World of Warships and the Ship You Should be Playing in Ranked

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With World of Warships ranked gameplay in full swing, players often struggle to decide the ship they should play. This one is easy. Almost a no-brainer. Go with the ship you enjoy most and feel most comfortable in. I ignored my own advice for much of the season. Fearing dead eye and larger CAs, I chose to play what I thought the meta compelled me to play. It wasn’t until i switched to the Des Moines that I quickly ranked out and started enjoying ranked in the process. Don’t play what you think you need to play. Play what you want to play. Also… big stream this Thursday. Five year WoWS CC anniversary. I have lots of ships to give away, so hope to see you there. If five of you all pick up some, we might be seeing some Full Broadside coffee in-game soon!


  1. Great vid., Zoup. Totally agree. Congrats on 5 years!

  2. Saw you double yolo emiloing a few days ago, happy 5 years.

  3. “Wusta…. go for it”” love it.
    Congrats on five years Zoup, hoping to see more awesome content for the years to come!

  4. Ρικος Σταυρίδης

    In my country 7:30 pm eastern means that the stream starts at 2 after midnight and i have school 5 hours after the stream starts …. can i join in any other way discord or anything or is it only going to be live giveaways?

  5. Congrats on 5! RearAdmiralButts will be there Thursday for the stream

  6. Actually Zoup, we’re now on EDT — Eastern Daylight Time, not EST – Eastern Standard Time.

    Sorry but there’s a Jingles-type nit pick for you.

  7. Been here forever and a day myself…. Good vid and I’ll stop in n say hey.

  8. Totally love this channel, thank for helping us get through the pandemic. My WG community is helping me so much. 🙂

  9. Love the Wisstuh!

  10. I’ve been with ya from the start Zoup! Congratulations on 5 years! Smitty923

  11. T10…this is assuming you can reach the qualification area at the Bronze level even. This season has been beyond brutal and nothing but a see-saw.

  12. Hey, Zoup! Is it possible for you to do a separate giveaway on YouTube. I am not able to watch streams on Twitch due to nonexistent internet connection.

  13. Faster, Stronger, Better!

    Hey Zoup, can you give away steel ships?

  14. this is so true for me XD tried playing georgia and riga for so many times, cant consistently win, tried roon and amalfi and i did so much better

  15. wow, 5 years! Cheers, mate!

  16. Christopher Short

    Congrats on five years Zoup!

  17. Had fun with my games with you Zoup! Great work and good look in Gold!!!

  18. I actually got silver 1 with Marceau, it is surprisingly good with 7 km concealment and a great DD hunter.

  19. Good advice man… I was trying to play fair and give the enemy teams a fighting chance, but no more Mr. Nice Guy!!…. Krasny Krym, here we go!!!

  20. I would love to try some of this coffee, but the shipping to Germany would cost more than the coffee itself.

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