World of Warships- Apparently, We’re Getting A TX Black Friday Ship

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Hey guys, today we have some very interesting news about what we could potentially be getting this black Friday, enjoy!


Ross Rowley:

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. Of all the T10 to release for pay, something as specialised as the Yoshino is mind boggling. A lot of them will get slapped back to port quicksmart. Lucky they turned off friendly damage otherwise teams would be getting sunk by 20km torps on the regular.

    I also agree with buying ships at the level you’ve grinded too. I got the Mass and Tirpitz from black containers when I was still down around T6 grind wise. You forget how dramatically the game changes over those tiers once you’re experienced.

  2. The Black ship mission can be ONLY done in the non-black ship.

    • Yep, I messed this up. I was f2p, got the scharnie rental and managed to high roll a scharnie b, then failed to do my mission before the rental expired… one of my biggest regrets in wows

    • @Art Lailey I have that ship and you are not missing much as far as performance. If you just want it to collect, yeah, that sucks.

  3. Exactly what the game needed… more money for management…

    • @Cactusjuggler sure I agree that they should make money, however I get the feeling that a large part of the costs end up in middle/high management without us the users gaining anything from it. I think instead of releasing a t10 black ship, they should clean house a bit and lower the running costs.

    • @macdam11 Fair point

    • @Cactusjuggler Nice to know that Wargambling has shills covering comments sections.
      Do you get paid for your comments or are you compensated with loot crates?

    • @ToughAncientSpark How is it that you can’t comment on jack shit without someone spitting insults and shit at you all the time..?!

    • @ToughAncientSpark  @ToughAncientSpark  dude, even you want to get paid for the work you do, even game developers need to earn something in order to live. Cactusjuggler and I understand that as well. Marking him as as a shill is just low and childish, please grow up or leave

  4. Summary of the video!
    “Keep your Wallets Closed!”

  5. Yeah, if noobs get a Tier 10 they’ll probably drive forward of the spawn and try to cap or something. That really screws up the 25k salvo meta.

    • there was this one time a Kaga on my team decided to defy her identity as a CV and be who she truly wanted to be… a BB and charged into a flank and died (a noob with like 20 games)

    • @1223 ksg1223 Looks at Kaga: “You are not a BB anymore, you don’t even have your BB guns.”

  6. Sea Lord Mountbatten

    Saipan is T8, my brain slipped

    Also I meant Massachusetts Black around the 10 min mark

    • @Mike Mcneely I’d rather you just charge me a subscription right off the bat then sell $40 ships+ ships.

    • @Christian D. so id im reading what you are saying correctly, a 40 to 50 dollar cap on ship prices? If so, I believe most ships up to t8 fall in that category. T9s are usually around 77 bucks.
      As for the pay to win mentality, yes you might get a slight advantage with a premium. Bigger guns or radar. Maybe a faster ship. But there are disadvantages to some id those ships as well. Alabama vs NC. Both t8. Alabama has a slightly larger gun. But loses range compared to the NC. About 6km and yes that makes a difference.
      I can kill a premium ship just as easily with a tech tree ship as I can with a premium. I have 186 ships. About 40 of those are premium. Yet my most used ship with the highest kill ratio is my yamato. They can sell a ship all day long. They can’t sell skill. So I’ll stick to my guns on that argument. I’ve seen so many premium players that absolutely suck.
      But again, answer my question. How long would this game be free to play if no one paid the bills? Easier way to explain that, how long would you have your home if you didn’t pay the mortgage?
      If a company comes and does work in your home to improve it, don’t you think they need to be paid? Sanne concept here. You can’t expect new content without a price. Your playing for free, because someone paid your bills.

    • @SavageRush012 then it wouldn’t be free to play. Which seems to be the big argument in the first place. And I’m surprised no one has blasted you for saying that.

    • @Mike Mcneely I know it wouldn’t be free to play, because it would be subscription like I said can you not state the obvious? If it means not being raped in the wallet I’m all for it.

    • @SavageRush012 so exactly how is your wallet being raped if you never open it?

  7. Let’s be real.
    Selling T10 ships will not impact TX significantly. The average TX player behaves at a skill level of around TIII-IV. Which is almost an insult to TIV players. These low tiers are full of incredible plays, wether by accident, or by someone “discovering” a strategy on their own, and using it successfully.

    • That is some serious BURNS, nad the sad part is it is TRUE! Why are all the SMART people down around mid to low tiers! High tier must be TERRABLE.

  8. Quality of gameplay has been traded in for profit. WG aren’t interested in Randoms balance and they’ll always say they created Clan Wars for those who wanted pure T10 MM balance. It only a matter of time before I e have a dozen T10 prems which are just clones of other ships with a price tag.

  9. I remember back in the day having to make a last minute decision whether to pick up the Kronshtadt mere days before it was due to be removed from the game, or whether to wait and instead grab the Alaska which was the latest upcoming tier IX free XP super cruiser. I watched countless reviews on both ships and I almost couldn’t decide between them, but in the end I ended up pulling the trigger on the Kronshtadt over the Alaska and I’m still very glad that I did. The final deciding factor for me in the end was as simple as figuring I’d prefer the super flat rail gun shell arcs and the faster shell travel time of the Kronshtadt’s guns over how sluggish and lofty the Alaska’s shells appeared to be. Kron is def. still a powerful and relevant fun to play super cruiser, and it makes it all the more enjoyable for me now to see how rare she has ended up becoming in the end especially compared to her counterpart Alaska which seems to be in every single higher tier match these days since everyone and their mother’s appear to own one now. Last week while playing in my Kron I actually had some kid in the game chat say “A Russian cruiser with 75k HP WTF is that!?” lol… Gotta admit it made me feel pretty exclusive especially when the kid then proceeded to ask if it was a newer test ship and if I was able to discuss it or whether I was under an NDA still hahah.

    • @SaiyajinOG Hmmm, rare tier V’s you say… Don’t tell me you own a Gremy! I’d kill for a Gremy just for the prestige alone of having one. Other than her though, I guess something like the Giulio Cesare is really the only other truly “rare” tier V premium that I can think of.

    • Kronshtadt with its radar, speed and end game ramming potential was great for the 3v3 brawls. I had like 80% win rate using her(3v3 only). Something about that 3v3 format really suits her.

    • @SWIFTY_WINS I have both the Gremy and the Giulio Cesare 😉 Also T4 Imperator Nikolai with the awesome Halloween camo^^ But no Kamikaze or Fujin unfortunately…I’d love to have one of these. But I plan to go ham on christmas containers again this year,.I really want the Benham, Belfast and Krohnstadt, too, also Enterprise just have it^^

    • Not sure what they did or did not do to it but to me the Kron was stealth nerfed a year or so ago. Doesn’t seem the same to me and i don’t see CIts like i use to on cruisers.

    • Kron is so fun. Much tanker too. Seems like Alaska has good he but ap isn’t good. Kron can cit even German bbs and if the dispersion agrees, it’ll be very nice hit.

  10. What makes even less sense is that the Saipan and the Pommern can currently be bought. From the armory. For dubloons. Exactly the same way in which you would buy the BF versions.

  11. 11:18 you get the combat mission regardless if you have the original version or not. But it can only be done in the original version, that’s why you get no gain from it if you only have the Black version.

  12. WG did something similar on Legends last year. On Legends our top tier is tier 7, and they gave us Atago B but she was only available through crates

  13. They should get the yoshino based on player exp just like they did with the mighty mo last week.

  14. I think the Massachusetts was included in a multipack with the Tirpitz and Assashio – I have the same 3 black ships.

  15. I have both Scharnhorst and Scharnhorst B, so I made one secondary spec, the other survival spec.

  16. SOS: Same Old Shit.
    Shiny new ships to help you forget all the crap Wargambling has dished out in the last two years.

  17. Reminder: Anyone who buys a black ship is in actuality paying the full price of a ship for a camo.

  18. Not another dime to Wargaming!
    Not until things change will I spend money on Wargaming.

  19. Not another dime to Wargaming!
    In the six years I’ve been playing I have managed to collect 152 premium ships. Some I got through crates, some I earned, and some where gifts. I won’t be spending another dime anytime soon. Take whatever you can get for free from missions and save your money is my best advice.

  20. JBB is my luckiest draw from the BF container and I main her in almost every Ranked match ever since, she just so useful. Best overall BB ship forever in my opinion. Viva reverse baguette!

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