World of Warships – AOBA vs WGP2L – KotS X

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Here is 1 of the we casted this weekend from KotS X which just started.

Match is between AOBA and WGP2L. Both teams played well but the game seemed like it was going in a different direction more once.

Enjoy and have fun watching.

Just keep in mind that I am still sick (it’s a cold, not Corona), I’m in finals stages where you cough out a lot so I told Stats to do the heavy lifting this cast and also not make me laugh. If I start laughing I start coughing so we had to do this cast very calm and serious. I’m just you can imagine how difficult that was for me 😉

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. been in a few games myself and alot of people have mentioned the ping being unstable.

  2. How the gearing (R3VO) have 23 400 HP? It’s impossible!
    Thanks you for answers. 🙂

  3. *reads description*
    “flambino trying not to laugh”

    we all know how that would turn out

  4. King of sea don’t allow CV?

  5. Ah…Poor WGP2L. That Yama, DM really shouldve gone earlier. Yama being allowed to heal to 12k again cost them time and that DM got really lucky there on that part.
    But so did the Gearing from WGP2L…Still

    • Spectacular_Insanity

      Their push was a bit sloppy considering that they had done a very good job of whittling down AOBA’s collective health. They should have focus fired more on the Yamato and Des Moines, but some of their players weren’t doing much, such as their Daring that was hugging the island but not really contributing as much in damage.

    • Jemand Besonderes

      They couldn’t kill the DM because of vision.
      She was rarely shooting just enough to keep DM and Venezia in position

  6. i got confused thinking it was a literal ijn aoba vs a ton of t10 ships when reading the title lul

  7. Anyone knows, where I can find all matches?

  8. I don’t know why AOBAs cruiser at B didn’t move a bit to push that Daring.

  9. Jamie Parslow-Williams

    Really enjoyed the commentary on this battle, well done and thank you both.

  10. Hurricane Players play for a gold clan, seems right.

  11. Ricky Breckenridge

    I almost laughed at the thought of the tier 6 Aoba vs tons of tier 10 ships. Lol.

  12. 2:36 This is great ping. When I play, my ping is somewhere between 1700 and 2300

  13. always good to see the team that doesnt push lose

  14. A lot player from WGP2W…… And he lose….. Shame ^^

  15. PlainStupidThings

    Love your Kots vids! Get well soon!

  16. After all those randoms and ranked there is something unnatural in seeing a battle where the first ship goes down after almost 15 minutes 🙂

  17. Why aren’t you playing in these battles? It’s shame I would love to see them test your skills!

  18. Volume is so low

  19. You two dont have great chemistry, nothing against either of you, but you both should find a way to work around that

  20. lol moskva radar …flamb is the king

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