World of Warships – Apocalypse Zao

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I’d been holding onto this replay for a review of the Japanese tier 10 cruiser, but then the Open Beta happened and all progress was wiped, so now seems as good a time as any…

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System Specs: Core i7 4820-K 3.7Ghz i7 CPU, 16GB DDR3 RAM, 3GB nVidia GTX780 Ti GPU, running at 1920× resolution

If you have a War Thunder replay just send the .wrpl file to the same address.

Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. Games such as these would be nice to see the damage he took aswell ^_^

  2. Torps are retardedly OP….

  3. Jingles could you do a overview of all the nations in WoW?

  4. Jingles i managed to get 100k dmg in japanese tier 3 cruiser 😀 its easy
    just spam torps :D

  5. Aron Vanhaeverbeke

    Yesterday I lost a game in my Minekaze where I did 178k dmg,18 torp hits..

  6. What happen to the Armour and Armour Pen Values for ships?

  7. He really could have torped the Yamato a lot sooner and come away with more
    health left, may have killed the Pensacola before he went down.

  8. +The Mighty Jingles Hi Mr. Jingles, i have seen your video about HE/AP
    shells usage, but when i try to use AP in my cruisers (got only St. Louis
    and Phoenix right now) it seems that all my AP are doing way less dmg then
    HE even i am shooting at targets in range 8~10km and getting quite a lot of
    hits. Are the ships on those low level tiers so low armored that the AP
    does not use its full potential cos of over penetration?
    Thanks for any tips.

  9. Mikayel Dobrovolski

    why would he get so close loosing almost all of his health and risking 9
    460mm shells when he could have launched it at 7km
    it’s not like he could miss or the yamato can dodge
    stupid move from my point of view

  10. So many citadel pens?aim mod maybe?

  11. did 137 K in my kongo… am i a star?

  12. I cant even run WoW its barely heavier then my pc can handle

  13. Now I don’t feel quite so bad about grinding the godawful Furutaka. ;)

  14. It’s just stupid when in the team list the tiers are mixed up. They are not
    in order like in World of Tanks.

  15. Did Cook111 discovery any new islands for the Queen?

  16. Right around 7:00 he changes his view point to a very high point, how do
    you do that?

  17. Yesterday, I did 120000+ damage in my Wyoming. I had some good long range
    shots at battleships. Than I was the onlyone protecting the flank, and I
    had 2 1v1s. One against Myogi, and one against another Whyoming. After
    that, the battle was over.

  18. I’m grinding for the Shimakaze Zao and Yamato which should I prioritize? I
    enjoy all the ships play style equally.

  19. Funny watching yourself on the losing team. This was in closed beta. I
    never showed up in this video but neither did I do much damage. Our team
    went everywhere and anywhere they wanted. with no plan. No supersize that
    we got beat up.

    Keep up the good work Jingles.

  20. Love the title

  21. Nice video as always 🙂 How can i send you Wows replays?

  22. Really nice vid. By the way I expect that the Zuiho got that much
    experience mainly because he was hitting ships that are much higher tier
    than he was, still a 1000 base xp in a tier 10 match is bretty good I would
    say. Seeing as enemy tier 8 fighter squadrons would jost mow his own down
    and a lot of enemy had to have crazy-arse AA scores, he had to be pretty
    good to even score a torp hit. GG.

  23. Wargaming with Urban

    I did that ammount of damage in a tier 5 american destroyer the nicholas,
    but still he did a very good job!

  24. That alkward moment when you have a 2000$ PC and it’s suddenly broken.. :(

  25. haha kuk

  26. Do another amx elc bis vid

  27. Before the wipe, when I played my Des moines and I would look at the team
    lists at the start, the ships I would be looking for were Zaos!! Other Des
    moines were dangerous of course but Zaos tended to have me more worried. I
    have never played one but I respected them.

  28. for some reason on world of warships i cant buy anything on the gift shop
    like doubloons or a premium ships plz help

  29. Jingles i may say that Yamato must be furios after that action i think that
    he thought”im gona get this guy and win” then cook reacted in a manner
    practicly saying “FUCK YOU YAMATO” so that was interesting and funny

  30. And jingles, Colorado is the t7 merican bb

  31. I like how the chat rager got second to last in XP. Some things never
    change. :)

  32. Why has my ships dissapeared I was up to tier 6 and now there gone shitty
    customer support wont answer any of my questions

  33. Torpedo shotgun!

  34. PaulThePunySteak

    Your name sounds like a Christmas boy band…

  35. Very nice intro music, love your videos.

  36. dat driveby shooting tho.

  37. Jingles is there a way to submit WoWs replays to you? or are you taking
    WoWs replays at the moment?

  38. Just Found out you changed ur name to The mighty Jingles from Bohemianeagle

  39. I love the Yamato drivers’ reaction in chat to getting torped.

  40. Jingles, today in open beta, I played my first 3 matches in the ST. Louis,
    I love it, my third game sucked due to going solo against 5 enemy ships
    with my backup running like greyhounds, anyways, I’d like tips from anyone
    who owns the ship and is good at it.

    +The Mighty Jingles 

    • Go in as second line ship, troll other ships that are concentrating on the
      frontline ships with ur ridiculous fire rate and 9-gun broadside. Refrain
      from taking damage if possible but don’t be afraid to take damage to secure
      a kill on a high value target.
      P.S. Use HE as u will set them on fire a lot

    • Just go in and fk everybody, it s so fking OP

  41. “nothing but love” ~enemy Carrier Captain ; lol

  42. Jingles the Colorado is the tier 7 battleship! The North Carolina is the
    tier 8 Battleship.

  43. Is it a replay thing or are all those damage repairs not working?

  44. WoT was a huge disappoint, the grind in that game is unreal, but with
    WoW(Warships, not the RPG xD) they fix that, it is a beautifully fun game,
    and if you haven’t gotten it yet, you should.

    TL:DR; world of warships, 10/10, would play again.

  45. If you use real money in the open beta test will you get it back in final
    release ?

  46. Fillefjonkas fjonk

    Couldbt ignorera the fact that kuk Means d*ck in swedish

  47. Shouldn’t it be a fail squadron? Since squadron is a naval term and all.

  48. Jingles, what is your opinion on the Premium tier 4 Japanese battleship,
    the Ishizuchi?

  49. Best video I have seen in a while 

  50. Mellan Himmel Och Jord

    hahah his name is KUK = Penis , Dick

  51. Do a Des Moines replay!
    I had it in CB and it is a beast

  52. Yamato has the biggest guns ever put on a battleship. The Japanese Long
    Lance torpedoes were true monsters. They had very long range and a heavy
    warhead. That is why they provide so much killing power, regardless of the
    vessel they are launched from. The Zao showed that, within their effective
    range, her torpedoes could outdo her guns. Good luck and play hard folks.

  53. Started playing only a week ago. Cant stop. Help me.

  54. Jingles, you do know that kuk means dick?

  55. That was gold,

  56. Richard Jorissen

    how do you enable replay recording?

  57. Absolutely brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. since open beta my best is at 144,344 damage in one battle in my Kuma, that
    was a good battle to finish the grind to furutaka (which is crap)

  59. That was me in the Yamato (I’m gnauhZ it’s my last name backwards)
    I fully expected the Zao to do what it did but I planned on waiting until
    he showed his broadside before firing at his citadel. I didn’t know when he
    would turn so I withheld firing my main guns (you can see I didn’t fire
    them once during that engagement) since it would do jack if I hit him
    directly. When he did manage to turn he was so close that my main batteries
    could not turn fast enough to get a shot in. This was when I just got that
    ship so I was still learning it’s weaknesses.

  60. jingles u should live stream with quicky baby one last time

  61. uhhh what?
    10 torpedoes per side?

  62. Jingles, I see on Yahoo news the British will build two all new 65,000 ton
    aircraft carriers. Glade to see Briton back in the carrier game.

  63. I really want to get in this game but i just don’t understand shit about
    this game :(

  64. Richard Gustafsson

    How to save replays?

  65. How do you get your replays off of WoW? Just had a 3k xp and 300+K credit
    game in my Minekaze.

  66. Bram Schoenmakers

    Why is kuk’s damage repair ability not giving Health when hè uses it?

  67. I picked WoWS up yesterday, I have a question: how can I fire my
    And Jingles, what you said about wiping everyones progress… What did you
    exactly mean? That all your ships will be removed from your account?

  68. Someone_who_is_sad_and_will_die.

    When WG will fix 0fps drop and 500 ping problem ?

  69. Nickname of that enemy carrier captain, makes me as stargate fan smile. :)

  70. That was really awesome! Can’t wait to make it past tier five lol.

  71. Seeing that damage it now makes me wish i could have saved my 137k DD game.

  72. how do you record with no record ability in the game…sry I know its a
    stupid question

  73. Playing this game on my Mac at 17FPS and still kicking ass lmao.

  74. suck my kuk

  75. Hikaru Katayamma

    Where’s the replay file stored? How do you enable it? All my google
    searches take me to threads that are locked from my accessing, despite
    having been in the closed beta.

  76. Is it just me or are air launched torps way too strong…
    If even something as mobile as a cruiser cant avoid them?
    How can battleships even deal with them?

    They need a nerf like yesterday.

  77. the Yamato in chat, haha “I don’t know what I expected”

  78. Hey Jingles, My buddy and I have been having a lot of fun with destroyers,
    torping battleships and carriers and such. We are only at the teir 2-3
    destroyers so its pretty easy to kill those South Carolinas. However, one
    or both of us die fairly early into the game, and I was wondering if you
    could give some advive/tactics to stay alive in the early game of a match.
    Anyone feel free to comment ;)

    • +mud smoke nerf was a little too strong. before it was OP as fuck, now it’s
      pretty useless for things like attack runs and covering friendlies. i used
      to like to pop it early to cover my BBs as they fired from range, but now
      it doesn’t last long enough to give them much cover before they drive past
      it. now all it’s good for is escaping. imo it should last maybe 10 seconds
      longer than current. in CBT it was way too strong tho XD.

      it’s a little annoying how easy and frequently my engine gets knocked out.
      i can deal with it, but it seems unrealistically frequent.

      vocal torp alerts haven’t seemed to hurt my hit rate yet, but that may be
      cuz the nubs haven’t learned to play yet.

      overall i would say it was necessary. DDs were way too strong in closed, to
      the point where it wasn’t fun beating up on BBs anymore. now it’s a fun
      challenge. last night i bagged 3 BBs with an island corner run, almost had
      a 4th but he shot me a split second before i could get the angle to launch.
      so yeah, DDs are still lethal.

    • +oldfrend What do you think about the recent nerfs to the DDs? Warranted?
      Unwarrented? I did not get to play during CBT, but I heard they were a lot
      better during it.

    • +Lunchbox2501 learn your detection range of your ships and learn your torp
      range. know them by heart. try to stay between the two, and always be ready
      to *run away*. i could write a phD thesis on DD combat, but that’s the 101
      version. DDs are the most complex class to learn, but stick with it and
      it’s the most fun you’ll ever have.

  79. Vladimír Kubinec

    PAWG and cuck, nice team lol

  80. Sexy ships. 1. Yamato, 2 Zao, 3 Kongo 4 Iowa and then the rest is nothing.
    Well, Eire is kind of cool to.

    • +Carl Eriksson Just wait till you see the Italian ships.

    • +Carl Eriksson If you want more sexy ships, you’ll have to wait for the
      Kriegsmarine. 😛 Scharnhorst, Gneisenau, Bismarck, Tirpitz, Blücher, etc.
      all sexy as fuck 😀

  81. The Zao’s 20.3cm/50cal guns are unique – they’ve got even better accuracy,
    shell velocity and penetration than other 8-inch guns including those on
    the Des Moines. If he presents his broadside, you can citadel a North
    Carolina or Amagi from 10-12 km with this thing and against cruisers even
    angled hits cna score citadels.

  82. American cruisers are named after cities
    American battle ships are named after states
    American destroyers are named after marine and navy heroes
    Just noticed that…

  83. -who are you ?
    -I’m the kuk.

  84. Jingles, check out the “Aiming Expert” commander skill: a 45 second 180
    degree turn (180 / 45 = 4 deg/sec) would only take 27.7 seconds (180 / 27.7
    = 6.5 deg/sec) for calibers up to 155mm.

    Not too shabby.

    • +onebigfatguy ehh I think it’s a skill mostly for destroyers anyway. Also
      the ROF on Japanese Destroyers still sucks, this doesn’t fix that issue
      (they still won’t be equal to the American destroyer guns – which is fair
      since Japanese get better torpedoes).

    • +tactlessone it’s not a bad skill. But I feel it should have said “Up to
      203mm” rather then 155mm seeing as the Japanese stop using them at tier 5
      and the US at 7 and it would really help fighting DD’s that decide to get
      in close and try and out speed your turrets(most can past tier 7)

  85. That enemy carrier driver may have done an excellent job on the individual
    drops, but why would he choose a t10 cruiser as his primary target? Just
    slamming wave after wave of planes into a cruiser’s AA barrage doesn’t seem
    like the smartest thing.

  86. kinda obsolete cuz AA got the crap nerfed out of it at the end of closed
    beta and also did you notice 6:32 that the damage repair ability actually
    didnt recover a single hitpoint in his ship it stays right 26470 and does
    not tick up over time either. So whatever this ability shouldve
    did not.

  87. shadowtailsthewarrio

    wait how do we send in our world of warships replays to you

  88. People already have tier 10 ships!? I just reached tier 5…. ;-;

  89. torp attacks like the one on that battleship.. wont be happening in the
    future, heard torp arming distance is getting changed to 1km, a popular
    opinion that shouldve happend durring CBT. 1km is still point blank range
    in my opinion but at least there is some time to change course and perhaps
    dodge a couple torps, (also you could potentionally drive into them before
    they arm)

    • +adeafkid horseshit. if you let someone get that close to you in the first
      place you’ve already failed and deserve to be ‘holed below the water line’.
      the game doesn’t need to be nerfed just for nubs that can’t deal with
      suicide tactics.

    • +adeafkid 1km is still far to close to avoid unless your in a DD. they need
      to make the arm distance 2 to 2.5 km at a minimum to give cruisers and
      battleships even a small chance. you have to remember that torp speed past
      tier 5 is almost always over 60+ knots.

  90. As much fun is this game to play, it’s not entertaining to watch someone
    else playing it….

  91. did he launch aircraft at the end?

  92. That Old Milk Carton

    The only time I ever played the Zao was during the April Fool’s Space
    Battleship Yamato event, and it’s been buffed a LOT since then, but even
    back then I fuckin LOVED it. And it doesnt hurt that it is I.M.O. he
    sexiest ship in the game.

  93. Hi Mr. Jingles, Went the German and Italy Ship is come out? there was good
    ship in WWII

  94. Title is an Apocalypse Now reference?

  95. Ragnar Bloodsmoke

    Kuk Means dick in swedish….

  96. What I would love to see in WOWS, a combined damage total so I don’t have
    to tot it up in my head.

  97. This is the only similarity between arty and carriers, before the game
    properly starts people have taken a massive hit, and I think jingles has
    that experience with his IS-7. To be honest shit like this annoys me.

  98. not surprised about the pensacola being citted so bad. Thing is a sailing
    citadel with no real armor to protect it. Great ship, but you need to stay
    at range and dodge shots or you will die quickly. Close range and you’re a
    lost cause to start with. (CBT USN Cruiser captain)

  99. I feel bad for the Tier V Zuiho…

  100. The Exploding Mushrooms !?

    Where THE HELL R THE WAR THUNDER VIDS patch 1.51 came out u know!!!

  101. LAST!

  102. sparrisrevolution

    “They are all going fore kuk” lol

  103. Hell yeah. I got the Zao just before the end of CBT and it immediately
    turned into my favorite ship, taking over the Montana’s spot. I’m not
    hustling up the tech tree in OBT because there just aren’t enough people in
    higher tier, but the Zao is the only ship I truly want to get my hands on
    again. Had to make a video for it, too, because I love the svelte ship so

  104. It’s a beautiful ship. 

  105. This game looks promising, similar game mechanics like Battlestations

  106. War Thunder video Jingles? Please T_T

  107. Changing “apocalypse” to “chairman” in the title would have made the video
    much more appealing jingles 

  108. I love the smell of torpedus in the morning!

  109. They’ve chosen the worst possible name for this ship :T

    • +Comberrium Complain to the japanese community 😉

    • Richard Gustafsson

      I swear I heard it from somewhere. Maybe even before the 1800’s and 1700’s

    • +moosenugget7
      Influencing is a whole other concept though. Nobody said they didn’t
      influence eachother, it’s bound to happen to any country which are that
      close geographically. It’s not a matter of getting along or not, many
      countries have influenced eachother through war. But being influenced
      doesn’t equal “almost being the same”…

    • +Iono Sama You’re absolutely right, Japan and China absolutely didn’t (and
      still don’t today to some extent) like each other. Totally understand OP’s
      dislike of the Zao name as it does sound more Chinese. However, they did
      get along at one point in time. Matter of fact, kanji, is basically the
      Japanese borrowing Chinese characters. To say China and Japan never
      influenced each other isn’t 100% true.

    • Iono Sama (IonoTheFanatic)

      +Richard Gustafsson you could say that from the very founding of Japan, the
      2 pretty much never got along… hell, the ancient legend of where Japan’s
      ancestor came from pretty much nailed the nature of the relationship
      between the 2…

      the wars, and raid since then (and poor Korea stuck in between) just
      ensured that it would take a miracle for the 2 to get along with each

  110. “no spoilers”…then goes ahead and spoils a few minutes later))

  111. KUK in swedish is=dick in eng

  112. I kinda fail to understand what are battleships for in this game. I mean…
    literately anything can sink them in 1v1 situation.

    • +TheRazgrizBlaze All battleships have long range, but the problem is that
      their guns are inacurate even at ranges to 10km. Either that or I do not
      posses the magic of controlling RNG, because my shots at that range fall
      short or long in the same salvo. Only one or two hit the target. And unlike
      cruisers, BB can not afford missing, because in that reload time cruiser
      can dish out 5 more salvos.

    • +Timur Pirkhal
      As soon as he turns away the yamato should turn back into the cap circle.
      Yes the cruiser is faster as it moves away but it’s not nearly as
      threatening as a broadside of torps. Every move you make in a BB needs to
      counter the enemy or the BB loses. I can’t remember the stats but I swear
      the Yamato has more range than the Zao. I can’t access my game because I’m
      in another country right now.

      I’d expect that tking and campers would be a problem with open beta but
      since this was during the CBT fleets normally moved up as one massive
      group. TBH that yamato should have never pushed through mid. That tends to
      be heavily defended by DDs spamming torpedos at anything that pops its head
      through the islands.

    • +TheRazgrizBlaze That would only delay what was coming for him if Zao
      decided to go with the plan he did, or get to a completely different story
      if he decide to turn away from BS and use long range fire. None of what you
      say gives me a slightest impression that Yamato would come out as winner in
      this situation. Also, about charge leading… I’ve figured that this is not
      the case with BB as I get team killed by everyone who have torpedoes on
      them when I do. But when I don’t, no one moves forward an inch, they all
      stuck behind a single island and wait for destroyers to come around it and
      finish the job…

    • +Timur Pirkhal TBH all newbie players should start with the USN cruiser
      line as it allows them to get used to fights in the game. IJN cruisers if
      you want to get used to the destroyers of either navies.

      Unfortunately what tends to happen is that people join and play as a BB
      thinking it’s a heavy tank which leads the assault which it’s not supposed
      to. I could write a guide on how to use them but that would be long and
      boring. So I’ll just use the example above.

      What the guy above did is stop in the cap circle and his bow was closer to
      the Zao than the stern. This is pretty much a death pose, an easy
      stationary target that can’t respond to torpedo warnings. If I was in his
      position I would have turned away at max speed but still travelling in such
      a way that with a small turn all 3 guns would come to bear on him.

    • +Magni56 Yeah, well, Zao can get a range and endlessly spray HE over
      Yamato. No mater how good the guns on Yamato are, on big ranges all
      battleships somehow loose much more accuaricy then cruisers or destroyers.
      And about 1 v 1s… Against carrier? Nah… Against cruiser? Just said how
      it’d go. Against destroyers… They can stay out of spotting range and
      still hit you with torpedoes, which reload faster then guns on BS and do
      hell of a lot more damage. Sooo yeah… I am not a pro ofc, but I doubt
      that people I meet at tier 4 so far are all much more skilled then me.

  113. why anyone would ever sail anything else then a cruiser is beyond me

    • Richard Gustafsson

      There will always be bots playing in low tier so don’t you worry 😉

    • +RogerWilco Ahh yes the T3-4 BB’s are less exciting than the T5 and above.
      They still have their uses and playstyle but I mainly stick to T5 and
      above. I am not looking forward to getting back to my PC after the holiday
      to try and get the Kongo back because everyone will be T5-10. I’m also
      gonna miss late night games where you play with the same 10 people over and
      over again because lack of people playing.

    • +mud same here… I am liking my DDs and CAs, but not my one BB at the

    • +RogerWilco That’s exactly what I am doing. I am at about a 50-50 split
      between good games and bad games in my battleship and it is absolutely
      infuriating to play, but goddamn I want to try out a carrier.

    • +Eric Gorter Boring.

  114. how to get those citadel shots ?

  115. The Zao is epic. The guns have incredible low dispersion so even when you
    fire at max range you will get quite a few shells on target. The torps are
    fast as fuck too.

  116. This was when AP rounds mattered in non battleship vs battleship fights and
    when secondary armaments actually hit targets.

    • It only matters at long range depending on your main battery caliber size.

    • +Digital Death
      Protip: They still do. I love it when noobs spam HE at my Aoba while
      showing their broadside. Just pump AP into that waterline and then put out
      the fires.

  117. Khristophoros1001

    Kuk!… hehe funny! :P

  118. Jingles what if they add U boats?

    • +CrimsonDynomo117
      We have but this is 2015 not 2009 and gamers, especially multiplayer pvp
      gamers perceive any slight advantage as “overpowered”, any slight
      disadvantage as “broken” and have the patience of an ADHD goldfish on
      crack. Unfortunately *those* are the majority of gamers and those are who
      the likes of Wargaming and Gaijin are aiming their games at.

    • CrimsonDynomo117

      +WrathOfTHeOlimpus Please cite your sources.

    • WrathOfTHeOlimpus

      +CrimsonDynomo117 world of warships is better without submarines.

    • CrimsonDynomo117

      +Pierre Akol Why is it none of you people seem to have played or heard of
      the Battlestations series of games, which were very much like this game,
      had subs, were balanced, and were damn fun. Look em up. Battlestations
      Pacific was the most recent.

    • +Unfluffy Dave nice auto-balancer then eh?
      *wouldn’t need to worry about the issue of everyone using them if you
      actually have to be worth a shit to use one, lol….
      (good and rewarding units that take skill to use, like BBs when right)

  119. Jingles could you please put up a war thunder vid? It’s been quite a while

  120. 11:00 OUHH THAT ONE HURT! … will leave a mark!

  121. patrick Katalenas

    get the Yamato, jingles!! :D

  122. Ending is a perfect example of why even high-tier battleships are fairly
    miserable to play and why cruisers rule this game mightily.

  123. Jingles, will you be reviewing the new premium Japanese battleship?

  124. Hi. I need opinions on JPN Destroyer line.
    Can anyone, who went all the way to tier X, tell me if the claims about
    destroyers between tier 6-9 (JPN) being bad to play or underpowered (i read
    those at forums) is true? I’m at tier 5 now and people say stick with.

    • +Akın Şanlı
      Tier 6 is kind of a crapshoot because you’re worse than the Minekaze – your
      torps aren’t really better, the launcher arrangement is less flexible and
      the reloads are longer. And you don’t really get any substantial
      improvements in return.
      Hatsuharu at T7 is also kinda eh because she’s got the same launcher
      arrangement (though better torps) and worse camouflage in return for being
      the first IJN with halfway useable guns.
      Fubuki at T8 OTOH is love. 6 somewhat useable guns, 3*3 torpedo launchers
      with 10km or 15km range and with the concealment modification you’re
      actually harder to spot than the Hatsuharu.

  125. I’m finding that getting citadel penetrations is extremely difficult.
    Despite that fact that I’m in my Myogi, firing AP shells into the flat
    broadside of a cruiser 3km away and two tiers lower then me. I’m aiming at
    the water line, below the smoke stacks(supposedly where the boiler room is)
    and I only occasionally get them. Sometimes I try aiming for the magazine
    below the turrets with the same lack of results.
    Is this a problem with low tier Battle Cruisers, or am I doing something

    • But the problem is, how do you know that the lowered damage is an
      over-penetration, or non-penetrating spall damage? Or that you hit but
      missed the citadel?
      I’m surprised they don’t list AP values and armor thickness like in WoT,
      would be helpful.

    • I’m still a n008, but just as a ballpark I wouldn’t use AP when playing
      as a battleship against cruisers and destroyers closer than 5km. Probably
      not good to use them even further than that. At the port, you can see the
      full AP damage of the shells. I would watch the damage done to ships and if
      it is much lower than that, switch to HE

    • I kinda figured it was something like that. Is there a way to check your
      penetration values? I haven’t seen it.

    • +Ichorslick99 over penetration. you are too close to shoot a cruiser with
      ap as a battleship

  126. huuuh… hum… do everyone count manually, or is the total damage dealt
    written somewhere?

    • +SerenityRadiance i know, i was asking if there was a way to be a lazy
      scrub and not make the total yourself

    • +SerenityRadiance
      Yes but those were still seperated between AP, HE, fire, flooding, and
      torpedo damage. The sum of all those damage isn’t written and u count by

    • SerenityRadiance

      +DarkAngelZz59 You can see it in the post-battle screen when you open the
      “personal performance” tab, as well as see what it was that did the damage:
      AP/HE shells, fires/flooding, torpedoes, secondary batteries, ramming, and
      aircraft. During the battle, though, you’ve only got the floating numbers.

    • +Hanif Siraj oooh… why would wargaming implant a function useful like
      that anyways

    • +DarkAngelZz59 count manually obviously

  127. Jingles should be in the “Last Ship”….whenever something bad is
    happening, like an enemy ship attack: “Surprise!!! it’s meee >:)” 😀
    really Jingles you should watch “Last Ship” :)

  128. More like Apocalypse Zoo the kind of games I’ve been seeing later in the
    OBT. Atrocious play.

  129. My first impression upon seeing the Zao was: “That’s a cruiser!!!” 🙂

    I’m only on Tier 2 LoL

  130. The Zao’s torps are amazing. via +

  131. Southern Connecticut Airsoft


    Actually Jingles, the Colorado is a tier 7 Battleship.


  132. Jingles, I dare u to walk into a public space and scream “we did it boys”
    then walk away

  133. How do you turn on the list of names/ships on the sides of the screen?

  134. I still don’t know why you like the New Orleans.

    • +buk1237 good guns, great AA so you don’t get TB’d, and its agile.

      People that don’t like getting hit by Torpedoes tend to like USN CAs.

  135. Nah, I think we will start the apocolypse later. I’m also not playing World
    of Warships until there is an option to turn off chat. Can’t deal with the
    assholes that have wormed their way into the open beta test. It’s like the
    reading the YouTube comment section…..

  136. never seen any tier 10 gameplay yet so this should be fun

  137. Hahahaha jingles the guy playing is not named Cook, oh no no no he is named
    kuk wihch is Swedish for dickXD

  138. SilentScream1337

    Jingles get a press account so you can show us everything.
    BaronVonGames has one and so does PhlyDaily.

  139. Dang I may need to rethink moving down the IJN cruiser line.

  140. Shows you how bullshit Carriers are. Even when sending his aircraft at a
    class of ship DESIGNED to neutralize them, using a cooldown DESIGNED to
    make those aircraft even more useless, that carrier driver is still doing
    horrendous damage to that Zhao. yes, he is losing planes, but had the Zhao
    not had a BB class ability he’d be dead.

    • +onebigfatguy No idea.

    • +Sir Broadsword Saw that as well. seems like maybe a replay bug? or is the
      skill itself bugged?

    • +rob clay From what I saw, the BB ability barely repaired any damage at all.

    • SerenityRadiance

      +rob clay Your reasoning is flawed- a single ship should not be able to
      completely and permanently negate the armament of a carrier- nobody would
      play them because they’d be useless after the first assault. Remember that
      the aircraft that the Zhao shot down represent firepower that the aircraft
      carrier *never gets back* throughout the remainder of the game.
      Overwhelming airpower is destructive initially, but it’s also very fragile.
      I don’t think that carriers are op except in tier IV matches when nobody
      has significant AAA.

    • +rob clay agree. They need to undo the AAA nerf from 3.1.5 and give back
      Cruisers the AAA power needed to swat cancer sky torps from the air.

  141. nice video

  142. Glad to see a WWoS video again.

  143. Julopabene Bananenplantage

    I think the platoon of the Zuiho and the BB was to allow the Zuiho a faster
    grind, because like artillery in WoT, you are not in direct danger when
    driving one of these carriers and you still have the options to deliver a
    massive punch.

  144. It’s pronounced ya-mo-toe

  145. Kuk haha

  146. What is the point of going all the way to tier 10 if your ships are going
    to be reset when the game goes live? I’m actually curious what the reason
    is. Is it just if you wanna try the ships or do the ships not get reset

  147. kostas davazoglou

    the yamato captain atleast sawthe funny side in the chat 😛
    10:30: “show me your broadside lol”
    40 seconds later: “idk what i expected”

  148. DES MOINES OR ZAO??!!


    • Beakmans Apprentice

      +ZGuy0fSci That’s a tough choice… I wonder if it’s all just one’s
      personal preference…

    • +SovietFilms Much answering for Question worthy asking. ;’3

    • +ZGuy0fSci much explanation

    • +Peter Melicher Do you like Gunfighting or Torps?
      Playing Escort or Lead-Attacker ?

      IJN are a “You vs the Enemy” , USN are “You as part of a Team” style of

      Do you wish to stay stealthed as you hunt torpedo targets and avoid the
      enemy “U-Boat” style, if so go IJN DDs. The guns are ok being good enough
      for harassment fire and self-defence if you are good but not what matter
      Not a bad choice for loners if good at running away.
      (for those not wanting to ever be seen if can help it)

      If however you are a pro at dodging hellfire of gunfire and prefer working
      as part of a group doing scouting for then using said groups of allies as
      cover while you shell the living fuck out of enemies, then USN DDs are
      great to use against other less good DD drivers to protect your fleet along
      with having ‘ok’ AA gunnery.
      Not for those who want to “go it alone” as much as fight as a team.
      (for those that know when it is ‘safe’ to be seen and love adventure and

      Same for IJN vs USN CAs, that USN CL/CH units are Escort Ships first as
      with the Yubari, built for gunfighting at the limits of their range never
      getting closer than they have to as they dodge all enemy fire, some of em
      having torpedoes.

      Your big thing in IJN CL/CH ships is hunting the enemy BBs and CAs with
      torpedoes along with gunfire closing the gap still having the guns to deal
      with DDs but not the AA firepower to negate CVs so not being good escorts.
      Its more about fighting as a smaller team group as rather than being with
      the main group.

      USN CAs are all about again Team Support, both having and providing with on
      the average FAR better AA than IJN cruisers along with having LOTS of guns
      that fire faster making USN CL/CH ships that more deadly vs DDs.
      Again though, fighting as a group is important as it gives them someone
      else to shoot at thus USN CAs are best used alongside BBs as escorts to
      protect BBs but also such that BBs give enemies an “easier” target to fire
      at as a distraction so USN CAs can do their work as the ‘real’ threat.

      So the biggest question being,

      Do you want to focus on blending into groups as a ‘team dynamic’ based
      playstyle ship, Or do you prefer actively hunting the enemy with one or two
      allies namely DDs and other CAs using Torpedoes?

      *Also to take note that USN ships are more agile on the average.

    • +SovietFilms Typical American fanboy?.. Well, if you want to use the better
      of the two, then you should go with Shimakaze ;P

  149. Beautiful suicide torpedo run.

  150. Lol ive run into that enemy carrier before

  151. Gearing or shimakaze

  152. Er, Jingles, you have played the Zao before…it’s the Zaya in the World of
    Starships…well, close enough, anyway, since it was based from when it’s
    still called the Senjo…

  153. Tanker Dude (Tank3rDude)

    This is why I always use AP on my cruisers unless I am shooting at a BB.

  154. I think I’d try to fire torpedoes at that Pensacola at the end.
    Also, one of my games in Chikuma tier II IJN cruiser – 43,5 k dmg, 3
    enemies sunk…. team still lost. It is like WoT all over again!

    • subtlewhatssubtle

      +Andrew Kuklis Looking at the vid again I admit I would’ve thought you were
      trying to go in for the ram as well after reading that in chat. Just makes
      that full brace of torp hits all the sweeter. 😉

    • Haha. You think he would have, I mistakenly typed “going in” in all chat 😉

    • subtlewhatssubtle

      +Andrew Kuklis That was still a brilliant torp run on that Yamato
      beforehand. I don’t think he saw it coming until he ate the entire salvo.

    • +Andrew Kuklis Like Jingles said, it is very different in battle.

    • +CrazyChemistPL

      hey crazy this is kuk111, i beat myself up about not firing my torps also
      post battle. in the heat of the fight i was just focusing on getting well
      aimed rounds on that last guy.

  155. ബോസ്പാണ്ടി MA,M.Phil

    dis game is overrated

    • +ബോസ്പാണ്ടി MA,M.Phil actually no… i haven’t seen any posts about the
      game being super total best game of the year lol, but i must say i like the
      game and it plays good and is often fun, overall good graphics and gameplay
      so it is very enjoyable, if you don’t like ships then that is kinda like
      your problem and you should simply not play it maybe lel kek…

  156. Well jingles how much exp do you think a a level5 CV gets if he does even
    just a little damage agist level 7 plus ships? ,-) there is a reason for
    this fail platoons.

  157. Are they going to wipe the entire progress again once the game is out of
    closed beta and released? Or do we keep the progress? Or do we get another
    premium ship (like the arkansas beta)?

    great video once agian Jingles, but how do you save replays of WoWS? I
    couldnt figure it out. I had a 5 kill, 168 hits defeat that I wanted to put
    up on youtube, but I couldn’t find the replay :(

  158. i find the Zao too clunky and slow, i loved the ibuki more, that ship is
    unfairly good

  159. Edwin Chao (Mr Tempestman)

    Is the title a reference to the film “Apocalypse now”?

  160. Where’s War Thunder Jingles? You promised to do a the latest war thunder
    patch review. 

  161. Holy shit, that torp damage.

  162. Too short for a review

  163. BluecatProductions11

    My fav ship!!

  164. We need more Warships vids, a 6 day spread is just wrong Jingles! Gief more

  165. TheMoonlitFaerie

    If you spam HE at everything, you’re playing IJN cruisers wrong. Their key
    advantage over the american ones is that their guns seem vastly more likely
    to get citadel hits, and at mid tiers, they’ve bigger guns and feel tougher
    armourwise over US cruisers. A cleveland is still the cleveland, don’t get
    me wrong, but I’ve never feared one in my myoko, as long as I can get close
    enough to make AP work. Torpedos are just icing on the cake. So yeah, good
    evidence of that in this replay, top Zao work :D

  166. Well it looks like i need to play more World of Warships!

  167. _Cpt_Oblivious_36 _

    Love the Japanese cruiser’s its all about those torpedo’s and guns mixed, I
    like my american Cruisers too, just crap torpedos till tier 8+ tho, im
    almost to tier 4 in japanese cruisers (ya im a newb)

  168. Jaffa Kree haha SG1 fan!! good man great show

  169. 5 quid says that kuk111 is swedish… and then kuk = d i c k……. just
    saying… ;)

  170. Jingles, check out fractured space again. Its been a millennium since you
    played it. Its improved quite a lot

  171. apparently the zao has really good armor piercing.

  172. There really isn’t anything “bristling” about the torpedo tubes on the
    Furutaka Jingles.

  173. “The Desmoines has the same caliber guns with more DPM, making the Zao lose
    in a 1 v 1!!”

    Yea, but the Zao is for real men.

  174. In my language Zao means Evil, so yeah..

  175. Darko Dimitrijevic

    Zao means evil in many balkan languages :D

  176. A love the look of the IJN cruisers but a lot of them aren’t that good as
    it seems.

    I got the T5 Furutaka yesterday and my god…is it a useless ship. It’s
    turrets turn as slow as the ones on BBs, the torps only have 6 km range,
    the ship is one big citadel for BBs to hit…

    It doesn’t mean that every game with this ship will be bad, but every game
    would probably be better in any other T5 ship.

    In the CBT the (now T6) Aoba was one of the most hated ships in the game.
    Now people are like “Yes, the Furutaka sucks, but just grind through it and
    you will get the Aoba! That one is much better!”
    So one of the worst ships of the CBT has become the “grind goal” of an even
    worse ship, that is supposed to be on par with the Cleveland of all
    ships…probably one of the strongest ships in the game on her tier. What
    is WG thinking?

    So keep that in mind you you go for the IJN cruisers…

  177. I not gonna touch US or Jap Battleships !
    Where is German and British Battleship ?
    Bismark !

    • +Denis David Damsa
      Bismarck was a meh design – pretty much a warmed-up and enlargened WWI-era
      ship including the outdated armor scheme. Almost 25% more diplacement than
      a King George V-class with comparable protection and the same number and
      caliber of main guns. 8,000 tons of extra displacement and the only
      advantage were 2 knots more top speed.
      H-41 was slightly smaller than the Yamato and was proposed with 8*17in
      guns. It’s the most likely candidate for Tier 10 on he german BB line.

    • Denis David Damsa

      +The Warlord of the Rising Sun Maybe. I mean, the Bismark could do 30 knts.
      And besides, the H class battleships, after the H39, are bigger and better
      than the Yamato.

    • The Warlord of the Rising Sun

      +My Hentai Girl >.> If anything the Bismarck is overrated, it only had
      15-inch guns, 8 of them mounted in 4 double turrets (mind the Nagato, the
      tier 7 IJN Battleship had 16-inch guns, also in 4 double turrets, and the
      USS Colorado, the American tier 7 Battleship had the exact same armament),
      not to mention the Kriegsmarine mostly consisted of U-Boats, and had only
      one Fleet Carrier (the Graf Zeppelin) and never finished it’s 5 planned
      auxiliary carriers. It’s been announced that the Bismarck is only going to
      sit at tier 7-8, and the upper tiers will be the fantasy ships that were
      never built like the H-39. And considering the Yamato has 18-inch guns, 9
      of them, even more guns than the Bismarck had in total, it would get
      slaughtered if the gun calibers and their damage remain as they are. The
      Royal Navy, however, was more well balanced but I still think it was a good
      choice to use the USN and IJN as the first major nations as they had the
      most complete navies throughout the time period from World War I to World
      War II.

    • Japan Naval is overrated

  178. how to switch between wide torpedo spread and narrow torpedo cone?

  179. Kuk I Swedish and means dick.

  180. How do you enable replays in wows open beta? I want to save some games that
    I play but don’t know how.

  181. Great game by Kuk. Nice feint with the torpedoes and then just about kills
    the pensacola. Well played.

  182. Not sure what i think about that Yamato kill. I tought the Torpedos had to
    arm first before they actually damage anything? If that’s supposed to be
    enough time for them to arm i think that’s kind of BS. Seems much like
    driving an IS7 and getting oneshot by Arty…

    • They must have changed that when they moved to open beta. This was a closed
      beta replay.

    • +Jamie Crisalli -Not true. When you change to torp’ view, the clear space
      before the start of the green and grey firing the arming range.

    • +Archoncommando Only torpedoes dropped by planes have an arming time. Those
      delivered by ships are live as soon as they hit the water.

  183. Thanks for the video. I won’t mind the salt mies as long as you give us a
    video daily.

  184. how can you save replays in warships anyway?

  185. kuk111 had I really inappropriate name.

  186. Excellent strategy and tactics by the Zhao river.

  187. Malzahar Prophet of the Void

    Lol perfect name

  188. brilliant move by the cruiser captain :)

  189. I really don’t know when should I use AP shells. Whenever I fire them at
    Battleships (because that’s what everybody says I should do) they either
    bounce or do minimal damage… When’s the best time to use AP and in which

    • Iono Sama (IonoTheFanatic)

      +Nadir R The rule of thumb is… CAN YOU PENETRATE HIS CITADEL OR NOT?

      and for this you basically think of it like a tank penetration scenario to
      an extent…

      a BB at an angle at you??? and you are a cruiser with only 203mm guns at
      best? forget about AP then because you will almost never penetrate his
      citadel baring some luck or very thin citadel roof armor on some BB

      that’s like shooting a Maus at 30 degree angle with his lower plate covered
      and his turret at an angle as well… with a 90mm… a waste of AP shell…

      But a cruiser presenting his broadside at you at less then 10km??? YES
      PLEASE… because cruisers armor while not too shabby at an angle, is
      generally not enough to protect the belly from most AP shells… from
      directly port or starboard of the ship…

      everything basically is centered on the chance to penetrate and damage the

      if your AP can do it, you always take it and hit them for massive damage…
      if you can’t then HE against superstructure (NOT THE BELLY) will do more…

    • KingOfRotterdam16

      +Nadir R AP at distance, shots will come from above where armor is thin. HE
      at close range.

    • The Warlord of the Rising Sun

      +Nadir R AP is good on cruisers (mostly heavy cruisers however) because
      they have just enough armor so that the shells don’t over-penetrate, AP is
      also good on BBs at long range because of plunging fire, the shells dive
      into the lightly armored decks and hit the citadel, but at close range all
      the shells hit the armored belt and they don’t penetrate. HE is better in
      close range situations against BBs. In DDs I fire all HE, whether I’m in
      one or shooting at one, and when I’m in a BB I shoot all AP except at DDs.

    • +Nadir R One thing I didn’t see mentioned in replies to you: plunging fire.
      At longer distances (basically, the outside edge of your effective range of
      main batteries) your shots are falling down very steeply. This allows them
      to only need to penetrate the deck of your target, which is usually
      minimally armored.

      This allows low caliber guns to shoot AP and actually penetrate MUCH more
      heavily armored ships.

    • +Nadir R Use HE always against destroyers and when you are in destroyers.
      In Battleships, use AP against other ships except destroyers. In Cruisers
      it depends on the guns. In ships with 6″ guns (150-155mm), I use HE against
      destroyers and against all other ships at close range. With 203mm guns
      (8″), at medium range, I switch to AP against cruisers but HE against
      everything else and at long range, I use AP against everything except
      destroyers (due to plunging fire mechanics). Plunging fire doesn’t work
      well against american battleships after tier 5 though so that might be a

      8″ (203mm) guns have a lot more AP penetration than 6″ (150, 152, and
      155mm) guns but at close range even they will have trouble with battleship
      belt armour.

  190. That Yamato kill was spectacular. But why did he wait so long before
    launching? Not like the Yamato could stop or turn in time…

    • Matthew Wehmeyer

      +Jack Beauregard He had to make sure most of the torps hit. Despite the 15k
      damage “ship killers” IJN Cruisers and DDs fire tier 5+ BBs start getting
      great torp bulges. These knock almost 1/2-2/3s the damage off if the torp
      outright. If you notice all 8 of 15k torps hit the Yamato and just went
      past the 70k hp the Yamato had left. So the torps were doing under 10k each.

    • +Jack Beauregard Yamato has one of the tightest turning circles in the
      game. Just a long rudder shift time.

    • Kuk111 here. It was a game of chicken the whole way! Who would blink, . You
      getting the kill shot , Me pushing the ship as close as I could, praying
      she would hold together. Someone wasn’t sailing away in that knife fight.
      This time I was lucky it was me. I salute you Yamato 07. Was a long 7
      kilometers. 🙂

    • +Sasa Anakijev You’re absolutely right. I got cocky in that engagement due
      to my past successes at one shotting cruisers. I fully expect him to turn
      at the last moment but my main batteries couldn’t keep up with him and it
      cost me my game. You can see them turning but not firing at the last moment.

    • +Jack Beauregard because its substantially harder to citadel someone from
      their front than it is from their side. He was waiting for his primaries to
      fire; denying the yamato the citadel shot.

  191. I think: World of Tanks is easyer to play than World of warships!! I love
    WOT but I have not the best computer to play World of Warships

  192. Shingels kuk is a word that means penis or cock.
    “you’re a cockhead= du e en kukskolt”
    Edit 1.
    its norwegian forgot to say that in the orignal post.

  193. Your Apocalypse Zao has been counter-acted by Chairman Zao. Chairman Zao
    killed Chairman Mao, in typical Chinese fashion. Chairman Zao declared
    all-out war on Japan.

  194. 269 views…not even 301+

  195. Lol jingles when 1.49 came out “I think I’m gonna play war thunder now”
    *only puts up a handful of war thunder vids

    • +Doughbert Gargar Yeah, there are some really good and informative WT
      channels out there.

    • Doughbert Gargar

      +MorningGI0ry Well I suppose WT players can all agree now that Jingles have
      finally given up on WT, which means WT players should either accept his
      decision and move on or WT players who are here and subscribed for WT
      content should just unsubscribed to this channel.

    • +MorningGI0ry War Thunder atm… well, the MM does work fine, it’s just too
      many people don’t realize that, even if their lineup is mostly, for
      example, below 5.0, if they stick a 5.7 BR tank in their line-up, then they
      can meet tanks with 6.7 BR.
      I’m not saying the BRs for all the tanks and planes are good, and their is
      still the pretty obvious Soviet bias(do we really need the T-10M and T-62?
      I think not.), but I find it hard to call the game crap.

    • War Thunder has point and aim mode, tryhard mode and “simuletr” battles.

    • +bluenova123 This guy has hit the right sentence.

  196. funny how jingles says “kuk” since its means “dick” in swedish….

    • +The Pilot Penguin Too late, my SJW headmate caught the smell of guilt.
      I recommend asking Putin for asylum, preferably in Siberia.

    • The Pilot Penguin

      +GrimFaceHunter ok sorry im in too deep jeez

    • +The Pilot Penguin “Bro”? That’s offensive.
      Check your heteronormative, cis, gender-binary privilege.
      That is also insensitive to otherkin.
      For the full list of all the other privileges you need to check, kindly
      refer to tumblr.

    • Richard Gustafsson

      Only I that lost my eyes/ears on the video because of this thread? XD

    • +TheAirGrenade Thought the same thing as a Norwegian! xD

  197. Kuk means Dick in swedish xd just Saying

  198. Nice video jingles 

  199. kuk means dick in swedish lolol

  200. Manuel Fernandez

    Now thats one IJN cruiser that can’t be underestimated, nvm the lack of dpm
    like the Des Moines but rather the torpedoes under certain situations such
    this Jingles pretty much explained on this replay.

    • Christian Seierup (MindfulCrane)

      +Maree Printemps that does not matter when you can stay at 18km+ range and
      only be spottet when fireing at 16-17km and just spam HE at those BB’s its
      very funny and effective. I have had a lot of 200-300k dmg games that way
      taking minimal dmg unless i decide ok they need me closer at this point, in
      witch case ofcourse i get close.

    • +Thekilleroftanks He’s talking about the Zao and only the Zao, which has
      very good torpedo angles. If he was talking about the Aoba, Myoko, Mogami,
      or Ibuki, I’d understand, but not the Zao. The Zao has the best torpedoes
      in the game, almost the highest damage, but the highest speed. That means
      you will hit more often, and because it doesn’t suffer the bad torpedo
      launch angles of it’s predecessors, it’s lethal.

    • +Manuel Fernandez You forgot that most IJN Cruisers have gigantic Citadel.

    • Thekilleroftanks

      +Manuel Fernandez but because their angles are shit. most of the time,
      (like 70% of the time) you can never use them to their full effectiveness.

  201. Josh Digby Caesar

    Thnx for the vid Jingles

  202. Douglas Fleetney

    You get the repair on the Baltimore (Tier IX)…..

  203. do you know why i cant get on to world of warships since the small patch?

  204. Thank you for doing WOWS videos, QB seems to not like it, no streams or
    content recently.

    • Qb streamed Wows last week…

    • +jakekillify iChasegaming is a good channel for WoWS. Chase doesn’t put
      stuff out out daily like Jingles does, but he probably does 3 videos a week
      or so, and Chase isn’t doing Youtube/streaming as his job. He’s doing it in
      his spare time.

  205. Jingles , “kuk” means dick in in swedish :’)

  206. Kuk is swedish for c*ck, the male love organ ;)

  207. Another video to brighten my day before it gets ruined when I go on to WoT

    • So true… 2 years on SEA server, only just got my first t9 tank.

    • +Vuong Nguyen WoWS is in open beta buddy, get ur noggin washed with some
      salt water and steam on the high seas.

    • +Codey Pritchard yes there are fucktards there that believe that a
      battleship that takes years to turn as well as the turrets can do the
      objectives that only cruiser can do in a short time 20s or less. It is like
      asking a turtle to do a task which a rabbit can do much faster…….

    • +Marc Michel WoWs can be just as bad

    • +Vuong Nguyen Why not go on to WoWs then?

  208. gumaromartinez456


  209. 12th comment

  210. before its too late, i am finally in the under 301 club! And also 3rd

  211. genit

  212. 84 views!

  213. Warthunder when you have chance please!!! Cheers Jingles

  214. Warthunder when you have chance please!!! Cheers Jingles

  215. CleverTechnology

    32 views :O

  216. Holy crap, just came to do my daily Jingles routine, only to be here 35
    seconds after it’s published!

  217. The game sucks ass, but you are cool. So its a 5/10

  218. Love me some WoWS videos

  219. first comment XD

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