World of Warships- Another Submarine Test Is Upon Us

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Hey guys! Today we have some more updates on Submarines, enjoy!


Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. 1:49 holy shit, that dispersion tho

  2. tamas lapsanszki

    Can’t wait for premium steel doubloon lootbox drydock tier 6 IJN hybrid submarine aircraft carrier I-400

    • @Ben Dover Oh can you shut up. Sometimes I really ask myself if were playing the same game. Every dockyard except for Puerto Rico has been completely fair and you could get a tier IIIX-IX ships for an insanely low price, if you grinded the stages, but nono “Wargaming want money”, go back to watching finnish crying master please.

    • Love the I400s….

    • Na they’ll tease a hybrid sub and we’ll be excited but it’s just I13 then they’ll release I400 also I’m only excited for subs because of I400 and Surcouf mostly Surcouf

    • Would not be ridiculous. It’s only trouble if it’s broken in combat. I-400 would have a large detection distance, low speed, and would be stuck on the surface while using planes. Meaning while you’re doing an air strike, you are at risk of getting *blasted.*

    • Ib Erik Söderblom

      @Fnn Svnssn Because you money IS all they want.
      Pay for pixels !

  3. Coming december 2021: For just 30k doubloons you can get the T8 french U-Cruiser Surcouf (N N 3).

  4. Dave Quaschnick

    Added an underwater environment for most of the maps, including seabed relief and the underwater parts of islands. This innovation will help submarines navigate the battlefield while submerged. ” Art Department Carrying Once Again ” *SLM*

    • Meanwhile in the balance department “lets put a hard limit on the subs can be underwater. so they cant see the underwater environment”

  5. Redundant Stuff

    I would like them to implement cavitation: subs underwater detection triples when moving greater than 1/2 speed, makes hunting them easier

    • cavitation would make it easier for hydro to find them tho

    • @jamieawatt not if they are standing still… I mean… if you implement this mechanic you also have to rework hydro

    • Redundant Stuff

      @jamieawatt exactly

    • If they are gonna add submarines they have to add a lot of weaknesses. IRL a single small mistake abord a submarine like accidently cavitating can mean life and death, it also should in game. Subs in this game should be difficult to use but rewarding if used well.

  6. Dive depth seems to be something similar to ship speed IMO. 1/4 – 1/2 – 3/4 – Full.

  7. Groovypantsguss

    Average battle last 15 mins when chasing the cv in the corner

  8. So the player will have an alert for Dutch air strikes inbound, possibly rpf marker, plus ping location from a sub. Most WoWS players struggle with Situational Awareness from a minimal let alone being bombarded by flashing indicators on their screen. Lol

  9. So I have a huge problem with how subs are being put in. 1 there should be an oxygen or “time under water” and a regeneration. (Not a time limit) 2 if you are down deep you should not be detected. 3 hydro should show you unless you are deep. 4 if you are more than 1/2 speed underwater; your detection should be worse. 5 you shouldn’t be able to go that fast. Subs should be California/Colorado speed. 6 no homing torpedoes. I was really excited for subs….now? I think I m going to play the game even less

  10. GuntyMcThumbsniff

    Can’t wait to not only be focussed down by cv in my dd’s, but by subs too, fun & dynamic 🙂

  11. So radar(!) will detect subs under water and doing so will reduce their dive capacity???
    Yeah… I mean, come on…

  12. Yup, this is borked gameplay waiting to happen. Force subs to play against the ships they tried to avoid, force them to not have the ability to recharge batteries during the battle at a certain cost of speed, detection or both (this dive capacity thing is just renaming the battery charge mechanic), and the radar being able to detect subs is incredibly stupid.

  13. And theyve gone from a fun proof-of-concept design in the original Halloween event that introduced them…

    …to an absolutely shit system that will make subs even harder to play than they already were in the new iteration.

  14. WG’s sunk cost fallacy buy-in goes deep.

    • After 4 years of development, you’d think that they would have come up with something that wasn’t just simply stupid.


  15. Ah it’s cool. Between Petro Radar, CV and two other DDs i can easily squeeze some time in to fight a sub or two.

  16. I barely play destroyers, even I can see they have too much on their plates.

  17. “No nuclear subs in the game”.
    We haven’t yet seen the Russian Tier 8.

    • Lol yeah probably right the US and UK didn’t help study nuclear shit for a bomb it was the good ol’ USSR to make money

  18. With this underwater timer mechanic, subs would be best served to not even bother hitting the W key for the first 5 minutes of the game.

  19. Cant wait for the 5min extra playtime when the last submarine go hide at max depth in the corner.

    If i want to play with a submarine i play Silent Hunter not World of warships

  20. I don’t like the sound of this iteration of submarines. It doesn’t sound very fun for the submarines or for those playing against them.

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