World of Warships- Another Murdered Legendary Ship

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Hey guys! Today we take a look back at the Tier IX Premium Japanese battleship Musashi, and how the times have not been kind to her. Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

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  1. Well, last game with Yamato I shot 78 times, 9 hits… with legendary mod, at 15/18kms max. 9 HITS!!!!!!
    It’s WG, in the last 5 years what they did appart from trying to finish their own game with stupid decisions, idiotic money grabber events, and ignoring absolutely 100% of what their player base had to say. I really wish 2023 would be their last year, seriously, I wanna see them going broke in the worst possible way. Their graphic design dept can get another job easily, they are good anyway, but the rest? Pls go broke ASAP.

    • Dude I hate WG as much as the next guy, but that’s either poor aim or a skill issue

    • @15 Degree pitch No matter how bad you aim, its impossible to do that, just try it, just aim near the enemy ship, and I can assure you that will hit more than me in that game. Also after 9k battles, 1.61 K/D ratio, 53%WR, I think my aim or skill is not a problem…

  2. 1:51 no shells hit the hull, still 2 overpens… amazing netcode and abysmal tickrate is fair and working as intended!

  3. The ship is affected by the RNG WG uses for ‘game balance’ more than anything. Frankly if you know how to play high tier IJN BBs, you can go against any BB out there. Angle your ship, play with the rudder and don’t move the guns if you can help it. Fun ship, had her since the day WG released her. She plays into the current (tiresome sniper fest) meta without a problem.

  4. I honestly disagree. Allow me to elaborate why.

    first of all, it’s a decently armored T10 hull at T9, with the same T10 guns that reload as fast as the T10 sister ship. The only cost is .3 sigma which is not to be overlooked but not bad or mediocre enough to be called inconsistent. Not to mention that if you eliminate all BBs of the tier that do not possess a caliber of 16″ or above, you get the heaviest broadside at the tier.

    While the AA is obviously its biggest weakness, it’s (in my opinion) less impactful than you may think if you compare it to its counterparts. Just to put it in perspective, if a CV wants a strike on a Musashi, he will deliver that blow without many losses. If a CV wants a strike on an Izumo, he will deliver that blow without many losses. The same goes for Yammy, and even many other BBs and just ships in general at T9 and T10. AA in general in this state of the game is a mess. Either you scare a CV when playing Friesland, Halland, Dalarna, DZP and so on, or you don’t. And when you don’t, the CV will come for you. Especially super CVs will rarely discriminate, and just pick whatever target is positioned the best for maximum damage. Even ships with good AA won’t impact a United States for example, because it’s main striking force is the tac squadrons. Only ships with ‘the best’ AA will be able to deter those squads.

    The one point i will agree on is MM, but this is not a factor that hurts Musashi alone. In fact, in my opinion, Musashi is one of the ships that is hurt the least due to her ability to bring T10 firepower and HP to an uphill fight while other T9 ships have to do with what they have. Rather than calling out Musashi and a select few others alone, a discussion about the state of T9 would be better, imo.

    But to conclude my comment, i would say Musashi is still very strong in randoms, if not one of the best at the tier, especially in the premium category. Yes, due to the inflation of credits thanks to the economy rework superships are more common and you are more likely to face T11 than T7, but it’s not impossible to finally get those good games. You won’t always be at the bottom of the pack. Not to mention it’s incredibly good for Ranked and it would be an incredible pick for T9 CBs (if it wasn’t banned and WG would do more T9 CBs, lol). In my opinion, she’s still a contender for best premium battleship at the tier, and she’s certainly in my top of 5 of the best T9 BBs. But in the end, that’s just my opinion. Have a good day SLM, peace out.

  5. The Yamato was my second tier 10, with Montana being my first t10 back then, it was also the 2nd time I used free xp to skip a tier (the prebuffed awefull Izumo back then), the first one was skipping the old Colorado.
    I didnt properly understood the overmatch mechanic and just thought it would punch through any amor (no), but after some trial and error I learned to love the ship. So when Musashi came around I spend some more to convert xp on ships into 750k for the Musashi. While it wasnt great at deplaning a CV, it still had the same good yammy punch and the dispersion was never a super issue with me as it was often the random shells that would get some good hits in citadels and instead of a long range sniper it always forced me to go to medium range a lot quicker then I would with a Yamato.
    I am also still running that weird HSF camo too.
    Carriers im not that worried about current day, as in general I really cant do much to carriers in general anyways, if they want to strike me, they will anyways, regardless of what ship i play at tier 9 or 10.

  6. I think you forget to mention the reason why I keep coming back to this ship. It’s an excellent credit earner. I think only the old Missouri is better at earning credits. Even in this video you got more then 500K with just a bit more then 100K damage and 0 kills. However I totally agree with you the CVs/Super Ships totally screwed it up

    • That is mainly due to the low tier bonus for XP and credits factors for being up tiered.
      Musashi has no special credit boost compared to other standard T9 premiums.

  7. Neat, appreciate the video. I got Musashi when she first came out and she felt broken (op) and resulted in more than one occasion of meniacle laughter on my part. I stopped playing for a while and had to relearn tons of things. I watched your tier list and enjoyed it but wondered what your opinion was on Musashi. Thanks for the upload.

  8. I’m glad someone shares my view.

    Imo this ship used to be really OP as there were few CVs and match making got it fighting against lots of tier 8s and 7s.

    But these days, with so many CVs and subs to some extent, and having to fight more tier 10s and 11s, the musashi just isn’t fantastic anymore.

    My winrate dropped from 59% to 53%, an did consider not playing musashi anymore.

    • Tamás Kerecsényi

      Yeah the problem with tier 9s is that they now fight t10 in every game coupled with superships half the times while the Musashi is only good at nuking lower tier ships.

  9. Like most of the really good ships from back in the day, she’s been power crept to hell and back. She desperately needs a buff.

  10. I love my Musashi. You even saw me die after punching an Iowa in your 01/11/23 live review. Although I will admit I tend to play Musashi much closer than I play Yamato.

  11. I respectfully have to disagree. While sure the proliferation of carriers and superships doesn’t help, the Musashi hasn’t really suffered any direct or indirect nerfs. In fact the only differences it shares between herself and Yamato is the sigma being 1.8 vs Yammys 2.1, the AA and secondaries being worse than yammy, and the spotter actually being better than yammy’s. The power Musashi brings is that it’s a tier 10 in a tier 9 slot. Again, bad MM happens, but when you get to be top tier with a bunch of tier 7s and 8s, there really isn’t much that they can do to stop you

    My best recommendation is just to play it like a normal Yamato when bottom tier, and be more aggressive when top tier. You’ll go far

    • You forgot that Musashi also has an ABYSMAL 72s turret traverse time. For some reason, she was left with the old traverse time while Yamato and co. got the 60s traverse time.

  12. Sea Lord, I think if we all take a step back we can see the PROBLEM that WG has. They have setup a model where “power creep” has to occur. The model they setup is to make money off people buying ships. While a small subset of players want historical ships, the majority simply want powerful ships. Thus, new ships have to be “slightly better” to be attractive for selling. Who wants to buy a ship that is inferior or meh? This naturally leads to an escalation that leaves prior ships (mainly historical ships, as those were the first delivered) as becoming more and more irrelevant–which is actually super sad.

  13. I actually treat tier 11 fights in my tier 9 musashi as a blessing. The amount of credits you can earn is much more hitting tier 11s than bullying tier 7 ships, and she’s still got yamato guns that can quite happily overmatch any tier 11 battleship bow anyway. It’s hillarious seeing something like a Patrie unable to overmatch you but you can overmatch them back. I like to refer to it as “Big game hunting”. Yes Musashi isn’t as accurate as yamato but her accuracy is actually average for a bb of her tier, similar to lion etc but with IJN vertical dispersion problems so it’s sort of as affected by rng as much as any other bb.

    Also regarding super CVs? doesn’t matter what your AA is, if you’re alone the cv’s going to have it’s way with you. so having garbage AA isn’t that much of a detriment. the main downside of Musashi atm imo is the horrifically short ranged asw strike. Both mean that if a cv or sub’s present you have to stick with other ships.

  14. The random dispersion shouldn’t have been invented as a way to balance ships. It feels like I’m playing a slot machine. Instead, the shell grouping should be more predictable and good aim should be rewarded.

  15. @I_NAMELESS_I – JGSDF I guess amagi never exists in addanz guy eye

  16. @Ken Caryer That’s because the New Mex has 1.5 sigma when standard BB sigma is 1.8.

  17. Wanna get down tiered opponents? remove good captain. use bad one. rarely up tiered when I do.

  18. @taserrr You and I both know that isn’t true. You know it isn’t and so do most players. Tier 8 is the loneliest island on the planet and you know it.

  19. lol. Yeah, it’s all kind of relative. RNG screws everyone at times. Don’t Mushy, but generally like the IJN, though my fav are the Brit and KMS battlecruiser lines.

  20. @Josh the King That’s certainly not true, I can’t think of any class where that’s the case. Maybe CA’s?
    It’s an easy case for a dd, most dd’s at t7 have around 6.5 km conceal, which is atrocious.
    Most dds at t8-9 have around 5.4-6 km conceal, meaning they OUTSPOT you.

    If I’m playing an IJN dd at t8 I can actually do a lot in that match, hell arguably I’ll be getting more exp facing T10’s than T8’s, because your torps are very similar but the spotting improves, you outspot every T10 dd, you’ll gain more exp because they’re higher tier too.

    T7 DD’s are unplayable at T9.
    I’m telling you, regarding DD’s, the difference between facing T7-T8 is bigger than T8-T10.

    Also, I think any player that plays a lot will agree with me. T7 is the worst tier, perhaps that’s now changed due to superships but still.

  21. Then why did i, as a t6dd, get thrown against t10?

  22. @Josh the King It’s true, tier 7 is the worst tier in the game because it uptiers very poorly into tier 9 and doesn’t really outperform tier 5 massively.

  23. Yeah. The Italian dispersion is something else. Easily the worst.

  24. I find, in my experience, when I take the legendary upgrade…. the RNG seems to get WORSE.

    Sure you get the occasional, lolaccuracy, but more often then not… its sub par to what Yamato use to be….

  25. Musashi is one of my favorite boats. Very productive, more than the Yamato. Tier 10 guns and armor at Tier 9. You can compete with any tier 10 and you are deadly against tier 7 and 8.

  26. I have no trouble hitting things with my German bb’s. So it’s all you. Not the ship

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