World of Warships – Apocalypse Zao

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It’s an older title, sir, but it still checks out.
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  1. Good to see the fourth return of this video title :D. Looking forwards to see the fifth sometime next year.

  2. xD 5:25 got me with my pants down and a coffee all over my desk. Thank you for that old man! 😀

  3. I think the easiest solution to the “map border” existing is removing it and putting a 30 second timer in place if you go over it. If you run through that 30 second time you either start taking tick damage at a fairly high rate or you just explode and it won’t reset if you go back into the battle map. Make the boundary line clear sure, but don’t make it a wall that slows you down. You go over that line, there should be consequences.

    • A buffer zone of a few km over the map border makes sense, no speed penalty, but put in an audio/visual warning to the player to return to the battle and face a steep damage over time penalty if they’re not out of it in 15-30 seconds. You’d see border hugging disappear pretty quickly if you could still take damage whilst in the buffer zone. If a player keeps going and leaves the battle zone, their ship explodes – if you die in the buffer zone or explode by leaving the battle area, they’re pink for a game or two.

    • Inflicting damage is out of the question, you know trolls would find a way to push people into it.

    • Just treat it as “retreat from battle”. I.e. remove ship from battle, remove all achievements for that game, but keep the upkeep.

    • @Johannes Rueter And count it as a ‘kill’ for the enemy for scoring purposes.

  4. Had all 4 of my wisdom tooth pulled out today, thanks for keeping me entertained and keeping the pain of my mind jingles

  5. I must always laugh about the names of the german paper ships 😀

    Like – Wargaming just using cliches for making up the ship names

  6. I think the Gnome overlord missed a trick there, that cliff hanger could/should have been milked far more than he did…

  7. “This ship wont be power crept anytime soon” Jingles 2021.

    Wargaming as of next few patches “Did someone say power creep? SAY HELLO TO OUR NEW SHINY SUPER SHIPS!”

    You could say ALOT of ships could use minor buffs here and their for gameplay reasons. For example, due to increases in gun caliber in recent years, i wish high tier cruisers (tier 9s specifically) should have their armor buffed to 30mms (the Central plating), cant tell you how frustrating it is to play a cruiser with 27mm armor, not only does it not help vs HE but anything 16inch or higher (AKA 80% of the ships you fight at tier 8-10) and they just lol pen you making Angling useless.

    The Buffalo for example, sure it gets the cruiser HEAL and a extra turret compared to the Baltimore, BUT GOD THAT SHIP SUCKS! Alaska is just BETTER and now the Tusla exists for Coal (down tiered Des Monies) while it has 27mm armor its got the Des Moines turrets with 1 less barrel each so it kinda makes up for it.

  8. As an other frenchmen, I concur !

  9. A nice fix for borderhumping would be a damage over time while the engine power is reduced. Or just add a flood or fire every 20-30 seconds someone is on the border.

    Rather than ‘fix’ it, just punnish the player who does it.

  10. As silly as it may be, a day without a Jingles video is like going off to work without having a coffee, a smoke (+ the inevitable visit to the big white telephone) and laugh with a good friend. To me it’s what espresso is to Italians: the best possible way to kick off the day.

  11. [12:35] If you see the damage counter during the instant damage control claim, it’s still going up from the fire that was set. I only say that because it’s a beautiful sight when a CV is burning and I want everyone to be able to appreciate it!

  12. Damn, few years of playing and still I was not aware of border aiming issue. Always thought that it was my aim being thrown off by targeted ship suddenly slowing. Thanks!

  13. From one veteran to another, have a great Veteran’s Day, Jingles. Celebrate for those who cannot.

  14. The thing going to a modern Battle with a Longbow and a Sword excludes Mad Jack Churchill I think.

  15. @Jan Mitiska because it would had taken me at least 1 minute to cap with 2 minutes left. Also being down on points with 1 or 2 caps in that specific situation was basically the same. We needed a kill and that was the only way to win there for out team. Generally speaking I agree with you that capping is important, but given the timer and the points in that scenario I decided to open up and try to sink a ship, even if in the end my daring and the Monty were the guys saving the match

  16. Jingles – 11 out of 10. I start my day on the east coast of the USA watching your latest post. The commentary is spot on and where I would deliver comments with acid and buckets of vitriol toward WG, you deliver with humor. And that hurts more. I do miss “The good, the bad and the ugly” videos from Wot, but I fully understand why you’re avoiding that screaming pile of excrement.

  17. It is

  18. ” wows flawless coding ”

    that’s funny 😉

  19. Apart from an HP increase, the Zao could really use a buff to its maximum firing range in order to make taking the reload module a more viable option.

  20. Holy crap what a match!
    One of those “Not even close” am I rite? :’D

  21. They say on Veterans day, to thank a vet. For years, I thanked my dad as he was at Hickham field in Pearl Harbor when the Japanese attacked.
    He’s gone now so thank you Paul for your service!

  22. The Legion is not Amused

    To those veterans amongst you, thank you for your service and sacrifice.

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