World of Warships: Are German DDs Over Power crept?

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When going through the German Destroyers again for our “Road to Tier 10” a question was brought up if the new upcoming Pan European Destroyers are going to power creep the current German Destroyers even more. What do you think?

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  1. German DD’s have been crept, the best way forward would be to add the Grozovoi heal to German tier 8-10. It would make them more durable and allow them to play aggressively without being eliminated from the game in the first 4 minutes.

  2. Comrade we need to buff mother Russia… Rest of the line we will power creep.. da da……

  3. Forgot about those guns. I use to love to play all of them starting with the little T4 V170, but when CV rework came she seldom can give a decent score. T61 is fun to play.

  4. Short answer 🙁 Yes…. They’re still very good jack of all trades ships. However in the competitive scene….a Z-52 isn’t a good choice compared to a gearing, yy, daring, etc. That said, I still faithfully play my germans in hopes they’ll get buffs one day!

    • Jacques Braga Szmelcynger Jr

      Competitive in this game is almost all about russian ships:

      Kremlin: Almost don’t take HE damage from cruisers/DDs, very heavy armor, concealment is better than most of the BBs, guns turns faster than cruisers, 30mm overmatch with a stupid dispersion.
      Stalingrad: AP is pure stalinium with improved fuse, angles, sigma with railgun speed, 50mm deck and 12km radar
      Moskva: Very good shells with the russian railgun speeds, 50mm deck and 12km radar
      Smolensk: very troll armor, up to 19km range with 16 fast firing DD guns that can hit at any distance without any issue.

      It’s frustrating to play against those ships, even if you play with the same ships: you cant push since there’s almost two radar per caps in clan battles, at range the deck mitigates most of the damage with the few exceptions.

      Maybe in ranked battles, but in clan battles or kots, it’s all about russian ships.

  5. V-25 is quite good. haven`t played them any further

  6. I still like them but they do seem to have been a little neglected, so many crazy ships appearing nowadays, Some lines seem to suffer this but hey it’s how WG roll so That’s That. Good Topic ?

  7. Was fun playing against you a few days ago (I was the audacious and you were in your z23). We got rekt and you outplayed me by not moving XD GG’s jash

  8. German DDs are still usable due to the hydro and torps in my opinion Russian dds have been power creeped alot more.

  9. In 70+ clan battle games I have not seen any German DDs. Cruises and BBs, yes, DDs never.

    The T61 is awesome but comes up short against the French DDs.

  10. I wouldn’t worry to much about German DD’s being power crept as everything is about to get power stomped by Soviet cruisers.

  11. German DDs are like RN CAs, why play them when something else is better at a particular job?

  12. I still love my Z52. I do meh score-wise, but I can play objectives enough to ensure wins. But if you’re looking to make big scores, Z52 isn’t really the ship for that anymore.

  13. You are right, that they are master of none. The only gimmicks of German dd line are strong AP and hydro. The AP is very situational against enemy dds and T8 hydro is outclassed by some other ships like Lo Yang, Siliwangi. Z52 as being the strongest German dd sitting in T10, also has a very cautious play style due to the amount of enemy radars, hydros, dds, cv. Back in the day when there weren’t so many of these ships with so many utilities, Z52 could have been played less cautiously. Catch the enemy dd, let him smoke or u smoke depending on the game play moment, and hydro him to death. Today, it doesn’t work like that 90% of the time. Once you are spotted in Z52, you will get shelled, counter radared, attacked by planed, and if you manage to get away with half hp you will be lucky. Pretty much the old game style meta has changed since maybe last two years or less and made German dd line even more noncompetitive . The German dd hydro is not as good as UK dd hydro as they don’t last long. Yes, it has bigger hydro radius but because it is short timed, it can be only effectively used in offence and that offence has to be very well planned, make sure you are not rushing enemy radar, hydro or planes. So, fully agreed with you that German DDs are power crept and need some touch. Nice video!

  14. The V25 is still a most wonderful seal club.

  15. missing some of wows content updates

  16. They *can* be good. I have a lot of good games in my Z-23. Just a few too many things working against them. I feel like an upgrade to their concealment and gun DPM might be all they need to make the competitive again.

  17. Just the AA of the upcoming DDS is going to make them worth playing…

  18. i always looked at germ dds as the dd line that took the most skill to do well in and now days i think it even more true..

  19. wait, don’t you get 5 guns with the 150’s? even with the slower rate of fire, doesn’t the additional gun make it better in general? And you get to citadel cruisers really hard if given a flat broadside.

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