World of Warships – April Fools

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World of Warships April Fools event for 2016, we fight inside a jacuzzi with a bunch of bathtub toys. Two games, one game is just a example of the gamemode and few gun fights. The second game becomes really tense, both teams fight back and forth to try and win the game. Hope you enjoy both games and hope you have a wonderful day!

Tier 0+ American Cruiser Bottlesheep Replay


  1. Wow man last bottlesheep floating!

  2. Most serios warships game ever!

  3. Yes! I remember the Chaffee race and the Soccer game in WOT! It was
    awesome! I hope they bring it back!…

  4. Hollweck Balázs

    war of babies

  5. MeKanism Lastname

    POIMAIN!!! *shakes fist in the air*

  6. I’m wondering what someone on drugs like LSD would think if they logged
    into WoWS and played this…

  7. It’s a blast to play and the money and flags are great. Keep them coming

  8. Not sure if SnoopaVision makes this video better, but it does make it

  9. Worldominion Games

    I just started playing wows but I don’t see the premium battleship
    Tirpitz?? Is it no longer up for purchase?

  10. This was your best video ever, please do more XD Love it

  11. And no Notser pulled!

  12. You got 500 mm caliber guns. They will penetrate without question.

  13. I want this as a permanent game mode!!

  14. this ship might be the counter to the yamato, and they probably didnt you
    division up so people dont bring actual ships

  15. these bath tub boats are Hilariously funny…… but I have one problem.
    the developers didn’t write code for the shells
    hitting the boats. so I can’t tell where my shells land. only way I know
    I’m hitting anything is seeing the red bar
    on top of the ship get smaller. plus its a sea of torpedoes.

  16. … I can’t sell them! :(

  17. I’m not sure sticking in the Des Moines commander did anything. When I
    tried this, it didn’t actually change any of the ship statistics, it only
    changed for the goldfish commander.

  18. Those who had been whining for a submarine in the game got their wish LOL

  19. The ships, sounds, map and rewards are awesome. GG Wargaming!

  20. Henrik Lind Hansen

    looks alot like my bathtub….

  21. Btw, you get the rewards for doing this on Co-Op. Makes it super easy to
    grind up flags, credit, and premium consumables.

  22. Blow up dolls? You apparently have a … lets call it interesting bath
    time. :)

  23. For the Ducky!!!

  24. I’m a little ashamed by how much I played this last night hahaha. Congrats
    on getting Confederate(s) Notser. My wife and I ended up on different teams
    every time we played together, which honestly I thought was pretty fun.

  25. Fletcher Riverwood

    Oh man that’s cute,havn’t played this game for quite a while

  26. วรวุฒิ ภูผา

    i from thailand i going play World of Warships กับคุณ

  27. “rubber ducky you’re the one”….this game is such good fun,although the
    theme music drives most of us up the wall.
    nice game btw

  28. Already got a 65k dmg game :)

  29. USSEnterpriseA1701

    I love this event! I’ve had so much fun so far and I personally like the
    German ship. People say the hydro detection is worthless, but I have seen
    otherwise, it helps counter the smoke strategy of the US ship. Also,
    submarines confirmed, they finally added one. XD

  30. lol omg lol, plink plink, SPLASHhhh , dang it that soap is slippery right?
    lol..Ty Notser, keep the great vids coming..

  31. if u notice carefully, there is a bonus code on the wargaming red cloth
    that’s hanging in the bathroom.

  32. Notser – This is amazing, although, its hard to take commentary seriously
    when its referring to a “shampoo bottle” as a strategic location. Keep up
    the good work! :)

  33. best event ever u can farm non stop :)

  34. Ultimate Shifter

    haha damnit, I didn’t expect you to post a gameplay of this.

  35. I am still laughing great game!!

  36. The achievement medal is bug in that mode, so yeah WG take back the medals
    and flags. lel

  37. 9:08 “blow up dolls”…Notser must have the R-rated version of the event =D

  38. “I’m going to fire on the enemy near the shampoo bottle…” –Notser

  39. do you keep the goldfish as commander if the event is over

  40. Bottlesheep, wot the

  41. What happens to the Fish Commander at the end of the event?

  42. 1 Team spam Smoke 50% of the Map full Smoke xD

  43. Good event, beside the rewards I can relax with this kind of game knowing
    even if I loose, I still win

  44. should we keep that game mode for…. forever?

  45. I unleashed the Kraken on my very first game yesterday on that mode! which
    was probably first game on that mode for everyone as the boats were not
    available 3 minutes before! it’s so much fun to play!!

  46. CynicallyObnoxious

    So the other servers got Warspite Tirpitz etc. for bundles we get the
    Aurora ohhh boy oh boy oh boy

  47. We all live in a yellow submarine ^^

  48. Haha amazing!!!!

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