World of Warships- Are CVs Really THAT Overpowered?

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Hey guys, today I discuss a very…sensitive topic in the game. have fun in the comments, enjoy!

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  1. I don’t know that many people are saying they’re OP. Many people ARE saying there’s really no counter to CV’s, and I agree. You just kinda have to take it, like bad weather. They’re a factor in the game that other players have zero control over, zero counter measures to. So you can live with it, but it’s really not fun for anyone except the CV driver, and it’s not a good game component. There should not be a category of players who are for all intents and purposes in a kind of god mode, and will only become a target after everyone else is dead. Players should have the tools available to deal with all categories in game, and that includes CV’s. As it stands, CV’s might as well be manned by bots, randomly inserted by WG, like islands and cyclones. At least that way, there would be less variation in player level, some CV’s have a great driver while others totally suck.

    • Next up: why island/smoke camping HE ships are OP

    • @Bevin Büttner ye I know, smoke camping ships can totally not be killed by blind fire easily… CVs are literally untouchable and reduce the amount of fun of every game they are in significantly. I agree those bullshit premium smoke cruisers are insane, but I kill them on the regular with blind fire, whereas I cant do shit against CVs, even as a cruiser like the Des Moines, if he wants you dead, you cant do nothing against it. Such a fun class to play against!

  2. CV’s neef work… they do however ruin the DD gameplay.
    Though is does suck is you are being focussed by the enemy CV…

    • They only ruin poor DD gameplay. Good DD’s can easily avoid CV’s or else make the CV’s chase them for half of the game thus making the CV useless for that game.

    • @CloneD Anon if you are a gun boat, how do you avoid CVs without shooting? Especially when you don’t have smoke? it would be OK if CVs only have torps or even bombs, but rockets are undodgeable even in a French DD unless it is the CV player that does not know how to aim.

    • @CloneD AnonOh boy…pls don’t repeat the bull offered by the (pro)WeeGee crowd,,,,,,

  3. and wargaming is going to add submarines to the mix one day! it will be hell to balance if nothing else!

    • Sign…the player base is to stupid (i really need to use this word) for the actual game design…how should that work if they add the next to the game.

    • Angryshooter subs are the one ship class CVs can’t keep perma spotted, it’s the perfect counter

    • @NotTheATF we will see, however, i feel that subs will make dd’s redundant. i guess it depends on certain things huh?

    • hitlersmissingnut

      @Angryshooter dds should be equipped with depth charges and sonar to hunt subs.

    • @NotTheATF not being killed by CVs is not what I call a counter. A counter is when DDs can easily kill CVs. DDs should be slower than CVs and should rarely catch them if they keep moving and operating from the back of the map which they already do,

  4. Hmm interesting topic, this class is not OP but just broken, cause it surely brake the game.
    (I’m not being sarcastic)

    Alright WeeGee you can send me to Gulag.

  5. Prisoner of the Highway

    It honestly hasn’t changed much. The guys at the top end are still the hand of God. Everyone else is kind of an annoyance. The biggest problem I’ve seen is AA powercreep. The newer ships have better AA than a lot of the older lines. The new British cruisers destroy planes pretty well. The older American BBs not so much. Def AA needs to be reworked and the older ships need a bit of AA buff.

  6. I wish I had enterprise, that’s my username lol. I always love getting into games with them, it’s always so funny

  7. As a newer player and BB guy, I haven’t had as much trouble with upper tier carriers where I have decent AA compared to lower tiers where 3 CVs are common with sometimes 6 ships per side. Oh joy and happiness.

  8. austinpowersfasjer

    Ofcourse they are. The passive benefits of carriers (like being spotted) are overlooked massively. All tactical thinking can be thrown out of the window when ur randomly spotted anyway. People are just stupid and simple.

  9. T4 with 3 cv’s makes it not a lot of fun especially for n with players

  10. Agreed. CV not a factor really, more a question of player skill…if you have a potato CV on your team you suffer…but it was MUCH worse in RTS…

  11. I tired to play carriers after the rework, and got disappointed by them. Imho is not that they are that overpowered, but their problem is that they almost completely counters enemy DD by spotting them.

    • pre rework CVs at least had the risk of loosing squadrons and having to fly new squads in for ages, or even getting deplaned completely… also friendly CVs could and would help their DDs out with their fighter squads, to protect them from being spotted…

  12. Yes, in ranked they completely stop you from having a meaningful effect on the game. Also just had a game where I did 50k plane damage and shot down 0 planes.

    Also, you can’t get into position at the start of the match. If CVS completely counter DDS. CLs should completely counter CVs, they should not be able to get off a drop, let alone more then 1 on a CL.

  13. I think overall carries are manageable, with one caveat: dds that are actually trying to play the objectives. DDs i feel have very little counterplays for a carrier that wants to kill them while still contributing to capping and spotting.

  14. lee christmasgaming

    Petition to change “aircraft carrier” to “aircraft factory.”

    I much rather preferred the pre cv rework to what we have now. In my Des Moines I could click on a squadron and wipe them out if I popped DFAA. Then once i found him i could set a fire oh the carrier and it was his choice to let it burn or put it out. Now you set a fire and they have a whole MINUTE of DOT damage immunity while the factory keeps pumping out planes. Absolutely ridiculous. Lastly, the two CVs could actually counter each other with fighter squadrons. Not anymore.

  15. “carriers aren’t as bad as people make it to be”
    The 3 CVs in T4 would like to know your location

    • very true   lol. but technically that’s not an issue of the CV being OP but of the matchmaker being garbage. also something that according to a vid I’ve seen about upcoming changes will soon no longer be possible, thankfully

    • @Th. K. They’ll limit CVs to 2 per team. Doesn’t really help but it’s a good change

    • @PostivElectron It will definitely help in 3 CV lower tier games when AA is ineffective.

    • @PostivElectron I sincerely hope that you are actually /s

  16. The only thing there needs to be is a real actual penalty for shooting down a carriers planes. That would fix most of the issue with the amount of time effort and damage done.

  17. Short Answer: Yes, Long Answer: Yeah Nah Yeah Nah Yeah Nah……Yeah

  18. Are CV’s OP, yeah, compared to any other class yeah they have to many good things going for them, but just you wait for the submarines.

  19. I’d enjoy cv play if I had fighters that I could control, and use to attack enemy squadrons. Then cv’s would be much more interesting. Currently, cv play is too linear.

    • We’ve been there, we had that. While it was challenging it was OP af if you knew what you were doing. With 3 fighter squads you could basically open up the entire map the whole match. Just one example. What about crossdrops of 10 to 15 torpedos were you were just able to dodge a few. You could even top that with all your dive bombers. At the same time mind you.

  20. 0:30 this is far as I got before I lost all respect for you as a content creator. Making content for a game you don’t understand is a bit of an issue

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