World of Warships and the Silent Majority

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World of Warships is made up of players of varying skills, opinions, backgrounds and life situations. Some play for fun, some for the competitive aspects. Some are good and don’t care that they are, same for the opposite. They rarely engage, a lot don’t follow news and they all play the game blissfully ignorant of the issues that bother other players. We have much to learn from the silent majority.


  1. I’m still playing after 5 years…I think it’s cuz I like to punish myself 😛

  2. The best thing about this video was the Kaga in the enemy team killing himself 😀

    • Im okay with bad players,but they should at least learn something basic before they got themselves into a crucial role in the battle.

      It isn’t hard at all!watch a couple of how it works on youtube,learn basic positioning from streamers.How much time it takes? 1 and a half hour I guess…?

    • @d OwO p But it’s a Random, Not Clan, not a Ranked… I dunno… I’m alright with awful players as long as they are red… 🙂

    • And believe me… I hate that too… I just don’t feel in a position to decide who can play and who cannot….. Cheers!

    • @d OwO p so, who are you to demand or deny other people’s fun? Whether he’s a bad player or is just enjoying himself?

      What is healthy and fun for you won’t be the same for me or someone else…

      Btw: I’ve seen carriers trying to torp close by DD’s and ending up torpinh themselves, thus showing a suicide on the kill counters… just saying…

    • Well thank wg for giving 1 class so much influence over a match

  3. Dad had an expression “when kaka hits the fan, duck and don’t open your mouth, because if you open your mouth, you will get kaka in it”

    • so he was a coward ?

    • @Raul Paolo Not talking does not mean that you do nothing. Most military guys worth their weight do not talk bullshit. Go on Reddit, lots of people opening their mouths. Guarantee majority of them will not say a word if they were 5 feet in front of the person they were talking about. World has too many keyboard warriors IMHO.

    • @clanholmes true

  4. On twitch, Mr Conway stated that there will be changes to dead eye coming. Depending on the magnitude, the ability to make changes might be reduced or free.

  5. I was one of those players, I played for fun for years, I didn’t play ranked that much at all, never did clan wars, but WG’s changes made the game frustrating and no longer fun to play and in turn I left when WG simply ignored players like me. WG has lost a ton of my respect over the years and it is frustrating to see CC’s essentially bow down to the WG overlords and be careful not to criticize WG too much to protect their precious CC status. The fact that WG punishes dissenting opinions shows how they view the playerbase.

    • @HAWKSTA H I don’t hate the game, I miss it, it’s why I keep an eye on what is going on in wows, and I keep posting because it’s frustrating to see WG just keeps making stupid reworks that push long time players away.

    • @Theread 34 You would be wrong to underestimate how serious they are about shaming in general. A CCs community often acts beyond what was intended in the content. They have a reasonable responsibility not to unintentionally incite them towards an individual player.

      I have seen the consequences it has had on some players and have advised creator friends to avoid any individual negativity in content in the past.

      How long WG allowed him to continue breaking this rule, despite many warnings, is not proof they used it as an excuse for his removal. It demonstrates how much they really did not want to do it.

      When you combine this with his negative insulations about WG’s business ethics it becomes clear action was inevitable.

      He is a great free promotional asset for them in so many ways, a top CC. Obviously they would prefer to have him in good standing. A suspension would be the smarter move and that is where they really overreacted. The guy has done so much for the company and the community.

    • Tbh this sounds like Flamu, If i was WG i would have removed flamu a long time ago. Why have someone that only talks crap about your game? He hasnt said anything positive in years, lit every video is just hate spam, i honestly dont know why he even plays if he hates the game that much

    • @Adam Swailes He certainly has his ways but his content is rich. He has brought much in terms of in depth tutorials and ship reviews. Made me a better player.

    • @Theread 34 Only this time they pissed of the wrong cc. Flamu is the kind of gamer if he likes it he will defent it. Zoup is good guy but doesn’t defend his believes in game that is how he does things. But Flamu does protect his rights.

  6. You just described me. I am extremely mediocre. Still enjoy it, occasionally, after 5 years.

  7. Who’s this Zoup guy talking about my ships! 😂 Your right man. it’s just a game. I haven’t played in awhile… Life. one day i’ll be back.

  8. Very odd post fella, the silent majority dont care? About the huge issues with the game? The few years ive played have shown me a lot. Its not the game of two years ago and surely the big negative response is saying its got worse? Plus who spends good money on the game? People that dont care? Thats saying people are carefree and reckless? . I dont agree bud, and turning away from the big problems and just cracking on with the game happy as pigs in shite, who’s doing that ? Really? . You posted only last week that deadeye was broken?. so again, odd post.

  9. And even they have noticed the game has become less fun due to deadeye and cv’s

  10. as one of the 2-4 games a day player with a 48%wr the things that have been going on have pushed me to other games.

    that is all on WG and how they keep messing up the game. i want to play a fun game. WG seems to want to suck the fun out and just make it a grind. here is a hint, the way the game is set up and how one gets up tiered grinding isn’t fun and it gets to be more of a pain the higher you go.

  11. Literally just insert “everything is fine” meme – Zoup 2021

  12. I think you are seriously underestimating how knowledgeable the player base actually is. It has been my experience that most people who play have a basic knowledge of the games issues at the very least even if they are the ones there just to get their couple of games in. Just because they care less doesn’t mean they aren’t in agreement that the game is in a dire way.

  13. I’m probably in the silent majority, been playing for 5 years. I like blowing shit up, having a few beers, played some clans, played ranked, but I like my Des Moines and other cruisers, but I don’t like that a strong AA cruiser loses 3rd it’s health from one flyby, I don’t like that my range is 15-20km and I can’t damage let alone see those hitting me from 25km, I don’t like 70kt torps that require no skill to hit me with. Probably why I haven’t played for a week or two for this first time since I started.

  14. You described me perfectly: married, kid, play late at night when the wife & kid are sleeping; just to have fun & enjoy the ships! I don’t care that I’m not the best, but I learn as I go & use what I learn to have fun & maybe get some rewards along the way. Even without rewards, I would still play & love this game!

  15. “unaware” ? … you are assuming too much zoup

  16. I would use another angle, this video seems more like a recruitment video.

  17. dont mean to get soppy guys but i hope people dont stop playing WoW – ive made so many friends from playing this game which have built a little community of WW2/WW1 fanboys that now play lots of different games together which i didnt have before. Always looking to expand this little group which is why i hope people dont stop playing this game!

  18. As a Hong Konger, I absolutely hate the term ‘silent majority’. I is simply a term used by the powerful to oppress and diminish the voices of the people.

  19. You know who first coined the term of the “silent majority”, whom he of course claimed to represent with his own tiny party of radical hate mongers?

    Joseph Goebbels.

  20. I feel like I’m one of those ‘Silent Majority’ types you’re referencing. I watch a lot of videos, follow different creators, and love to immerse myself in as much of the community as I can stomach. But I’ll be honest, I play the game to have fun first and foremost. The other reason I still play and have fun a year in, is because there really isn’t anything quote like WoWs. Is it perfect… no. But is it better than every other naval combat game out there? Yes. There are frustrating parts of every game. At the end of the day, I’m not a ‘great’ WoWs player, hell, I didn’t even look at my stats until I was around 10months into playing. I want to go out there, blapp ships, get blapped, have fun. And so far, I have a stupid amount of fun doing it, warts and all.

    I appreciate you acknowledging the ‘silent majority’ and the fact that fun should be the thing that you have first and foremost. To anyone out there not having fun, stop playing for a while, switch off to another game and come back. If you keep doing something you hate, you’re going to make the experience toxic for yourself and others. It’s not worth it, this is a game. <3

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