World of Warships- Another Top 5 Fun Premium Ships

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Hey guys, today I bring you another list of the top 5 fun premium ships, remember that this is all my opinion, let me know what yours are down below!

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  1. Last time I was this early Canada had aircraft carriers

  2. Have you considered doing similar lists for silver ships?

  3. I just have to say,

    That it’s Italian Battleship Awareness Year.

  4. Hmm 4 out of 5 ships were fast ships with large guns and average to low armour HMmmmm…
    Anyone noticing a similarity in characteristics between this and 3 potential ship lines???

  5. isn’t Georgia for coal?

  6. Oh man Okhotnik is an FPS shotgun. Deadly when you get too close. Also next time load AP on a broadside Omaha. Okhotnik is Russian, after all.

  7. Richard Strickland

    Was that tornado sirens going off? Hope you’re safe.

  8. I like the way you call the Hood little in reality it was over 100ft longer than the vanguard

  9. I still have lots of fun with my kutusov, shes a great ship

  10. Alaska always has been good fun, getting big hits and doing drive bys when you can out maneuvers them is great

  11. Jhon Mark Rodriguez

    Wait Georgia is in the armory right for coal i think

  12. The Hood, for me at least, is not a fun ship to play. Whilst I’ve had some great games in her, she is no fun at all when uptiered against Tier IXs (a common occurrence recently) as she can be seen from space and doesn’t deal with fires well.

  13. Massachusetts 2ndaries are way more accurate, and using a full 2ndaries build in the georgia isn’t really worth

  14. I have each of these, as well as the HSF Graf Spee, which does have a decent camouflage scheme. I thoroughly enjoy playing each one for the fun, s**ts n’ grins. HMS Hood and Okhotnik I tend to either have great games or dismal ones… but always fun. USS Georgia has been enjoyable, once I got a feel for her play style. IJN Kii I had a great time with during the Tier VIII 1-V-1 matches where I nearly always faced off with a KMS Tirpitz regardless of which of my ships I brought to the match.

    I agree that in these recommendations * FUN * is the keyword. Fun is the main reason I play, besides the histories of the great ships themselves. Thanks for another great video!

  15. What is top 5 tech tree line ships are fun to play

  16. No, my man, Graf Spee is no fun at all.
    With all these potatoes arround it will only bring frustration.
    My 2 centes.

  17. wait, Mutsu works with full secondaries? What’s their range with all the buffs?

  18. Kii has *THE worst accuracy* of all T8 BBs at all ranges, that is even before upping the German BBs, sigma=1.7,Battleship,all,8,,/

  19. Jugaloking69 Dope

    Ya gtno I’m working the credit rent ships now and like the Alabama got the gs I’ll try that.
    DD will be one I’ll look into

  20. i’d switch out hood for either mikasa or tachibana
    mikasa because of her wall of secondaries
    tachibana for her godlike maneuverability and her 2 20 sec reload dual torp launchers

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