World of Warships- Another Day, Another Gun Bug

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Hey guys, today we take a look back at yet another bug brought about by the hotfix to fix a previous bug. Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
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Music: Stranger Think- C418
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  1. Still, as a programming student, I can really feel the pain of patching one bug just for like 3 to show up 🙁

    • As a career IT guy, and one-time programmer, I don’t expect you to write bug-free code. I expect you to test & find the bugs before you release to production. WG apparently doesn’t care to do that.

    • @oldRighty1 in my company I insisted that the person who wrote the code handed it over to another for testing against specification. A report was produced and given to the writer of the code to fix. This was repeated until it met specification, and passed all set EMC conditions. It appears that they are just sloppy. It is probably a company culture, where deadlines and sales matter more.

    • @Tired of War isn’t that what the QA department is for?

    • @Tired of War They’re a Russian company. Believe me, this isn’t exclusive to Wargaming, it’s pervasive in Russian companies.

    • @MotorsportsMania21 No. it’s a human thing. I’ve worked for 40 years in electronic product design in the U.K. it’s rife in a lot of companies. It starts with sales and marketing making promises to the customer or senior management that are unrealistic. The pressure is then on the design and development department to try and met those deadlines. Often given timescales are provided by the engineers themselves because they have not considered the full implication or the intricacies of the job. Bugs will be sorted on a cost benefit basis. Has the customer noticed? Is it potentially dangerous? Can it be fixed later? You’re either quick to market or you’re not in it! With software, my engineers could spend years optimising their code, making it more efficient, taking up less memory, constantly seeking perfection. A task will have been given so many hours to complete at labour cost. Going over that means delaying the next big thing marketing has. So no it’s not a Russian thing, it’s normal practice in so many companies.

  2. Goes without saying but, ANY issues with Artillery or Torpedo launchers in WOWS is the WORST possible problems the game can have. While ill agree its not going to be an issue MOST of the time, but id say its still a problem that should be fixed as quickly as possible.

    War Thunder doesn’t have Targeting computers? Good to know if i ever get into naval forces.

  3. This has actually happened to me, it wasnt rng, shells landed so far back from where I aimed and recently I switch from valorant to wows constantly, so some of those flick shots lead to this situations.

  4. its probably only “very noticeable” if your quickly adjusting from very long distances. However if your doing some vertical adjustments, up and down to just get to the water line of the ship etc. Depending on how you aim this could happen often and just look like you shells fell juuuust short. Because it’s the same thing happening, a delay, so ANY minor adjustments just before the shot isn’t taken into account. I know for sure I’ve heard friends/clanmates complain about this recently without ever knowing about this issue, I think they were blaming the new camera system actually. Regardless though, huge jerky snapshots aren’t something that’s usually done when aiming but quick minor adjustments just before shots certainly is for some people.

  5. This happened quite often to me. Especially when aiming on smoke clouds waiting for a ship to come out, get radar spotted or the cloud to dissolve it happened every single time and its super frustrating as i find that type of situation in every game (sometimes more often than once per game).

  6. i dont know how people say this is a small bug, figuring this bug out has been absolutely gamechanging for me. I guess it depends on how people aim and fire, but before I knew about the bug, my accuracy in t8 bbs was roughly similar to mikasa accuracy, and now I can do more than 5k salvos and hit citadels when before my average salvo was ~1k or a ricochet since I was primarily either hitting superstructure or angled armor.

    This bug also destroys the auto aim feature of the game that gives you improved dispersion if you lead your target right.

  7. WG’s fix : remove flamu from all training rooms

  8. I have noticed ship fire at my ship has been falling short, so clearly a bug still exists for battleships for the last week!

  9. I am having salvo issues, especially in my Cruisers. Some overshoot the sights, some fall short, even after a lock on

  10. I actually just played last night before learning this. I was extremely frustrated by not just all the other things wrong with the game, but my shots were going wonky a lot. Especially when I shot at targets who were high maneuvering. Absolutely embarrassing work by WG yet again. To me this is far worse than the rail gun bug they created that this is supposed to “fix.” That wasn’t all that common and you had to TRY to do it. This makes it so even if you aren’t trying to exploit the game and you simply shoot too fast you’re punished.

  11. I get it all the time while in dds when i run into other dds. I’m quick on the draw and the first shot is always short.

  12. Kaworu Ikari Von-Einzbern

    Hey Sea Lord, not sure if you have seen it but the upcoming X10 light cruiser Yodo HE pen has been upgraded to 30mm of pen with 10% of fire chance.

  13. My favorite ship in the game is basically unplayable now for me. I love my Sherman. Since i have to constantly adjust my shots at any range over 8km, during ranked games yesterday i was watching my shots land no where near were i was aiming. Also since that ship’s turrets turn so fast i rarely use free look. So until this if fixed i will not take the Sherman into ranked.

  14. There’s more to this aim bug than just what you displayed here. Overall dispersion has been poor since the 11.8 release date. There’s something major going on that wargaming is either unaware of, ignoring it, or hopefully researching a hot-fix for.

  15. ive dealt with this issue in many games. the problem is DD and CA CL are the worst effected by this. My San Diego went from being a decently accurate ship to missing a lot more rounds due to this

  16. This is actually a pretty big issue because now if you’re firing at a target while in free look and then disengage free look, the shells will go wonky. I first noticed it in my Sherman

  17. I’m fairly certain I had this bug happen to me but didn’t understand that it did at the time. I was playing an operation and going after the carrier King. He went behind the rock he pauses behind. I came around the corner and spotted him but had my camera locked to free look. I let go of the free look and fired on him. I was in the champagne and one turret hit him directly and the other shot in to outer space

  18. Your first salvo as a DD in a knife fight is now always going to be a miss. Every single time. And all subsequent salvoes in a rapid fire, close quarters DD fight, you will need to be careful about keeping the aiming reticle on the DD in question which makes it way harder to glance away to look at torps and stuff.

    Overall you may only miss a handful of salvoes, but in a DD knife fight that’s more than enough to make a difference. And because it’s extremely obvious when you do miss those salvoes because of the bug, whenever you lose one of those fights because of this bug, it’s extremely frustrating.

    As I pretty much only play DD-hunting DDs, it is a HUGE problem for my enjoyment of the game, I cannot speak for anyone else but these last two evenings I’ve quit after just a few games due to this.

  19. This issue had made most of my favorite ships almost unplayable, you know it’s bad when your yamato cant hit a broadside target from 8 to 6 km away and the shells land in the water every…….. single……. time regardless of how well you aim.

    It’s also extremely noticeable when playing US dd’s and making constant aim adjustment to compensate for the floaty shells.

  20. I don’t know about anyone else. But when I am shooting over mountains I’m constantly moving my mouse up-and-down up-and-down to make sure I can aiming correctly. Doing this makes the bug much more common.

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