World of Warships- Are Dockyard Ships Really Worth It?

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Hey guys, with the Seven Provinces Dockyard event coming soon, we take a look back at the previous dockyard ships and see how they have aged so far. Enjoy!

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  1. I don’t like to spend money to get ships with a grind.

  2. I’ll never regret grinding for the Odin. The Hizen however…it is really just an alternative design for the Izumo.

  3. Poor Hizen… so forgotten.

  4. Did I blink and miss the Hizen, that ship must be faster than I remember.

  5. Wasn’t the Hizen a dockyard ship? I started playing in December 2020, and thought it was the dockyard ship at the time.

  6. Eh.. grinding the ships turns the game into a job, hard pass from me. Also, HIZEN, LOL!

  7. I don’t play any of my dockyard ships, so are they worth it? No

  8. I’m looking forwards to De 7 Provincien. Quite a unique ship, and historical too.

    Props to ‘Admiral_Ackbars_Snackbar’ for having one of the best usernames I’ve ever seen

  9. Dude, how can you forget the Hizen? The biggest, fattest, slowest behemoth got forgotten 🤣

  10. Well, guess I’ll throw in my 2 cents.

    Puerto Rico: Mediocre without the tank build for the cruiser captains, and kinda forms a weird parallel to the Stalingrad in that regard. She still has decent HE spam and great AP, but without the ability to effectively exploit the super-cruiser tankiness she’s just a mini-montana with an obnoxiously hard to hit citadel (Experience with this ship was via the Test Server, I did not have the time nor money nor will to spend to get this ship).

    Odin: Ok, this is where I kinda disagree with you SLM. I’ve been a KMS BB lover since they were first introduced, completing the line second after the IJN BB line, and have racked up over 3M EXP with the Kurfurst. I have found the Odin to be an admittedly fun ship, but an ultimately infuriating one to play. Between the T5 HP pool and incredibly poor secondary angles, I originally found the ship to be a fun split pusher with a very inconsistent armor stat (I know that the Odin “technically” has better armor than the Kurfurst, but I’ve been penetrated by so many AP shells whilst heavily angled that it feels like a joke). I do agree that the upcoming secondaries rework may breathe new life back into the ship, but the simple fact is with HE spam as prevalent as it is, Odin’s HP pool continues to be a very hard sell for using her.

    Anchorage: Not much to say, I just found her to be a mediocre T8 cruiser.

    Hizen: I will always lament any new ship that is desperately trying to reinforce the sniping meta. When I first saw this ship’s artwork, I thought that this was going to be the Izumo to the Shikishima’s Yamato, which basically would have been an equally tanky ship to the Izumo but with a more brawling sort of arrangement. Since then, I completely understand why it has faded from recent memory. Less AP penetration than the Izumo, with an 8 second longer reload and the similar maneuverability issues that the Izumo has, has rendered this ship the Izumo of the Dockyard: acquired, played, then swiftly forgotten for better alternatives.

    ZF-6: Can’t give my 2 cents on this. Took a break after the Holiday Disaster from this year and came back far too late into the Dockyard event to bother farming for it.

    Overall, my general opinion is that the Dockyard produces Mediocre to Decent ships, that can be worth the discounted price if you are willing to farm the event and love the ship itself, but aren’t ultimately anything amazing. My list of grievances with the lost Potential of the Odin as a genuine counterpart to the Bismarck notwithstanding, each ship can provide some “fun” but most will end up like so many other mediocre or just “ok” ships: Port Decorations.

  11. Damn Hizen was so shit that nobody even wants to acknowledge its existance.

  12. Did I miss the hizen or something? I know I’m tired and nod out occasionally, but I don’t think I’m that bad.

    Hot take with that too. Hizen is good. Love the ship and the only thing I dislike about her is the lack of the 4th base heal.

  13. Hizen was a complete disappointment. underpowered as hell.

  14. I have yet to do a dockyard event, in spite of being 3 years into the game. I’ll pay for a ship, or I’ll grind for a ship. I won’t do both, and especially not for fantasy paper ships.

  15. I never got any of the dockyard ships. However, the only one I do regret not getting is Odin. I do like the rewards that can come with the grind like getting coal, 100k free xp, steel, etc.

  16. Sea Lord Mountbatten

    The fact that I forgot Hizen should tell y’all enough about it

  17. I just take a few items in Dockyard ship progression, never intend to finish. Same with campaign gifts, come what may. They don’t drive my way of picking a ship or how to play.

    • Jugaloking69 Dope

      if you want a 60% priced prem ship its sorta worth it but ya it was the progression i loved getting the graz spree was great and the coal was awesome and if you want to buy special flags whale it . agree 100%

  18. Hizen is useful for training Japanese BB commanders. I’ve had fun with her.

  19. Marcus Jones Stinks

    I remember paying roughly 200 for pay to rico. The mad salt is still very much real and actually became a strategy for me to bait them so my teammates can get crossfires. Anything can be a weapon, even hate.

  20. I’ve pretty much stopped worrying about Dockyard ships, and have almost completely stopped playing Warships. the CV change, along with the Captain change, and the overall power creep has made the game much more frustrating rather than fun to play.

    • Yeah i can agree, I can see them doing good things with the new skill system (when they don’t HALF ASS IT like they do seemingly everything these days), The CV rework though…..Yeah no deny they DONE FUCKED IT UP. Carriers are overall just WORSE to play or play against. Fighters? USELESS, AA “HAHA comrade, buy/grind new content it has good aa” seriously every new ship has stupid powerful AA, meanwhile all the old content even with build and skills mostly just rely on flack to kill planes (which i have done, but its mainly Japanese planes which arnt that tough to begin with)

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