World of Warships – AP rockets & German CVs

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A. Parseval is the new tier 8 German CV. WG has allowed us to showcase some of these new German CVs which carry AP rockets and AP dive bombers with fast torps.

They seem weak against DDs (which nice for a change) but really strong vs cruisers – at least atm when cruiser players don’t know what’s coming.

Let me know what you think of it in the comment section below.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. So you basically torp DDs bomb BBs and rocket CAs with these things

  2. Gulaschiltis Män

    Schlacht means Battle and is derived from Schlachten, which means butchering or slaughtering and considering what can happen during battle, this is quite fitting. So Schlachtfest means butcherfeast, that’s correct, but if you would want to say “battlefeast” you would have to say Schlachtenfest (literally translated this would mean feast of battle(s), both usable as plural or singular) . Kind of wierd, but it is as it is :p

    • @TheKobiDror No, Schlachtschiff = battleship, not slaughter ship. Slaughter ship would have to be Schlachtenschiff, but German would still recognize this as battles ship rather than slaughter ship.

    • @Ron Rossbach the good thing about it: you can turn it one way or the other. We’re both right.
      You can take any ship to a battle. That means each ship in a battle is a battleship. But that would be misleading. Battleships are always the ones with the biggest guns that could easily decimate enemy ships or shore installations due to its sheer firepower. Aka slaughtering the enemy. In the meaning of the word its a Schlacht(en)schiff. Because it sounds awkward somebody left out “en”. Language is a living thing and therefore they shortened the word. It happens all the time and is nothing unusual in a language that’s actively spoken.

      I just wanted to point out that in this case the derivation comes from the verb and not the noun.

    • A Schlachtfest it the feast that occurs on the day a farmer slaughters one of his animals (remember no cooling!). This is a very bloddy affair. There is no difference between “Schlachtfest” and “Schlachtenfest”. It’s just an old way of saying it. It flows a little better as you speak it. In the time period of the game some PR liked to use these old-school terms for the dramatic effect.

    • Schlacht, die – Substantiv
      schlachten, inf – verb
      actually is a drivate from the older german word “slaht” which means to kill something. Obviously our ancester did not make much of a difference if the thing you slay is of animal origin or a human being. It’s dead afterwards anyway, you now? In modern german Language, as explained above you use Schlacht/Schlachten – s/pl as a Substantive for battle(s) and Schlachtung/Schlachtungen s/pl as a Substantive for killing animals to produce food.
      To make things complicated a “Schlachtfest” isn’t a celebration of a battle, but is better decribed as a barbecue party held because some farmer has just killed livestock.
      Man, i am so happy not have to learn german 😀

  3. There are two versions of Schlacht, one is Schlacht-Battle and one is Schlachten/Abschlachten Slaughther, so in case of Schlachtfest you could actually translate it to both, Battle fest and Slaughter fest

    • Patrick Mundhenk-Koch

      Just wanted to write the same thing. The german language has multiple meanings for some words.

    • @Patrick Mundhenk-Koch have yo seen a Battle Field after a battle ? look like a slaughterhouse ..

    • @Patrick Mundhenk-Koch I don’t know any language that doesn’t have at least some words with multiple meanings, and flambass even says later on in his native language they also have words like that so I’m kind of confused why he didn’t get the fact it could have two meanings to begin with o.O

  4. Bjørn Gunnar Bendiksen

    A battle is a slaughter of men. Same word base. Meaning is to hit, punch or knock.

    • Assuming we are still talking about German, this meaning is not correct. You are confusing schlagen with schlachten. Two very different words with two different word bases.

    • Bjørn Gunnar Bendiksen

      @Ron Rossbach I guess you mean schlagen vs. schlachten. I know they are different words, but did you look at their etymology?

  5. After 4 cita on CA
    Me : *Oh My….*
    Flamba : *Oh My….*

  6. “Schlacht” can mean both 😀 its the context that shows what is meant

  7. AP Rockets, Kitakami, the new US BBs, and Slava. My god the new 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

    • @Rain Maker right people forget that CVs were way stronger pre rework they just feel more annoying now since there are more people playing them. the problem really isn’t that CVs are op the interaction between CVs and Surface ships will never be fun for the Surface ship no amount of balance will fix that

    • @Rain Maker Wait till the tier 10 gets 8+ citadels against any tier 8, 9 cruiser or tier 10 light cruiser then come back about less annoying.

      These are going to make cruiser players feel like they are in DD’s.

    • @Rain Maker Except back then it was one strike then 90 seconds+ to return, land, re-arm and then comeback. Now it’s non-stop strikes every 10-15 seconds if a carrier focuses you.

      I played plenty of matches where Hakaryu’s got de-planed not anymore.

    • @Ushio01 imagine if aa and secondaries repaired over time so even if broke didn’t matter…

    • @Ushio01 It was also only one strike midway needed to oneshot you at times

  8. Well guys. Its a german ship. This will be nerfed soon.
    Anyway it looks like you just have to angle and nothing will happen to you.
    Just wait for the russian CVs – THAN you have something to cry about 😉

  9. Reality : 1 CV never achieved.
    WoWs : hold my beer, we gonna create a full techtree !

    • Soviet battleships: hold my vodka

    • Coming soon the Cv tech tree: Hold My vodka cyka

    • @Pablo Ortega and them anti-ship/plane missiles too… Remember, Soviet Russia didn’t had Air carrier BUT a Nuclear warhead strike missile Heavy Cruiser with flight deck for Multipurpose fighters and Anti-Submarine/Ship warfare Helicopters! So F WoWs and F WG if this BS comes in the so called tech-tree!

  10. Schlachtfeld f.e. is translated to Battlefield.
    What we call Schlacht is usually in the sense of a battle during war.
    The same word is also used for Schlachter, which means Butcher.
    At the end, isnt that what a war is? A big Meatgrinder?!

  11. That Mogami was certainly slaughtered. “Oh … my … God.”

  12. IMHO as far as I understand it “schlacht” did not originally mean “battle” per se, but meant “slaughter”. It seems like it changed meaning from it’s origina to a synonim to “kampf” which means “fighting/battle”, as often a battle (kampf) is also a slaughter (schlacht), so people often connected the word with a different meaning.
    Not to mention that many words related to “schlacht”, like “schlachtung”, refere to slaughtering/butchering and not fighting.

    So it’s more understandable that in the word “schlachtfest” the meaning of “schlacht” would assume it’s original meaning and refere to a “slaughterfest” and not a “batte-” or “fightfest”. So a “battlefest” would be “kampffest”.

  13. WG: Why keeping the cv fun for the dds only .lets the fun be for all

    • As a CV player, we don’t enjoy CV if we play as bottom tier CV. Especially for T4/T6. T8 is an exception since it has at least a heal onto it.

      Also, the AA in this game is inconsistent and imbalance.

  14. 13:05 everyone still alive is showing broadside to literally the whole enemy team. I swear some players are so stupid I wish I could just delete their accounts.

  15. Very good example for german language:
    Schlacht means Battle
    schlachten means to slaughter
    But “die Schlacht” can also mean “the Slaughter” like in a piglet slaughterhouse.
    So Schlachtfest is a composed noun out of “Schlacht” and “Fest” in the meaning of Slaughterfest because you dont celebrate to battle but the slaughter of enemies.
    Fest can also mean thight for example.
    In the german language nouns and adjectives/adverbs can have very different meanings.
    A battlefest can be translated Schlachtfest or Schlachtenfest, due to the close etymology of both words.
    Hell do I love germanic based languages… German, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Icelandic, Dutch, English and even some French. If you look closely and pay attention you could literally speak a little with each of them.

  16. A tier 8 CV already has the potential of dealing about 20K citadel damage to a crusier…
    I can only imagine what the tier 10 can do.

  17. After 7 ricochets on the Helena.
    Me: Yes this is fine. Maybe a bit underpowered.

  18. “Die Schlacht” is a noun, the Battle. “schlacht(-Fest)” is a verb, to slaughter. In einer Schlacht wird “geschlachtet”, in a battle slaughter takes place and in the battles of the middle ages there wans’t a big difference between slaughtering men/animals, so ist guess its where it comes from.

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