World of Warships- Aquila First Impressions: The New Worst CV?

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Hey guys, today we take a look at the new Tier VIII Premium Italian CV Aquila! Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


0:00 Channel Intro
0:11 Ship Intro & History
5:27 Ship Camo & Economy
6:27 Ship Armor & Stats
14:16 Commander & Module Build
16:43 Gameplay Review


  1. Catra Aufaa Adyaraga

    3 torp per drop or improve the torp speed would be good

  2. She’s different from the others for sure, but not the worst at all.

    AP rockets are incredibly effective against everything, torps are slow but usable and similar to Shokaku.

    Not the first premium CV to suggest, but an interesting new toy for the CV’s addicted.

    • There us no room for comparison between these torps and shokaku ones. Shokek torps are by faaaar better in every aspect.

    • @petros marko the torps are comparable in damage, aquila’s torps are about 100 alpha behind shokakus, giving it the third highest individual torp alpha in the game, but the speed really handicaps it

    • She’s candidate for worst, but I think indomitable or graf are more deserving of the title. Hell, i think saipan has more of a claim to worst t8 cv over aquila.

    • @Jammo Saipan can do very good especially in tier 8 and below games, it just does horrible in tier 9-10 games which sadly happen a lot.

    • @petros marko the drop mechanic is almost similar. If you are used to IJN then you are good with Aquila too.

  3. I too, wish they would GIVE SAP to Italian secondaries, just to make them interesting and in some cases ACTUALLY USEFUL (13mm pen on 90mm secondaries, wtf!) So yeah, the Independence class SAIPAN is no longer alone with her lack of FLAK.

  4. 23:18, “they don’t try anything new”, I think the reason for that is that if they try any new gimick/weapon system, they only get crap thrown at them by the community (remember the outrage at the dutch cruisers airstrike?), so I don’t really blame them for not trying new stuff anymore.

    • Airstrike is lame, submarines suck and not giving the Dutch any torps or ASW is a terrible decision, so yes, good if they don’t try anything ‘new’ any more as long as they refuse to fix last year’s mistakes.

  5. AP rockets and high alpha torpedo bomber both with fast planes seems like a viable cv to snipe the enemy cv with to me

    • Krzysztof Narloch

      the problem is that all other CVs have a working AA and the moment you go for the CV snipe. Enemy CV has to do the same and you have no chance of surviving a CV snipe.

    • The AP rockets can’t pen other CVs citadels because they come in at too high an angle. I did an attack against an Enterprise that was sitting perfectly still and did 12k damage on 2 different runs, but it cost me most of my planes. The torpedo planes do basically the same damage with the same results.

  6. I got her because I’ve been waiting a long time. But man… it’s not great. Like a permanently uptiered Tier6 CV. Planes so weak that you are best off dumping extras and mandated to use some as a meatshield to get 1 attack off per run and hope it does decent damage. And the rockets are basically gimmicky quantity over quality. They come in at such a high angle that calling them “AP” is an overstatement when HE rockets would have been preferable in a vast majority of cases.

    Like the video shows though, the Tier7/8 British Battlecruisers have large exposed citadels with perfectly angled roofs to catch the AP rockets. Very situational to say the least.

    And the Italians made alot of use of Bombs against ships, and the planes used on Aquilla had alot of bomb-specific loadouts… but no bomb flights? Not even Graf Zepp style AP bombs or HE bombs?

    I’m not going to lie, if they tuned the size of plane squads it would function far better as a Tier6 CV. It would be a little bit gimmicky like Loewenhardt but perfectly fine.
    -But than they couldn’t charge as much for it-

  7. Don’t worry, WG has heard your Feedback and call for stronger CVs. They will consider this request with the next supercarrier.

  8. Collecting italian ships is my thing in this game so i bought her and after a couple of rounds as a non-cv main i must say that i am happy with her. I only play random battles where i think most ships can work at least a bit.

    AP Rockets against DDs work better then excpected.

    Buuuuut getting up-tiered really really hurts this ship and turns it into a scout.

    I can totally get why people would avoid her, but for an italian fan boy like me there was no way around it :).

  9. Proof the rocket nerf obliterated already the worst type of rockets – the AP rockets. But WG doesn’t care lmao

  10. Good morning SL. I was good to see you in battle yesterday. Ran into you in my Lenin. Not this battle but just wanted to say good morning and always enjoy the uploads.

  11. You say that you can’t use her as a trainer, but since the Commander rework, commanders have dedicated skill sets for all classes, which means any commander can be used on the Aquila without having to respec just for a single ship. You can take your tech-line battleship commander and cycle them through this ship, Napoli, Paolo Emilio, and other premium/special ships without any respecs required.

    • Yep, that’s what I do with my lone ITA commander for BB and CA duty. Probably the only good thing to come from the commander rework.

  12. Still cant believe they gave aquila planes less hp than even lowly WESER planes. What were they thinking?

  13. Outofcontrolsjs Gaming

    Hey Sealord! Love the videos. Gonna pass on this CV. Apologies in advance I am going to be one of those people commenting on your CV gameplay. Your attacks were great, the only thing I was noticing was that towards the end of the game you had a ton of fighters left and were not using them to cover your teammates against the enemy CV even when you were flying over them and the enemy CV was flying that way. Overall you’re doing great though.

  14. Played it for a few hours. Really like it. Those AP rockets slap. They are usable against everything and as long as you’re not throwing your planes against AA walls. I find it an interesting ship, and I have had very good games with it.

  15. I really like this new CV is like saipan u need skill to play them and dont be useless for your team for me is a 8/10 only beacause there are many others better cvs than aquila

  16. Ooooo… Just had a match where I one shot a CV with my Aquilla. Caught him broadside with the rocket planes. 46 rocket hits, 2 citadels and 38K damage. Even with all it’s quirks, I like the Aquilla. Find that DDs are not immune to these rocket planes either. The time from firing the machine guns to firing rockets is very short, so the targets have little time to react. Did serious damage to BBs too. Played 80% of game with just rocket planes only and racked up more damage then I usually do with other tier 8 CVs. It’s a totally different play style then say Shokaku or Lexington.

  17. Do the torps still have the highest flood percentage chance of any CV in the game like they said on the Warships official streams? My buddy was also telling me these are the fastest planes in the game outside of the jets.

  18. What a neat concept, no armour and no flak.. lov’in it

  19. I would have wanted the Aquila to have either sap rockets or sap bombs instead of ap rockets keeping up with the sap that most Italian ships use

  20. In theory the 135mm guns were intended be dual purpose, at least partially: the elevation of the mount didn’t allow a full AA configuration, but at least the Italians thought that they could be used at least for barrage fire, while waiting for a new mount. The 135mm actually had a decent range, and was extremely precise.
    By the way, that is the same gun as the Attilio Regolo, that WG itself actually describe as a “DP gun” in the description, of that ship, but again is not DP in gameplay.
    So the AA being so bad is actually a decision by the Devs to keep the Italian AA artificially abysmal (while giving Italian modern 76mm guns to the Edgar, ahem), because there are a few reasons by which the AA could be decent.

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