World of Warships and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Week

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Wargaming World of War Ships had a bad week, the had a bad week, Giulio Cesare had a bad week and even I had a bad week with an ill planned video title. It was just a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very bad week for everyone, including parts of the community. But don’t count the rework down and out. Many are starting to realize that its really just one ship – Hakuryu- that is wreaking havoc. Some Gearing AA gameplay included.


  1. What you said wasn’t ignored it was just crap. There is a place for Carriers in the game balance is all wrong and using us for crash test dummies without any form of compensation for my wasted Premium time sux. And now I get shafted again with my JC moved up a tier.

    • +bladeclanhalo3 Do you even understand what I wrote. Come back when you get the theme of the comment.

    • +pgale i fully understood. you chose to “waste your premium”

    • +bladeclanhalo3 I’ve spend over 1k on this game including a yearly sub at xmas so I think I’m entitled to have a opinion as are you (even though I’d bet your spend is minimal if any ) The game was nothing like this crap now, I was happy to outlay for that product not this. It will get sorted at some point I just don’t see we have to pay for the privilege in the mean time.

    • +pgale sure, you’re entitled to an opinion. just not a refund

    • +bladeclanhalo3 Well i think we’ll just agree to disagree on that.

  2. Tony Duffy, Ring Finder, Games and More

    The hotfix has gone from one extreme to the other for CVs. The AA is impossible for CVs and you run out of planes halfway through the match. Still early and trying different strategies, but so far it’s not much fun as a CV player.

    • Can I have an F key when I overextend my DD and get triple teamed, immediately spawn back somewhere safe with full health?

    • +popefang what’s the difference between your hit points and aircraft hit points Einstein?

    • So you answer my question with a question? +play030

    • This was the state AA balance was always in, F spam allowed people to avoid that. The focus on continuous damage made it worse though. But we’ll see, balancing will continue.

    • In that case, just get rid of the fucking Flak mechanic and go back to the old school way of just having regular continuous AA DPS…makes WAAAY more sense. Keep the graphics for the pretty effect but make it so that all that matters is DPS.

  3. Wow…suggesting that ranked battles were an alternative to the CV games makes as much sense as using gasoline to put out a fire…

    • I agree 100%.This Ranked Arms Race is a total shitshow.DD’s getting nuked at the start trying to get perks before the opponents and too few irrevocable ranks.Only Rank 12 and 2 irrevocable?Give me a break.I quit ranked about a week ago and concentrating on the Lunar New Year missions.More rewards and less frustration.Rant over.

    • And completely leaves out those who don’t have Tier IX ships to play Ranked.

      Guess I’ll have to keep getting stealth torped while grinding out my Tier VIII’s…

    • Tier IX was a horrible choice for ranked. I’m also not too fond of the Arms Race format. I enjoyed the last ranked season so much more. I hope the next ranked season is Tier VII.

  4. Kaga has no chance in t10.. If you run out of planes and mean zero planes vs t10 and when you get 100k at t8 then you know something is not right

  5. The community should really take Zoup’s positivity and optimism to heart.
    Look at an issue from as many angles as possible before jumping to conclusions. Take some time to think.
    Angry, one sentence comments without any proper arguments help noone.

    • Amen. Zoup is right, people need to chill out. The issues will be fixed.

    • well im very unhappy as my carriers are now all boring…and playing randoms is horrid now…especially for DDs and especially high tiers.
      im not happy about them ruining a solid game…they should have just tweaked the old CVs. even the port became ultra freezing now!!
      im not shouting or furious…but it does make me disappointed. well at least i play ranked for now where its safe from all the bullshit

    • Well said! As a passionate WoWs player who has been with the game since its infancy, I’m open for change too to the game. Sometimes change is good. And we all come together as a community to sort things out.

    • Yeah, we should. Some in the community are losing their minds over the CV rework and the GC moving to T6.
      For me, I actually find Zoup’s voice soot5hing… I don’t know why. I just do.

    • Anger shortens your life expectancy. It’s bad for your heart. Take a deep breath and let go. Better for everyone.

  6. World of Warships Definition Dictionary
    Patch – Oops, we screwed up the game.
    Hot Fix – Ooops, we screwed up the Patch.

    • I feel bad i loved the game until wg broke it. Same with war thunder.

    • I loved the game also before this CV patch was released. I played the game 6h pr day. Now I’m just in for a game or two. Well done WG. This CV patch was a to big of a change to the game.

    • The game is not broken. Stop lying. And no it’s not too big of a change. I can tell you from personal experience A CVs are nowhere near as strong as they were. And I’m telling you we’re getting submarines so get ready to start crying about that.

    • +play030 is asleep

    • at least it’s not quite as bad as WoT .. they have a patch to fix the patch that fixed the patch that fixes the patch ……… need I go on and on and on and on ….
      yeah it’s going to take some time .. be patent and keep the forums alive with all your views .. Remember …. some poor bod has to read all that stuff .. and report on it . so keep it civil and constructive ….. then fingers crossed we will have our fun game back before the summer …
      and in time for the kids school Holls / Vacation . . . .

  7. where we were during the playtesting was enjoying the never ending Halloween event, followed by grinding to unlock Dreadnought and then Prinz Eitel Friedrich.

    • And some of the early tests were toward the end of the Cossack grind as well IIRC.

    • SNOWFLAKES, P.E.F. mission grinds, P.E.F. Campain, CLAN BTLS, i mean there was such a distraction from the PTS during this TIME why didnt they just wait untill after the Holidays? Peek time of interest be my guess. none the less if they would of released it let say March with LESS distractions and offered a real reward for participating like a prem boat for the live server. Truth is if they wanted us to help they KNOW are motivations FREE SHIT (pardon the french) and if the free stuff on live sever is BETTER then who would pass that up?

    • exactly this. and restricting the testing environment (15 point captains … did the PTS team notice we have 19 point max now?) … I won’t touch PTS again until they give me all the tech tree ships to work with and 19pt captains …

  8. Zoup you should wait with this video until todays patch, cuz now you can’t play with CV, it’s just impossible to be usefull … WG opened Pandora’s Box, and now they can’t handle the problem they made it themself. But you are right with one thing, take a break from this game for a while until things will be “normal”

  9. So what good if any is the feedback they get from PTS? About all they care is did the game crash for you? Otherwise, we ignore you. They simply walk the earth believing We Know Best. Very sad…

    As to PTS – who the **** wants to load the game on their device TWICE? Who wants the new launcher? You want public tests, just load them into the regular server as another “mode”… call it TEST MODE. Stuff the PTS process.

    Just how long a break will you be taking Zoup?

  10. Snake Enjoying a Sandwich

    The “rework” also destroyed the interest for many players. Probably more than who found new interest. There is zero positive in destroying the game and stealing ships we paid for and replacing them with arty.

  11. WG should maneuver more to avoid flak from the community.

  12. “If you’re not happy, take a few weeks off the game”
    Funny, but is Wargamming going to allow those people who take that advice to pause or suspend their premium time? I sounds like a simple suggestion, but real people are paying real money and shouldn’t have to be expected to throw that away if the game developers make a unsatisfying decision after the purchase.

    • +Dustin Spiegel well, I could agree that it looks like not much, but look at – for half of Europe WoWs is 5+ times more expensive than for you. So these monthly $12.5 become closer to $60-100 translating to your money and I can understand that people may raise that issue.

    • +Dustin Spiegel If it is so miniscule as you say, then I’m sure WG will be all in favour of suspending Premium time for a couple of weeks. No big deal! Yes? No? Hmmm Btw Netflix is less than $10 a month

    • Agree. I would propose that premium time only apply when you load the game and connect to the server, and not be consumed by calendar days. Then we premium players could “take a few weeks off” without a monetary penalty. Wargaming is not likely to change to that subscription plan however much we might ask… but it’s what I would propose they do. In the meantime I wonder what, if anything, they might offer us for the week of misery they just inflicted. A basket of special signals perhaps? 🙂

    • @Dustin Spiegel 12 Euros/Dollars/Yen or whatever is money. Extending your logic, we should just shrug our shoulders when the cinema (similar price) breaks down halfway through the film, food is rotten in the burger joint et cetera. Er, no. I pay, I am entitled to what I payed for without the menu being changed between kitchen and table. That was my point and you are entitled to your opinion, but as you are contradicting everyone I smell WG white knight or a troll. Yawn.

    • He’s not contradicting everyone, I do agree with him as I said. And your comparisons are quite flawed…. If you go to the Cinema and dont like the movie, you wont get your money back. And if the burger is just not up to your taste you also have to pay for it.
      WOWS is neither rotten nor broken down atm, you just dont like the content, so claiming refunds for a product when changes happen that are part of the product, is not viable.

  13. If WG wants meaningful data from the PTS, they need to fix some things on it.
    Unlock all the ships from the beginning.
    Make the test phase longer, like a week minimum.
    Make it stable. Several times I got kicked off or couldn’t login, so I gave up.
    As someone else mentioned, there were multiple events happening on the live server. For people who have limited to play, PTS isn’t a real option.

    I appreciate that WG is trying to fix this hot mess, but blaming the lack of player base participation isn’t the way to go.
    And right now, for me, to play high tiers means I’m playing Ranked.

    • Agreed. They pushed this out right before Lunar New Year which also had another big event right after another (PEF). Well, they’re reaping what they sowed.

  14. mynameiswritinwater

    hard work does NOT mean successful or correct work, NoZoup. Just saying. Also I feel less than inclined to download svereal dozen GB of data on a connection used by others as well, and playtesting during one of the strenuous campaign seasons of the whole year (in addition to visiting firends and family). This is WGs game and using the players as a “cheap” Q&A departement maybe very exploitative, but actually is not really the way to go.. Even if it serves their financial bottom line rather well

  15. You’re kidding me? Where is was during the patch pointing the issues out? First it’s not the community’s job to do the QA part properly (there should be enough well paid staff, theoretically). And secondly, half of the community told them to at least hold the rework and give it at least some more months of proper QA and balancing before forcing this BS unto the live server environment.

    PS: There is a big difference between optimistic and realistic. Food for thought.

  16. The community has been fine . We didn’t release 8.0 or even ask for 8.0 ! they forced it and they get what they deserve.

    • It really hasn’t. I’ve see people with a rather sadistic glee talking about punishing cv players, how they don’t deserve to have any fun, and I even saw one guy opining that best way to deal with cvs was to teamkill them all. On the flip side we have people exploiting the obviously broken haku to do stupid stuff to the detriment of everyone else. There was a WG dev who took his own personal time to try and answer community questions on reddit only to be driven out by the constant abuse heaped on them. And every time, both in game on here on YouTube, that I’ve tried to bring up issues I’ve been told I deserve everything I get for daring to play a cv. The community is not ok

    • +Patrick Rogers Online communities are always toxic one way or another, it’s not surprising. Saddening though.

  17. Hey Zoup, I love the videos and your positive attitude, but I have to strongly disagree with you in the play testing comment. Until wargaming starts paying me, I’m not going to beta test for them.

    I’ve been playing ranked lately, but taking a break is pretty frustrating if you’ve paid for premium time.

  18. A lot of people did test it and bring up these problems – I think that’s where part of the anger comes from, WG knew and discarded that knowledge, only to have the problems and complaints about said problems repeat and cause them to exponentially worsen in the larger series of the live population’s mathematical performances.

    Edit: Also while you may be right its best to leave for a few weeks if I’m not having fun, I know I won’t come back so I’m trying to endure a few broken games a day in hopes WG fixes things to a suitable level.

    And I won’t be doing TST or PTS in the future, and I did 5 of the 6 for the rework. The rewards are too poor to provide testing that will be discarded if its not reaffirming to the plan.

    • 90% negative feedback saying things arn’t ready, needs more time, etc etc. 10% Positive feedback saying it’s just fine, fun to play, etc etc.
      WG gets rid of the 90% negative feedback as “they don;t know what they’re talking about” and just looks at the 10% positive.
      WELL DONE TEAM! overwhelmingly positive feed back, put it on the live server!

  19. Your advice is sound in many respects. Yes this is a mess. But yes given time I suspect WG will fix it. However the GC issue is another matter all together. But announcing that WG will be applying nerfs to any premium they feel is out performing they are breaking with their long standing and oft repeated policy of not nerfing premium ships sold for hard currency. Which means you can no longer buy a premium and have any confidence that they aren’t going to alter it in ways that remove the reasons you were willing to buy it in the first place. This is a slap in the face to and a violation of trust with their best customers. The people who actually spend money on this game. When those people close their wallets the game will be in far bigger trouble than the mess the CV rework created. No bucks. No Buck Rogers.

  20. Blaming the players, Zoup? That’s uncharacteristic of you. Listen, all the whining frustrates me too, but the state of play is so badly broken right now that I can hardly fault them.

    I’m a casual player. I’m just now grinding through Tier VIII to get my first Tier IX ship, and it’s awful. Getting torped in my Cleveland or Baltimore with DFAA blazing to shoot down maybe 6 planes in a match? When I was regularly taking down dozens before? Feels bad man.

    This isn’t the game I’ve played and enjoyed for the last year. I took a break during the worst of the Radar meta, and was just getting back into the game with some friends. Now, none of them want to play because of the “sky cancer” (their words). That can’t be good for the game.

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