World of Warships – Apocalypse Zao Redux

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In which May_Griffin shows us why the Zao has still got it and ain’t afraid of no power creep.

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. WOW I’m actually first. Hi JINGLES!

  2. The title sounds like a name of a novel from James Patterson. lol

  3. On behalf of everyone, Thanks for keeping us entertained through quarantine! Always look forward to the new uploads, makes my day so much better.

  4. m o r n i n, oh heck yea finally another zao replay!

  5. How is he setting fires while firing AP rounds in the begining at like 5 mins or so

  6. There must be a replay glitch because it shows that he’s loading AP ammo but firing HE and setting fires at the beginning of the video.

  7. Weird, he is firing HE but it is showing he is loading AP

  8. The last time I was this early to a Jingles video the Zao’s 30mm armour scheme and good concealment was considered ‘tanky’

  9. Just how I like to start the day jingles and coco pops

  10. I was like “why fire AP at angled Zao?!?”, then a fire popped up o.O

    Dang it WoWs replay..

  11. Funny how i watched jingles wows vid earlier where MC in a Zao, win against a Montana, Des Moines, Shimakaze and Harugumo from last year

  12. Actually Jingles, since the IFHE rework ALL heavy cruisers at T10 received 30mm deck/upper Belt armor.

    Damn that enemy Mino tried so hard. 1.7k base on a loss.

  13. Its a bug

  14. Every DD (Loli Boats) Captain after Subs is introduce:

    can the enemy dd outspot me?
    where is the enemy aircraft squadron?
    where are the enemy radar ships?
    where are the enemy german ships?
    can I cap?
    and where is the enemy subs?

    • Imagine. You are chasing after a sub which just sank the full health BB behind you. And suddenly a torpedo volley from a destroyer arrives and the sub launches pings at you. Then you are radared and while you are being shot at by the cruiser, enemy CV decides to send rocket planes after you.

  15. @Bol3ck yes. But it’s also a letter

  16. @Echo5Delta I would go for the Jan/juice here I think. Describing phonetics in English is a bit hard for me to be honest so I hope that’s sufficient answer

  17. @Odd Magnusson Thanks!

  18. Community: Zao is the posterchild of t10 powercreep.
    Jingles: The zao hasnt suffered any powercreep.
    please dont change.

  19. HunterKiller151

    “…including the *Shokaku* who scored a detonation on the enemy Zao…”

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