World of Warships Anniversary Containers – Are they Worth it and Unboxing

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In short, just play the game and get the crates for doing it. These are lackluster. You get 45 tokens to spend on Dasha cpatains and pinup patches. You get 8 tokens for the in-game earned crates. unless you need free and ship XP flags in a major way, save your money on these. I do an unboxing in addition to answering if they are worth it. Honestly, World of Warships could have done a tad more for it’s third anniversary with these crates.


  1. Tony Duffy, Ring Finder, Games and More

    They seem pretty lame. I’ll wait for Halloween and Santa crates I think.

    • Thats assuming, given how bad containers have been this year, that anything like rgar in previous years is coming back.. Personally I doubt it, Santa/Halloween 2018 will probably suck as much..

    • Tony Duffy, Ring Finder, Games and More

      +Jm Gauthier yeah you’re probably right. When containers first came out, they were good value for money with high chance of premium ships. But I have noticed they have got progressively worse and stingy.

  2. Good Morning Zoup 🙂 I thought your Java update was actually on my computer lol

  3. Was tempted to buy 15 crates and these suck quite hard compared with previous crate series: only 5 flags per crate (none of them had 10) and 8 (!) duplicate tokens…Pretty lackluster for a 3rd anniversary…I regret buying these

  4. i have this weird feeling that wargaming scrutinizes zoup more then other community contributers

  5. yeah, im not interested AT ALL so far in ANYTHING WG has done for their 3 yr…. very disappointed actually….

  6. For popups; windows search -> type notification & actions center (should auto complete) -> Enter -> turn off all the slide buttons (Do the top ones first)

  7. 45 tokens? I have opened at least 5 chests and the most I got was 8

  8. Just another cash grab from WG. Rewards are crap.

  9. Paid $40 for 15 and was COMPLETELY underwhelmed. Lately it seems anything ‘extra’ from WG (containers, premium ships, etc…) have been, well, crappy. You’re better off saving your funds and walking the primary lines.

    • i never paid for this game. if u want to pay, at least check first to see what u would get. this time it seems pretty shit…

    • I don’t want to sound like a jerk, bud did you bother to read the description of what is included in these containers before spending money? It’s clearly stated on relevant WG webpage – 5 or 10 new flags, 45 tokens and 1 collection item. Nothing more , nothing less. No reason to complain.

    • yea never buy stuff without knowing what you get. unless u dont mind being WG charity

    • Its people like you who make WG the way that they are. You just threw $40 at them without having a clue that the boxes were kinda crappy but you don’t care next time you are still gonna throw them your money

  10. tldr Not worth buying

  11. This 3rd year anniversary would be the most lackluster event we will ever had if WG still kept this trend even on the day of anniversary celebration, September 17th. I’m kinda lost my hyped and motivation to continue to play, it tells me to take a good break after Go Navy event.

  12. Have to agree. This is the weakest anniversary package they have offered so far. Unless they make some serious changes, my wallet stays closed for this one.

  13. Confused Blue Dragon

    Thing is, if you purchase the 30 box bundle, you’d end up completing the entire 3rd Anniversary collection, just like that…!

    A friend of mine did that, and he got all but one of the collectable items and even that was obtained through duplicates… so this anniversary was rather disappointing, so I’ll just wait for the Halloween and Christmas events to come around and maybe something good comes out of them…

  14. 45 tokens, I get 8…… rigged

  15. AS a new player, I need the 10 pointers… simple as that, so I have to buy these, 16 Captains in all saves me an enormous amount of non existent Elite XP.. Too bad the rest sucks so bad.. sigh I misse dall the good events , and so far, 2018 has been awful.. Thx all

    • you dont need those captains, they are just normal 10 skill point captains that has a unqie look, just like a skin for your commander. And not worth buying imo.

  16. I have a feeling that WG is going to butcher the Halloween and Santa events as well.

  17. These World of Warships 3rd Anniversary Containers are complete trash, a waste of time and money. NOT RECOMMENDED !

  18. For those wondering about how many free/daily Anniversary tokens you can get:

    26 boxes from the daily boxes (earn 3000 base XP, once a day Mon-Sun)
    24 boxes from the weekend boxes (earn 4000 base XP, can be done twice a day Fri-Sun)
    8 tokens per box * 50 total boxes = 400 anniversary tokens for free

    So Fri-Sun, earn 8000 base XP and Mon-Thu earn 3000 base XP. Weekends will be a little grindy so buckle up.

    And yes, the PREMIUM boxes from the Premium shop have 45 tokens per box, so obviously you will need them if you want to buy more than 2 commanders (since each commander is 150 tokens) or patches (60 tokens each though 3 of them could have been acquired for free if you have been vigilant).

  19. Patch notes for store crates:
    A special Premium Container holding a great number of prizes will be available in the Premium shop:
    5 special signals: Dragon, Wyvern, Red Dragon, Ouroboros, or Hydra; or 10 special signals: Basilisk, Scylla, or Leviathan.
    45 Anniversary tokens for the Arsenal.
    A collection item.

    Everything is mostly for tokens.

    Was really hoping that the anniversary collection would allow us to get perma camos like last year, but sadly this year is just a disappointment.
    Even the collection items don’t seem to have as much effort put into them as last years did (visually & information speaking) .

    Once I get enough tokens, I’ll get the edinburh camo since I still have to grind the ship, otherwise I don’t see anything of real interest.

    Thanks Zoup, take care.

  20. f u google no real name

    terrible items, especiall since tokens only allow you to buy a bunch of dashas

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