World of Warships- Another Top 5 Controversial Premium Ships

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Hey guys, today I bring you guys another list of controversial premium ships, enjoy!

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  1. „They are kind of in the same boat“ I had to laugh anyways

  2. I saw the Stalingrad coming

  3. I love to burn the crap out of the Stalinium in my Thundere….

  4. Duke of York was my first premium ship. I have grinded the crap out of the missions to get it, and with all the playing i did i only managed to get it like 1 or 2 days before the event ended. I was a new-ish player back then, so i only had a couple of tier 7 ships and those were my top tiers. I was so proud of getting the DoY, until i have started playing it… Even top tier it was underwhelming. In a tier 7 game i performed better in New Mexico than with DoY. Since then, DoY is just rusting away in my port. I think i have played it a few times in scenarios, and that was it. I’d rather sail my Nelson, Gneisenau or Lyon instead of DoY in any circumstance…

    • @sgtrpcommand the range of hydro and the maneuverability of the ship don’t complement eachother much. If you think there’s a DD dropping torpedoes on you, standard evasive maneuvers are gonna save you, hydro might just help a bit if you are already turning to fine tune your turn. Unlike a cruiser of BB with powerful secondaries, hydro cannot be used to do smoke clearing. I think the worst thing about the DoY is that 40% of the ships firepower is basically hidden behind the broadside, and unlike many ships that can fire their X turret by wiggling a bit, DoY has to wiggle way too much, exposing the soft broadside.

      I enjoyed playing her in scenarios, but any of my other tier 7 ships are better and more reliable… Honestly i don’t know how the ship could be improved. Maybe if it had reduced fire duration or somewhat better secondaries to encourage a tanky build, but even then it’s too squishy and too situational

    • HMS King George V I’m sorry, but the fact your name is HMS KGV just makes your comment so much better XD But I can understand where you’re coming from. A lot of people say Hood is awful, but she’s one of my most fun to play.

    • tamas lapsanszki yeah I thought so as well (though without the means to test it of course). I find that when playing most British BBs, I’m either already anticipating the torps and so evade them anyway, or I’m a moron and I can’t evade in time even if I had Hydro.

    • I happen to enjoy the DOY quite a fair bit, my record in her is over 250k and once I understood her better I began to avg 70-80k a game easily. She is weak in terms of armor but her citadel potential can catch people off guard.

    • HMS King George V

      sabastyian this is exactly my stance on DOY

  5. “T7 needs more than 20Kn speed”
    WG : Heh, hold my USN BB split

  6. The watch mojo of the warships commuinty

  7. drake consumer of souls and cheese strings

    You want a ship that used to be incredible? Okhotnik. I remember when it first came out it was insane.

  8. You’re not wrong about people dropping everything and targeting the stalingrad. I did it with my Richthofen just for the sole purpose of watching him suffer the wrath of something that’s actually OP and because it’s so satisfying to drop your almost 9k Per-one AP bomb onto one (though that can go for any ship with a citadel). But Richthofen is so fun to use to mess with stalingrad players who think they will be the next Flamu or Yuro just because they have it

    • I want to have the Stalingrad so much, but still 15k Steel away. I worked once for some1 who was a war veteran and was involved in the battle of Stalingrad, he told a lot of stories. Its just the name of the city slapped on a ship but still has a meaning for me. I’m for from being interested in seeing the next Yuro/Flamu.
      My clan can’t do CW because not enough players and I can’t get ranked beyond rank 10.
      Don’t judge about every player that moves around with one type of ship.
      Also sry for my terrible English.

    • andrew wisniewski

      this is wierd because i havent really prioritized stalins vs smolensk for example and i will with a vengeance target smols over anyone else

    • CynicallyObnoxious

      I could have bought it 4 or 5 times over Ive just never wanted it but it is satisfying to kill one

  9. Have those except for Stalingrad, Agir/Siegfried… Yes they’re quirky and have issues, but I generally have fun playing them.

  10. The VU was a huge disappointment for me. It was going to be my first low tier purchase since the GC. When they released it at T5 instead of T4, with no AA, it was an easy pass.

  11. Duke of York has improved auto bounce angles on its AP

  12. Top 5, 2 – that’s called top 10 XD

  13. Stalingrad the hull was built but never finished so not a paper ship

  14. So em i the only one who actually grinds and hasn’t spent a dollar in the game

  15. Stalingrad- “I’m the most hated ship in the game.” …Smolensk- “Hold my vodka.”

  16. Stalingrad was a real ship, it was laid down and could float, but was scrapped when Stalin died

  17. Stalingrad is not rare anymore these days – it went from a ship you want to have and are jealous about to a ship everybody can obtain. Even daily missions reward you with steel in these days already…
    And way more important – lots of players know how to counter Stalingrad. HE or a well played Venzia is your dead.

    Is it a controversial ship? No, not anymore, since nearly everybody is able to obtain it and due to the fact that it lost its fear

  18. WG didn’t mind buffing the speed of Normandie, and Lyon. Both 21 kt ships buffed to 29.5 and 27 respectively.

  19. Stalingrad is no longer usable in random because of the meta. Almost every single battleship in the game is shooting HE nawadays. That is Stalingrads achilles heel – takes full damage from HE and melts.

  20. Stalingrad is not a paper ship. The construction started, but was unfinished and then scraped. Smolensk is a paper ship.

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