World Of Warships Antics ep: 2

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  1. The fun bit is that I did the ‘T = Toot the horn’ thing multiple times now.

  2. Moti’s art just make the video’s so much better

  3. Play World of Warships here:
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    During registration, use the code MEGADETH to receive a huge starter pack including 200 Doubloons, 500,000 Credits, 7 days of Premium Account time, Vic Rattlehead Commander, and a ship!

  4. i never thought id see nordern upload 2 videos in one month

  5. Who ever made this drawing needs an award

  6. “Historically accurate warships”
    He says while sailing a warship that never existed

    • Care to elaborate please?

    • @Fireblow What is there to elaborate? The German battleship Hannover is a completely fictional warship made up by Wargaming. It was never built, designed or even planned. A warship that never existed by definition cannot be historically accurate.

    • @Paul Horrox what is the ship he is sailing in called and why did it never exist? Did it never get out of planning, was it an abandoned prototype or did the devs dream it up?
      Edit: I didn’t notice the rest of your comment since im on mobile, that answered my questions, thank you

    • @Paul Horroxtechnically you could define the hannover as h-klasse, but you’re right anyway xD nico always gets upset about this too, especially when i tease him with my schlieffen xD

  7. What was Moti supposed to do when hearing shooting? Dress up as Batman and go fight crime? (The Answer is obviously yes)

  8. I remember a guy, in the game, pressed H to use the horn and instead, his ship randomly exploded

  9. Who ever makes all these good images Nordern uses needs a raise,
    Also the bullethole curtain is just peak! nothing can top that.

    • That would be Moti!

    • ​@Nordernwhat a legend. All of you guys are a legendary combo actually. In my books you’re even beating out womble easily. Partly because he never uploads, partly because your location gives you “access” to some very interesting characters. Moti, snazzy, dev, franka, the russian guy (sorry I forgot his name he is only in one of the videos I’ve watched).
      Greetings from germany btw!

  10. 3:04 Satsuma and Yamato (think Musashi too) has a cheek armor that is very weak and can cit from that kind of angle. Usually leads to hackusation @Nordern

    • hannovers guns overmatch satsumas armour from the front, 483mm guns care not for 32mm armour, anything bigger than 460mm (yamato’s guns) overmatches everything

    • @Terry Strates Ye, you’re right. Dividing with 14.3 it overpens the bow, so that bow is RIP

    • somehow i doubt nordern and gang will play this much unless WG pay for it again. certainly not enough to memorize the armor weaknesses of every ship.

  11. I think my favorite moment in WoW is drifting my huge battleship around an island and getting a kill.

  12. moti sure deserves some head pats from nordern, he is so precious

  13. I love how in the word ‘dude’ the ‘e’ is silent but Moti still manages to not pronounce it

  14. 2:11 The ram damage is based on the maximum amount of health points from the ship u use. As example youre ship has 100000 of health points as maximum doesnt care if u only have 1 point left u will do 100000 damage

  15. Some of the most beautiful moments in World of Warships is seeing the sky light up with AA tracers.

  16. I’m glad someone still manages to have fun on wows.

  17. Nordern.

    The rams do make sense if you consider the angels of impact (excluding the submarine).

    Hitting dead on into the enemy’s side will cut the ship in half, while only the bow takes damage for you, one is more manageable than the other

  18. Moti is a treasure, he is the best vampire on the internet

  19. Because you said “Megadeth” my curiosity spiked haaaaard. And Vic Rattlehead/Dave Mustaine for a captain just makes me excited

  20. Moti is always the icing on the cake with these.

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