World of Warships – Apocalypse Gneisenau

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you old fool, that’s not a in the thumbnail!” Oh just shut up and enjoy the pun, I spent ages on it!

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  1. 1 visit holy shit, 3 am here

  2. Sometimes when I’m bored, I cover myself in olive oil, roll around on the floor and pretend that I’m a slug. Oh by the way, nice video.

  3. Really?! I have to go to work now.

  4. Right as I was about to fall asleep.. See this pop up in notifications. Sleep will have to wait.

  5. Liked as soon as it started playing, just for the title.

  6. I approve of that title. Magnificent.

  7. Hey Jingles, I know this isn’t really related to the Gneisenau at all but have you heard the story of the Italian cruiser Pola and her role in the Battle of Cape Matapan? It’s pretty ridiculous and quite funny (to me, at least), and the description on Wikipedia doesn’t do it justice.

    Here’s a quick overview:

    1) Pola gets hit by a British torpedo at dusk. Many of the crew panic and jump overboard.

    2) Crew realize that Pola is not sinking after all and climb back on board. They strip off their wet clothes and start to break out the booze. The immobilized Pola calls for a tow and the entire 1st Cruiser Div (including her sisters Zara and Fiume) come to her aid. RN radar spots them as they move in.

    3) Pola mistakes incoming RN battleships for friendlies, fires off a recognition flare and helps the enemy confirm the identity of their radar contacts.

    4) As Zara and Fiume are obliterated, Pola’s crew resign themselves to their fate and descend into total anarchy. Most of the crew jump overboard (again). British boarding parties find hundreds of drunken sailors and empty wine bottles rolling on her deck. Her remaining crew is evacuated and Pola is sunk by RN DDs.

  8. Lol in Australia it’s only 7pm

  9. I do wish you could choose to mount either the 28cm or 38cm guns on the Gneisenau in-game, though.

  10. jingles can sing pretty well. Give us a karaoke video jingles

  11. Nine. Kills.

    Holy. Crap.

  12. Wasn’t the last time he used the “Apocalypse” title the zao video? “Apocalypse zao”

  13. I wonder what will happen if a Yamato and a Musashi go toe to toe…

    Will it have the same outcome as a KV-2 vs a Sturmtiger?

  14. TheNecromancer6666

    Such a great title

  15. How do i never get this lucky in Wow?

  16. And here I thought I have had some amazing results with the Gneisenau … boy was I wrong!

  17. gneise to nau you.

  18. Bless that little Leanders heart, I think it was in the right place despite his faults. X’D

  19. براہمداغ

    Ze boat game

  20. So the Gneisenau has decent speed, torps, secondaries and okeyish tankyness, but drunken main batteries?

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