World of Warships Antics ep: 1

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During registration use the promo code WARSHIPS to receive a huge starter pack including a bunch of Doubloons, Credits, Premium Account time, and a ship!
The promo code is only for new players who register for the first time on the Wargaming portal.


  1. Play World of Warships here:
    Thank you World of Warships for sponsoring this video.
    During registration use the promo code WARSHIPS to receive a huge starter pack including a bunch of Doubloons, Credits, Premium Account time, and a ship!
    The promo code is only for new players who register for the first time on the Wargaming portal.

    • kay9-sketch🇿🇦

      Hello baldie

    • Thank you world of war ships and thank you nordern you helped me find my favourite games like war thunder enlisted and world of tanks so thanks

    • For anyone who considers playing this game, as a closed beta tester I would advise you to steer clear of this game and the developer.

      They have shown to not care about the players or their games health at all.

    • @MR. Hydro Salem thanks but I would slightly disagree your argument has a slight fall as the devs add ships from what some players ask

    • Average Snail god praiser

      I wish I had this a week ago when I signed up, but I grinded T8 and don’t care to restart 😅

  2. Clenching the cheeks of enemy players as Submarine or triple Kami was the best experience we had.

  3. Finally when we start playing on main accounts ill be free to ‘speak calmly’ in game chat x)

  4. I feel like this is in retaliation for that one development studio. And if it is I’m all for it!

  5. the timing makes me believe this is in response to a certain event, but i also will never turn down an antics video

    • The competitor to wows has a boycott against them currently because they angered the whole playerbase. So wows is a nice choice to anyone looking for a new game to play

    • @Nick H (i know, i was sarcastic) :>

    • ​@Nick H Switching from War Thunder to WoWs it like switching from smoking cocaine to smoking crystal meth. They are both bad in their own respective way but where do you find some online ww2 vehicles theme combat game

    • Shawn Christensen

      @Nick H Er… I like how everyone conveniently forgets that World of Warships had folks boycotting them, especially after WarGaming completely threw their best CCs under the bus, and the game is still in a pretty lousy state if I’m being honest. I’m glad we get another antics video, but War Gaming is almost as undeserving of Nordern and gang as the other company is.

    • @Shawn Christensen I haven’t heard of it tbh so I’m outa the loop on that. Interesting though.

  6. Nix Ryu The Sergal

    You asked it for a script, but what you got was gold.

  7. I wasn’t really a fan of WOW but this makes it funny 😀

  8. As a wows vet it hurts watching you guys play keep up the good work lol

  9. I haven’t played the game since 2019, but Motti forever deserves to be killed by magazine detonation for border humping. Effectively immediately until he repents for his sins.

  10. Fabian Michael Göckner

    4:10 Nordern: “How could you such dispersion on the same gun turret?!”

    Well the Italians asked the same question with their Littorio-Class as they apparently shot at 90° angle during their shakedown.

  11. The game itself is really good, but i hate how anti-community the moderators and other staffmembers of WoWs are.
    Also there are certain balance issues like Carriers and Subs being able to control the matches early on.

    • Jaqui Greenlees

      good gunboats get rid of the carriers easily enough.

    • @Jaqui Greenlees Not against a decent-ish CV. That CV bouncing a 510mm AP shell at 3:30 says alot about the balance right now. And the submarines issue is even worse.

  12. linksworstnightmare

    Been waiting for ages to see a Warships Antics video. Thank you Nordern!!!! BTW congrats in making it to Best of Twitch Clips by FreeTheBrain. 😀

  13. I can’t believe that we have reached a point in time where the progression / reward system in WoW / WoT actually seems kind of balanced and rewarding.
    Just because the only alternative is so fucking out of touch with it’s playerbase, that it is basically floating…

    • seventucker3232

      I honestly never had a problem with their economy myself the reason I left is all my favorite stuff got nerfed due to gold shells being bought with normal silver so all my armored tanks became pincushions

  14. 4:06 i laughed so much harder than i should have at this

  15. Monkey Does Pride

    This is one of your best videos in a while. Good job

  16. Hammerheadcruiser

    Ah, I remember playing bote game back in the day. It was a lot of fun, especially playing carriers. At least, it was till the CV rework

  17. “No carrier no sun we might be able to have fun this game.”

    Me, a veteran of this game for six years: “Ah yes, now you’re getting it!”

  18. Not going to lie. Kirov reporting was such a shot of nostalgia I had to comment. ^_^

  19. You know the video is going to be great when Motie is the first clip.

  20. Nathan Enfinger

    Always a joy when Nordern puts out a new video

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