World of Warships: Anshan | Review and gameplay

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First impressions video of the new Pan-Asian premium destroyer the Anshan. I’ll make a quick comparison with the Gnevy class russian DD and show you that even at tier VI this is a formidable ship to encounter


  1. when will wg sell anshan in EU service? I really want to get one

  2. No mention of the other torpedo choice that Anshan gets?

  3. Good game terrible ship.

  4. I was hoping that this would be closer to the Grem, with 8km torps and
    pre-nerf HE but no. This ship kind of sucks at T6, unless you are very
    skilled at DD gunboat play. I’m waiting for the Polish DD to return to the
    premium shop I think.

  5. That humiliation of the Bogue… Awesome:-D Well done!

  6. the anshan have 8km torps! The Anshan is a Gremjashin-Typ.
    good play

  7. Not that impressed by it. Being an uptiered Gnevny it competes with
    Ognevoi, but I would think it is better as Ognevoi has the 2×2 layout and
    it loses 50% of its firepower often.

    I have encountered Lo Yang in battle with my Benson, but have not seen an
    Anshan yet. I sold both Gnevny (did not like the slow turret traverse) and
    Ognevoi (do not like the layout and losing guns so often), when I got to
    Kiev (that was pre-nerf – still have it).

    I am not really interested in this line as it is a dead end and I have and
    like my Blyskawica anyway. Paying real money for copies of what we already
    have or can get through grinding? Not interested. It is basically a
    marketing move to enter the Taiwan market, and a cheap one at it. How much
    work does it take to repaint two existing ships and change a few parameters?

    Thanks for posting the review. It is good to see it in action before we
    encounter it. Now I know how to fight against seeing it is a T6 Gnevny.

  8. I dont really think this ship is that great

  9. Wow, the HE on this ship is terrible! 520 damage or less per shell, against
    a mutsuki!

    On top of NOT training any captains. I would say, that largely, this ship
    is POINTLESS, especially if you own either the Gremyaschy or even more so
    if you own the Blyskawica!

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