World of Warships ANIMATION + GAMEPLAY

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Check out the highlights of me playing World of Warships. This game is incredibly detailed and so easy to pick up. The real skill comes into play with the strategy behind how you choose to defeat your opponents. #ad


  1. World of Warships: *Exists*

    Animation: *Its a free real estate*

  2. Ay remeber me
    I’ll never stop haunting you

  3. The Conductor Esplin

    Dam theres a lotta spam here

  4. That mustache
    Its so majestic
    Its like putting a snake with rock hard on Mt. Rushmore

  5. is it me, or was i the only one who thought the thumbnail was for a daithi de nogla video? or am i high.

  6. I wish epic minequest was finish

  7. KraftySha - Digi ComiCraftz

    Ahoy, nice video!

  8. Wheres epic minequest. Jk I know it takes time. It’s just it was getting so good. Good job on your animations and videos as well. No pressure.

  9. Where’s the next epic mine questbeen waiting for months I’ve

  10. Next:
    Raid Of Shadow Legend animation ?

  11. woooooow so cool!!

  12. I keep forgetting you have a badass mustache my man. always surprised when i see u irl.

  13. Harry Schollenberger

    Epic minequest 6 part 2 coming soon please ?

  14. World Of Warships doesn’t have subs and water mines

  15. TheDragonSlayer 2378

    When are u finishing epic Quest?

  16. I’m already Sans Undertale

    Depth charge

  17. I’m already Sans Undertale

    Are you related to Hank Green?

  18. Its this legends first video back after like a month and he gives us an ad…

  19. what happen to minequest 6

  20. He has mustache

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