World of Warships- Are German Battleships Still Worth It?

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of you guys have been asking me about my opinion of German given all the changes that have been implemented and those still come.

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  1. Vanlalhuma Chhakchhuak

    I’m a dedicated BB player and mainly play the German, US and Japanese BB’s. Regarding the effectiveness of the German BB’s WG should give a Tweak to the accuracy of its Main Guns because compared to the other BB lines lets not mention the Russian BB’s the German BB’s main Gun accuracy is way below par compared to the other Lines of BB’s out there. And with the current release of these new cancerous HP Spamming Cruisers being introduced BB’s have become almost ineffective except from a range of 20+ Km where its Main Guns accuracy decreases significantly. Think that WG needs to change a few dynamics because it will soon start to become a battle between Cruiser’s and DD’s matches in future.

  2. Recently changed from full secondary build to full survive/gun build just to feel useful against the cruisers and other BB’s. Soon as a fire goes out first shell sets another.

  3. I love the agressive playstyle of the german BB’s, but I do feel that hey have gotten harder to play as the meta has changed. I wish there was some sort of Secondary Consumable for the germans, or at least the option of one…

  4. The WoWS design team created these fake Russian super ships while nerfing or keeping the German ships down due to them not moving on from the actual war.
    Kind of pathetic.
    My father served in the Pacific in WWII and I do not avoid the Japanese ships because of that.

    • Real Life Small Travels

      I do not think Is the same.
      German invades Russia and kill millions of people. Japanese does not invade Usa.
      Maybe chinese can say something about that.

  5. As soon as i unlocked ships like the kremlin and Yoshino, the GK became nothing more than a dmg-piniata. Keep outside of secondaryrange and just watch him fail.

  6. Sadly the Russian developers have no love for the Germans so we’re unlikely to see a needed buff in German BB accuracy. At least with the latest patch matchmaking at tier 8 does seem improved so at least you can now have some fun again with your secondary build Tirpitz. I’ve not been playing it but the Bayern does seem to be doing quite well in the current tier 6 ranked sprint.

  7. I stopped playing Kurfurst. That s it ?

  8. just spend 220k free xp on unlocking the yama ? totally not worth it

  9. Give accuracy to bb french too…

  10. I only have the Scharn, it’s all I need.

  11. Agreed! German main guns could use a tiny adjustment. Battleships are by far my favourite, purchased the Tirpitz and I enjoy it. The accuracy is terrible, paired with low concealment. The secondaries are great if you spec for them, the only strong point other then torps if you can manage. Bow tanking/or escaping all the HE spam from the smol, fire, col is impossible. I feel hugging islands while creeping the secondary ranges with surprise attacks, the only way to play the Tirpitz. Profit

  12. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    The point is not much if they are worth it, is more how they fare in nowadays meta and how they are getting worse and worse Sure you can play them effectively but….usually they either suffer because you must invest a lot of points in the secondary guns which are their thing, which themselves are a gimmick without much value (Massachusetts and Georgia don’t help) or you end taking the usual build….which is more effective but at that point you are worse than everyone else!!

  13. It is very well possible to citadel German BBs at close range, you just need the right angle. It’s just not quite as reliable as against “normal” BBs.

  14. One of the huge pain with the GK is the placement on the rear guns. It is impossible to use them without showing totally your broadside, and because this ship is so unmaneuverable, you cannot even hide your broadside quickly after shooting them. So, in practice you only have at your disposal 6 guns most of the time. Trying to use your 12 guns means losing your health very quickly.

  15. Started playing this game because I wanted Bismarck. After 3 years, I still love my german BB’s. Very good brawlers, good armor and once I get into medium distances I don’t feel the guns that bad.
    So far I don’t find them outdated, in good hands they still bring chaos.

  16. I recently dusted off my Tirpitz and having a lot of fun with it.

  17. Hre is an off-topic Question. Should the Pensacola get her old turret traverse of 30seconds for 180° back?

  18. Spineking Jørgensen

    Honestly in my opinion, what gk needs is a Massachusets heal. If you’re gonna push in aggresively and tank you need that faster heal to survive. Ive had so many games where a few seconds on the heal caused me to die so I only killed a flank and is left at the 100 or 130k damage where a simple 7 seconds could have kept me alive and let me have even better results. Truth is in a Kurfurst you either win and die or run away and win/loose with bad results.

  19. The German battleships suffer from two major issues. First, you can see the buggers from orbit without a telescope. Second, they have no mid- to long-range consistency. Even at close-range, their main armament is still a gamble, but at least these shotguns are often big enough to take advantage of penetration angles or small enough to take advantage of overpenetration values.

    Yet while they are geared towards short-range engagements, such circumstances are nearly impossible to engineer. These are predators of opportunity, not the apex predators most other battleships can reasonably claim to be most of the time. What should help this design is their gimmick of strong long-range secondary batteries, but to take full advantage of this build, too many other consistency and survival options must be discarded and these ships lack the tools to adequately disengage and choose their fights.

    I see two options for Wargaming. First, they can side with the larger community and decide to simply improve gun characteristics to leave these ships more consistent at mid- to long-range engagements, and thus help these ships maintain reasonable damage output from beginning to end without necessarily outperforming their contemporaries of other nations.
    However, my preferred option is to artificially lower the detection of these ships and give them improved versions of Damage Control and Damage Repair with shorter cooldowns like Massa/Georgia but without the limited consumables of the Russian battleships.

    What makes these ships fun at times is being able to leverage their extremely situational tools such as their impressive secondaries and hydroacoustic search and bringing the fight to cruisers and destroyers which have strayed to close to the midline.

  20. The simple answer is No. Even if you slap on a 19 point captain to help with the Kurf’s seconds there is still a better bb. Want great guns? Yammie
    And to set fires? Conq
    Want good guns, fast and decent seconds? Repub
    Want the heavies broadside in the game? Monty
    Want the tankiest ship? Krem
    The only thing that sets the Kurf apart is its seconds and if that’s all your using it for you might get a chance to use them 1/5 games if your lucky let alone having to give up concealment mods and many prevention skills to keep yourself floating just to make your secondaries useable in those 20% of games. And that’s not even putting into case with its crazy bad dispersion, short range main guns compared to all other Bb’s and some cruisers, and how susceptible you are to cv attacks if you push up to far.

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