World of Warships – Apocalypse Gneisenau

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I’ve been giving the Gneisenau a lot of stick lately, it’s only fair I let it have it’s chance to defend itself.

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  1. This is one of the best video titles I think I’ve ever seen you make.

  2. I’ve had fun with this ship on the console version. Its like an overgrown destroyer with torpedos both sides.

  3. Does he use a track ball to control his game?

  4. I’m the guy in the replay featured a while ago who belittled the Gneisenau’s accuracy. The Gneisenau may be bad overall but it still terrifies me to have to get into brawling range against one.

    Laugh at its flaws, but respect its strengths!

    • That’s the spirit. Treat any hit with the main guns as an added bonus, and get within the range that says; you’re locked in here with me.

    • I wouldn’t mind if German gunnery had been historically poor but in actual fact it was anything but.

    • @Molybdane

      I remember picking fights in my Gneisenau with T9 BBs around blind corners, and more often than not I succeeded due to that attitude lol.

      Also, wasn’t that a famous quote from Bruce Lee?

  5. Don’t care what anyone says, i love this ship…set up as secondary build it rocks!

    • I run it on a “speed” build — speed flag, brisk, concealment. 37kn top speed. I love my superheavy destroyer. 😉 You can get into ambush positions the red team just does not expect you in.

    • The uniform 128mm gun arrangement makes it easy to anticipate the volume of fire. Also, better pen than the Scharnhorst’s 105mm guns.

  6. Having Akizuki as co-host was a great idea.

  7. man i love when akatzuki co hosts with jingles

  8. Jingles’ conversations with Akizuki give me life

  9. Akazuki might be a Destroyer, but in her mind she is a very very fast Battleship.

  10. Someone needs to animate Jingles talking to Akazuki

  11. Gneisenau was the ship that made me fall in love with german battleship. It does matter that she’s, how can I put it? Not very good. When you get into a good brawl, Gneisenau is so much fun, and it makes up for all the suffering to get there!😅

  12. always good to see the Noisycow being well driven.

  13. i loved the Gneisenau in WOWs, one of my favorite ships. I called it the “Eisensau” (iron pig) because of its good armor. Because of Gneisenau & Scharnhorst, i played the German BB’s

  14. “She only has 27mm of bow plating”
    Yeah, nevermind the 70mm forward belt that occupies the other half.

  15. Back when I played I really did enjoy the Gneisenau. Back then I had a 62% WR in the sports battleship (212 battles), managed a 30% main battery hit rate as well lol Also yep played it much like a cruiser. With power creep and the up tiering it does suffer though. High point from a random, capping (yeah well) while bow tanking an enemy Gneisenau and Bismarck. They came under fire from another of our battleships and a couple of cruisers moving up to support/cap. I took their gneis with guns and the Bismarck had a rush of shit to the brains and tried a drive by broadside, obviously forgetting about torpedoes. . . I stayed long enough to finish the cap after reinforcements arrived. Didn’t survive long after that but more than enough achieved lol.

  16. “Only has two things wrong with it.”
    Struggles to hit and take a hit.

  17. i actually enjoy my gneisenau, i played a match a few days ago in it and instantly deleted a cruiser at 13km from full health with 3 citadel, went on to kill 2 more and do very well.

  18. 0:19 That was hilarious, and the ‘voice’ was almost spot-on.

  19. Love Gneisey, it’s always in the thick of the action, always enjoys a glorious and heroic death. (what is there to live for if not this) I believe this what Aki was kindly pointing your human attention to.

  20. I loved sailing the Gneisenau and looking for destroyer drivers closing in and then screaming in chat when they’re sunk by the torpedoes.

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