cant even do everything with level 1 you have to play vs bots and its called vs bots

    sry if he rly didnt knew that all he just simply didnt read … i found the game explaind it really good and easy to me because of the level u go trough and that for every level 1 new thing is open for you to do you NOT get overwhelmed

    • CynicallyObnoxious

      Well apparently some how people dont know because in ranked theres people with barely 40 games at t10 no camo no nothing

    • well they are t10 so they play for a long time i still have only 1 t10 ship xD so they are either stupid or forgot it xD
      but for everyone disagreeing with me i ask u to make a new account and test it, its barely possible not to understand flags camo and co when u get only 1 stuff every level u reach to understand xD its so step for step

    • I will agree with Holly here about the step by step process. I feel like the game does a decent job at introducing players to the game concepts.

      However, it is not perfect and I think there are additional problems. The gane does not teach tactics or stratagy well. It does not cover in game features such as chat or UI (like how dynamic crosshairs work). It took me several months to find out about sailing broadside and the invaiable paddling that would result (it didn’t help that I started on British cruisers).

      In addition, the match making is unforgiving. I’ve got two cousins that started playing, got to T5 and have stopped because they are constantly up teired by T7s. I was there for one’s first T5 game and I could tell he was intimidated. I haven’t seen him play since and that was two months ago.

      The game is trying but is complex enough and has enough diversity that it is a difficult task that cannot be solved through what is currently available. Add to it the difficulty of individual matchs at certain points and you’ve got a low new player retention.

    • Hariito Kyashimoto

      You are correct that it explains things, but there are a lot of things it just doesn´t talk about and that you have to find out yourself. Some of them are just tiny bits that don´t do much, others like aircraft carrier manual drops are VITAL and will loose you games if you have no clue about them. There´s a reason why a lot of people in T5 CVs get very frustrated and acuse T6 CVs of cheating when they strafe their straight lining squadrons, because the game doesn´t tell you squat about this mechanic. I am using Carriers as example as it is a well known issue everyone at least heard about. It is only one of the major things the game doesn´t tell you, but it should. Also yea… it could explain things a bit better as well. You can always improve yourself 🙂

    • Well WG has started making training vids. They could also suggest to watch some CC vids also.

  3. I’m unsure, maybe it would help, maybe not. I find the clan system rather complicated, I think that some form of streamlining into clans would work better.

    As for ‘ranked’, it’s a POS. Seriously, they’re excluding a HUGE amount of players by focusing on t10, I got to play 6 ranked matches this season.

    6. Because I don’t have a t10, and finished rank 9/10 last season (can’t remember) but I could have only done 2 matches to cap out this season. It’s ridiculous that they’re excluding SO many people from it.

    • Hariito Kyashimoto

      Gary anderson II:
      It doesn´t make Wargamings decision to lock ranked to high tiers correct either. All that high tiers mean is that you spent some time grinding the ship or paid money for it, but it has nothing to say about your skill as a player.
      If ranked was for the very highly skilled only how can it be then that I have a 63,64% winrate with nearly 59k average damage (considered unicum level by wows numbers) but my overal winrate across all games is only 49,95% and a bit more than 28000 damage (considered average) . Also I have constantly been performing better in ranked than in normal games by a large margin for 3 seasons now (If you want proof check wows-numbers for my name here).
      So pure stat wise I should have been decimated in ranked according to your statement, but yet again quite the oposite happened.
      Also there are quite some players who are playing way longer and are far better than I am who dislike the T10 exclusive stuff as well. So it can´t be only “noobs” like me complaining about it.
      How do you gauge if I am a good or bad player then?
      I suck in randoms and thrive in ranked. Am I a bad player or a good player? Do I deserve to have a shot at higher ranks considering my winrate in ranked and the damage dealt or am I not good enough because I don´t have a T10 ship? What makes a T10 player I faced during the ranked battles I won better than me when I clearly managed to beat them? Is ship tier even a good measurement to gauge player skill if it can be reached by grinding enough even if you only loose? What does this actually tell about player skill?
      Ask yourself those questions and you will see that “tier 10” has nothing to do with skill. It is only a grind and you can do it by LOOSING EVERY SINGLE GAME on the way down the tech tree and still reach T10.

    • 1: I said it was the “only/best” way…meaning, the most effective way they can do it. There is no way to be absolutely perfect in selecting only good players.

      2: It goes to show that “stats” is NOT the holy grail.

      3: There is no “correct” in this issue, there is only how it is viewed based on from what perspective one is viewing the issue (wait, did I say that right?).
      If you are a new players you will have one opinion and a seasoned player may have a different opinion……yet the company who owns the game may have a middle point of view. It is my opinion that none of these are right or wrong, just different, thats all.

    • Robert Thompson: Yes, it is not an easy task.

    • Hariito Kyashimoto

      1: I can see your point but I digress. There are alternatives of measuring player skill as shown by a plethora of games, i.e. DOTA, League of Legends, Counter Strike, etc., etc. It is Wargamings choice to measure as they do, but there are alternatives. My argument that Tier grinding isn´t a matter of skill persists as we all know that skill speeds it up, but grinds can be finished by adding the tiniest bits on top untill they are done.

      2: I totally agree. I play for fun and not for stats. Yet the majority of the community uses those numbers to compare each other and compete for the best ones as a measure of skill. Wargaming encourages this as they enable you to search and compare player stats on their website. Making stats the “accepted” measure of skill in this game as everyone uses it.

      3: It is a matter of opinion of course – you are correct about this. Still the testers commenting on the forums for feedback for the ranked season during the public test mostly complained about it being too much T10 (please check the english speaking wargaming forum and the public test section. The article should still be around) and that more diversity would be apreciated. Wargaming chose to ignore this. How it will turn out in the future I dare not say. I only know there are quite a few people like me who wish for wargaming to change this in the future as it would be more fun and encourage newer players to reach the top as they can participate instead of grinding and then realizing thtat they need to grind as much again just to be able to reach the top. More a step by step thing you know? Give some reward for reaching a new tier to have the chance to reach a higher rank.

      4: Thank you for arguing in a civil way. I am happy that there´s no flame in this discussion. These times you just gotta apreciate this.

    • Yeah, I played 1200 battles. I don’t want to grind t10 anymore, most of ships in my port are between t6 and t8. The amount of BS prem t9 and t10, radars and so on – it is so discouraging to grind up to t10. Anyway everyone says that t7 is the sweet spot, so why bother playing anything else?

  4. Stephen Stockwell

    Absolutely, I’m still learning 2500 games in… this would make the understanding of the game more significant, like you said allowing new players to have an better understanding of the game. It took me almost a year and half to have a decent understanding of the game and that includes hours of CC’s videos, website, research and playing to help me be a better player.

  5. i feel like chuck 🙁 2700 games and i’m more or less stagnating. also i dont have much time to play lately, its more of an on/off thingy, and each time i get back to the game i have to get used to things again.

  6. Someone brought up a point that needs to be addressed, Why Tier 10 for ranked battles? I’ve been playing this game for a couple of years now and the very best dogfights are at Tier 5 and 6, no radar no deep torps just maneuver and shoot. Oh and duck behind a rock every now and then.

    • As a new player (played for about 2 month, maybe 350 battles, upto tier 7) i can say that aircraft carriers or CV as the cool kids say , are the biggest problem, it seems if 1 CV player is substantially better than the other then the game ends up very one sided.There doesnt seem to be much you can do to have an impact on the game when your carrier is outclassed at low to mid tiers

    • “Now and Then” Next time your in a 5/6 match just look at the Mini Map, thats the first thing they are going for, ROCKS, since radar in this game goes THRU rocks, part of the reason for hiding is moot.

    • Ranked used to be 7-8. I don’t know why they changed it, maybe they viewed as tier 10 for better balance, but they still keep releasing tier 10’s that are OP and break the system anyways. I would find 8 as a good point because thats where the game starts to get really grindy to get into 9 & 10 tiers without premium.

      I would almost certainly prefer Ranked being more exposed to lower tiers for newer players who are potentially looking to get more competitive with a clan in clan battles. Leave Clan Battles for those who have the most capability/experience which is certainly 9/10.

    • Tier 10 ranked is gash. Teams are a joke, half the players have no clue, they’ve rushed to a tier 10 then hardly play it because they can’t afford to. Every game is hideously one sided with one team just being a suicide joke.

    • I’ve been out of the game for the better part of a year. This is the first time I play tier 10 in ranked. The last ranked seasons I played were t8, so I appreciate this change.
      It lets me use my t10’s for something other than just random battles.

  7. It would be a great idea. it can tie into the account level as well. Fresh faced shiny ensigns start with the rubber boat of choice (Erie,Hashidate,Black Swan and ect.) Use operation Killer whale – destroy an enemy base then bug out. They watch for a bit,a fort hits them kinda hard and knocks out the captain..your in control of the ship now. All along the way tips and prompts are giving instructions on what to do and how to do it. You win the battle. Cutscene comes up showing what went down an how your actions brought about that victory. Port screen shows up – your now in command of a tier 2 ship; prompt comes up that says hey we have a new piece of hardware to mount to the ship damage control 1 – it reduces the risk of fire and floods. mount it to boost your ship and the repair party. As you are now a captain you have perks you can use to make your ship fight a little better,reload a little faster, and be better hidden from enemies; head to the academy to learn what each perk does and what ship its best suited for. Do that for the first at least 5 levels on the account…simple missions in a mini campaign to teach and to help the new people get better. They can revisit these missions at any time and do them as many times as they need – rewards are issued once but any xp and credits they earn are theirs to keep.Final mission shows them how to use the signal flags,what coal and steel are used for,how to mount camouflage and some of the more advanced things you’ll need to learn. Once the mini campaign is done they have a better understanding on how the game is played,how it works and etc.

    • Hariito Kyashimoto

      And at Tier 4 when they unlock CVs they get a smaller mini campaign of the same sort that tells them all they need as basics to CVs on a T6 US CV (less microing planes to make it easier) and explains manual drops as well and that they are available at tier 6 or higher to show them the ropes of that.
      IF the CV change that might come Q4 this year – if it ever comes and if it doesn´t ruin the class as whole instead of balancing CV lines between each other and around the other ships, which is what I fear – doesn´t radically change the way they work now. If it does it needs to explain how they work then, but I´m not using any speculations for that as you should get the idea on how it should be with the current CV system.

  8. I would say that players who came over from World of Tanks generally have a leg up on those who happen upon the game as they’re first Wargaming title. WOT veterans likely already have premium time, and they’ll be familiar with the economics of the game, i.e. credits, gold, experience, tech trees, consumables, captains (read crew in WOT) etc. that being said, WOT has the same problem, it took me about 5000 games before I really figured out WOT, and even then it took a pretty good clan accepting me as a NOOB so that I could learn from much better players. It’s not easy being the new guy in Wargaming titles

  9. I agree about adding a campaign for lower tiers, preferably with co-op challenges and some cosmetic rewards (flags, patches, special perma-camo or ship).

    As a new player (~500 battles co-op, 3 random) I’ve found the interface OK, but the co-op grind is horrid as there’s far less XP than random. I’ve got to level 15 (nearly said rank, but that appears to be something different); I’ve blagged my way into a clan but after that there’s not a lot to progress. The campaigns’ challenges are all random only, bar a couple of early ones. Ranked would be a joke as I’d be a liability in a tier 8 battle (0 XP Cleveland anyone?). Hoping to play some scenarios (they appear to be a more challenging version of the co-op battles) as I’ve finally got a Pensacola; I burned a years’ Free XP just before the US cruiser line split.

    Tricky point for me is captain’s skills because they’re a one-shot option (without gold), so it’s prohibitive to play a few battles, change skills around and see how it affects the ship. Most of the time, I’ll just go to the Wiki and pick the standard set; as such they’re not adding anything to the game. I don’t move captains around, maybe I could but it’s hard to see the benefit (at lower tiers with 4 point captains).

    The Eagles vs Sharks was fun as it gave an extra reason to play. I got nowhere near the permanent camos (wish they were more accessible even if only a cosmetic variant) but did get an Eagles flag. My remaining tokens went to containers on the last day, just to get the extra coal, as I’ve credits a plenty and the default conversion didn’t appeal.

    Which leads me on to the additional currencies. I’m collecting Coal simply because it will, eventually, lead to an extra ship. The signals, camos, etc. are distractions to bleed resources into consumables, but a ship is permanent.

    • P.S. There are prompts for training videos that appear as each experience level is reached. They are quite informative, but a few more would be useful. The recent focus on promoting CCs to players may help new players get more information too.

  10. Yes, I 100% agree that the game needs a campaign or more low-tier missions. Something to make tier V more bearable for new players.

  11. I think it is a great idea. I have often thought of how chaotic it would be for a new player to start on this game. And since WG keeps adding new features with almost every update, it gets only worse. They never take something away. So the the initial impression of a new player must be overwhelming. I am only too glad I started 2,5 years ago because I would not have stuck on with this mayhem of unexplained content thrown in the face. It is all great for the seasoned player but even just the harbour interface gets more and more cramped with information and features. It is almost chaotic and not fun.

  12. Great idea. A tutorial is badly needed. The game has added a lot of new concepts since closed beta, every new thing has been simple for existing players. If coming in fresh I can see that there is a lot to understand. I would add a few tutorials to walk through combat as one, game economy as another and finally modules, consumable and captain skills as a final tutorial. I like the idea of adding campaigns as long as they are historical. Historical battles would give existing players a reason to play them too

  13. I think they have something like this in the Blitz version of the game. It would be good to have an introduction campaign. I’ve had to help people over chat on how to properly lead a target, look down the scope, etc, when I’ve played lower tiers. Most have no idea how to even check their ship’s stats. I had no idea what to do when I first started, my aim was worse than it is now and I sometimes still can’t hit the broadside of a Yamato (disclaimer: I’ve been sailing German BBs, three cheers for dispersion XD.) Oh yeah, not knowing what dispersion was when I started drove me nuts as well. A brief campaign is in order and would help new players out a lot.

  14. Most FPS games has a “test-round” before the real game starts. “Press this to do that” and so on. WoWs lack this so a beginners-campain is just the thing that is needed.

    But some responsibility lies with the player. Many rush in and think they can learn the game in ten minutes. Oh boy are they wrong! I know a guy who has a Des Moines after less than 500 games and he admits that he doesn’t know what he’s doing sometimes.

    My advice to new players is:

    * Stay in Co-Op untill you feel at ease with the controls.

    * Play all T1s and the all T2s and so on. You will learn the game and the ships before you get to the high tiers.

    * If you feel that you are hitting a wall, take a step back. Go back to a lower tier and play some more before you try again.

    * If you wonder about something: Ask someone. Join a FB-Group or read the forums. “Google is your friend!” works too.

    The game is complicated and as with all complicated equipment it needs a manual…….and that the users read the manual.

    Perhaps a system were you can’t buy a ship of a certain tier untill you have played a certain number of games. (?)

    • Hariito Kyashimoto

      Great idea, but the nr of battles vs tier of ships available won´t be done as a lot of WGs income comes from fools – including myself here – who want to skip forward and prematurely buy a high tier premium just to get wasted and suck in it.

    • He NEVER knows what he’s doing. HOW THE FUCK do you get a Des Moins after 500 battles???????? I bet he has only played 10-15 different ships too. I have nearly 8000 battles and it took me about 7000 to get Des Moins as my first T10. I HAVE 120 ships in my port, 3 T10’s now. 6-7 T9’s lots of T8’s and nearly every BB and CA from T7 down. I also have 7×19 pt Captains now so my captain skills are growing exponentially. Its noobs that race to high tiers that are the problem.

  15. A great idea, if WG’s goal is to create a longstanding great game experience.

    Sadly, that is not the goal. WG is a casino. Casinos do not teach players how to be better at the game…they exploit bad players for money. If people got better information about how to play the game and especially how the economy works (to screw you over and force purchases), the player will be LESS likely to spend money on what is an exceptionally bad investment compared to other gaming franchises.

    Also, ranked? Nobody can play that until they have either waved their wallet at WG for a high tier premium…or played thousands of games. I have a > 50% win rate over 600 or so battles…and the highest tier ship I have is tier VI. I have unlocked a tier VII, but don’t have the credits to pay for it because WG is a casino…and I refuse to throw good money into that kind of business. So…no ranked for me, and to be honest…having seen some of the high tier game play on videos…it isn’t that appealing. Camping and sniping….boring as fuck. Who needs to waste their time on that?

    Give me randoms and operations in my secondary specked Bayern…or my Independence so I can mine the salt tiers of players who don’t understand AA mechanics.

    • The same dumb crap you see in tier 5 you will see in tier 10 and it will cost you and everyone on your team far more in credits, xp and sanity. There really is no point in getting to tier 10 in a hurry.

    • Justin Whittington

      This sounds about right. Once I got to t7 I pretty much just quit playing random battles. Nobody wants to be spotted first so half of the team just sits there. Battles take place at extreme range. People camp behind obstructions just to hide, rather than doing it when it gives them an advantage. High tier randoms are boring and reward people for playing like a pussy. Once you realize that, there’s not much to look forward to.

    • Hariito Kyashimoto

      I totally agree. The only interesting thing regarding tier 10 are clan battles that allow you to break even even on a loss. I don´t want a T10 ship I can´t play because I have no premium camo and no premium account and have to perform at unicum or super unicum levels with a standard account to even break even. I hate the static gameplay on top tiers as well. Who wants that? There´s no skill and nothing about it. Who gets spotted first dies first. roll a dice and you have better and more exciting gameplay than this lol

    • I see others are waking up to the reality as well.

      High tier gameplay isn’t ‘fun’…its a job. Why work your ass off not having fun so that you can ‘earn’ pittance rewards that are only useful if you continue to work a job you don’t enjoy?

      I get compensated far more for un-fun work…at a job. WG doesn’t pay enough for me to play ranked or high tiers.

    • Honestly I enjoy playing in low tier games. At about tier 6 the fun just…goes away. I would much prefer puttering around in the bulldog looking Nassu or my St Louis made of guns.

  16. I’ve been thinking and saying this in the forum for nearly 2 years. I’m an industrial designer by profession. WG needs a far better UX and UI design team.

    There needs to be far more instructional cues or prompts integrated into the port, game settings and in the battle experience; such as requisite campaign modes. Along with those there needs to be a series of complimentary campaign modes that test players on what they should have learned as they are leveling up.

    After a player successfully reaches level 15 then the player could opt to toggle off the bells and whistles of two or three levels of the informational prompts systems. One of those prompt levels could be reserved for new changes that arrive with each patch that even an experienced player may chose to keep active or disabled.

  17. Ive been playing for around two years, and I’d love a campaign. But as in a campaign that has a story behind it, use the cinematic scenes they use for some YouTube videos, and the log in screen to give some action in the campaign. Do historical campaigns tied to specific ships, and maybe a way to change that history. Give something to protect, and fight for. Operations does a little of this, and people enjoy them, so it’s obvious most would love a campaign story.

  18. [rant=ON] There are several issue : first of all it is not easy to learn this game, which has a higher experience cap then, IE Wot, but ALSO requires you to practice often to not lose that knack that allows you to hit the target on a regular base from distance. It requires you to know your shipd and how they performs in relation to the enemy. This is about armor, bow on VS overmatch, positioning, accuracy, ammo choice, dispersion etc. I’m a completely noob, with less the 200 battles in random, and I play mostly coop because I don’ know the maps, the ships, what to do and what do not looking at ship positioning…
    And I must say coop is getting Harder too in the last months, not in the sense that AI si particularly smart or that you loose often, but something has changed, because AI accuracy is monstrous (compared to regular players) and it has a super human ability to dodge torps, which IE, makes slow torps, playing with my Duca d’Aosta, almost useless unless you throw torpedos at point blank range.
    IMO I feel there are “easy ships” where you always do well, and others mentally and (patient wise) challanging: I won an Alabama in a Christmass container and it Always feels easy to play often getting to 100k damages for battle in coop, something more difficult then many think to do, because there are few enemies, everyone rushes in to farm damages without the needed time to relocate, but that’s not much of a problem when your shells bullseye at 21k+ km.
    Playing other ships (Duca d’Aosta) is Way more difficult and often frustrating because of the many limitations.
    There is a very big poll of players who still doesn’t play random, and Wows in this ways reminds me of Armour ed Warfare. We (the lurkers) may know how to skill a captain, how to shoot guns and how to angle properly, but we don’t know the right “tactics” or battle plans for a given battle for lack of experience, and nobody (including content creators) is really illustrating that kind of informations in game in an extensive wsy.
    Great players like Flamu, Flambass, you, iChase can be looked at, somehow but they play an awful lot of tier X games, something often played on different maps, where you act in a certain way because of gimmicks like multiple radars, long range torps, dangerous carriers but playing superhuman captains with a constant 19 skills, something a noob can only dream of. Those kind of tactics don’t always work in low tier. There is a lack of videos with tactical maps, drawn on, line of attack and defense, and positioning in respect to other players (in our and in the opponent team) rather then just guys shooting at other guys, most of the time with stuff covering the map because of “streamer snipers” fear.
    There are a lot of maps in game, many often updated and changed which a noob can barely figure out how to play in.
    Finally we, the coop lurkers, play often casually, with a few battles per week, often without premium account because we do not have time to exploit the income bonuses properly, and this makes the game harder to “get” into. In the end we prefer to sit comfortably in the “coop pool” because, at least, our errors are not effectively damaging the gameplay of other players, and we are not being mocked or yelled at because we do something stupid, being called “weekend warriors” by experienced players which can practice 8 hours a day. [rant=OFF]

  19. アレキサンダー 佐藤

    Something simple I always do with a new game, open the settings and read the controls list. And it’s *_Molybdenum_* ?

  20. Bullets Forteeth FULL AUTO

    The problem with WoW’s, is that you have to be willing to learn how to play WoW’s… So here’s some simple advice that any noob can follow…

    1 LEARN TO BE A TEAM PLAYER, If you don’t know what to do, pick a team mate and be their wingman, cover them from planes, spot torpedo’s for them, shoot the enemy they’re shooting at, trust me you will earn karma and friends if you do.

    2. TIME IS MONEY, Players like myself have hundreds of dollars invested in Wargaming, our ships are very expensive and cost time/money to maintain. This is one thing you will come to understand about the in game economy. When you show up to a Ranked battle without camo, without flags, a stock ship, or a less than ten point captain, you’re team is not gonna be impressed with you, and most likely will be left taking up your slack.

    3. TRAINING; There is a myriad of videos on YT, and Co-Op and Missions available for you to earn your stripes and various cash and prizes, and their are Random battles to test your ship and captains mettle…. Ranked/Clan battles are not the time to train a new captain on your stock ship!

    4. THE CHATTER BOX, The chat is there to discuss real time battle tactics with your team mates, it is not their so you can discuss taking long hot showers with the red team, or argue with a fellow team mate coz he said, she said b.s., this is really annoying and distracts your team from the task at hand. I have actually witnessed teams throw games away simply from this type of distraction, and Wargaming needs to address it soon like they did in WoT.

    5. AIRCRAFT CARRIERS (CV’s), I have seen noobs throw away a WINNING game for a CV kill, if you don’t want to lose friends and karma…. DON’T DO THAT! Passing up a Base Capture for a CV kill is the most selfish immature thing any player can do. True you may get the kill, but you just screwed your entire teams Wargaming profiles in the process with a -1 DEFEAT.

    6. MIND THE FLANKS, Please learn to use the MINI-MAP, and never leave your flanks open for the enemy to back door your team! OMG I see teams do this all the time, these Potato teams rarely win a battle with this strategy. If you see a team using the Lemming strategy, that would be the time to let everyone know in the chatter box that a cap, base, or flank is unguarded and exposed.

    7. DO NOT SHOOT OR TORP YOUR TEAMMATES, This one is pretty self explanatory.

    Okay, that’s all I got for now. GLHF o7

    • I hate CV on the brain captains..blow the objective and then NOT kill the CV..I just shake my head at the level of lunacy..

    • Hariito Kyashimoto

      Good points for new players. For the chatter box though I really would hope that there were more people who gave helping advice. Most of the time you get ridiculed for asking questions or called noob or git gut without any help.
      For the random battles: I agree that they´re there to try stuff out, yet many people don´t seem to understand that and are so focused on winning that you get flamed again for doing something uncommon or trying yourself out which might get you killed early on if it doesn´t work as intended. Yes the victory is the goal, but sometimes you need to loose to learn that something won´t work.
      I really wish the whole community would understand this, but at least on EU server half of the population is incapable of doing this unfortunately.

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