World of Warships- Another Top 5 Sleeper Premiums

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Hey guys, today we have another 5 Sleeper Ships to go over today, enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:

0:00 Channel Intro
0:11 List Intro
0:48 5.Roma
4:49 4.Krispy Kreme
7:18 3. Brandenburg
10:21 2.Poltava
12:49 1.Constellation


  1. The Roma is an excellent premium and in fact I was hoping the tech tree Italians would have been more like Roma. Incredibly stealthy, on par or better than some equal tier heavy cruisers, the Roma is a great flanking battleship that gets in close with the enemy and punishes them hard.
    I recommend the swift in silence skill on Roma as I like to stay hidden and fast up until I’m basically within 12 kilometers of the enemy. If you play Roma right you can annihilate equal tier battleships without them even knowing you are there until it’s too late.

  2. I recently got my first steel ship. It’s the hms Plymouth I think it’s a pretty cool ship i like it’s consumables She has smoke, but doesn’t have good armor but I love it!

    • Better armour than minotaur. She’s decently effective in open water Vs Mino

      I like mine, but her shell flight time does make it hard to hit DDs from any distance. She’s good but more balanced than some of the other steel ships.

  3. Artorius Dux Bellorum

    A few years ago in a ranking battle, while playing the Roma, I wiped out an unscratched N Carolina at max range with three citadels and loads of penetrations. My team were amazed. So was I. I have out brawled a Bismarck in it. When the stars align, it’s an awesome ship.

    • Yannis Kouretas

      Yeap that’s the Roma . I once “bliped” a Marlborough (though any BB can do that) with one shot that landed 8 out of 9 shells ! …. and then …. I couldn’t hurt a cruiser with horrible dispersion and over-pens ….. She can and will citadel anything on a good day ….

    • A Roma did me good once before…it was probably me you got!

    • Artorius Dux Bellorum

      @Brian Hofmann If it was, Im sorry, it was the only time in my life that RNGesus actually helped me.

  4. Got the Brandenburg in a free German BB crate when it first came out. Always enjoy playing it

  5. A good premium to look into is Le Terrible. Despite the name she’s a fantastic DD that’s better at kiting away than her sister. But worse range (only 200m worse) but premium economy and a 50+ kt top speed. Terrible is absolutely hilarious if played correctly because the autoloader beats every DD in her tier, and even most T9s.

    • Were you around when she came out? She was awful, a buff here and there and a meta change and I think everyone knows how good she is.

      Her main problem is T8 prices for a ship very similar to the tech tree counterpart.

    • @Joshua Lynas No I wasn’t. At the end of the day I’m talking about her performance today, and I think most DD players forget about the French gimmicks at T7-8 being so nasty.

      People defend premium versions of tech ships often simply because they make much more credits. This does, and the kiting difference she has is actually somewhat useful since her turret rot is slow.

    • @Almighty Deity fair enough. I’ve been with the game since the start. You might find it interesting to check the original reviews of the ship. It’s come a long way.

      Also Prinz Eugen used to be a meme because it was almost identical to Hipper for a long time. I grabbed it just before the Hipper/Prinz Eugen rework.

      I completely agree though. If you really like a tech tree ship, go ahead and buy the premium version. I mean I got Tirpitz and Oleg because I like Bogotyr and Bismarck.

      However I haven’t grinded the French DD line past T7 because I have Le Terrible and don’t want to grind a very similar tech tree version of it.

      I’d recommend people do the French DD line before looking to buy Le Terrible. Same with other ships like Tirpitz, Duke of York, etc.

  6. Borodino deserves some credit! Good Russian tier 8 BB also with Radar.

  7. Constellation’s armor is the problem. It gets cits from the weirdest angles and even if it wasn’t cits. shots that pen normally can chunk it quite a bit.

  8. IMO the commander rework, once again, neutered a ship, specifically the Krispy Kream on this list. because she mounted the 139mm guns she could take advantage of the range extension and rate of fire skills that brought her some breathing room and rate of fire, now, the best you can do is lighthouse build to get that rof back

  9. Ochakov is very, very good too, if you play it correctly. Smolensk Hull, Radar, Hydro, nice guns. You hunt down DDs and slap the shit out of them or you play her like a normal light cruiser. Skill Floor is pretty high because no heal or smoke, but if you can pull her off, you’ll have a lot of fun with her.

  10. Marius Grabauskas

    Hey, nice video, can you also do sleeper tech tree ships? For example bogatyr is an absolute meme, bb ap overpens it, it overwhelms other cruisers through sheer volume of fire and has exactly zero aa, so you don’t have to think about it 😀

  11. quick fun fact: before installing a better propulsion on Constellation, she was named Constipation. But after revaluation of speed, which now would be over 33kn, it was ruled to rename the ship

  12. Turned the corner on the Brandenburg we see…so underrated and dangerous at the same time.
    Constellation…I play against most BBs reload time knowing when they can fire again. The constellation has a near 30 second reload…if you split her fire two shots every 15 seconds that throws so many opponents off and you now have the advantage because they are playing for 30 seconds before you fire again and you are not a cruiser.
    Since learning this tactic this boat is quite satisfying to play.

  13. The main problem i have with Constellation is it really needs its low detection range to be able to get into decent range but cvs will make shure you are spotted the entire game.

  14. Donald Wrightson

    I got the Roma when she came out,and I like her. True,the dispersion is not nice,but with the special camo she is a good credit earner and I do agree about the guns,when they connect they do some damage!

  15. I find the Kransy Krym is a ship I play when I just want to have some fun. It’s amazing if you want to run bow in and angle back and forth alternating the guns on each side of the ship, or shooting ships on both sides. And utilities are great. Got it as a random crate drop and so glad I did.

  16. I keep almost getting Constellation, but there’s always something else that I get instead. Even now I’m thinking “oh, I should get that, it looks like fun.” But I know Huron is coming soon and I’m saving my money for that instead.

  17. I love the Brandenburg, she’s such a fun ship to use and she’s never disappointed me!

  18. The Krasny use to be an awesome ship when you could get the extended range from the 139mm guns. Now, she just gets deleted when down tier, due to her range. She is really good at deleting dd’s that are spotted in her range though.

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